The Coded Messages behind the FBI’s “Black Identity Extremist” Document

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in Peace,

“An African War without an African Army is an African Genocide” — Onitaset Kumat

Many people are discussing secondhand accounts concerning the FBI’s August 3rd, 2017 document “Black Identity Extremists Likely Motivated to Target Law Enforcement Officers.” The document is more layered than the secondhand accounts and I’ll showcase how. The entire 12 page and redacted document can be read here:

The main takeaway is that the FBI is cracking down on Black Consciousness because it doesn’t recognize Black Sovereignty and prefers that Black people do not have a Warrior mentality and take their Genocide lying down. Because of this, it’s more imperative than ever for you to inform yourself on Black Consciousness as the FBI is admitting that Warriors are the most effective manner of protest Black people are coming up with and admitting that they are trying to cut down on Black Consciousness to keep us docile and ineffective.

Fortunate for you, I released two books, “The Pro-Black Compendium” and “Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa” and they both elaborate on Black Consciousness, Sovereignty and Genocide Prevention. If you haven’t already, get these books for yourself and loved ones. white folk are ready to crackdown further on Black folk as you will read; it’s upon us to distribute and share the right information and strategies to get us further along; especially as white folk are scrambling to make sure you don’t get the information I and others provide.

The Coded Messages behind the FBI’s “Black Identity Extremist” Document
By Onitaset Kumat

According to Appendix A below, “Likely” means there is a 55-80% likelihood for the assessment to be true. Separately “Black Identity Extremists” (BIE) is basically “Militant Black Separatists.” Therefore this title really means: There is a 55-80% likelihood that Militant Black Separatists are being motivated to target Law Enforcement. The document attempts to speculate how, so it can nip Black Militancy in the bud. What one gathers from this document is utter white incompetence. In the image above, we see the date August 3, 2017–which shows how stupid trump really is. The last time the FBI was targeting Black folk, their official documents weren’t leaked for decades. With trump it’s around two months. There are many numbers, dates, and terms to pay attention to; so I’ll be thorough.

This here is the FBI saying that this document shouldn’t be in the hands of Black people. Yet it’s leaked in under three months. trump is a fool. Some people say they would wait for america to be at its weakest. It’s at its weakest.

Separately, notice that this is the Counterterrorism division.  What white folk do to terrorists is bomb them without a second worry.  America is making it official that Black folk looking into Black consciousness and sovereignty are their enemies.  The irony is that there’s much more to learn than most do.  Hence the books I’ve written.

Look again at Appendix A below, ‘very likely’ means there is a 80-95% likelihood and ‘high confidence’ means there is an 80-95% probability. This means the FBI is fairly certain that over the last three years, Militant Black Separatists have been mixing Moorish anti-authoritarian ideas with a Black Militant ideology and, as you’ll see in the Notes, the FBI is using blog posts, articles, interviews and others to justify this assessment.

Here the FBI defines BIE. Firstly, ‘individuals’ signifies that the FBI admits that the BIE aren’t a part of an organization.

Next phrase they use is ‘unlawful acts of violence’ which is another way of saying, whites have a monopoly on acceptable (lawful) violence.

Next thing to pick up on is ‘perceived racism and injustice in American society.’ I.e. the racism and injustice is a matter of perception and the perception is the problem; the effect rather than the cause.

Next they point out “establishing a separate Black homeland, autonomous Black social institutions, communities or governing organizations within the United States.” This is critical because one must understand that the FBI hand delivers its dossiers to the u.s. president. But in essence, this informs the reader that white folk understand exactly what Black folk desire. YET these desires of independence and autonomy are merely reported on privately; not acted on publically. This is to say, white folk will not further Black dreams. The US government knows what Black people want but it’s uncaring. Granted, many already know this, but for those who thought you could rationalize or even ask for something simple of whites–the proof that you can’t is here.  Again, even autonomous black communities is too radical a thought for whites.  Let that sink in.

