8-Week Disciplinary Program

In the Service of our African Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“There grows no wheat where there is no grain.” — African Proverb

If and when Africans people decide to build another bridge, it would be entirely ignorant for the handful of engineers to be ill-prepared for the feat. Most of us understand this. Without proper planning and preparation, including but not limited to resources, discipline and Wisdom, any project is unlikely to succeed; and if the bridge is necessary, better to prepare more than to prepare less.

Compared against the Liberation of our Race, a bridge is a very simple task. Yet though all of us understand to never rush bridge-making, few of us understand to never rush Liberation. We need Wisdom and Wisdom takes time. 8-weeks is a short demand.

For over a year now, I had hit my local streets and hot spots to recruit a handful of concurrent members into an Organization. You can say I spoke to hundreds and trained dozens of Africans, but when it comes to a concurrent following, my numbers remain lacking. I’m getting old. Still struggle isn’t child’s play. Either Africans Organize or Africans Perish. The Calculus is straightforward.

Following is the 8-week disciplinary program. It is separated into 8-sections. Each section is a 4-hour group-study in and of itself. After completing 8-sections, a participant is welcome to join their local African Blood Siblings Chapter and be responsible for the Re-creation of Prosperous, Independent African Communities at Home and Abroad.

8-Week Disciplinary Program
By Onitaset Kumat

8-WeekFrontClick the image for the PDF

2 thoughts on “8-Week Disciplinary Program

  1. Hello  my   dear  brother   thank  so  much  for   your  neweslette   you  have  sent  to  me.  You  have  open   a  door  for   me  find   myself  again.   I  am  ghanain   living   in  franch.  My  name  is    Yaw   Kumih  a  name  of  my  grandfather .  I  hope   i  must   soon  to   becom  that   man   i  am  so  long   for  .  WARROR.  Thank   you  very  much.  HOTEP

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