The Secret of African Longevity

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The Negro pays for what he wants and begs for what he needs.” — Kelly Miller

There are only four needs in this world: Food, Clothing, Shelter, and Consciousness. Consciousness comes in three primary forms: Originalism, Occidentalism, and Orientalism. The African Blood Siblings Newsletter, Literature, Organization, and Community Centers are the only active propagators of Originalism, the only consciousness that resonates with all African people. Kelly Miller above describes Occidentalist (or corrupted) Africans. The poem “Pay for what you need” was written for most of us. The most effective remedy for Occidentalist Africans is to study the ABS’ Literature, namely, “Maroon and Build For Self.” The most effective remedy for a Community is to host an African Blood Siblings Community Center. Write the ABS for more information. The following post describes the long-life of Africans and the food sold in some African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  See a need in your life to lengthen the life of our people.  Subscribe, share, love.

The Secret of African Longevity
By Onitaset Kumat

On August 17, 2011, ABC interviewed Bernado LaPallo.  Bernado LaPallo was born in Brazil on August 17, 1901. Yesterday he turned 111 (Marcus Garvey, 125.) Contrary to what Europeans today teach, in many pre-colonial civilizations, this lifespan, while long, wasn’t unusually long for our people.

In the ancient world, Herodotus records in “The History of Herodotus Volume 1” (see below) the following insight into how (and how long) our ancestors lived. This scene describes the spies of Cambyses, the King of Persia–who took Egypt from the Assyrians in 525 BC–and their interaction with the King of Ethiopia. The spies, known as the Ichthyophagoi, are from Elephantine. They are quickly detected by the wise King of Ethiopia and their lies are exposed. They observe the Ethiopian practice of charitably setting out food for all people, of selecting strong leadership, of not making wars of greed, and of living lives over one-hundred-and-twenty years long. I’ll bold each of these passages. It’s important to here recognize what the African Blood Siblings strives to restore amongst our people. When you know, dare.

17. After this Cambyses planned three several expeditions, one against the Carthaginians, another against the Ammonians, and a third against the “Long-lived” Ethiopians, who dwell in that part of Libya which is by the Southern Sea: and in forming these designs he resolved to send his naval force against the Carthaginians, and a body chosen from his land-army against the Ammonians; and to the Ethiopians to send spies first, both to see whether the table of the Sun existed really, which is said to exist among these Ethiopians, and in addition to this to spy out all else, but pretending to be bearers of gifts for their king.

[Onitaset: Herodotus’ language is archaic: By “Libya” he means “Africa.” By “Southern Sea” he means “The Erythraian” which is “The Red Sea” (to the East of modern Eritrea.) The Carthaginians are obviously from Carthage, the Ammonians are a blend of Ethiopians and Egyptians according to Herodotus,and the “Long-lived” Ethiopians are our ancestors. The Table of Sun is explained in the next paragraph as ‘free fresh food’]

18. Now the table of the Sun is said to be as follows:—there is a meadow in the suburb of their city full of flesh-meat boiled of all four-footed creatures; and in this, it is said, those of the citizens who are in authority at the time place the flesh by night, managing the matter carefully, and by day any man who wishes comes there and feasts himself; and the natives (it is reported) say that the earth of herself produces these things continually.

19. Of such nature is the so-called table of the Sun said to be. So when Cambyses had resolved to send the spies, forthwith he sent for those men of the Ichthyophagoi who understood the Ethiopian tongue, to come from the city of Elephantine: and while they were going to fetch these men, he gave command to the fleet to sail against Carthage: but the Phenicians said that they would not do so, for they were bound not to do so by solemn vows, and they would not be acting piously if they made expedition against their own sons: and as the Phenicians were not willing, the rest were rendered unequal to the attempt. Thus then the Carthaginians escaped being enslaved by the Persians; for Cambyses did not think it right to apply force to compel the Phenicians, both because they had delivered themselves over to the Persians of their own accord and because the whole naval force was dependent upon the Phenicians. Now the men of Cyprus also had delivered themselves over to the Persians, and were joining in the expedition against Egypt.

20. Then as soon as the Ichthyophagoi came to Cambyses from Elephantine, he sent them to the Ethiopians, enjoining them what they should say and giving them gifts to bear with them, that is to say a purple garment, and a collar of twisted gold with bracelets, and an alabaster box of perfumed ointment, and a jar of palm-wine. Now these Ethiopians to whom Cambyses was sending are said to be the tallest and the most beautiful of all men; and besides other customs which they are reported to have different from other men, there is especially this, it is said, with regard to their regal power,—whomsoever of the men of their nation they judge to be the tallest and to have strength in proportion to his stature, this man they appoint to reign over them.