Next to focus on is the acknowledgement that white folk read how Black folk articulate a physical and psychological desire for separation which sometimes includes racial superiority/supremacy and/or religious/political beliefs. This is to say, they are reading what we are writing and merely cataloging it to, as you’ll read, cut down on ‘extremism’ and, likely, infiltrate our activities to entrap and kill us.

What’s important next is that Black rhetoric “may” be constitutionally protected. How the FBI doesn’t know what is or isn’t constitutionally protected is beyond me; but in essence they are saying Black Separatist Militancy is free speech–FOR NOW.

Later the FBI goes in on what it calls Sovereign Citizen Extremists (SCE) which is usually embodied in the Moors. Again free speech yet you’ll notice from this and later language that the FBI doesn’t recognize SCE. It’s a ‘claim to be immune from government’ to the FBI.  In other words, “you niggers are ours.”

First, the FBI establishes that they will only discuss BIE who targeted overseers premeditatively as opposed to BIE who target overseers as a reaction to police reactions. The fundamental message that Black folk need to pick up on is that attacking overseers premeditatively has gained the attention of the FBI more than protests and marches. I.e. according to this document, the premeditated attacks on overseers is one of the more effective protests Black folk are doing.

So the FBI then says it’s looking to answer two questions. The first is “To what extent are BIE’s [retaliating]” and “What [different] influences [do BIE have?]” Basically, crackers are wondering why the niggers are getting smart–and how can they keep the niggers dumb.

The next article is the FBI telling on itself and Obama, by saying that it had an article in March 2016 on “Black Separatist Extremists.” And of course an earlier November 2014 bulletin warning about potential criminal reactions to a grand jury announcement. Basically Obama sat on several FBI documents and communications on Black folk reacting to white oppression and kept it secret.

In “Pieces of a Puzzle,” Reneathia Tate mentions that Black folk need to stop keeping white secrets. The FBI have clearly been monitoring conscious Black folk for a long, long time; but it takes a fool like trump for the documents to leak.

Pay attention to the idea of articles deemed credible and reliable; but in essence, the FBI’s investigation was look at certain websites and ask law enforcement about the motivations of the people they execute. Also, note how the dates are from September 2014 to December 2016, basically during Obama’s presidency.  All in all, this is incredibly poor and child-like research habits.  This isn’t wiretapping, listening to private recordings, or planting informants; this is crackers reading online articles and asking murderers about their victims.

Now pay attention to this one: 6, count them, 6 different attacks in two years are the basis for this undercover investigation/quasi-analysis. Only 6. It’s said that the u.s. had over 500 mass shootings in the last 400 days, but somehow 6 different attacks in two years warrants a counterterrorism document and a need for analysis.

The FBI goes in on Micah first. That’s worth noting. Micah does the lone wolf like a boss. He kills 5 crackers and has been about Black Separatism. Notice, however, that a local Black Separatist group not only allegedly outs him for being too radical–they also appear to tell white folk that Micah was too radical. I.e. Black folk protect white secrets but blab Black secrets to whites. Or said differently, a lot of Black Separatist groups are informants, at least when Law Enforcement gets involved. But notice how much even the FBI depends on Black informants. Black folk need to shut up. Pull the batteries out of your phone (although the FBI doesn’t admit to relying on recordings) and stop talking to white people about other Black people (or over the phone/email system/social media, kwk.)

Next the FBI discusses Zale. Look at how footnote 6 is related to Zale’s report. When you scroll down, you’ll see that footnote 6 is “Lead requests to interview former female companion of subject [Name withheld]”. Many Brothers and Sisters in the movement have companions who are sloppy with information. white folk corner them and then they blab. Granted, white folk put a lot of pressure and would deceive you into saying you are involved when you aren’t; but this goes to show that you have to choose your partner seriously and if your partner isn’t serious about your extra security, then don’t be involved with that partner. I’ve personally had pics of my child surface because my partner was sloppy with social media.

