Play: Inevitable Daughter — Act 3-3

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Inevitable Daughter Act 3-3
An African Blood Siblings Play

Characters: Nigeria, Sister Dallas Ng, Somal, Leah and Mrs. Thompson
Setting: Prison (A Table, a Floral Sheet and Four Chairs)

(Nigeria, Somal, Leah and Mrs. Thompson sit quietly around the bare table.)

Mrs. Thompson: Oh, I remember I brought something.
(Mrs. Thompson spreads the floral sheet on the table and sits down)
Mrs. Thompson: There, just like home.
Somal: In prison.
Nigeria: That’s where we’ve always been.
(Sister Dallas Ng enters)
Dallas: Hotep all. Am I interrupting something?
Nigeria: Hotep, Sister Dallas.
Leah: What’s “Hotep” mean?
Dallas: “Hotep” is a greeting used by our ancestors in Ancient KMT. It’s often used to mean “Peace.”
Leah: Why use an Ancient Greeting?
Dallas: Most languages used today are “Ancient.” But the whole point in using our Ancestors’ languages is to give deference to them.
Leah: I do not think that our ancestors were any good.
Somal: Leah!
Dallas: You are deliberately raised that way, Leah. For it makes it harder to value oneself when one doesn’t value one’s forebears.
Leah: But Europeans are Superior.
Somal: Not this again.
Leah: Think about it. You noticed in school that there are gifted and non-gifted classes and Whites occupy the former and Blacks the latter. You noticed that there’s a Professional and Entertainment world out there, and Whites occupy the Former–Doctors, Lawyers, Businessman–and Blacks occupy the latter–Dancers, Singers, Ballplayers. In Mathematics, you’ve noticed that Euclid discovered Mathematical Laws in Ancient Greece and you’ve seen the impressive Architecture of Ancient Greece. In the Sciences, you’ve noticed that Isaac Newton discovered Gravity and Christopher Columbus discovered that the Earth was Round. And let’s never forget that Europeans produced Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, the three Wisest men in the history of humankind, whereas we only produce Criminals. Come. With all this evidence, it’s evident that Whites are Superior and Blacks are Inferior.
Dallas: If you understood your ‘evidence’ you’d claim African Superiority.
Leah: Why’s that?
Dallas: Euclid didn’t discover Mathematical Laws, he recopied them from Ancient Africans. Therefore, Greece’s Architecture wasn’t indigenous, but copies of Ancient Africa’s. Furthermore, Newton didn’t discover Gravity, he admits to copying Thoth, an African deity. Also, Christopher Columbus didn’t discover the world to be round. When he sailed to America, he had African navigators and the Americans he met told him how Africans preceded him. As to Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, like most notable Greeks they were all students in Africa. As well, there are too many observers who noted that Indigenous African cultures are the least criminal of all cultures. The only correct points you made were on gifted and non-gifted classes, and professionals and entertainers. However these only show who has the Power in this Nation. In the Communities where the African Blood Siblings rule, we occupy the gifted classes and the professional classes. With due respect, by your reasoning, you ought believe in African Superiority.
Somal: The African Blood Siblings sounds amazing.
Leah: How did I not know any of this?
Dallas: The European propagates Ignorance. You must know this, then Knowledge can better show itself. However, Somal and Leah, “no discussion can throw light if it wanders from the real point.” Your Sister is scheduled to be executed in a matter of hours unless she comes around to signing the appeals papers. I must convince her if she is to live on.
Mrs. Thompson: Please sign it Nigeria.
Nigeria: Mom, I want to be alone with Dallas.
Mrs. Thompson: Come children.
(Mrs. Thompson, Somal and Leah exit)
Dallas: I only need you to sign these papers.
Nigeria: Why? Why should life in prison be better than death?
Dallas: It’s not so much a matter of which is better, as much as what is unjust and what in turn is just. It is unjust for you to be killed by Europeans for decisions that they forced you to make. It is just for you to stop their attempt.
Nigeria: But I did kill Eddie and Isiah. I had some agency.
Dallas: Yes, but killing is not necessarily unjust. You killed out of self-protection and you know this. Your agency was reactionary not proactionary. You were not suicidal and that is why you live today. Now you are suicidal and that can cause you to not live tomorrow.
Nigeria: But I did wrong. You must be able to see that.
Dallas: What wrong? The Law of Nature is Survival. You Survived. You do right by Surviving.
Nigeria: But Isiah–
Dallas: It is done. Yet he is dead so you can live. To die now is to really have killed him.
Nigeria: Dallas, I do not want to live any longer.
Dallas: We need to fight this injustice and we can. We can follow in Ida B. Wells’ footsteps. “The white man’s dollar is his god, and to stop this will be to stop outrages in many localities.” We lost the first battle and that’s fine. But we can win this war for your life.
Nigeria: Dallas, I do not want to live any longer.
Dallas: Through economic boycotts, Puxt can be no more, and Africans can own that Apartment Complex. We can then make a Community of your Neighborhood. No longer will Europeans own your labour, you all will have your food, clothing, shelter and consciousness taken care of by African people. Just as my Community is, where men and women your age are making the shoes, the shirts, the salads, the curricula, the Community. Nigeria, think about it. Community.
Nigeria: Dallas, I do not want to live any longer.
Dallas: And why not?
Nigeria: Dallas, I learned a lot more in this last week than I had learned my whole life. But the most potent lesson I learned was of my own Ignorance. I knew not that I knew not.
Dallas: But you now Know so what’s the problem?
Nigeria: When Ignorant I thought I was free, yet I was in captivity; now Knowledgeable, I am in a more horrible, permanent captivity. I prefer death over living in a cage.
Dallas: You can free a lot more in living.
Nigeria: Maybe, but I can not suffer captivity. A woman should be free to roam in her own land. Even were we to win the war, I’d be imprisoned here, fed their food, never mothering my own child, entirely ineffectual in a community of my own and without any chance of Love. I would not wish to suffer such.
Dallas: That was your fate before I knew you.
Nigeria: But I did not know this fate before I knew you. I am preferential to death. I do not want to live any longer. Teach instead my Mother, Sister and Brother, recruit them into the African Blood Siblings, they will make excellent members and thus make excellent communities, but don’t include me in any building. I have learned too late. Please send my Family in, I must urge them to Organize
Dallas: You only have little over an hour now. Are you sure you do not want to sign the papers?
Nigeria: Thank you Dallas for everything. You have done right by me. Let me spend my last hour doing right by you.
Dallas: I love you young Sister. Thank you.
Nigeria: I love you too. Send my family in, and take care of them when I die.
Dallas: If I died at your age, I would have missed so much life.
Nigeria: Not if you were imprisoned. I was enlightened too late, but so help me, my family won’t be.
Dallas: Good-Bye forever my young Sister.
Nigeria: Good-Bye forever.
(Dallas exits)
Nigeria: I stood on the tracks of inevitability too long.  I’ll see that my Brothers and Sisters don’t.  They will be membership of the African Blood Siblings!

