What is Cooperation?

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“We mustn’t confuse mastery with mimicry, knowledge with superstitious ignorance.” — African Proverb (KMT)

At the heart of Cooperation is Association.  Cooperation, Competition and Association can be defined together.  Cooperation limits Competition; Competition limits Association.  Association may be passive; but Cooperation and Competition are Active.  The African Race is born into a setting of Competition; an Association shaped by Europeans and Asians.  This is why to a great extent Europeans and Asians feed, clothe, shelter and govern Africans.  Cooperation must be actively undertaken by the African Race to achieve Prosperous, Independent African Communities.  John Edward Bruce opined similarly a century ago.  The African Blood Siblings is the vehicle to join today.  Contact us.  Africa’s Fate is Powerful Cooperation or Powerless Competition.  Subscribe, share, love.

What is Cooperation?
By Onitaset Kumat

Cocoa Butter Supreme Soap (sold by TruthBeTold)

“Buttermilk, cocoa butter, castor oil and shea butter;” or “oatmeal, honey and milk.” These are some of the ingredients used at the newly opened African store UrbanFire. UrbanFire sells natural, organic, hand-made soaps for the health conscious consumer. Each soap is made with herbs grown from a home garden; these are the freshest and safest soaps for your cleansing needs. The Business’ Founder is Sister TruthBeTold, another devotee to the Liberation of African people. What can you do for her? Cooperate. Cooperation is a root of Power.

A century ago John Edward Bruce actively promoted Cooperation. Cooperation limits Competition, the Limit of Association. Africa’s Fate boils down to Powerful Cooperation or Powerless Competition. Today Powerless Competition seems to be the main purview. A problem of our day remains getting our people to see Cooperation Advantages and Competition Disadvantages. Other people see this. We see the inverse. The inverse is untrue. Competition causes the African race to disempower itself (through disassociation); empowering others as a result (associating in a powerless state.) We need to understand: Powerful Cooperation or Powerless Competition.

Our Powerless Competition is ironic in light of the European’s Powerful Cooperation. John Edward Bruce explains,

“The average Negro with a fair opportunity, which he of course must make for himself through organization can become as successful in the ordinary affairs of life as the average white man, behind whom stands every other white man to encourage and sustain him in business, politics, the professions or in whatever else he may attempt to do–so strong is the spirit of brotherhood and fellowship in the white race.”

It’s all too true that Europeans encourage and sustain Europeans. Europeans cooperate. This habit allows them the Power they have. And while we compete within our race and cooperate without, Europeans correctly do otherwise. John Edward Bruce observes,

“In any contest for supremacy or prestige between the white and darker races the white races hang together.”

If Black Power is our true aim, it’s upon us to Cooperate with Africans and Compete with Europeans and Asians. Our standard must be one of a Cooperative Society like others are heralded to be. This attainment starts with you (work against the intraracial competition we face: Showcase and Recommend the Work of Others.) John Edward Bruce wrote,

“My closing word is, study the benefit of cooperation in its application to families and to Races; in connection with the history of the powerful Race from which most of us earn our daily bread. This Race is a gigantic cooperative society, and if any one of us does anything to a White Man or Woman; observe how quickly they will come to the rescue with money to punish the offender, tendering the deepest sympathy for the offended. They are a unit, and as against a Negro, they are neither Catholics, Protestants, German, Irishmen, Englishmen, or Frenchmen, but White Men. This must be our spirit if we are to attain to a commanding and influential place among the Races of mankind. The keyword then, is COOPERATION, and I pray God to clarify our vision and enable us to see more clearly the duty we owe to ourselves and to our posterity.”

Europeans cooperate. If we do one wrong; they cooperate. If they do us wrong; they cooperate. If one of them don’t cooperate; they cooperate against her until she cooperates. Europeans cooperate. That’s not the problem. The problem is Africans don’t cooperate. Cooperate!

