The Core Tenets of the African Blood Siblings

Listen SIblings, I come in peace,

“The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness.”African Proverb (KMT)

“Maroon and Build For Self!” The spirit of this motto has been passed down for eons among African people. In the 18th Century, Queen Nanny had used it to organize forgers of a Prosperous, Independent African Community in Jamaica. Before her, in the 17th Century, Queen Nzinga organized the forgers of the same in Ndongo and Matamba (now Angola). Before them, King Taharqo continued Ethiopia’s organized rescue of Egypt. And each of them did this when others were mis-organized into dependence on their oppressors! These great Ancestors understood that none could outcreate Africans for Africans.

The reasoning behind “Please Build For Me!” and “Maroon and Build For Self” is European Philosophy and African Philosophy, respectively. Occidental Education teaches European Philosophy. This is Mis-Education for African People. European Philosophy teaches Tribalism. Every Student in the West learns of African Inferiority and European Superiority. Each Advanced Candidate of European Philosophy learns how to tighten the chains on African arms. This is what Africans learn from the Cradle to the Grave. Even three-year-olds sing “I pledge allegiance to the [American] flag . . .”

Ideally Africans should espouse African Philosophy. African Philosophy teaches Restorism. “Maroon and Build For Self,” the motto of the African Blood Siblings, derives from African Philosophy. The basis of any Philosophy are its core tenets. Like variants of “Empower the Tribe” is a Core Tenet of European Philosophy, variants of “Restore Africa” is a Core Tenet of African Philosophy. In Western Schools we learn European Tenets. That’s the root of our problems. We need to learn African Tenets. And we need those Tenets to advance us as a people.

The African Blood Siblings has Core Tenets that understood by Membership ensures that every Unit of 13 Members no matter where they are on this world creates Local Project that go toward the Liberation of African people. Review them and seek to assimilate them. When assimilated, send an email to  Before then, distribute copies of the Flyer. This is the Organization to inform the African world on. It’s African services which will Liberate African people.

The Core Tenets of the African Blood Siblings

  • Opposing wrong makes a right
  • Knowledge, Wisdom and Love are weapons against Ignorance, Error and Hate
  • Prosperity, Independence, and Community is the removal of Impoverishment, Dependency and Individualism
  • Organized Justice defeats Organized Injustice
  • Obey the Laws of Nature, Harmony and Morality
  • Self-Determinant People Seek and Develop their own Peace, Possessions and Consciousness
  • Address the Four Necessities: Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness
  • Education transmits Natural Philosophy otherwise it’s Mis-Education
  • Liberation empowers Politically, Economically and Culturally otherwise it’s enslavement
  • Leadership must answer “How is that the North Star?” otherwise it’s Misleadership
  • Organization advantages its membership otherwise it’s Mis-Organization
  • The Problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians, the Solution for Africans is Africans

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