21. So when the Ichthyophagoi had come to this people they presented their gifts to the king who ruled over them, and at the same time they said as follows: “The king of the Persians Cambyses, desiring to become a friend and guest to thee, sent us with command to come to speech with thee, and he gives thee for gifts these things which he himself most delights to use.” The Ethiopian however, perceiving that they had come as spies, spoke to them as follows: “Neither did the king of the Persians send you bearing gifts because he thought it a matter of great moment to become my guest-friend, nor do ye speak true things (for ye have come as spies of my kingdom), nor again is he a righteous man; for if he had been righteous he would not have coveted a land other than his own, nor would he be leading away into slavery men at whose hands he has received no wrong. Now however give him this bow and speak to him these words: The king of the Ethiopians gives this counsel to the king of the Persians, that when the Persians draw their bows (of equal size to mine) as easily as I do this, then he should march against the Long-lived Ethiopians, provided that he be superior in numbers; but until that time he should feel gratitude to the gods that they do not put it into the mind of the sons of the Ethiopians to acquire another land in addition to their own.”

22. Having thus said and having unbent the bow, he delivered it to those who had come. Then he took the garment of purple and asked what it was and how it had been made: and when the Ichthyophagoi had told him the truth about the purple-fish and the dyeing of the tissue, he said that the men were deceitful and deceitful also were their garments. Then secondly he asked concerning the twisted gold of the collar and the bracelets; and when the Ichthyophagoi were setting forth to him the manner in which it was fashioned, the king broke into a laugh and said, supposing them to be fetters, that they had stronger fetters than those in their country. Thirdly he asked about the perfumed ointment, and when they had told him of the manner of its making and of the anointing with it, he said the same as he had said before about the garment. Then when he came to the wine, and had learned about the manner of its making, being exceedingly delighted with the taste of the drink he asked besides what food the king ate, and what was the longest time that a Persian man lived. They told him that he ate bread, explaining to him first the manner of growing the wheat, and they said that eighty years was the longest term of life appointed for a Persian man. In answer to this the Ethiopian said that he did not wonder that they lived but a few years, when they fed upon dung; for indeed they would not be able to live even so many years as this, if they did not renew their vigour with the drink, indicating to the Ichthyophagoi the wine; for in regard to this, he said, his people were much behind the Persians.

23. Then when the Ichthyophagoi asked the king in return about the length of days and the manner of life of his people, he answered that the greater number of them reached the age of a hundred and twenty years, and some surpassed even this; and their food was boiled flesh and their drink was milk. And when the spies marvelled at the number of years, he conducted them to a certain spring, in the water of which they washed and became more sleek of skin, as if it were a spring of oil; and from it there came a scent as it were of violets: and the water of this spring, said the spies, was so exceedingly weak that it was not possible for anything to float upon it, either wood or any of those things which are lighter than wood, but they all went to the bottom. If this water which they have be really such as it is said to be, it would doubtless be the cause why the people are long-lived, as making use of it for all the purposes of life. Then when they departed from this spring, he led them to a prison-house for men, and there all were bound in fetters of gold. Now among these Ethiopians bronze is the rarest and most precious of all things. Then when they had seen the prison-house they saw also the so-called table of the Sun:

Needless to say, when Cambyses heard this report, he tried to attack and failed. Read more here:

Fast forward in time, to, for instance, between 1586 and 1597, Jao Dos Santos, in Ethiopia Oriental (1622), reports his observations of the Mutapa Empire, or Great Zimbabwe. There he writes “It is common among these [people] to live to ninety and a hundred years of age.” He also writes, in Herodotus’ fashion: “Most of these [people] are as black as jet with woolly hair; they are handsome men, especially the Macarangas, who dwell in the lands of Quiteve.”

Still, even when we come upon the post-colonial experience, in the United States, no less. When one reviews the Census data, despite the onslaught being perpetrated against African people, it’s seen from various U.S. Census reports that Africans outnumber Europeans as centenarians. For instance, in 1900, there were 837 Europeans who reached the age of one hundred or over compared against 2553 Africans, or 1 European centenarian for every 3 African. In 1910, 764 to 2675, or 1:3.5; In 1920, 1168:2935, or 1:2.5; 1930, 1180:2467, or 1:1.9. See “US Census Reports, 1920, Vol. II, p. 158 and 1930, Vol. II, p. 577.” It’s evinced that Europeans were growing in number, but when looking at the 1830s, 531 Europeans to 2,120 Africans, this during our enslavement, no less, you see an excellent picture of how our life span should be.