Now the Police begin a theory of the convergence between BIE and Moorish Sciences. This is based on 4 of the 6 attacks. But again, it’s only 6 attacks and note Micah above did the police killing like a boss and the FBI didn’t associate him with the Moors.

First the FBI starts off by saying Sovereign Citizenship identity would reinforce a sense of disenfranchisement and a perception that criminal justice is unjust. They then use the remaining four case studies for evidence. However, the real coded message is “Black folk don’t feel disenfranchised or perceive the system is so unjust until they begin considering sovereignty.” A word white folk avoid using when it comes to Black people. I.e. again, the problem is Black people considering sovereignty notsomuch Black folk being disenfranchised or in proximity to a criminal injustice system.

The first case study is of an unnamed Brother who said he was a Moor and shot at Police stations.

The second is of Gavin Eugene Long or Cosmo Ausar Setepenra. He ambushed six officers but was killed. white folk then searched his laptop and social media. Cosmo was intent on going after the overseers responsible for the death of Alton Sterling. He identified as a Moor. The take away, of course, is that white folk accessed his social media and his laptop. I.e. even though he was killed, somehow white folk find it justifiable to access his privacy and search through his computer activities. In other words, white folk have a monopoly on violence and secrecy.

The third is an unnamed Brother who drove his vehicle into overseers. He also identified as a Moor.

The fourth is an unnamed Brother who was arrested and convicted for purchasing explosives. Bear in mind white folk purchase explosives, assault rifles, and pistols all the time, yet this Brother is not only arrested, but investigated for it. He also identified as a Moor.  This informs you again that white folk are enforcing a monopoly on violence.

Here white folk opine on how they view the Moors. I.e. ‘they believe they are a sovereign entity’ (but we don’t see it that way.) In other words, “Niggers ain’t a sovereign people.”

“Who do not recognize the authority of the U.S. government” is another way of saying “Niggers ain’t sovereign.”

They discuss Nobel Drew Ali in an informed but dismissive manner.  This reinforces the old adage that white folk don’t see “Nationality” or “Ethnicity.”  I.e. you call yourself a Moor, a Muslim, a Christian, yadda yadda, but to crackers you are just a “nigger.”  Time for you to study being Black as much as you study those other useless identities.  Again, the books I authored will help.

Notice later the use of the word ‘fictitious’ and the Source from 2014, i.e. the Obama era. The source is an “introduction to law enforcement” on “Black Separatist Extremist.” Notice it was BSE and is now BIE. This highlights how white folk are theorizing that Black cultural influences can lead to militancy and that’s more of a trouble than Black political influences. In this way, the cultural oppression of Black folk is geared to be amped up and Black cultural movements are geared to be infiltrated.  Read the writing on the wall.

The FBI now goes on to say that the BIE (in the form of organizations like BLA) have historically perpetrated violence against law enforcement but only recently have they been premeditated. Also, Black violence on law enforcement was dead for two decades and now appears to be resurfacing. In other words, white folk are outraged that Black folk are getting smarter because they thought they had dumbed us down sufficiently–or at least intimidated us with how they cracked down on Black independence two decades ago.

The FBI is wondering why niggers suddenly getting balls.

The main code to realize, again, is white folk take Black premeditated violence in the name of ideology seriously. Moreso than they do vigils, kneeling, protests, marching or even boycotts. It’s violence that white folk concern themselves with and they here contest that they want to know how to prevent it–since they can’t imagine how it’s coming about.

It’s worth noting that the speak of Moors as usually engaging in nonviolent fraudulent schemes.

