An Pan-African Nationalist Critique on “Freedom Writers”

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“Man, know thyself … and thou shalt know the gods.”KMT Proverb

The following is a critique on a popular film that gained public approval despite the clear flaw.  “Freedom Writers” is the story of a woman who wanted to take the “tribalism” out of African people by what looks like ‘vaccination’ style.  Subscribe, share, love.

An African Critique on “Freedom Writers”
By Onitaset Kumat

Perhaps two weeks ago, I had watched the film “Freedom Writers” on television.  The film shows the necessity of Blacks adopting a philosophy and the extent of how our lack thereof destroys us.  The film starts off when a young White woman decides to teach inner-city high-school students because her father was a “Civil Rights activist” and she wanted to help “minorities.”  The class that she gets has one White student and a handful of Asians, Africans and Americans (Latinos) who self-segregate within the classroom.  As it were, each non-White student has had some involvement with gang life and casualties resulting from a violent tribalism that developed after the formerly gifted school was racially integrated despite being removed from the experiences of the ‘minorities.’  This teacher, coming upon the violent tribalism, related to the students the story of the European Jew’s oppression by Nazis and this changed their ways and made them integrate.  Now, this shows two things: the malleability of children and the ignorance of our children and society.  The malleability comes from the fact that despite their gang life, these children turn around by seeing a more worse ‘gang.’  The ignorance comes from the fact that the Africans at least should have been informed of themselves rather than the experience of the European Jews which, by and by, wasn’t particularly awkward at the time of their oppression.  To wit, the European Jew’s Holocaust was absurd in only two regards: it was targeted against a pale people and it was very mechanized; concentration camps were used against the Kenyans and human experimentation, the Indians.   Beside that, many people were completely, not partially, genocided.  “Freedom Writers” sends a disturbing image where people of African descent gain the delusion that European Jews were worst treated never mind that Africans had been lowered from the highest position of the world to the lowest and have had many, many times worse oppression than the Jews.  No one is more politically, economically or culturally oppressed, yet Whites are teaching people of African descent to pity the European Jews and we are pitying them.  It’s disgusting.  We should retake our schools lest we will be mislead to poor causes removed, antedated and wrongheaded!  In the meantime, help build African Blood Siblings Community Centers; from there you can organize your Community.

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4 thoughts on “An Pan-African Nationalist Critique on “Freedom Writers”

  1. I remember watching the movie for the first time and thinking: “Really, the Holocaust?” This isn’t to marginalize the plight of Jews in Nazi Germany, but there was not a Jew in that classroom. I was disgusted at the fact that a room full of African and American students wouldn’t learn of the thuggery that their ancestors have been victim to.

    What liberates the mind of an African: The history of Africans, or the history of Europeans? The answer is clear.

    1. I had a discussion last night and pondered writing a piece relating Dr. Chancellor William’s complaint on our dependent nature such that a town of 10000 (?) Africans doesn’t have 1 African-run Department store. I remember making the point that this town of 1,000,000 Africans, New York City, doesn’t have 1 African-run Department store. Somehow or another, I forget the point of this example then, but I see its point now.

      I could have responded before last night and left this important notion out of this response and though I would have been timely, we might not have this conversation on this particular matter.

      So always remember that everything is blessed and everything happens for a reason.

      Now, it’s worth learning the German situation more precisely. We will make up numbers here–10,000 and 1,000,000 and 1 above were all rhetorical not exact. But let’s go to WWII’s Germany. There are 100,000,000 Germans in Germany; but there weren’t many German owned-department stores. Now remember, this is all fabrication, the particulars aren’t important. What’s important is to know that at that point in Germany’s history, where Germans were ridiculously poor in Germany, but some Rich Jews were profiting and doing well.

      If we do study any history, we must read not the Oppressor’s narrative but the Oppressed’s; though that requires some care as the narrative shifts overnight. As an elder tells me, however, “a word to the wise should be sufficient.”

      As far as Genocide by Germans is concerned, the case of the Herero, at the dawn of Nazi Germany, should come to our mind ( Also, the Africans in Germany were murdered in large numbers, yet these Africans are not in any Jewish Holocaust museum. Again “a word to the wise should be sufficient.”

      1. To add to that, I understand that when the French occupied Germany, abhorred by the concept of.Negro soldiers wielding power over Europeans, the French agreed with the Germans to have the non whites removed. Even at war against each other they still manage to war against us/others

      2. He whom they call St. Augustine put it this way,

        “So there may be peace without war, but there cannot be war without some kind of peace.”

        So to mean one can have a settlement without a fight, but when one fights, one fights for a particular settlement. That is a very important philosophical sentiment for understanding Europeans.

        When the French and Germans agreed to remain dominant over us, they were explaining what sort of peace or settlement they agreed upon to end their war.

        This is why Dr. Ben writes,

        “WE, all of us here, AFRICANS ALL, have been forced to live and perform at the bottom of the socio-political stratum of European, British, European American and Asian societies for the last ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY-SIX [1,346] YEARS”


        I elaborate more deeply on what “Peace” means to Europeans in “Maroon and Build For Self.”

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