African Rape Victim Sued for over $400,000

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“When the governing class isn’t chosen for quality it is chosen for material wealth: this always means decadence, the lowest stage a society can reach.” — African Proverb

We live in horrid conditions.  Decadence visited Tawana Brawley in 1987.  As stated in “The Allegory of the Captive Lion,”

Few would like to imagine the horrors that Tawana Brawley suffered. Six civilized White men dragged her from the streets and drove her to an abandoned apartment, where the brutes held her down one after the other, savagely raping her dark body; showing her fifteen years in four painful days Europe’s long history.

Decadence–in the form of assault, rape, abuse, enslavement and more–visited billions before, billions after, and until we change our condition, quadrillions are yet to come.  Today this Rape Victim is being sued by Stephen Pagones and branded as a hoaxter and the African Community is sitting unaware, confused against her or on their hands.  Another thousand Sons and Daughters will be raped today and abused further after.  But we are only going along with it.  Siblings, Protect our own or we will Perish.

The African Blood Siblings has resources on the subject:

Only in Organization can we Empower and Protect ourselves.

Following is Alton H. Maddox, Jr., Tawana Brawley’s Lawyer’s, letter to Eric T. Schneiderman, the New York State Attorney General most African voters voted for. Stephen Pagones is illegally suing Tawana Brawley.  Alton H. Maddox, Jr. explains. We need to empower ourselves. Will African Men and Women only sit by as our Sisters and Brothers are assaulted?  Will we choose to Perish rather than Protect?  Subscribe, share, love.

Letter to NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman re Brawley case
By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.

Eric T. Schneiderman
New York State Attorney General
120 Broadway
New York, NY 10271


                        Re:  Pagones v. Maddox, Mason, Sharpton and Brawley,

                                    Ind. No. 4595(Dutchess Co. Sup. Ct., 1988)


Dear Sir:


            I am writing this letter to show possible criminal activity in the enforcement of a default judgment arising out of an “OPINION” of Justice Ralph A. Beisner of the Dutchess County Supreme Court filed and entered on May 6, 1991.  On February 28, 1989, New York barred me from representing the Brawley family even though I was licensed to practice law in New York.  I have enclosed a copy of this aforementioned “OPINION”.


            Plaintiff is seeking to enforce a default judgment arising out of the above-mentioned “OPINION”.  Justice Beisner granted plaintiff a default judgment even though Tawana Brawley was a minor; Matthew Strong had refused the appointment of guardian ad litem; there was an alleged service of process on Tawana Brawley while she was a minor and compelled to live outside of New York; namely, Virginia; and, the lack of an affidavit of service.


            New York law requires not only that any service of process be effected in New York but there should also be the appointment of a guardian ad litem. Alleged service of process happened in Virginia.   New York had not barred me from courtrooms generally on February 28, 1989 and it was illegal for New York to have barred me from any courtroom on behalf of Tawana Brawley on and after February 29, 1989 absent due process of law.


            From 1988 until the present time, I have never seen an affidavit of service as it pertains to Tawana Brawley in the above-captioned action.  This suggests that even as a minor, Tawana was never served with a summons and complaint.  As late as this past Friday, a diligent but unsuccessful search was made in the clerk’s office of the Dutchess County Supreme Court for an affidavit of service pertaining to Tawana Brawley.


            The lack of an affidavit of service raises several concerns.  Personal jurisdiction is the obvious concern.  If that is the case, there exists the possibility of filing false instruments which would give an unfair advantage to Steven Pagones.  He is now seeking to enforce a default judgment in excess of $431,492.76 in Virginia under the Full Faith and Credit Clause of the U.S. Constitution.


            The trial of the above-captioned action started in November 1997 and ended on or about August 1, 1998.  Justice S. Barrett Hickman of Putnam County presided over this action in Dutchess County.  Before Justice Hickman assessed damages, I am unaware of any attempt to conduct an inquest which usually precedes the assessment of damages.  Pagones, to my knowledge, never proved personal jurisdiction and he never made out a prima facie case against Tawana Brawley.  Therefore, this default judgment is unenforceable.


            By his own admission, Tawana Brawley never accused Pagones of committing a crime.  Instead, he argues that Tawana Brawley had a legal obligation to seal my lips and the lips of attorney C. Vernon Mason and Rev. Al Sharpton.  Prior restraint on speech is unconstitutional.  No one should be subjected to damages.  Courts in New York are unauthorized to assess damages on this claim.


            This was a joint trial.  Pagones seeks to ignore the findings of the jury after a full-blown trial.  The jury found that Pagones was involved in the kidnapping and rape of Tawana Brawley.  As a criminal suspect, he is now seeking a monetary judgment to support the argument that crime does pay and New York will enforce a judgment arising out of criminal activity.


