Case Study for Occidental History: Neo-Nazi Trainers

Listen Siblings,

“Hence the Occidental is by nature a Pirate.” — Onitaset Kumat

This post is part of Lore: Occidentals

Following the last Case Study for Oriental History, this post provides you with a means for understanding the pure, natural Occidental (European.)  The example begins with the Russians, but evidence is provided that this is Universally European.

In the African Blood Siblings Community Centers we provide cultural education to refine our understanding of people.  This is an example of a case study to drive the point home of what the Occidental is about.  You’ll see that the threat of Occidentalism is more real than you previously conceived.  You’ll see that to them, your days are numbered.  Write the ABS for your community’s protection, an African Blood Siblings Community Center.  Subscribe, share, love.

Case Study for Occidental History: Neo-Nazi Trainers
By Onitaset Kumat

In the video following, you’ll see not only Occidentals training on how to kill you, you’ll see that the Occidentals are killing you. But this is in Russia where you’re not as populated (think why). So given that Occidentals are tribal who are they killing over there? The Asians and the people of Caucasus . . ..

The people of Caucasus are the people for whom the “White” race is named after “Caucasians.” That is, Blumenbach decided that the Caucasus was the birthplace of Occidentals. Little more needs to be said. Occidentals are so tribal that there’s no unity amongst them until they are faced with another tribe.

So like Britain and France, tribal enemies that fought the 100 year war got together to fight Germany and Italy during the World Wars, Occidentals war against Originals but that’s not all they war against. When the Originals are out of the way, Occidentals war with one another until they are killing Brothers against Brothers. They are verily savage.

In the video, you have watched how these Occidentals crawl through fire and beat up random White people to assert tribal dominance and demand tribal purity. It’s ironic because this is in Russia, where Asia and Europe are combined. Little more can be said besides that you don’t want to fight Occidentals for they are ruthless.

This reminds me of three things: Myrdal, Mosh Pits and the White Resistance Manual.

There is no doubt that the overwhelming majority of white Americans desire that there be as few Negroes as possible in America. If the Negroes could be eliminated from America or greatly decreased in numbers, this would meet the whites’ approval—provided that it could be accomplished by means which are also approved. Correspondingly, an increase of the proportion of Negroes in the American population is commonly looked upon as undesirable.

— Gunnar Myrdal

The Occidental Myrdal wrote those words in 1944 after comprehensive study of the United States of America.  Neo-Nazis may be popular in Russia today, but it’s apparent that the Nazis were not the sole espousers of tribal purity during America’s wartime years.

It’s worth looking into Occidental culture.  Many Africans may not be familiar with Mosh Pits but an understanding is necessary for understanding how ruthless these Occidentals are. Back on the Continent and in the Diaspora, Africans formed dance circles. People would form a circle then a few would dance within. It’s a marvelous sight.

A Mosh Pit is a “dance” circle of fighting. When you go into the circle, anyone is free to kick you, punch you, beat you. They do this voluntarily. NOT KIDDING.

Beside from just celebrating and worshipping violence, for millenium. Please remember that their ancient deities were war deities of certain tribes. Remember “Valhalla” that they teach you about where it’s noble to die in combat! This is their nature they are teaching you. Remember this.

White people also have this little manual circulating the internet known as the White Resistance Manual. In an African Blood Siblings Community Center reading it for it’s message is easy, but without the Center it’s difficult, so I wrote commentary on the introduction in the book:

From “White Resistance Manual”

As we witness the dawn of a the new millenium so to have we witnessed the birth of a new era of Leaderless Resistance in the struggle for White survival.

It’s a sad commentary, that replacing the word “White” for “Black” makes the phrase commonplace amongst Occidentalist Africans. Nevertheless, the Occidental here reveals his tribal nature. Look that he defines a tribe then looks at life through that tribe. Unfortunately, you see that he’s much more advanced in his tribalism than you can ever imagine. He doesn’t talk about “race war” he lives it.

