Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa — Chapter Nine: “Community Celebration”

Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa

Chapter Nine
Community Celebration”

“All rise for the Maa National Anthem,” Kwame commands. He stands on a stage facing a crowded audience beneath a banner that reads “Community Celebration.” The whole crowd stands up in unison and begins to sing the Maa National Anthem,

“I’ve heard a man say ‘Wait for freedom,’”
But I did not agree
I told him, ‘You can waste your life,
But I shall live mine free.’

I sought out friends and hid from foes
Until the time was right
When the armies of my continent
Stood up with all its might

We didn’t spare their children
We didn’t spare a soul
We crushed all opposition
To our Liberation goal

We looked again at our free land
We couldn’t be more proud
We told the world just who we were
And demanded that it bowed

We fly the flag of our great land
We fly red, black and green
And never will it never fly
As long as we can bleed

We see it in our blood
We see it in our skin
We see it in our wealth
That we will never lose again

O Mother who bore us for war
We shall always do you right
We pledge by you, our continent
To advance you
Day and Night”

The crowd raised their fist in a Black Power salute to the anthem’s ending. Kwame then ceded the stage to an Elder Healer who brought a jar of water and a plant. The Healer then praised our Creator, the spirits, the rivers and oceans, our ancestors and Africa’s royal families, especially the King of Kings’ His Imperial Majesty Dumaka and his esteemed Generals in a libation ceremony that had many in the audience shouting names and the ceremonial ‘ase.’ Following the libations, Myrkya placed her head on Zuberi’s shoulder. The air was electric and all expected an eventful and entertaining event and none were disappointed.

“Looking Black
and being Black
is as different
as Fog and Rain,” sang one Sister from “Five on the Black Hand Side.”

A group of Protectors and male Hunters performed a War Dance, kicking their knees high and crawling around with their stomachs’ upward.

Yet another read from “The Destruction of Black Civilization,” explaining, “Yet I did just that when I wrote that the whites are the implacable foe, the traditional and everlasting enemy of the Blacks.”

Still another performed a poem,

“You go along to get along
With a song of forgiveness
A strong people would fight wrong
But you go along with it.”

Finally Kwame welcomed the children between one and four-years-old on stage. Each child was paraded to be applauded. On Amadi’s turn, a Healer held his hand and walked with him across the stage as Zuberi gave him a standing ovation. Then the Healers of the community brought out the children below one-year-old. And after those applause, the announcer instructed everyone to hold hands and close the celebration with the call and response African Affirmation,

“We are an African People
Robbed from our Homeland
Robbed of our Names
Our Languages
Our Cultures
Our Religions
Our Womanhood
Our Manhood
Our Sisterhood
Our Brotherhood
Our Motherhood
Our Fatherhood
Our Selfhood
Our Nationhood
And our Self-Respect
But We Shall Rise!”

Everyone raised their joined hands at the prompt of ‘we shall rise’ and continued,

“Never to Fall Again!
Up You Mighty Race!
You Can Accomplish What You Will!
No Justice! No Peace!
No Justice! No Peace!”

He then repeats “No Justice” stretching “Justice” over three minutes while most in the audience stopped much earlier. Kwame erupts with a final “No Peace!” where all but Myrkya punch their fist forward while releasing the hands they held. Myrkya instead squeezed Zuberi’s hand tight and kissed him on his lips. Zuberi smiles. “Come, Amadi is being held there,” he says leading Myrkya to his son.

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