The Pro-Black Compendium

“I’ve heard a man say ‘Wait for freedom,’
But I did not agree
I told him, ‘You can waste your life,
But I shall live mine free.'”

If you Seek to Develop Prosperous, Independent African Communities at Home and Abroad, the Pro-Black Compendium should be your next purchase. No other book offers as complete a study on You. Your ancestors urged you to Know Yourself. The Pro-Black Compendium informs you on You, your ancestors, your ancestors’ enemies, your enemies and what You can do today to live free.

Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa


Zuberi lives in a Prosperous, Independent African Community named “The Maa Nation.” He is a Liberated man, protecting his community, participating in his local economy, and traveling the world. Along the way he meets two Liberated women, Myrkya and Esad, and he has to vet both for the sake of his son Amadi.

“Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa” explores African Liberation through intelligent dialogue and a realistic description of “What if we protected Black Wall Street or pursued Pan-Africanism?” This is the book suitable for all ages, reading levels and occasions; and it is the perfect gift for any Black person wishing to understand Manhood and Womanhood from a strong Black perspective.



Chapter One: Duties and Dalliances
Chapter Two: His Son Amadi
Chapter Three: The Protector Faraji
Chapter Four: More Sociable
Chapter Five: Fish Yassa with Esad
Chapter Six: Myrkya or Esad
Chapter Seven: The Nature of Clarity
Chapter Eight: Esad the Hunter
Chapter Nine: Community Celebration
Chapter Ten: Race First