Allegory of the Household Cat

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solution for Africans is Africans!” — Onitaset Kumat

The following allegory details reality and the absence of the above wisdom.  Our problem is we don’t have an African space to meet with African people and create an African agenda.  Our problem is that you are not writing the ABS for instructions on building an African Blood Siblings Community Centers.

Allegory of the Household Cat
By Onitaset Kumat

I had an interesting experience at a female friend’s house.  Prior to the invitation, she asked whether I had an affinity for cats.  I do not; but feeling very excited to speak with her in a more private setting, I accepted her invitation with the utmost interest.

As we entered her home, I heard a very swollen growl.  Without seeing the cat, I could tell that it was an obese animal, possibly on the verge of dying, but as I had a higher interest in my companion, I let the thought play by itself as this woman and I found ourselves on her comfortable living room sofa.

She whispered in a low, long breath, “I will change in to something more pleasant,” as she slipped from my arms to her bedroom on the farther corner of the house.  I was very tempted to follow, yet ever persuaded that a woman’s decorations speak to her character, I scanned the walls for her personality: she liked cats, many fat ones preceded this one.

The fat cat screamed at and chased after a slow mouse making its way back from the kitchen; as other parties of mice, of varying speeds, tactically sneaked and ran pass their dying comrade.  It suddenly donned on me that this place may be a mess.  But by my eyes, besides from the lowly critters, and the ballooned cat, the place seemed immaculate.

I would have preferred to not have the thought bother me; but I saw a stream of mice running to and from the kitchen, some eating there, few, besides the slower, taking food back.  The cat, all the while, chasing after the slowest mice.  Sometimes catching some for his obscured, thank goodness, carcass pile.

“I have a mouse problem,” my friend alerted many days too late.  But I opened up to her that I find this scene most fascinating.  Now, for those of you, listening or reading, wishing to hear a smooth operator at work, that time is passed.  The words that I say ended the otherwise potentially interesting evening.  However, what I say has a much greater relevance to our people than whether I “got lucky” so bare with me.

I spoke:  “I noticed that the cat, besides from eating mice, eats from cans beside the fridge; and he does this exclusively.  This exclusivity informs me that his utility is strictly to you; seeing how the excesses of his hunt shall bring him to a collapse in time.  The mice, for their part, do not threaten the cat’s food, but your own.  The cat behaves as a protection to you at the expense of itself.  On this we expose the White racial and criminal organizations and their varieties.”

She sat back, all the romances culminated over the weeks dispersed immediately: I am a scholar.  “The cat,” I continued, “represents White racial and criminal organizations, of which the amount are plentiful: the Klan, the Police, the Government, and others.  These organizations die by a plethora of ways.  Sometimes by become too big, but also if another organization, say Black organization steps against it”–for the record, it’s a challenge to name one Black racial and criminal organization.

I continued, “These racial and criminal organizations protect America’s interests from the disorganized Africans.  One can say that the Police have Black membership, so therefore the attachment of a race to these racial organizations misleads; but actually it’s quite spoken for in this household scene.  The ‘fast’ mice are fast for two reasons; another mouse is slower and the cat is slow.  But the reason for both of these are one in the same: the slow mice do not eat enough and the slow cat eats too much.  Both of these are in the fast mice’s control.  The fast mouse doesn’t return with his food, but eats it in the kitchen, not braving to pass the cat.  Or, when the fast mouse and the other mice are being attacked, the fast mouse sacrifices his friends, fully understanding how it will slow the cat on her trail and indefinitely.  This sort of mouse sacrifice exposes the truth of the fast mouse’s mentality: she is in cahoots with the cat!

“The Black officer in the police force, or Black politician in the U.S. Government purposefully sacrifices those Blacks whom they preceded to power.  They may be Black, but they are members of an organization designed to destroy African people, and these Blacks are complicit solely because they want what White organization offers them in return for their complicity: crumbs.

“The sad truth is that with this many mice, this one cat could be overrun, then the whole household ransacked, if these mice simply organized rather than looking at the matter so individualistically, sacrificing themselves for much below their power.

“So in actuality,” and here is where the date went really spoil, “this immaculate house’s flaw relates with the house.  It’s the structure of this house that facillates this power structure, self-hatred and disorganization that makes this place so messy!”  Yes, I said that.  “Truthfully, this is the most filthy place that I have ever been.”  And that.

Needless to say, the date went sour: “get out’s” flew in the sky faster than the mice could run.  But, at least an allegory came from it.  What do you think?  How is the “Allegory of the Household Cat?”

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