(Somal and Leah block the stage with the black sheet to signify the end of scene)

(Nigeria, Somal, Leah, Mrs. Thompson, Sister Dallas Ng, Judge Tom and Isiah East assemble and bow)

13 thoughts on “Play: Inevitable Daughter — Act 3-3

  1. @Onitaset

    I love your blog, very informative and inspiring as well. Have a lot of reading to do.

    Stay Blessed!!!

    1. Growth in consciousness doesn’t depend on the will of the intellect or its possibilities but on the intensity of the inner urge.

      Tyrone, I have long appreciated you.

      Please read and write abundantly.


      1. G Wiz. Looks lIke I might just get up to 200 posts. Chilling. Honestly however, you would need to publish his as a hardcopy as, ironic as it is , like myself, you seem to write up many thigns which ought to otherwise be committed to paper. Myself, for instance, all day i’ve been making “nomasons” ‘user-friendly’, meaning, I have added pictures to many posts, for, evidently, after reading lines-and-lines, people tend to zone out. such as myself. Often I fall into the awful habit of skimming “data” rather than gleaning information, as I struggle with time constraints, as well as visual irritations

      2. Brother Gos,

        You may cheapen some posts with cheap images. Interweave the imagery carefully, do not choose for for their shock value, but their relevance. See for instance my post on the Tanzanian ousting:

        As to publishing, we can not expect to reap the rewards of publishing without an avenue of distribution. This is all the more reason why we are developing Community Centers all over the world.

  2. A wonderful play… certainly deserves to be published for black actors and actresses only. Onitaset, what a talented young man you are :-)

  3. Onitaset, I would like to change the first part of my comment above. What I should have said was…

    “A wonderful ending to a play.”

    I allowed the positive ending of your play to overshadow the horror of rape that went before it. I don’t know whether you’re sensitive to constructive criticism, but if you would like to read my review of your play I wouldn’t mind writing one.

    1. Queen-Mother,

      You are at full liberty to write a review. Although, you must bare in mind that another beauty of the play is how closely it parallel’s Richard Wright’s “The Native Son.” I.e. the plot is not entirely invented by me and in that wonderful page-turner, the protagonist, then a man, rapes his girlfriend. So I read a whole novel to write a play. :)

      1. So your play is an adaptation! I wish I knew that beforehand because it certainly explains a lot about the characters. When I read the part with Nigeria raping Isiah and his pleas for her to stop, it didn’t ring true to me… the gender roles had been reversed and so it was unrealistic, but now I know why. I will leave the rest of my comment for my review.

      2. Queen-Mother,

        “Other differences include a lack of an inner monologue, which really made “Native Son” understandable, and the lack of the Communist Party, putting instead the African Blood Siblings into the story. This promises to be particularly tricky. There are also scenes in “Native Son” too graphic for a young audience. How to include such plot devices as rape and murder are still not clear.” — Onitaset Kumat

        I tried to make it all clear in the Introduction seen here:

        However, men get raped too. Do I understand how? No. Do I want to understand how? No!

  4. MY REVIEW of Inevitable Daughter

    An interesting adaptation of an original play. It shows the strength of White Power which is able to instil such fear inside us that we will behave in ways that go against our natural compassion and yet we will still return to our own for help.

