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The Pro-Black Perspective (Ep. 4)on “Umar Johnson vs Tariq Nasheed”
On Behalf of Black People, I Apologize to Umar Johnson and Tariq Nasheed
The Pro-Black Perspective (Ep. 3) on Moral Appeals
The Pro-Black Perspective (Ep. 2) on Black Unity
“Freedom Party Agenda/Working Document (2010)”
New Podcast: “The Pro-Black Perspective” Topic: Police Brutality
hegel on Africans (19th century) — and why Black Marxists are Fools
Play: Shujaa’s Dinner Table
Twitter banned this tweet; so I wrote this letter.
Black people need to stop scapegoating others for the slavery in Libya
Follow up interview to FBI’s “Black Identity Extremist Document”
The Coded Messages behind the FBI’s “Black Identity Extremist” Document
“The Pro-Black Compendium” — New Book
The Top 20 best tips to become more persuasive

Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa Preview

Chapter One: Duties and Dalliances
Chapter Two: His Son Amadi
Chapter Three: The Protector Faraji
Chapter Four: More Sociable
Chapter Five: Fish Yassa with Esad
Chapter Six: Myrkya or Esad
Chapter Seven: The Nature of Clarity
Chapter Eight: Esad the Hunter
Chapter Nine: Community Celebration
Chapter Ten: Race First

An Inductive Ideological and Cognitive Profile of the African Conscious Community
Call to Action: Become an Editor-in-Chief of a Local African Liberation Paper
How many Black men were left after . . .?
Critique of richard spencer’s “Heil trump”
The African Proverbs Game App Preview
Housing Projects: Human Experiments on Black Self-Destruction
The Only Superpower Black People Should Aspire to Have
What if Series #1: What if the Black dollar circulated near exclusively among Black people?
What if Series Table of Questions
Five Facts … to End Police Brutality — Five Facts
“Organize, Technologize and Strategize”  — The Motto
Black Child-Parents — Black Genocide
The Battle of the Symbols — African Liberation
Seven Pan-African Nationalist Observations — Critical Thinking
The Colored or Negro Press — Marcus Garvey
Short Story: Does my Black Live Matter? — Part 4/4
Short Story: Does my Black Live Matter? — Part 3/4
Short Story: Does my Black Live Matter? — Part 2/4
Short Story: Does my Black Live Matter? — Part 1/4
The Great Debate: Build a Home or Build a Gun?Pan-African Rap
Poetry: If you think you’re not oppressed
8-Week Disciplinary ProgramPrepare Yourself
Song: The Way of the Black Man
Should Black ‘Homosexuals” be excluded?Addressing Dissexualities
Not Enough Nigger, Not Enough Revolutionary
Welcoming Song for a New-BornBaba Wakili
Meritmenchu: Pan-African Nationalist Text Adventure Text Game
The Man Who Rapes Men in Prison —  A Play
“No Mother has fell further than Africa”A Poem
The Basis for a Four-Year . . . Curriculum/InitiationPan-African Nationalist
The Origin of Deception in Africans and Non-Africans
Ten Highly Recommended Pan-African Nationalists WebsitesAnd More!
54 African Proverbs as collectedCarter Woodson
What do Whites have to do with Homicidal Blacks?Every Thing
African Games for African Self-Determination and Intellect
The Allegory of the Life PreserversSave Yourself
A Collection of Proverbs for African-Nationalist Conflict-Resolution
Publications of the Garveys  —
African-Nationalist OrganizingInstrumental Reading
Letter from MbamezaAfter-School Programs
Play: Admiring the WaitressAfrican Love
“The Radical Way”Claude McKay
The Combinatorics of Blackness
Single, Double or Triple OppressionAfrican Women
“Self-Reliance”Booker Washington
Fable: The Bus RideGenocide Scenario
Poem: It’s always your fault– Free Will
“What is Sword and Soul?”Milton Davis
An African Solution for Passive-AggressionActive Submission
Untitled (1926)Langston Hughes
“Origins of Martial Arts: The Real History” Jonathan Bynoe
Dialogue between a Man and Beast over the ‘N-word’
The First Three Stages of WarfareAlton Maddox
Introducing the African Blood Siblings Forums
“Young men, to the front!”Richard Greener
Fable: The Gender Battle