Ergo here is where the African Blood Siblings and the African Blood Siblings Community Centers come into play. In the ABC interview of Bernado LaPallo (see below), he reports on the five foods which were essential for his longevity, as he learned from his Father who lived to be 98:

Garlic, Honey, Cinnamon, Chocolate, Olive Oil.

In some African Blood Siblings Community Centers, according to ecology, these five foods are sold. And not as per quantity, like the lab developed honey bought in Grocery stores, but as per quality, through cooperation with our people collecting the honey from the hive. For all intents and purposes, you, reader, have never tasted garlic, honey, cinnamon, chocolate or olive oil. Not unless you purchased it from an African Blood Siblings Community Center which will not happen until you patronize one or create one.

The African Blood Siblings is the only organization offering to your Community longevity. The same longevity that you had 3,000 years ago; 2,000 years ago; 1,000 years ago; the same longevity you can create for yourself today. LaPallo may advise that you adopt an organic diet of mostly fruits and vegetables; but you can only attain this by developing African Blood Siblings Community Centers which develop the avenues for such foods being made available to your Community. Do not forsake your duty to our race.  Do not think for two seconds that you will become healthful by abandoning your African kin and patronizing any other organization beside the African Blood Siblings.  Do not attempt to depend upon “good-willed” Europeans or Asians for your longevity.  For even if you will live long, you will live wrong.  Abandon your ambition to abandon our people and serve the African Blood Siblings as the African Blood Siblings serves you.  Purchase our literature and commit to creating an African Blood Siblings Community Center, so that our people may live long and strong and live loud and proud.

There is no more to say beside that I am waiting to hear from you.

Those whom are curious can hear LaPallo’s interview:

He also maintains a website:

Ask yourself whether you wish to live long.  Then write the ABS.  We wait to hear from you.

3 thoughts on “The Secret of African Longevity

  1. LaPallo at 111th, looks like most people I have seen who are still in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. I have seen some people who have progressed to LaPolla’s physical age and they are still only in their 40’s. There was a white woman I encountered about two weeks ago. I put her age around the sixties. I was totally shocked when she told me she was only 48. I didn’t believe her, but her age was confirmed to be 48 when there was something written about her in the local paper.
    This post is very practical and is something we can put into use without much inconvenicence. I’ve always believed in taking control of one’s health, because the medical establishment don’t like us either. We are more the master’s of our fate than we think.

    1. If we got into the habit of paying for our needs: Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness; longevity would be our guarantee. But we beg for Racial Independence. To take a quotation from Elijah Muhammad as seen here ( ):

      Why shouldn’t this white man who likes to think and call himself so good, and so generous, this white man who finances even his enemies — why shouldn’t he subsidize a separate state, a separate territory, for we black people who have been such faithful slaves and servants? A separate territory on which we can lift ourselves out of these white man’s slums for us, and his breadlines for us. And even for those he is complaining that we cost him too much! We can do something for ourselves! We never have done what we could — because we have been brainwashed so well by the slavemaster white man that we must come to him, begging him, for everything we want, and need —

      The irony is astounding. But this is the European/Asian Consciousness that dominated the African movements and organizations before the ABS.

      Still, we only understand “Food, Clothing, and Shelter” as “necessities” leaving out both “Consciousness” and “Racial Independence.”

      For instance, what food do we get? The European’s Money-Conscious Food. An excellent example is his chicken infused with pork proteins:

      Supposedly, needle injections can double the size of chicken breasts, making the substance mushy and weak (30% water): this meat is common in restaurants. The means toward holding this water is protein powder: made of animal skin and bone–where the powder is most cheap for pork and beef. Guess which they use for the chicken? It’s legal to use any so long as its labeled. But here’s where it gets worse: protein suppliers genetically modify the powders to mask the unmatching DNA, therefore allowing manufacturers to bypass labeling the different meats.

      The first and most important step for our people is to recognize that the African Blood Siblings (as the sole propagator of African Consciousness) is an actual necessity. From there African providers of Food, Clothing and Shelter, who support the African Blood Siblings, will be a step toward the liberation of our people. Until we recognize the ABS as necessary, our conditions are not wont for improvement: because European Consciousness (and anti-European Consciousness) are not going to remedy the African condition.


      . If in Europe, or America, or Asia, or wherever, the environment is made African, the African grain will grow as though in Africa, as it is supposed to. But when the environment is unlike Africa, the African grain may not grow but if it grows will not be as it is supposed to be.

      Always a pleasure to hear from you Sister,

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