    Although I believe there are white men in real life who talk just like Mr Puxt and white boys who want to get it on with black girls, just like Eddie, the one character that doesn’t ring true in this play is the white girl Jane. I certainly do not get the impression that Nigeria is an unattractive girl so I am at odds with Jane’s immediate reaction to calling her “cousin” especially in view that the attractive black Nigeria will be working in close proximity to her white boyfriend… who apparently ‘is down for the black cause.’ There is not a white woman on the planet who would not be threatened by Nigeria working alone in the same office as her white boyfriend and yet Jane is not threatened by Nigeria in any way. But Jane’s fairytale personality doesn’t end there because later on in the play her lily white good and bright personality is pitted against the cruel, heartless and bad personality of Nigeria.

    It’s a case of EVIL Black Girl Nigeria versus GOOD White Girl Jane. Here we have the EVIL Black Girl Nigeria, who accidentally kills but then talks about chopping up the body. She then tries to inveigle her innocent boyfriend who loves her to plan a kidnapping and names a Black Power organisation, the African Blood Siblings as the kidnappers. Later, she rapes her boyfriend. When cornered she tries to frame the GOOD White Girl Jane for killing her own boyfriend. Next we have the Good White Girl Jane who immediately doubts the African Blood Siblings involvement in the kidnapping and defends them while pleading with Nigeria to tell the truth. Upon discovering that Nigeria tried to frame her for the death of her boyfriend, not only does she feel no hatred towards Nigeria for the death of ‘her one true love, the man she wanted to marry’ but she feels she may have been at fault! Lastly, Jane seems to know the African Blood Siblings personally since she knows they will be sending a lawyer to defend her and knows the name of the lawyer. Jane is an unbelievable character. I don’t know whether this character’s personality is the same as in the original version of this play but if it is, then it proves that we do have a propagandist induced habit of associating white females with innocence and seeing them as incapable of doing any kind of wrong imaginable.

    In conclusion, the play would have been made more powerful had Jane reacted more realistically to the presence of Nigeria and to the death of her boyfriend at Nigeria’s hands. Another unrealistic scene was the rape of a black man by a black woman which spoiled the feel of the play because it was out of character for Nigeria’s character and therefore too much of a personality shift to accept it was the same person. But all said and done, the ending was a gem.

    1. Kandake (Warrior Queen-Mother),

      Richard Wright’s novel “Native Son” differs from the ABS play “Inevitable Daughter” in two main ways: “Native Son” deals with a Brother named Bigger who frames the Communist Party and “Inevitable Daughter” deals with a Sister named Nigeria who frames the African Blood Siblings. Changing the Gender of the Protagonist and the Ideology of the Lawyer (who by the way is sittinducks :p) changed the gender of the White and Black casualties and their significant others.

      So in “Native Son,” the young White couple was sympathetic to the Communist Party, which makes sense, as Communism is a European Ideology. I did not want to write around a European Ideology, so I chose instead to write around the ABS. This meant, however, that the White couple would then need to be sympathetic to the ABS. This also meant that Jane had to be the catalyst for introducing Nigeria to the ABS and thus ridiculous (or as you put it ‘unbelievable.’) She’s not “Good” she’s confused. You’ll notice that Dallas doesn’t engage with her. In “Native Son” Jan, the White casualties boyfriend, pretty much mirrors Jane. He forgives Bigger and he tries to persuade Bigger to take up a Communist as a Lawyer. You should really read the book to see what I mean. It’s on . Unfortunately, you’d have to look through the archives as I forget where: . Of course your Library is a good resource from which to get it.

      As to Nigeria being “Evil,” consider Richard Wright’s “How ‘Bigger’ was Born.” . This is in essence how Nigeria was born. All that “Evil” (as you put it) comes from the “Fear” (as you put it.) She’s a Black woman who killed a White man, does she leave his body out or does she hide the evidence? Does she stay in town or does she flee? Does she try to leave with money or does she try to run poor? Does she take her boyfriend with her or is he too slow for someone who knows so much? Does she have sex or does she not have sex? She’s not George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman stalked and killed a Black man, said it was an accident, and he didn’t even get arrested. She accidentally killed a White man and if she were caught the whole White community would be ready to lynch her. Have you heard of “Missouri v. Celia.” A White man is raping a Black woman, she kills him, by accident I believe, and she gets the death penalty: . The “evil” isn’t Nigeria but the InJustice System of Europeans. Nigeria isn’t “Evil” for wanting to Live.

      However, in address to propaganda, the original novel did not have an “innocent” White female. The White female was killed off by Bigger. The White man was a Communist. In this story, the White female isn’t innocent. She just happens to read and believe in the ABS. I never saw it, yet that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Just like with the rape of a man from a woman. Supposedly it happens. I never saw it, I can’t imagine it, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. However, it’s there because in the original story, Bigger rapes his girlfriend and it’s one of the saddest scenes in the book. I recommend you read the book.

      Although, from my perspective, part of the reason for the outrages is–in European Society, you can’t as an African do any worse than kill a European, hence afterward you’d feel at liberty to do anything else as your life is over–but also your only chance at living is ‘breaking the rules.’

      Thank you for the review!

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