“Remembering a time when African Queens ruled”Robin Walker
Of Losing at the Conference TableOriginal: 6/2/2011
Epic Poem [ . . .] : “Tragedy of White Injustice” Marcus Garvey
Math: How to Evaluate the [ . . . ] , e, as 2.718 . . .Natural Logarithm
“My Brothers and Sisters are Black Like Me”Children’s Song
Autopsy for Mayor Chokwe Lumumba
The Allegory of the Hungry Beggar
“Why Africana History?” by Dr. John Henrik Clarke
“Some African Cultural Concepts”Steve Biko
How “Free” Public “Education” Harms . . .African Motherhood
Of Comparing “The Great Initiates” EditionsRace War
The Allegory of the Male LionessGender Balance
 “The Other America” by Martin Luther King, Jr.  — Ineffective Pleading
 “She Was the Party” by Valerie BoydZora Hurston
The Seven Axioms of TehutiUniversal Principles
Of African Gender Roles and the Five ElementsHealer-Protector Complements
Mwanamke Mwananchi [The Nationalist Woman] (1971)African Womanhood
Three Fundamentals for African Sex Eduction . . .Sex Knowledge
Poem: “The Black Woman” by Marcus GarveyAfrican Poetry
“Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman”Book Review
 Fable: The African InsuranceHealth Insurance
“Fertile African Crescent” Clyde Winters
“Are Blacks Better Off in 2014 Without a Freedom Party?”Alton Maddox
 Fable: The Mshinde ProjectsOrganized Resistance
Natural Hair Care the Natural WayAffordable Growth
What is African Power?Mutual Responsibility
The Allegory of the Earth’s LocsAfrican Energy
 “The Crime of Injustice” by Marcus GarveyPower Organization
Each spirit has a pair, each pair has a spiritSoul Mates
Origin of the Ancient Egyptians (Cont.)Part Two
Origin of the Ancient EgyptiansPart One
The Writing Template of an African Value SystemAfrican Reality
Proverbs Used [ . . . ] About the Community Community Proverbs
Excerpt from “Dessalines” Ancestral Tribute
“Freedom Party” Fannie Lou Hamer and Marcus GarveyMayoral Campaign
The Ten Principle of Virtue and the Basis for an Ideal African CurriculumAncient KMT
What children learn will constitute the ideals of the RaceRead More
“We don’t just give our money to anybody”Racial Solidarity
Social Reformation through the New PhilosophyGeorge James
“Five on the Black Hand Side” LyricsKeisha Brown
The Principle Problem of European TelevisionNecessary Images
An Appeal to the Conscience of the Black Race to See Itself Marcus Garvey
An Answer to the Appeal to White AmericaWhite Supremacist’s
An Appeal to the Soul of White AmericaMarcus Garvey
Tawana Brawley Defeats the “Lies”Case Dismissed
Knowledge, Wisdom and Love; Ignorance, Error and HateAncient Relationship
The Freedom Party’s CandidatesNew York
The NOI and KKK AllianceBy Malcolm
The Arusha DeclarationJulius Nyerere
The African Blood Siblings CodeFor Alkebu-lan!
A Widespread Bântu-Kôngo SongPromoting Community
Speech: The Allegory of the Zoo Lion300th Post!
Dr. Jeffries on Community Cop (5/17/11)Subject: Malcolm
The Five Major African Initiation RitesCommunity Rituals
The Limitless Possibilities of the Negro RaceC.W. Anderson
Excerpt from “David Walker’s Appeals”On Ignorance
The Parable of Sa-Asar; or Jesus by any other name?After-life Fate
The Allegory of the African FrankensteinAfrican Traitors?
Excerpt from “Roots:” [Advice on Europeans]Avoid Them
We must distinguish between [Recruiting and Training]Humble Soldiers
Fable: The Last AfricansPossible Future
We Charge Genocide (1951)Systemic Genocide
African Empowerment Program
Weekly Discussions
Opening Statement of Assata ShakurKidnapping Trial
Instruction to Merikare — Khety III
Of Critiquing Cosby’s “We cannot blame . . ..”White People
Time heals all wounds but no OppressionLast Century
“Of Dances for Enjoyment”Somali Dances
“A Tale of Two Women: Brawley and Meili”Tawana Brawley
Dialogue between an African and an ExploiterCurrency Controls
“To my people” [July 4th, 1973]Assata Shakur
Frederick Douglass’ Fourth of July OrationAmerica’s Hypocrisy
An African Nationalist Reading of “The [DOI].”  — Founding Document
Top 10 Civil Liberties Violations — African Revolution!
