The Pro-Black Compendium

Amos Wilson wrote:

“The [false] Black Nationalist who makes us feel good—and pumps us up; and makes us gloat and glow about our great past, and does not deal with the present; and does not educate in terms of coping with the future; and does not adequately prepare us to remove the European from power, to remove these insane people who are about to destroy the earth and life itself—is functioning in the interest of the status quo.”

“The Pro-Black Compendium” is the book for the true Black Nationalist. It can make you feel good; it can pump you up; it can have you gloating and glowing about our great past. But, it also deals with the present, educates in terms of coping with the future, and adequately prepares us to remove the European from power and install ourselves.

If you never read another book, you would still be well-informed and well-versed on the necessary wisdom of our past, the needed changes for our present and the empowerment of our future. Do yourself a favor, and read this gift to Pan-African Nationalism. Along with “Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa,” there’s some books you shouldn’t miss.

Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa


“In three-minutes time, a pair of white men approached Faraji. “I thought I told you not to come here again?” accosted one.
“You did. And I said I would be back. Here I am,” Faraji defied.
“Put your hands up,” the police chief said. Zuberi noticed a cop car a block away and a nearby police van. The Maroons of Maa appeared surrounded. Faraji said, “You first,” producing a gun from his pocket. “Tell your men to stand down.”

If “Negroes with Guns,” “Blake; or the Huts of America” and “From Superman to Man” were weaved together and set in the present, that would be “Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa.” This is the book of real Black Manhood and Womanhood that is suitable for all ages and all occasions.

The short chapters that can be read in 5 minutes but discussed in 30, are perfect for bedtime stories, book clubs, intimate conversations, classrooms and deep self-study.

Follow Zuberi, Faraji, Esad, Myrkya and Amadi as they give you a rare didactic glimpse into the life of a free and powerful Black people. Then embrace your inner Zuberi and, yourself, join The Maroons of Maa.


Chapter One: Duties and Dalliances
Chapter Two: His Son Amadi
Chapter Three: The Protector Faraji
Chapter Four: More Sociable
Chapter Five: Fish Yassa with Esad
Chapter Six: Myrkya or Esad
Chapter Seven: The Nature of Clarity
Chapter Eight: Esad the Hunter
Chapter Nine: Community Celebration
Chapter Ten: Race First