The Pro-Black Compendium

If no relationship can succeed on a foundation of lies, what hope do Black people have when all that they know of themselves are half-truths and full lies?

What is the Truth of our Past? What is the Truth of our Present? And what can we make True of our Future?

“The Pro-Black Compendium” offers these answers and more. One can not succeed without Knowledge. If it were up to others, we would never be knowledgeable. It is up to you to read what others don’t want you to. Open these pages and discover you: your Wars, your Civilizations, your Triumphs, your Failures, your Voices, your Perspective, and your Truth.

“Know Thyself,” you were warned. Listen to your conviction. This is the best first book for those who want to Know.

Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa


“In three-minutes time, a pair of white men approached Faraji. “I thought I told you not to come here again?” accosted one.
“You did. And I said I would be back. Here I am,” Faraji defied.
“Put your hands up,” the police chief said. Zuberi noticed a cop car a block away and a nearby police van. The Maroons of Maa appeared surrounded. Faraji said, “You first,” producing a gun from his pocket. “Tell your men to stand down.”

Zuberi is strength. Maroons are free. Maa is just. “Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa” is the story of the strongest, freest, most just group of Africans in our near future.

If this isn’t your favorite fiction novel by the time you finish reading it, I envy you.


Chapter One: Duties and Dalliances
Chapter Two: His Son Amadi
Chapter Three: The Protector Faraji
Chapter Four: More Sociable
Chapter Five: Fish Yassa with Esad
Chapter Six: Myrkya or Esad
Chapter Seven: The Nature of Clarity
Chapter Eight: Esad the Hunter
Chapter Nine: Community Celebration
Chapter Ten: Race First