The Marva Collins Story and Excerpts [ . . . ]
Master Educator
Tanzania Kicking Africans from Land so Europeans can HuntEuropean Problems
Kamau Kambon’s “Exterminate White People” Speech2005 Controversy
Are you devoted to African Liberation? QuizAre you?
General Rules of WarfareMilitary Advice
Play: Inevitable DaughterAct 3-3
Play: Inevitable DaughterAct 3-2
Play: Inevitable DaughterAct 3-1
Play: Inevitable DaughterAct 2-3
Play: Inevitable DaughterAct 2-2
Play: Inevitable DaughterAct 2-1
Play: Inevitable DaughterAct 1-3
Play: Inevitable DaughterAct 1-2
Play: Inevitable DaughterAct 1-1
Play: Inevitable DaughterDirectorial Introduction
“How ‘Bigger’ was Born” by Richard Wright“Angry Negro”
Poem: Look for my eggs  — Public Mis-Education
Of Understanding and Benefiting From African NationalismReal Nationalism
A Pan-Africanist Fable by Jomo Kenyatta
Peace’s Costs
Of Analyzing Christopher Jordan Dorner’s ManifestoAssimilation Deferred
African Rape Victim Sued for over $400,000Tawana Brawley
The Allegory of the Captive LionDis-Organized Youth
Monthly Racial Progress ReportJanuary 2013
What is Cooperation?Promote Association
The Battle of this Race is an Intellectual OneMind’s Importance
African Femininity and MasculinityGender Roles
“Struggle for ‘Equality’?” by Dallas NewtonPower Dynamics
The Loyal Order of the Sons of Africa250th Post
Short Story: “The Starting Point in the Making of a Race is the Home”Distant Future
An Address to the Four Kinds of NegroesPersonalized Addresses
Multi-Racial Pride!African Power
“As a Race, we are not Producers; we are Consumers”Initiating Production
“The More I See of Europeans the more I like Dogs”“Public” Libraries
Monthly Racial Progress ReportDecember 2012
“Bigger than the ‘Central Park 7′” by Dallas NewtonInjustice System
Selected Passages from Part 2 of [ . . . ] “Blake or the Huts of America”Delany’s Passages
Part 1 of Martin Delany’s “Blake or the Huts of America” with NotesDelany’s Novel
“Why Aren’t More Blacks Adopting?” by Paige AdamsBlack Adoption
“Why Organize? Problems and Promise in the Inner City”1988 Obama
The Core Tenets of the African Blood SiblingsABS Philosophy
Dahomey, the Amazons, and the Origin of GangsAfrican Occidentalism
“Principles” by W. E. B. Du BoisDefending Principles
Zora Neale Hurston recreates Eatonville, FL [ . . . ]African Town
Nine of the Ten Commandments are Asian Errors — ~85% Africans
Monthly Racial Progress ReportNovember 2012
Malcolm X’s Speech at the Founding Rally of the [OAAU]Brave Oration
Fable: The European’s ShareSharing Wealth
Dialogue between a Master and SlaveDouglass’ Inspiration
Relationship Advice for the Civil AfricanAfrican Courtship
President Obama’s Order to Improve Black Education [ . . .]Educational Politics
No Black Person is Married Despite a Marriage LicenseBy Maddox
Gertrude Cosby answers “Is the glass half full or half empty?”“Philosophical” Question
Monthly Racial Progress ReportOctober 2012
Why Pro-Black Businesses Can Not Precede Pro-Black CommunitiesEconomical Foundation
Politics 101 for African People in America Political Education
“The African Superhighway of Wisdom”Wisdom Traditions
Dr. Ben’s “The Nile Valley Civilization . . .”Nile Truth
How Global Warming Promotes African Extinction and Why You ForgotClimate Denial
Frederick Douglass’ “West India Emancipation” SpeechGreat Oration
The Allegory of the Book CoverPrejudice Revisited
The Allegory of the Train TracksTruly Helping
Maddox [ . . . ] Speaks of Nafissatou Diallo CaseBlack Manhood
Why do Black Youth Go to Prison?The Reality
On the StreetsStreet Missions
An African Literary FamilyAlm Hiel’s
Anansi and African Educational ResourcesBookmark This
Is Polygamy Really African? The Real TraditionTraditional Structure
The Bombing of Little AfricaCommunal Accomplishments
Pre-Colonial (1790) Manufacture in AfricaExquisite Production
The Real Point of DiscussionFocused Dialogue
“Self-Help” by Ida B. Wells-BarnettEconomic Activism
A Trustworthy Account on [Surveillance]American Surveillance
The Story of Al SharptonBensonhurst Boycott
The Fourth NecessityNecessary News
After Thursday’s Massacre in [SA] should we study Philosophy?Marikana Massacre
What is Responsibility?Your Responsibility
The Statues of the Four Human NaturesBowling Green
Proof to The Law of Morality200th Post!