No longer do welook to politicians and law-makers for a solution, they have been bought, their lips are sealed with green paper; they have grown rich and powerful through sucking the life-blood of the crumbling ruin that Western Civilization has become. However their power has come at a price; greed, corruption and sloth are the adornments of their wealth. This leaves western society in a position ripe for upheaval and revolution. We will cast off our wishful belief in democratic salvation, our votes will now be cast with bullets and bombs. No longer will the yoke of race-denying, religious systems restrain us. As in the past wemust rekindle a faith not in false, alien gods but in ourselves and our ability to struggle and overcome without prostrations before any Kosher world-deity.

Ain’t this something? I knew this all along, but not too many others are showing you this. The Occidental is disappointed that this is not pure Occidentalism. He here declares that he feels ‘corrupted’ by morals . . ..

When he later mentions “Jews” think of it as “Orientals” or those without the fabricated and expedient “White” tribe.

No longer will we allow the Jews to live like parasites upon the body of our race. No longer will we tolerate any Jewish influence in our political system, our legal system or our mass-media. No longer will our children be taught the suicidal and baseless dogma of egalitarianism and racial equality. No longer will we allow dysgenic breeding to damage the health of our race. No longer will we tolerate any non-White colonizers living and breeding among us. In this new era we fight for nothing less than the absolute physical separation of the White race from all Jews and non-Whites. Along with this we will purge from our midst the traitorous and degenerate elements of our race. We demand swift and brutal justice for those who assisted in, or profited from, the murder of our Race and the colonization of our lands by non-Whites.

Don’t concern yourself that this isn’t the Occidental’s land. That’s not your fight. When he says ‘dogma of egalitarianism’ read it as contract then study the Contractualism of Orientals. You’ll see that the Occidental hates the Oriental for Orientalism.

May their time be short upon the earth.The purpose of this document is not to explain the Whys? of armed struggle, any White person with a pair of eyes can appreciate the desperate situation we are in as a Race. Anyone can see that this situation cannot be turned around at the ballot box or through negotiation and compromise, it will end in tears and bloodshed. Of this there is really no doubt. Western civilization will fall in a similar way and for the same reasons as ancient Egypt, Aryan India, ancient Greece, Rome and every other nation which failed to protect its blood from the poisoning effects of race-mongrelization.

He’s wrong and right. Ancient Egypt, an Original land, fell in its mix with Orientals. Ancient India, an Original land, fell in its mix with Orientals: but that sprung “Aryan India” which rules today. Ancient Minoa, an Original land, fell in its mix with Occidentals: but that sprung “Ancient Greece.” Ancient Rome, an Occidental land, rose mixing with Orientals and Originals. It fell after Ancient German Occidentals destroyed it. He’s wrong and right in that race mixing can have negative effects depending how you look at it.

The situation is simple, a violent struggle will come about and if it happens soon we will win.

A violent struggle is not necessary; yet this Occidental may be right about how prepared we are.

It’s worth sending this to “Black revolutionaries” advocating violence.

If we are unable to coalesce our movement into a fighting force capable of initiating and seizing victory in this conflict within the next decade or so we will lose. To lose in this struggle means that the White race will be butchered by the sub-humans who have colonized our lands and our women and children will be brutally raped and murdered in the streets.

This is tribal speak. It doesn’t need to be factually correct because Occidentals are largely ill-informed. Just tell them that “the other tribe is coming and is as vicious as us . . ..” Savages of the utmost.

My purpose here is to provide information on the Hows? of armed struggle. How to select or fabricate weapons useful in an armed struggle, how to manufacture, handle and employ explosives as part of an armed struggle, how to conduct a guerilla campaign and how to select targets according to their value to our movement.

See the rest of the book here:

All in all, the Neo-Nazi represents a purer version of the Occidental than we’re used to seeing in this corrupt (interracial) day and age. The case for Separation remains; you should will it as you have a purpose to restoring Africa but don’t forget that the Occidental wills it too. And the Occidental will kill for it. He already has and he doesn’t plan on stopping.

Please ask any questions that come to mind

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