All month (January 2013) we honored John Edward Bruce.  We Cooperated with his Legacy.  I hope we did his memory well. The final message is to seek to Cooperate with Africans. Promote and Patronize your People’s Potential: TruthBeTold (Soap Maker), Linda Fletcher (Agricultural Consultant), Gossano Malone (Social Theorist), Nat(e) Turner (Rap Musician), Paige Adams (Adoption Specialist), Babatu Rudo (Visionary Educator), Jackson Shuri (Adinkra Painter), Dallas Newton and myself (ABS Philosophers). These are only a handful of Africans with ambitions whom you should help to realize. Add more–without hesitation.  At every moment cooperate with your Siblings.  “To labor for Africans because they are Africans is an African’s noblest work.” John Edward Bruce finishes on Cooperation,

“Once we master this and make it our own, there will be no power on earth to keep us from rising to the zenith of progress and civilization.”

13 thoughts on “What is Cooperation?

  1. I believe it’s important that we support each other in this struggle. We have to uplift each other when we can. I bought some of Sister Truth’s products. In think we all have to do our part. And I think supporting black businesses is important in economic development.

  2. Thank you Onitaset. I really appreciate your support. Great article. Today I saw a black woman dive into a store to buy hair care products from an Asian woman.

    I see this every day.

    We claim to want change yet, do not seek change. It begins with us.

    1. You are appreciated, Sister TruthBeTold. What you observed is White Empowerment. Your spirit is toward Black Empowerment. We need to pull ours away from White Empowerment to Black Empowerment. Keep being Beautiful.


      1. I’m reading and absorbing & definitely appreciate the message. But maybe I missed something b/c I clicked on Gassano Malone’s site under ABOUT: “Essayist and theatre practitioner, Grand Wizard Gos (“[O].G.Malone”) is a White Nationalist devoted to defending the borders against all illegal immigrants and legal aliens (aka, “foreigners”.) Founder of “A.F.R.O.S.” the slowest declining pan-European organisation in East London, “G.Wiz” is committed to “creating spaces” where meaningful discussions can take place to counter the deceptive dialogues.”
        Um, again, maybe I’m missing something but how is supporting him going to advance co-operation amongst black people? This is a genuine, sincere question.

      2. Judge by cause, not by effect.

        Brother Gos has a sense of humor. And a different way of doing things. Here’s his blog: http://nomasons.wordpress.com/ Cooperation promotes the potential of others.

        As you can see from this post, as well as others, he’s an African person–with a sense of humor: http://nomasons.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/competent-commentator/

        Much like the Willie Lynch letter was written by a Brother who instructively constructed a different persona; Brother Gos does the same with the Grand Wizard Gos persona. The methodology can be useful; as we know the Willie Lynch letter caught on very successfully. Another example is the “King Alfred Plan.”

        And make no mistake, Brother Gos, omalone1, is a worthy African scholar.

  3. Cooperation is definitely needed. I would just add a cautionary note: Do some research on the Black entrepreneurs to whom we cater. I say this because some Black entrepreneurs are still White-minded. They hire White people and give their money back to the White community instead of returning as much of it as possible back to the Black community.
    We want to support those Blacks who are African-centered and support Black causes in some way.

    1. The choice between a Black-minded Black and a White-minded Black should lead one to the former. Unfortunately, the choice is more often between a White-minded Black and a White-minded White. In this case, the former is preferable, not so much for supporting their behavior, but for encouraging Black entrepreneurship.

      We are working on building Membership so that African Blood Siblings-minded Africans will be the choice in many different cities. This is the true way forward, but it’s enabled through the determination of our readers.

      1. I guess what I really meant was beware of those Black entrepreneurs who are destructive in their behavior towards other Blacks; In ways that actually harm you, in terms of quality of work or being downright thieves. They have to be held to a certain standard of work and ethics.

      2. The way of knowledge is narrow.

        A lesson to take from this proverb is that not many people of different backgrounds will know the same things. In this respect, our task is to build the African Blood Siblings, train them toward an ethics, then do business with that Membership. Relying on the ethics of non-Members is intrinsically risky because ‘the way of knowledge is narrow.’

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