Letter From Kuraja: Why Create Communities?African Community
The Secret of African LongevityLive Longer
Poem: “Those Who Know” by Marcus GarveyYou’ll Know
Onitaset Kumat is Wiser than the Wisest EuropeansWisest Europeans
Understanding Our Ecology with Malcolm XOur Economics
Of Critiquing [ . . .] “Probing the Enigma of Multiple Personality”Occidentalist Personality
Plato’s Philosopher King, our Cosmic Wisdom and [the ABS]Stolen Wisdom
Fable: The Fit SquirrelMental Diet
The Allegory of the Steering WheelOur Enemy
What is Parenting?Good Parenting
What is History?African Grain
The Story of Beyonce and Jay-ZMammon’s Successes
Maat: The [ . . .] Code of Cardinal Virtues [ . . .]Truth Justice
Case Study for Original History [ . . .]Queen Shebah
Case Study for Occidental History [ . . .]Neo-Nazi Trainers
Case Study for Oriental History [ . . .]Islamic Enslavers
Chemicals can kill: Hair Straightening [ . . . ]Old Debate
“How to Print Your Own Money, [. . . ]”Pan-African Currency
See the hope for Africa in Suriname [ . . . ]Samaraka Maroons
The Philosophical Basis of Racial Separation [ . . . ]Integration’s Follies
The Philosophical Basis of African Liberation [ . . . ]Restorative Consciousness
“Colonization of Africa by Negroes as Solution [ . . . ]”UNIA’s Plans
“Road To Murder: The Enslavement of Michael Jackson” [ . . .]Dallas Newton
Dialogue Five of Five on Race: Race DefinedSpiritual Capital
Dialogue Four of Five on Race: Corruption DefinedCorruption Defined
1916: Jesse Washington lynched after convictionInstructive Lynching
Excerpt on Age-Grades in Africa and the [ABS]Your Duties
Dr. Amos Wilson’s Last Interview (1995)Worldwide Violence
Are Originals “People of Color?”Occidentalist Terminologies
The [. . . ] Tool [ . . .]: “How is that the North Star?”Analytical Tool
Don’t slaves that run away return sometimes?Original Wit
“Are the [RHOA] fighting or crying?”Emotional Mis-Education
“The educated Negro does not [ . . .] start small enterprises” — WoodsonEconomical Mis-Education
How you can save the African FamilyRestructuring Traditionally
“We are Losing our Rights [ . . .]” By [ . . . ] Maddox Jr.Media Laws
After Friday’s Massacre [ . . . ] should [we] trust the UN?
Haitian Massacre
Does Rwanda need an ice cream shop?Occidental Ignorance
The Science of StruggleListen Siblings
Fable: The Bravest WildebeestCourageous Few
The Negro Family [ . . . ] (1965)Broken Families
“Harlem hadn’t always been [. . .]” — Malcolm XHarlem’s Birth
“Rooted in Slavery: Prison Labor Exploitation”
Prison-Industrial Complex
Notes on Audre Lorde’s “Age, Race, Class and Sex [ . . .]”
Mythical Norm
Excerpt from the Foreword of “The Spirit of Intimacy”Spiritual Relationships
Europeans, Pedophilia and Re-OrganizationProtect Children
Lil Wayne and Cosmic WisdomPopular Lies
“[ . . .] Your life purpose in [ . . .] meditation” by Carmellita M. Brown — Practical Meditation
We Are Nbogboni
Women’s Empowerment
African Power from Local Economic CentersLocal Empowerment
The Introduction to [ABS]150th Post
The Monthly Meeting PlaceIn Person
Ancient African Love PoemExtreme Happiness
[ . . .] Atlantis, an excerpt from “Timaeus” [ . . .]Occidental Mythology
Notes on Marimba Ani’s “Yurugu” LectureDetailed Occidentalism
The Allegory of the Headless ChickenUnderstanding “Profits”
Our Sisters–IndominableNgola Nzinga!
