African-Nationalist Organizing

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
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“African-Nationalism is not a School of Thought but an Organization of Action” — Onitaset Kumat

As long as we fail to recognize that African-Nationalism is more than a point-of-view and actually requires the claimant to involve him- or herself in organization, members of our Race are doomed to a lack of Nationhood and thus a lack of Power. A Nation organizes it’s Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness. The moment a Nationalist is worthless in these avenues, that Nationalist forfeits his or her instrumentality and necessity. The African in European Nations holds no Power. The African Nation is near non-existent. We need more African-Nationalists. The true, oft hidden guidelines are written below.

African-Nationalist Organizing
By Onitaset Kumat

I like to think the African Blood Siblings Newsletter is the second best online resource for African-Nationalists. To me, the credit of the best belongs to Odwirafo Kwesi Na Rahem Ptah Akhan over at for the research there is incomparable and leagues beyond most information available online. The documentation there is robust. One particular article on Obarima (Afurakani [African] Manhood) highlights the seven major aspects of Amansesew (Afurakani/Afuraitkaitnit Nation Building/Restoration):

Methods of Food Production and Preservation
Methods of Curing Disease
Military Structure; Defense; Security
Institutionalization of Values (Establishing Institutions)
Methods of Governance and Jurisprudence
Construction of Homes on Acquired Land
Manufacturing of Clothing

These seven, it is stressed, are wherein an African’s Divine function rests in terms of self-employment and/or African organized employment. Every African Man or Woman has a spiritual compulsion toward Amansesew. It’s upon an African-Nationalist to become the reality of his or her spirit.

This observation by Odwirafo on the seven major aspects of Amansesew as well as the African Blood Siblings Core Tenet of “Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness” are in deep contrast to the African-Nationalism popularly propagated today. Today African-Nationalism is regarded as a “School of Thought.” And not “Thought” as in “Thoth” or “Hermes” or “Tehuti” but “School of Thought” as Websters defines “a group sharing a common point of view in respect to some matter; a point of view recognized as held but not necessarily accepted.” Thusly so-called African-Nationalists generally swap points of views and claim, reject and debate points of view. Yet insomuch as a so-called African-Nationalist generally does nothing more than impress or express a point of view, generally the so-called African-Nationalist neglects Amansesew while being a pretentious, perfectionist without any notches to justify how his or her way of life is better than anyone else’s.

Action–not just Talk.

What needs to be restated in African circles is that African-Nationalism as the empowerment of African people is the seeking and development of African Nationhood, in which case African-Nationalists organize Amansesew. In other words, African-Nationalism is not a School of Thought but an Organization of Action. This realization makes all the difference in the world as to who are and who aren’t African-Nationalists. The Kings and Queen-Mothers developing Odwirafo are African-Nationalists. The Kings and Queen-Mothers in Azania developing Embo Black Movement are African-Nationalists. The Kings and Queen-Mothers in Philadelphia developing O.U.R. Way are African-Nationalists. The Kings and Queen-Mothers in Accra developing First World People are African-Nationalists. The Kings and Queen-Mothers developing the African Blood Siblings are African-Nationalists. If I missed any, contact me below.

What’s instrumental to the reader, particularly he or she outside of African-Nationalist activities, is a need to understand the fundamentals of African-Nationalist Organizing. I can only speak for the African Blood Siblings, but first and foremost an African-Nationalist must understand that he or she needs a team of Africans.  “Wherever there is an African there is an African Nation,” yes, but “There’s no African Nation of one African.” Without a team, the entirety of your African-Nationalism should be devoted to Team Building. As the proverb goes, “He who thinks he is leading and has no one following him is only taking a walk.”  Followers are foremost to leadership.  Therefore,

  1. Step one for an African-Nationalist is to recruit Africans locally into forming a team for which that team can do at least one of the seven major aspects of Amansesew in their community.  In the African Blood Siblings the size of a team is 13, leader included.
  2. Step two is to use the experience, resources and momentum from that enterprise to create a boko (Community Center).
  3. Step three is to use that boko to do all seven major aspects of Amansesew.
  4. Step four transcends African-Nationalism into Pan-Africanism wherein the boko seeks and develops other boko into an international web of African-Nationalism.
  5. Naturally there are more steps, yet the African-Nationalist needs to take each step at a time.  However both Pan-Africanism, the unification of the African continent, and Restorism, the restoration of African people, follow African-Nationalism, the empowerment of African people.

To assist in step one, recruiting Africans locally, the African Blood Siblings encourages African-Nationalists to recruit Africans into Weekly Discussion Groups designed for fun, intelligent and uplifting dialogue between loyal Africans. These discussion groups are a review of thematic African Proverbs.  As a proverb goes, “A counselor who understands proverbs soon sets difficult matters aright.”  A template has been provided by the African Blood Siblings [Click here]. Additionally, African-Nationalists can co-opt a Seven Day Cycle of African-Nationalist Community Building [to be added]. This can be modified according to the respective schedules of membership. Another additional activity is Sisterhoods and Brotherhoods, where Sisters and Brothers organize separations and congregations with one another.  Odwirafo’s literature on Obarima (African Manhood) and Obaatan (African Womanhood) [not yet released] could be guidelines thusly.  Ultimately, African leaders need followers, real-life local followers.  The insane idea that a person one doesn’t meet with regularly will be of great assistance in nation-building needs to be killed quickly.  Either be a leader or be a follower, but never be a talker.

Go out and recruit.  Both leaders and followers recruit.

Please contact me with any questions.

3 thoughts on “African-Nationalist Organizing

  1. “Actions have always spoken louder than words” Hisotry will judge us by our actions and our deeds not by remaining doicile, obedient,, trusting, patient and apathetic. Our people must never forget that NO prayer to an alien God has ever saved an entire race of Africans lives throughout our entire history

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