Relationship Advice for the Civil African

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“Man, know thyself … and thou shalt know the gods.” — African Proverb (KMT)

Most Africans go their whole lives without intelligent relationship advice. A date between two reveals neither understands what qualities should be discerned from the other. Asked are “Where do you work?,” “What kind of music do you like?,” “How many Siblings do you have?” All the while important considerations are lacking.

Meanwhile African Civilizations need to be restored. And any genuine endeavor to restore African Civilizations, must genuinely will the restoration of the Civil African. For it is the reunion, procreation and organization of Civil Africans which will bestow upon our race our due Civilizations. Hence the African Blood Siblings provides relationship advice for the Civil African, reminding at least this demographic that there are certain qualities that makes the Civil African relationship-worthy and it’s these qualities which this African should discern.

Civil African, create for yourself a space to court, unite and organize Civil Africans; create an African Blood Siblings Community Center. Be yourself then write the ABS. We can restore our Civilizations once you focus on your task at hand. Subscribe, share, love.

Relationship Advice for the Civil African
By Onitaset Kumat

In the Fable, “Knobeco and Love,” I recited the truth: “Love shall come to complete you; first know then be yourself.” This relates to three life goals: “Know Thyself, Be Thyself, Complete Thyself” or “Knobeco.” Unless one “Knows” oneself, one can not “Be” oneself; and unless one “Is” oneself, one can not “Complete” oneself. All of life’s fulfillments come from earning a complement and completing oneself.

Love is one form of completion; Organization is another. In regard both, it’s upon the interested African to know of the “Civil African.” On that knowledge, this African must strive to be a “Civil African.” Only after becoming a “Civil African” should that African consider a complement in love or Organization.

So what is a Civil African?

Marcus Garvey pronounced a distinction many years ago, “We do not want to take all Negros back to Africa. Some are no good here, and naturally will be no good there. The no good Negro will die off, and yield his place to the progressive Negro who wants a society and country of his own.”

Said differently, a “Civil African” is the foundation for the Creation of African Civilizations; opposite the “Uncivil African” who abets the Destruction of African Civilizations (though Dr. Chancellor Williams showed how Europeans and Asians are the foundation for the Destruction of African Civilization.)

Advanced Ethical Philosophy can teach us the qualities of a Civil African. In Ethical Philosophy, the concept of “Civil Capitals” combines all civil activities into six categories. It’s these six categories, along with some ancient African proverbs, which inform the six relationship-wise qualities of the Civil African: Just, Discriminating, Productive, Altruistic, Natural and Loyal. Every African interested in finding a relationship complement should strive first to these six qualities, then filter their dating pool accordingly. The qualities, their related proverbs, description and advice follow.

Quality: Just
Ancient Proverb: Two tendencies govern human choice and effort, the search after quantity and the search after quality. They classify mankind. Some follow Maat, others seek the way of animal instinct.
Civil Capital: Intellectual Capital — The means towards and ends of self-determination.
Description: The Two Goddesses of Maat are “Law” and “Justice.” In the situation in which we find ourselves, injustice is not only popular, but wrongly unopposed by most. Many seek the way of animal instincts, rather than outfitting themselves to be just and therefore self-determining. This quality–of doing the right thing–contributes to the goodness of family and society.
Advice: First, be just. A just person does not search after quantity. Search after quality, learn of injustice and combat all injustices. To discern this quality, don’t rely on words, but deeds. One can be Just and not hear of Maat, or be unjust but recite all 42 confessions. Just people reveal themselves in the presence of injustices. From being a just person, you will be able to discern the just. Both the unjust and non-just are unsuitable for relationships.
Question for you: What injustice have you recently fought?

Quality: Discriminating
Ancient Proverb: Leave him in error who loves his error.
Civil Capital: Social Capital — The means towards and ends of society.
Description: “Freedom of Association” is a right, therefore one’s association relates to one’s disposition, even in the case where one’s friendships are entirely based on proximity as it shows the lack of strength to “freely associate.” Said differently, “Birds of a feather, flock together.”
Advice: First, you must rid yourself of all negative company (Europeans, Asians, and Negative or Uncivil Africans.) Obviously, necessary contacts like family are excused; but, if negative, dramatically limit even that communication. “All speech comes from all listening” therefore negativity will affect you. Of course, Positivity too, so surround yourself with positive company. This alone will lead you to potential suitors. Another resource for suitors is your local African Blood Siblings Community Center or Unit of Organization. However in terms of discerning the discriminatory, seek positive companies or positive people. Positive people reveal themselves in words and deeds.
Question for you: What are errors that you won’t tolerate?