            Tawana Brawley was deprived of the right to choose her own attorney.  No reason exists for her to retain counsel now.  This case is fraught with irregularities.  Only the state attorney general can address some of these issues which are critical to the lawful enforcement of a default judgment under the Full Faith and Credit Clause.


            As it relates to me, your records only note that I was simply “barred” from courtrooms in New York.  This is a strong arm tactic.  There is no proof of any notice of disbarment, a transcript of a disbarment hearing and an order of disbarment.  This absence of proof and the “confidential records” should be made known to the public forthwith.


                                                                                    Very truly yours,



                                                                                    Alton H. Maddox, Jr.




15 thoughts on “African Rape Victim Sued for over $400,000

  1. The garnishment of Tawana Brawley’s wages is a concrete example of what Justice RogerTaney meant in his decision, Scott vs. Sanford, 1857. Taney said in that decision that “Blacks have no rights that a White man is bound to respect.” Fast Forward to today.

    This is manifest in Steven Pagones and his accomplices ignoring the law and Tawana’s rights; and obtaining a court ordered judgement against her. Not only did she not lie, but she was only fifteen, and no judgement was ever filed or served on her. I believe what they are illegally doing to Tawana Brawley today goes hand-in-hand with the illegal disbarment of Alton Maddox.

    Tawana Brawley and Alton Maddox are the victims, but the entire Black community is the target. Many have listened to the White press demonize Tawana Brawley. It is incumbent on us to look at the record for ourselves.

    Anyone who is interested in truth and justice; I direct you to read the record for yourselves. Alton Maddox directs our attention to request the following documents from the NYS attorney general Eric T. Schneiderman.

    When the above letter is read, addressed to Mr. Schneiderman, NYS attorney general, by Alton Maddox, it underlines the truth of what Justice Taney said in concrete terms.

    1. “Blacks have no rights that a White man is bound to respect.” Might just be our faviourite quote of all time. It is the benchmark; the founding principle, the governing rule, the immortalised code, and irrespective of the endless resistance, this fundamental maxim still stands. Failing to realise this, black have failed everything else. I often think that Mr Fuller complicated the issue by claiming that without an understand of RWS, everything else will confuse. Just as Josh Wickett wrote that

      “That”s a direct message to White people saying ” you gotta think outside the box”. “Rules” are for niggers, you”re a White person, you have unlimited potential, creativity, vision” Racist man and Racist woman make, break, bend, change subvert, and ignore more “rules” than any other people in the known universe. Your adherence to these same rules means; ” you will never be as strong or as fast as you can be”, Just another nigger with limited thought, limited speech and limited action

      Quite simply, in line with the concept of the “rhetorical ethic”, whites are not subjectied to the laws they profess, pontificate and speculate. These words are firstly, for the gullible, and second, for the vulnerable. Failing to realise this perspective, and consequently ensure it is a priority, non-whites remains relatively indifferent to the daily reality of a system of denigration, domination and deception….

      anywho, lets just listen to some music and forget about our worries;

      1. moosshine 4 kidz now u know that aint even right and I see thru ur game. No proud black man or woman who not use a avatar of sme European male with black face point. I would have a lot more respect 4 u if u did not try to hide that u are a racist

      2. Brother moorbey,

        While omalone1 (Brother Gos) should respond himself, I am fairly certain that I’ve seen his real face and he has been invited to the C.O.W.S. program where he verified his Africanness. I find the blackface disturbing yet from my experience omalone1 may be a satirist and a cynic, more he’s a resident of the UK not the Americas, finally the conscious community of his association pales to your association. Blackface and the Klan and the use of the n-word are an insult to our heritage, yet where he is, where folk are in slumber, it may also be a wake-up albeit antedated.

        There are many in America who sleep daily too; who see Black Problems as White people saying we can dance or White teachers ignoring our raised hand, and whereas you or I may not try to awaken them with blackface because we have conscious associates, a lineage with blackface and we see blackface as antithetical to African Nationalism; omalone1 may simply have another strategy (shock value.) I know him to be an intelligent brother, maybe with an odd sense of humor. I don’t understand it; but as we pursue African Power, we also must cling to the Community restoring Africa and African people.

        moorbey, I respect you and I’m positive omalone1 respects you. You are a real Brother, putting in the work for African people. What I understand is, some parts of the UK is different, the foundation for work isn’t as solid, so whereas I don’t completely understand, I know a proverb from our ancestors that responds perfectly to the situation:

        “A man can’t be judge of his neighbor’ intelligence. His own vital experience is never his neighbor’s.”

        I think eventually omalone1 will stop using blackface, but if his experience guides his intelligence to, that’s his experiences.

        Meanwhile, we continue to build.


