Malcolm X: What you and I have to do is get involved

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“We always hear excuses for our squalor.”  — Onitaset Kumat

You need to act.  Malcolm X said it.  The Brother is on point.  The ABS calls you to create African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  Write the ABS to answer the call.  Understand that we can get ourselves out of this.

What you and I have to do is get involved
By Malcolm X

The Complete Malcolm X on DVD:

“So what you and I have got to do is get involved. You and I have to be right there, breathing down their throat. Every time they look over their shoulder, we want them to see us. We want to make them– we want to make them pass the strongest civil rights bill they’ve ever passed, because we know even after they pass it they can’t enforce it. In order to do this, we’re starting a voters registration drive, not as Democrats or Republicans, but registered as Independents. If you don’t have the sense of responsibility to get registered, we’ll move you out of town.”

Don’t forget to subscribe to the ABS.

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