Quality: Productive
Ancient Proverb: By knowing one reaches belief. By doing one gains conviction. When you know, dare.
Civil Capital: Physical Capital — The means towards and ends of production.
Description: Some state that we are in the Creator’s image to discuss the Creator’s appearance, but it can also be stated that being in the Creator’s image implies that we too are Creative. It’s this Creativity and Productivity which leads both Family and Society to a better circumstance.
Advice: If you are only a consumer, you’re not now qualified for relationships. Become a producer of things. At our race’s stage, we require Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness. Start an urban farm, participate in a sewing club, build shelters for the impoverished or write for an organization’s newsletter, but don’t be non-productive. One can discern the productive by their time expenditure and expenses. People who busy themselves in non-productivity are non-productive. “Productivity” should not be confused with working. A Ford worker who plays eight hours of videogames every day is non-productive. The productive busy themselves with productions for their race. You’ll see them in their time expenditure and expenses; for instance, they may buy materials to produce more creations.
Question for you: How does your daily schedule look?

Quality: Altruistic
Ancient Proverb: Altruism is the mark of a superior being.
Civil Capital: Human Capital — The means towards and ends of value.
Description: The value of a people is measured by their services. Altruism is the height of self-less service and sacrifice.
Advice: Practice Altruism, self-less sacrificial servicing. Every relationship based on selfishness as between the “Haves” and the “Wants” is beneath the Civil African. Whether you “Have” or “Have not,” do not base your discernment on whether your suitor “Has” or “Has not.” Be servicing and seek the servicing and you will be rewarded with love. Discerning Altruism is easy when one looks for it. People reflect Altruism in deeds, though their words can betray them. Again, it’s important to focus on Altruism but not “Employment.” Those whom focus on your paycheck are neither deserving of your service nor seeking to service you. Besides we were all employed in Africa, the Europeans and Asians unemployed us, and, in relationships, Civil Africans employ themselves in servicing their lovers (in organization, their race.)
Question for you: How would you serve a complement?

Quality: Natural
Ancient Proverb: Know the world in yourself. Never look for yourself in the world, for this would be to project your illusion.
Civil Capital: Cultural Capital — The means towards and ends of identity.
Description: Not at all a comment on hair or diet, Natural Africans simply listen to their nature and appear accordingly. Another word for this quality is “self-loving.”
Advice: Stop imitating other people or trying to impress others. Get comfortable and when you look into the mirror, really love what you are looking at: not because it looks like someone else but because it looks like you. When discerning the “natural” do not become fooled by the trendy naturals, those who are part of hair movements or discomfort themselves with veganism. Note too that not even in the 70s did ‘natural hair’ mean “consciousness,” and any casual observer can see interracialists in the trendy Rastas and Bourgie Blacks. What’s more, do not disqualify straighened or shaved hair. Oftentimes these hairstyles are not worn for their fashionability (self-hatred) but employability (self-preservation.) Moreover, the traditional organization involved with natural hair manageability isn’t really practiced [many ‘naturals’ are doing their hair themselves or going to hair salons rather than having their best friends’ do their hair and reciprocating.] Clearly some Africans purchase “blonde hair” and “blue eyes” and they are unfit for a relationship. The same for those who hide themselves and hate their bodies. The Natural African is distinguished by an aura of unabashedness and self-acceptance. It’s this person who is ready for a relationship.
Question for you: When you look into the mirror, what of yourself do you dislike?

Quality: Loyal
Ancient Proverb: A phenomenon always arises from the interaction of complementary. If you want something look for the complement that will elicit it. Set causes Horus. Horus redeems Set.
Civil Capital: Sexual Capital — The means towards and ends of sex.
Description: While it is not so that everyone only has ‘one complement,’ it is so that it only takes one person to complete another. By nature, the physical completion of people can only occur between sexual opposites as only the opposite sexes complement one another physically. A completed person is the union of complements. In a completed union both complement retire searching for outside love; therefore “Loyalty” is “Loyalty” to “self;” where “self” is redefined to compose two individual complements.
Advice: Certainly never cheat nor entertain Polygamy. If your relationship is not fulfilling end it. In a fulfilling relationship, a couple can engage in the advanced sexual arts, a much more thrilling enterprise than recreational sex. It is unrealistic to discern loyalty (monogamy,) though certainly there are red flags. A suitor who wishes for conquests rather than completion is clearly the cheating type and certain religious backgrounds are polygamous. Still, do not expect a confession from a disloyal person. The best you can do is fulfill your suitor and be fulfilled. Anytime that irreperably stops, or anytime your suitor cheats, end that relationship.
Question for you: What makes you think you are incomplete?

These six relationship-wise qualities of Civil Africans–Just, Discriminating, Productive, Altruistic, Natural and Loyal–are also organizational-wise qualities. It is upon you to know the Civil African then be the Civil African. Only then should you search for a relationship with another Civil African and an organization with Civil Africans. In most cities of the world, uncreated African Blood Siblings Community Centers are gathering points for Civil Africans; the problem is that they are uncreated. For the fulfillment of your life and community, relationship-wise and organizational-wise become a Civil African and assist the African Blood Siblings in creating African Blood Siblings Community Centers to restore your individual and our collective completion.

Happy Becoming and Happy Completions!

Please ask any questions that come to mind

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