Poetry: Black American CommerceBuying Blacks
The Story of Ramarley GrahamPolice Brutality
The Story of Trayvon MartinStalking Victim
The Story of Emmett TillYoung Man
Citizen’s Arrest [ . . .] by Alton H. Maddox Jr.Arrest Zimmerman
The Story of Rekia Boyd Slain Sister
Excerpt from the Foreword for “A Quest [ . . .]”Spiritual Losses
“March Madness” Equals [ . . .] by Alton Maddox Jr.African Sports
Of [ . . . ] Napoleon’s Quotation [ . . .] Occidental Motivation
“What is Philosophy?” by Asar ImhotepOriginal Philosophy
Chicago-Area [ . . .] ‘Buys Black’ [ . . .]African Businesses
What is a Sibling? [Video]Family Defined
An African LibationOriginal Libation
Serious is OrganizationOriental Donations
Critique of Race Traitor’s “Abolish the White Race”Occidental Activism
What was our name? Halasiou“Nominal Debate”
“Did We Sell [ . . . ] Into Slavery?” by [ . . .] BeardSlavery’s Fault
African Hair and Its SignificanceKnotty Video
Join: The Units of OrganizationLiberation Practice
Join: The Trinity of LiberationLiberation Theory
This is America: The Dependent African–CHANGEOur Conditions
Fable: The Strongest ElephantIndividual Pride
“Our Sacred Mission” by Dr. Leonard JeffriesEducational Racism
Fable: The Manilkara TreeReturn Home
Of Innerstanding FractionsFraction Lessons
The 10 Codes of the BlamelessEthical Codes
The Effeminization of the Black MaleDevaluing Sex
“Why spell Afrika with a K?” by Dr. Kwame Nantambu“Kongo” -> “Congo”
“Ancient Egypt’s Role in European History”80,000 Students
“Dinner after Europe”: My play for the [ . . .] Theatre [. . . ]African Theatre
The Allegory of the Three Salesman Occidental Sales
What is the Tragedy of our Age? (Du Bois)Fleeting Fame
Kmt Self-knowledge and Cosmic wisdom [quotations] Ancient Wisdom
The Allegory of Isaac NewtonScientific Revisionism
Social Quiz: Who are you?Know Thyself
Poetry: I plead that you help to rebuild HaitiRebuild Haiti
Dialogue Three of Five on Race [ . . .]“Cultural Oppression”
Dialogue Two of Five on Race: Oppression Defined“Oppression” Defined
“Where do we go from here?” by [MLK Jr.]King’s Program
Crisis in the CongoTrue Crisis
Of Critiquing Marilyn Frye’s “Oppression”Occidental “Oppression”
The Allegory of the Fallen BranchTeach one
The Jawara are treated as zoo animalsOriginal Orientals
Philosopher King Speaks on Morality The Root of All Ethics100th Post
Fable: The Liberating PigPublic Education
Fire in the BoothPositive Rap
The African AffirmationOur Losses
“[Our] Contribution To [ . . .] Science” by Dr. BenOriginal Contributions
“Cultural Imperialism” By Master Naba [. . .]Occidental Washing
“The History of Dreadlocks” by Bouneith [. . .]Spiritual Locks
“Cocaine in Mummies” by Master Naba [ . . .]Ancient Travels
Models of Entrepreneurship in African womenSister Role-Models
The Internal Prejudices [Us]”NAACP’s Colorism
Some Collected Quotations [ . . .]Voice Snapshots
The Allegory of the Pitied ChildMoorish Lesson
Excerpt “The Black World at the Crossroads” . . . by Dr. Chancellor WilliamsStrategic History
A Solution to the Rape of Our WomenAnalyzing Rape
Yoruba Philosophy Of Self-Development  — Indigenous Development
Fable: The “Unwronging” InnocentDo Right
Missouri V. Celia (1855) and Nafissatou Diallo (2011)Rape Victims
Dialogue One of Five on Race: Culture Defined“Culture” Defined
Of Highlighting Texts
Highlighting Custom
Excerpt from . . . “The Republic”. . .: The . . . Cave — Famous Allegory
Nigeria’s Oil Spill and Pan-Africanism Oil Spill
Where’s the story of Jesus from? (Dr. Clarke)Christianity’s Origin
Excerpts pertaining to cultural continuity on the continentOne Africa
A Basic Course in Swahili Our Language
The Allegory of Nat TurnerAfrican Revolt
Excerpt, The Authorship of the Republic [ . . .] by George James Stolen Legacy
The Allegory of the Kidnapped YouthTrue Issue
The Allegory of the Returned AfricanAfrican Innovation
Excerpts concerning the Aryan Invasions of IndiaAncient Invasion
Poetry: Pay For What You NeedSupport African
