Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa — Chapter Eight: “Esad the Hunter”

Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa

Chapter Eight
Esad the Hunter”

“You have a great Son.” Zuberi nods at the compliment. Esad returns to the daycare and retrieves Amadi from inside. “Will I see you later?” she asks Zuberi.

“I am promised elsewhere.”

“Then I will content myself with seeing you, Amadi,” she tells Amadi who steps forward to grip her dress.

“You will watch the children again later?” Zuberi asks as he doesn’t expect anyone to work multiple shifts at the daycare.

“Yes. It appears Myrkya will be busy the same time as you,” jokes Esad.

“She’s not even scheduled for tonight. But I grasp your reference.” Zuberi turns to Amadi. “Say good bye to Esad.” The boy is weak at speech so he says nothing as Zuberi cheers him to act. Eventually, Zuberi pulls Amadi’s hand to walk away but Amadi fights him to keep looking at Esad. “He’s taken a liking to you.”

“I’d hope his Baba has as well,” Esad smiles.

“He has,” Zuberi admits.

“Actions speak louder than words.”

“And words should not be wasted. I gave my word to be elsewhere. Thus my actions are determined.” Zuberi lifts his son up. “Amadi needs a Baba who keeps his promises.”

“Would you keep a promise if it conflicted with your principles?” Esad presses.

“And why would I make a promise that conflicted with my principles?” Zuberi gave Esad a moment to respond. Hearing nothing, he uttered, “He will be back.”

“And I will be here,” Esad promises. Zuberi leaves with his son. Esad returns to the inside of the daycare where some of the other Hunters and Healers eavesdrop. They scatter at Esad’s arrival and she whispers to herself, finishing her earlier claim, “Always.”

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