And their main concern is targeted violence. I.e. white folk know that its War but thought they killed the warrior spirit sufficiently. For more information on the Warrior spirit, check out “The Pro-Black Compendium” by Onitaset Kumat (me) and “Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa.” In essence, this Warrior spirit is what white folk want to crack down on.

white folk then consider maybe these are just violent individuals who don’t like police but are exploiting racial tensions. However they dismiss this idea. The noteworthy commentary is they call Black folk “African Americans.” I.e. Black folk are white property. Not “Africans.”

white folk then start their Outlook. Here they admit that more Black murders are inbound and more white overseers getting away with it are inbound. They then expect more violent lone offenders. But that’s hint number one that lone offense has an alternative of group offense. Again, it’s War. Read my books.

But the FBI then says what they need to look into among Black people. Namely, violent threats to law enforcement, advocating violence, violent anti-white rhetoric and attempts to acquire weapons. In other words, a cracker can get weapons for whatever reason, but if Black folk do, it’s a red flag and he’s on a watchlist for terrorism. Notice that though this paper is due for law enforcement, the FBI doesn’t say, cut down on violence against Blacks; it only says be more mindful, we’re looking in to how to prevent more violence against law enforcement.  This also means that new agents will appear in Black Conscious circles, trying to elicit and bait Black violence so to cut down on Black violence (not white violence against Blacks.)  So expect more agents and informants among Black populations.  But learn how to deal with it better in my books.

Also note how the FBI says Black overseers are targets too. This they say to make Black overseers decide between being “Black or Blue.” When really they are Black (though many think they are Blue.)

The FBI finishes with this is counterterrorism. I.e. Black folk being killed and killing back are terrorists; not the initial killers. And simply being associated Black Separatism and the idea of sovereignty is terrorist material. Meanwhile sovereignty and separatism is your birthright!  Still, again, be on the look out for Black Separatist and Black Sovereign agents and informants.  The FBI is cracking down and out to kill “terrorists” and they are calling Black Separatist and Black Sovereigntists as terrorists.  Get informed.

This is Appendix A. For the most part it’s just percentages on probability and likelihood.

Appendix B reinforces Appendix A with a description of confidence.

These Notes are important because some of them are online newspapers. But also a lot are interviews and redacted sources.

Here you can see the FBI regards the New York Times are reputable; you can see the FBI relies on law enforcement reporting; the FBI also holds up Fox News, ABC news, NBC News, The Daily Caller and

In these notes you can see the Blog post from Anti-Defamation League (A eurojew organization.) Note how they address Black folk, “Black Nationalist charged.” The FBI references them twice.

Aside from more Law Enforcement reporting, you can see the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that nominally advocates for civil rights but is a resource for the FBI to target Black folk.

Lastly, you have the FBI Primer written in 2014 and mentioned above; basically Obama’s FBI targeted Black Separatists.

Finally, they go in on how the distribute this unclassified document. They have their own Intelligence Portal and of course these other distribution hubs.

Private distribution hubs are important for a people to have.

In conclusion, white folk are out to keep you docile because over the last two years, they saw 6 non-docile acts against Police.  Your docility is all they ever wanted.  It’s upon you to pass around literature that’s non-docile and I’ve just the solution.  “The Pro-Black Compendium” and “Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa” are two great reads and gifts.  Get them on createspace and share their ideas.  The FBI showed their card.  They want Black folk to be docile.  Now, more than ever, we have to do otherwise.  We were enslaved but we were never slaves.  We’re not docile.  And though these whites know we should be free they scoff at it and prefer to keep us in our place and under the heel.  Now’s our time to get information (in formation.)

Also, if you appreciate this content, let me know :$ABSOni

10 thoughts on “The Coded Messages behind the FBI’s “Black Identity Extremist” Document

    1. Peace,

      Thanks Brother. Yes, white folk made it clear that they know our demands and made it clearer that they will use everything in their power to demand it. Even something as small as “prosperous, independent African communities” are going to be denied by them. We can’t do nothing. They want us to be in perpetual servitude and we can’t give that to them.