German museum returning skulls from racial experimentsOccidental Crimes
The Allegory of the School Presentation Learned Mannerisms
Is “Negro” our word? (J. A. Rogers) “Negro” Etymology
A real-life “Debate Winner” Youtube user SUPERIORcarbonL1L2L3 Real-life “Winner”
Fable: The Debate WinnerMisused Genius
Video: NY Highschool Suspends Basketball Players Over Racial ChantYouth Racism
Hairstyles in African CultureWorld’s Finest
Of Dismissing the “Willie Lynch Letter”Dispelling Myths
Excerpt from “A View from the Bridge” . . . Dr. Chancellor WilliamsWhite Privilege
Fable: The Black Compliment
Black Compliment
“Very Young Girls,” The Maysles Institute and OriginalismOccidental Documentaries
Fable: Knobeco and LoveComplete Thyself
“Falling Black in Love . . ..” by Mike PhilBlack Love
Letter from Cuffel of Cuffel’s Sand: Why Create Businesses?Young Entrepreneur
Most “Blacks” in Brazil deny “Blackness”Brazil’s Self-Hatred
Dark Girls: Official PreviewShadeism Film
Is the chicken that you eat chicken or pork?Porky Chicken
Jelani Cobb’s “Willie Lynch is Dead”Debunking Myths
Dr. Umar A. Johnson speaks on the History of HomosexualityGenocidal Homosexuality
An excerpt on Mammonism from “The Souls of Black Folk” Rap’s Inspiration
Haiti: Where did the money go? Abusive Aid-workers
A quotation on our past renown from Lady Lugard Past Renown
Letter from King Leopold II of Belgium to Colonial Missionaries, 1883Missionary’s Aim
Marcus Garvey’s passage on private real estate Real Estate
“The West Indian Solution of the Negro Problem” Shadeism’s Origin
“The Blacks Imprisoned” by Marcus GarveyYesterday’s Prison-Industrial-Complex
All African People’s Development and Empowerment ProjectDoing Something!
Fable: The God-fearing HunterOccidental Theology
Diop’s Two Cradle TheorySouthern/Northern Cradle
Integration: The Illusion of InclusionGenocidal Integration
The Allegory of the Hero True Heroism
History is a State of Mind African History
Allegory of the Household CatOccidental Organization
Two of Aesop’s Fables and a lessonSmart Fables
A fire awoke a town such as this Masterful Sonnet ;-)
*Black Teen Students Build Solar Plane. Show Your Children This!!Black Industry
Of Showing Our EmotionsShow Emotions!
Of Creating Our Own Currency (Black Coins) Create Currency
Is Love African and Hate European? Love Everyone
Malcolm X: What you and I have to do is get involvedGet Involved!
A Collection of Black HeroinesBlack Women
Letter from Merilan: Why Create Films?Film Purposes
The Second Largest Film Industry is African Our Films
The Corruption of African Spirituality (Kwesi)Dr. Ben’s Protege
How Plato insults every EuropeanUnderstanding Plato
Originalism Our Philosophy
Final point for “Why should Blacks support Black Leadership?”Final Point
Allegory of the Balloon Black Misleadership
Allegory of the ClassroomBlack Leadership
Why should an African support the Occupy Wall Street movement, a White movement?Occidental Trickery
Practice dialogue for TV episode-feedback. — Practice Dialogue
Notable Quotes” by Men of RespectNotable Quotations
Interviews of Freedom RetreatersFreedom Retreat
How Lee Walker was lynched (including audio)Walker’s Lynching
“Famous Quotes” by AFieldNegroFamous Quotations
A Great Lecture on ‘Toussaint L’Ouverture’ (1861)Toussaint L’Ouverture!
Of Despising the Minstrel Music ethics
Europeans look out for Europeans–Us?Occidental Protections
Dr. Ben on “The Symbolism” Kemetic Symbolism
When can a child hit her parent?Parent/child discipline
Michelle Alexander to visit NYCMichelle Alexander
The Freedom Party and ABSPolitical Parties
Mahatma Gandhi’s Assassin’s ReasoningOriental Ethics
Of Prime Access–The ethics of Africans marketing for EuropeansSelling Ourselves
GrievancesOur Grievances
A 14th Century Account on AfricaOur Records
An African Critique on “Freedom Writers” Misleading Film
Political Strategy for the CongoModern Abolitionism
What inspired Toussaint L’Ouverture?Toussaint’s Inspiration