      3. P am fully aware that he iz from the uk .ni matter how I try and look at it black face iz offense to me. And 3 thing 4 certain I never said this brother waz not intelligent I know that he iz and that iz why I expect better. Onitaset asante sana sharing ur knowledge about tha above conversation. Panther Love

      4. I’m not sure what RWS stands for, but I do remember Neely Fuller saying that “If you don’t understand the system of White Supremacy, everything else will only confuse you”. Actually, I think Mr. Fuller condensed what you said in the first paragraph, by summing it up as White Supremacy.

        As to the quote by Josh Wickett, the historical record teaches us that rules and laws are tools of manipulation under White Supremacy. Nothing more or less. They are enforced arbitrarily or not at all to maintain White Supremacy. The rules under White Supremacy are capricious and alien to the universe. Systems of injustice have to be that way.

        I could not have said it better than your last paragraph, which addresses the assumptions Blacks make about the “laws and rules”. To think the system of White Supremacy puts any value in laws is naive. Laws are routinely ignored and broken.

        This system of White Supremacy is souless and spiritually bankrupt. Power is the only way to deal with it.

        I couldn’t understand what the lyrics were on the video.

      5. RWS is shorthand for Racism White Supremacy.
        Alongside the declaration/proclamation of Taney (1857), I also think that Mr Toure set the bar when he explained that white people need laws to govern their behaviour, as opposed to their victims, the non-whites.
        Sadly, unless mistaken, Mr Toure was also one of the original proponents of the concept of “institutional racism” (later, I understand, used by Steve Biko [“I write what I like.”]), and yet, following the 1993 murder of 18 year-old black teenager, Stephen Lawrence – and the subsequent 1998 report – it was rather unremarkably concluded that the British Police Were “Institutionally Racist.”
        Again, more hogwash, for how can an institution be racist without the police within that structure maintaining, operating, governing and supporting it, unless of course, these institutions are autonomous? In which case, seeing that Mr Obama is also part of a system, assuming it is an extension of this institutional racism, would that mean that the apparentness of his “blackness” is rendered void?
        anywho…what were we talking about again

  2. Here are the documents that should be requested:

    I have written a letter to Eric Schneiderman, the New York State Attorney General, to prevent a miscarriage of justice in the exploitation of a default judgment in Pagones v. Maddox, Mason, Sharpton and Brawley, a defamation action. There is no proof of any personal jurisdiction. No court in any jurisdiction can hear this case.

    You should call Eric Schneiderman, New York State Attorney General (212) 416-8000 and ask him for the following documents:

    l. Affidavit of Service of Tawana Brawley in Pagones v. Maddox, Mason, Sharpton and Brawley, Ind. No. 4595 (Sup. Ct., Dutchess County 1988). The office of NYS Attorney General also appeared at the defamation trial repeatedly for Steven Pagones.
    2. Client Disciplinary Complaint about Alton Maddox
    3. Evidence of a Criminal Conviction of Alton Maddox
    4. Notice of Disbarment for Alton Maddox
    5. Transcript of Hearing on Disbarment
    6. Order of Disbarment of Alton Maddox

    Don’t Take “No” or a “Delay” as an Answer. I waived the right of privacy of all documents, papers, computer printouts etc. in 1992. I am the only attorney in New York to have demanded and received a public disciplinary hearing. This constituted a waiver of any privacy rights.

    1. In Abbeyville, Alabama 1944, six to eleven Europeans raped Recy Taylor at gunpoint; a soldier led the assault. Not until 2011, sixty-seven years later did the Government of Alabama admit that there was a state sanctioned cover-up. Tawana Brawley was raped in 1987 and a state sanctioned cover-up remains in effect. Worse her paycheck is being docked though she was the victim. We can not be protected by this European Nation. African Nationalism is the only means by which we can protect ourselves.

  3. [African Nationalism is the only means by which we can protect ourselves.]

    As a whole.

    As an individual we should arm ourselves (legally).

    I don’t understand why many black communities are anti-self defense.

    I think it’s because most of them still believe (the ‘white’ lie) that the police will protect them!

    I am not under that spell.

    I am legally armed and proficient with firearms. I have a legal right to defend myself – and I will.

    “If we must die—oh, let us nobly die…”

    1. We need to understand,

      Whoever does not make provisions necessary to live (eat), is overcome without steel.

      They understand,

      It is better to defeat the enemy by hunger than with steel; in such victory fortune counts more than virtue.

      Nationalism is seeking and developing one’s own peace, possessions and consciousness; a gun can only develop a sense of peace.

      Although, it’s true,

      Men, steel, money, and bread, are the sinews of war; but of these four, the first two are more necessary, for men and steel find money and bread, but money and bread do not find men and steel.

      The unarmed rich man is the prize of the poor soldier.