      1. Pardon me Onitaset, I am sorry to disrupt your thread, but I have come seeking advice and I have no one to ask. It actually concerns two things; the new Asian presence in Africa, and the question of why our history is hidden from us. There is an emergence of as I’ve stated before, Asian people introducing Chinese culture and more specifically the ACC introducing African orphans to buddhist ways and kung fu and it seems like a clean, good idea but my gut is just gnawing at me that something isn’t right about this. Even if it is inadvertently, having another race feed the African children has NEVER turned out well. But being a semi-buddhist myself I know that Buddhist ways seek simply to unite people and encourage dialogue unlike the British who came exchanging their bible for African land. The conscious part of me assumes that the Chinese will simply use these new children who see them as benevolent teachers and the corrupt ones will use them as pawns in order to take over African resources and land? I was wondering if you have any solutions as to seeking a balance between harmony and infiltration of the Africans and the Asians if there is any good outcome that can possibly come from this at all?

        Second I was wondering if you had the answer as to why the Europeans seek to keep us in perpetual servitude in the first place and why the world is following suit? We have done nothing but provide for these people and yet they turn around and treat us with a cruelty that I can only describe as deep set resentment! I wish to know why other races such as the Native Americans were left to their own devices and yet we can’t so much as have a meeting without one white face present and suspicious. Why can we not return to the motherland unbothered? Why do they teach their children and their colonized people that we are inferior and hide our history? My dad told me that it has something to do with their fear but if that is the case then why do they fear us? We have done nothing to suggest we will wreak vengeance or whatever they assume, for the most part we just want to be left alone amongst our people without geting shot in the street or mocked as they themselves live? And lastly is there any steps to take to resolve this? Is there any place where we can go that we can achieve this peace? A remote civilization of Africans perhaps? I don’t know and I am frightened and bitter and I’m just tired of hurting. Please if you have any advice I would be more than eager to hear it.

      2. Peace Arin,

        I’m thankful for your comment. It illustrates the need for the book I wrote: “The Pro-Black Compendium.” The book elaborates on all of your questions but also gives you resources for more information. Nevertheless, I’ll repeat some of its wisdom.

        But being a semi-buddhist myself I know that Buddhist ways seek simply to unite people and encourage dialogue unlike the British who came exchanging their bible for African land.

        Buddha is a eurasian perversion of Ptah, the ancient African ntr. Buddhism, as you are aware, serves a function of making eurasians seem divine or capable of divinity or divine scholarship. So, as you put it, the Buddhist way seeks to unite people and encourage dialogue. But in the context of war and a war for resources, ‘unity’ and ‘dialogue’ are a premise for docility and passivity. So therein is your reasoning. When eurasians appear as helpful, they can get a little more resources than the people who aren’t helping.

        I was wondering if you have any solutions as to seeking a balance between harmony and infiltration of the Africans and the Asians if there is any good outcome that can possibly come from this at all?

        They come as invaders for your resources. Have you seen the Chinese museum displaying Africans as animals?

        You must remember that Africans are indigenous to all parts of this world and the creators of most early world civilizations. The earliest chinese dynasties were African. Then a later dynasty came along and killed them. Some remnants of that early civilization existed as late as the 60s, when Mao Zedong himself ordered their genocide under the Cultural Revolution. The African has no friends. I’ll elaborate on why later.

        We have done nothing but provide for these people and yet they turn around and treat us with a cruelty that I can only describe as deep set resentment!

        The issue is that white people tried so hard to remove our history that most of us fell for the lie ‘we have done nothing.’ There has been so much Black-white interaction in history and much of it is cause for deep set resentment from whites. E.g. Al-Andalus. From the 8th to 15th Century, Africans and arab muslims colonized the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain) and in that colonization made slaves of europeans, warred with them, and made them second-class citizens in their own land. These were the historic Moors. And it’s only following the expulsion of Moors that Portugal and Spain started the enslavement of Africans en masse (by europeans.) The arab muslims were already enslaving Africans before then.

        There’s more to be said on the subject, but Black people weren’t innocent per se. And even though some populations were, the enslavement of people often was predatory and used against populations that couldn’t resist. Which will bring me to a later point.