      The European poisons his own food:

      The European culturally hates even himself:

      Arm yourself, certainly, but know that even the strongest Elephant can’t conquer a pride of Lions:

      Don’t forget Brother that your ancestors lived well passed 90 on the regular. We are not protected until we have a Prosperous, Independent African Community. We are not Protected until we Build.

      Ask Black Wallstreet if arms are enough. Ask Carthage if arms are enough. Ask Kemet if arms are enough.

      We should never feel safe when we’re surrounded or when our enemy is at the door.

      Take with you,

      A person does not begin to forge a gun
      when the war has already arrived in the village.

      But know there’s more to war than one gunman. Even the Klan understood to always outnumber 3-1.

      I don’t need to tell you that 10,000 mobilized against Dorner and he was maximally armed. Yet even Malcolm told you, Vietnam could have survived the encounter.

      Intelligence–Organization–is what protects.

    2. For any Blacks to think the police will protect them is absurdity to the nth degree. The police are an arm of the system. Even ignoring that; History literally screams the opposite.
      It is imperative that all Black people learn history, so they can protect themselves. A thorough knowledge of history brings with it understanding and correctness in negotiating interactions with others.

  4. The following is an example of how White Supremacy ignores the law, when they want to:

    ” This is twenty-five years after Pagones et. al kidnapped and raped Tawana Brawley and fifteen years after a jury of Pagones’ peers found that he had kidnapped and raped her when she was fifteen years of age. This judicial finding militates against a “hoax”. Pagones never sought to set aside the verdict made in Dutchess County Supreme Court in July 1998.

    Instead, he is using “illegal force” to wrongfully seize a substantial fraction of her wages every two weeks. This garnishment in Virginia is illegal. Both states insist that this specious and spurious judgment will be enforced against her for the rest of her life. The Commonwealth of Virginia knows or should know that this proceeding is unconstitutional.

    To make matters worse, Tawana was never served in New York and no guardian-at-litem has ever been appointed for her in any state. No minor can be sued without the appointment of a guardian-at-litem while he or she is a “minor”. There is also no affidavit or proof of service in the court file. There was no service of process involving Tawana Brawley.

    Thus, either Justice S. Barrett Hickman or Pagones’ attorney or both had to have filed a false instrument in New York. This is a crime. This matter was brought to the attention of
    New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who has refused to act on the complaint.
    This tribute will let Glenda and Tawana know that we love and support them.
    By Alton Maddox

    The ENTIRE COMMUNITY must be held ACCOUNTABLE when there is silence from them in the face of such egregious corruption of the law. The only thing that protects all of us is when we keep the people we elect in check and punish them accordingly.

    1. I decided to check out a local library and see what sort of books were available to those who frequented it. Decent books. Many were “Black Interest” and from scholars that can expand the mind.

      I realized the wisdom of that common proverb, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.”

      Some say that being able to read but not reading is the same as being unable to read. If so, many of our people are illiterate. The Love of Knowledge isn’t there. The appearances and the intimidation and the giggling and the shamefulness is all there is.

      I can not in good faith depend on an illiterate person. This is why we must develop literacy and seek the literate of our community. It is reasonable to depend upon them to create a project which empowers them; and then as far as holding elected officials in check or punishing the unjust, we’ll hold the power to do so.

      For my part, even outside of this newsletter, I am concentrating on this. A select group can make a difference, and eventually the community can follow; much like the wave that rattles the ocean.

  5. @omalone
    I’m not sure why you feel it was sad that Kwame Toure coined the phrase “institutional racism”. He simply observed a pattern of behavior in institutions as opposed to individual racism. He proceeded to name it.
    Institutional racism, is racism without overt signs, such as “White only need apply” but actually carry out the same thing in a systematic way. We could almost say it is an ethos that has been inculcated into the White population to discriminate against Blacks and keep them down. For example, it has been reported that codes are used to identify Black job applicants in some places of employment. Another, more well known example of institutional racism is the criminal justice system. Many studies have shown that from the time of arrest to sentencing Blacks are systematically treated much more harshly and usually unfairly than their White counterparts.

    At no point are the police themselves needed to sustain institutional racism. The discrimination is carried out and the burden of proof falls upon the victims. These type of charges do not involve the police. However, the context in which institutional racism takes place, which is White Supremacy need the police as an ultimate weapon, if needed. So institutional racism is part of White Supremacy and autonomous in that it does not fall under the purview of being criminal.

    President O’bama is operating within the context of White Supremacy. I would describe him as a Black face on White power. The fact that he nor his attorney general have not answered Attorney Alton Maddox’s letters concerning the illegalities used to snatch Tawana Brawley’s money, speaks volumes. Eric Holder clearly has the authority to look into this because the crime is occurring across state lines. But since the Democratic party itself is responsible for the cover up, their hands are tied. President O’bama answers to the Democratic party, not to a citizens who thought THEY were electing him.

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