        We have done nothing to suggest we will wreak vengeance or whatever they assume, for the most part we just want to be left alone amongst our people without geting shot in the street or mocked as they themselves live?

        This is an important matter to address. Consider a siuation in your city where your local and regional government collapses and you’re put into a position of anarchy. Suddenly, farmland, skilled laborers, finished products, canned goods, secure walls, and other resources are very important. The people who are walled up amidst abundance would say “I just want to be left alone” but the people who are wandering among scarcity would say “Which of the walled are weak?” There is no world government. The world is in anarchy. So whereas Africa has an abundance of resources; eurasia has a scarcity. Of course, Africans will say “I just want to be left alone” and eurasians will seek out “Which of these Africans are weakest and how can we keep them so?”

        And lastly is there any steps to take to resolve this? Is there any place where we can go that we can achieve this peace? A remote civilization of Africans perhaps? I don’t know and I am frightened and bitter and I’m just tired of hurting. Please if you have any advice I would be more than eager to hear it.

        “The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness.” That’s why I wrote and promote “The Pro-Black Compendium.” Warfare is a simple matter. It’s just so understudied among a people being warred against. There’s nowhere to run to. A people who wish to be free, but first understand what they are to be free of–and why they aren’t free yet. In the tag for this site, it reads “An African War without an African Army is an African Genocide.” It’s not where you are, but whether you seek to Heal and Protect Yourself. When you prefer to be Healed and Protected by your Enemies, you are where you are.

        Thanks again for the response. I encourage you to read and promote “The Pro-Black Compendium.” Passing on its Wisdom can have a profound impact on our Race.

    1. Peace,

      Oddly enough, Reneathia Tate’s book “Pieces of a Puzzle” is one of the books that I most situationally recommend in conversations [maybe relationships are a very important subject to us], but she discusses this. Real talk, and generally speaking, white folk are bad at sex compared to Black folk and Black folk will do anything in bed for a white person. So while there’s the matter of informants and so on, the separate issue is that these are animalistic beasts who enjoy having sexual access to Black folk and can manipulate Black folk. I say, manipulate us to be docile. Because believe it or not, many Black folk will defend white folk; especially Black folk in interracial relationships. So white folk get the best of both worlds. They get the best sex, they get control in the bedroom, they get Black folk snitching on Black folk, they get Black folk keeping white secrets, and they get Black folk discouraging other Black folk from warfare.

      Sex is powerful, money is powerful, race is powerful. A white man comes with a smile to a Black woman, she’s eventually doing some nasty, nasty ish with him. And let a white woman come along and smile at a Black man, he’s ready and willing to fight for her. One thing I can say about white people is they can big up Black ego like few others–and they do regularly. Even in Reneathia’s book, she points out how her boyfriend at the time was on the low sleeping with white women, and one would tell him how he big and so good; but Reneathia said he really wasn’t big. And eventually when the white woman was tired with him, or done with him, she stopped faking the pleasure, told him she preferred a white boy from way back, and finished herself off to let him know she was done manipulating him. It’s a game to white folk. They view Black folk as children. They can be informants and get Black folk to inform on other Black people, because Black folk who interact with white folk intimately treat white people like adults. Telling them every thing and keeping all their secrets. I don’t want to stray too far from the subject, but yeah that’s a good book to read and add to repertoire. Obviously, you can think above and beyond the book, but it’s definitely an interesting book for those wanting to understand interracial relationships and what goes on in them (from what they say themselves.)

      1. “Black folk who interact with white folk intimately treat while people like adults”

        This part called out to me. Whenever I do interact with white people they do always seem to talk to me as if I were a child. Even a damn 11 year old will talk to me, a 26 year old with a bit of authority in his voice. It really is something! My solution is to interact with them as little as possible. Negress has done a post about that. Anywho, I just wanted to interject for a second on that.

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