See the hope for Africa in Suriname’s “Bizarre Food”

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The only thing that is humiliating is helplessness.” — KMT Proverb

We offer the very, very best; a promising future for you and yours.  That’s why the ABS sells the companion pamphlet to this newsletter: “Maroon and Build For Self.” It’s a small price for the big results we’ll achieve; ten USD for a complete and reasoned self-appreciation and an ability to nobly express yourself is our gift to you.

The namesake for the pamphlet is in honor of the historic “Maroon” people; those whom fled from Occidentalism whose descendants are the only free Africans in the Western Hemisphere: they re-established Originalism in the West and held onto it against Occidentals. This is what I will upon you.  This is what the ABS represents.

The historic Maroons also freed our other ancestors habitually. I’m proud to be a descendant of this noble bloodline and prouder still to be an active practitioner. Here we view the Suriname people with the aid of an Occidental named Andrew Zimmern. He’s there to eat food, but we will learn from a viewing, how Occidentals are there destroying our lineage; yet also how Originalism is saving it: they are communal, they are intelligent (see the medical miracle they perform that we can use for greater health) and they are African! You are deserving of their freedoms.  First observe these free people, then apply to the African Blood Siblings. We are the Africans that shout “Maroon and Build For Self” internationally. And you are the Maroon to carry your community to Prosperity, to Independence, to Purity, to Restoration!  Write the ABS you Maroons.  Write us to help build African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  Subscribe, share, love.

See the hope for Africa in Suriname’s “Bizarre Food”
By Onitaset Kumat

In the first ten minutes, we join the host Andrew Zimmern in his overview of Suriname. He explains how Suriname represents one of largest stretches of undeveloped, unspoiled rainforest. How it’s South America’s smallest country. And how it was once a Dutch Colony. He then aims to surprise us that Paramaribo, it’s only big city, got its first movie theatre the year prior to his visit.

This description seems harmless yet you learn the necessity for racial separation immediately. Hear Zimmern carefully. He promotes the development and spoiling of the rainforest. He promotes the conception of Europeanized countries. He promotes his tribalism, specifying the ‘ethnicity’ of the Colonizers. Lastly, he promotes the idea of technological progress as an important indication of development; though movie theatres are largely anti-social and consumeristic, regressive traits for African people.  Though we can take advantage of the media, see Merilan.

Continuing on the video, we see that he journeys up Suriname River to Malobi and Botopasi. There he finds Maroons, the proud descendants of Africans who rebelled against slavery, the classification of Africans which the African Blood Siblings derives. It can be seen that they are an example of Africa in the Americas; they are also the only example of free Africans in the “Western Hemisphere.”

Zimmern informs us that we are leaving roads and that everyone has a canoe as the villages are far from one another. The specific destination of his is Malobi which he represents as a population of 600. These people are called the Samaraka.

When Zimmern arrives, we see the one English speaking woman, the Occidental named Amber Ray, a peace corp volunteer, who spent two years working and living in this part of Suriname. Throughout the video, the volunteer is not shown to be of much use beside from escorting the host around. Which is informative for you. How many other Occidentals did she escort around Suriname as she corrupts the free Maroons into conceiving Occidentals as goodhearted and humane? More, do peace corp volunteers like Amber Ray explain why there was a flu epidemic in Suriname recently?

Actually, we do not need to guess. A short search on Malobi reveal Amber Ray’s peacecorp activity:

It’s here reported that the water was contaminated (by whom you need to wonder), so now Amber Ray is “useful.”  She’s made out to be necessary for teaching African people how to collect rainwater.  So African people are paying her and working for her to install large buckets in their communities.  You can’t make this up. This is our people being abused and misused today. This is the necessity of teaching racial separation everywhere and African restoration amongst all of us. This is the necessity of the African Blood Siblings.

We are also introduced to Beta (?), a beautiful village elder–who like all of the women now covers her breasts. See this footage from 1962:

This is an example of Cultural Oppression. We today conceive it as progress to cover-up one’s breasts, why? We need to wake up to our ways. For these same ‘progressives’ are the only one’s raping and sexualizing children. Think on that.

Back with Zimmern, the women showcase their preparation of peppers in the West African tradition. Zimmern, eating peppers all over the world, is burned.

We then observe how the village matriarchs prepare lunch. Zimmern points out how the women use the “African-style” of making powdered rice. He then alerts us on how “there’s little electricity and few modern conveniences.” Of course, he can not deny the excellent cooking and healthful society.

This should be another lesson to you. Nature provides in abundance. Even a man who tours the world eating foods can not deny your expertise when you reconnect with Nature. More, observe how going back to our ancestral ways has its rewards. Every woman is beautiful and cheerful. Compare your life to theirs. Compare your community to theirs! Keep the African Blood Siblings (ABS) in mind.

Later Zimmern compares the hospitality of the women to Jewish grandmothers. I want you to understand that this is a simile. A simile is comparing the known with the unknown. This then is putting an expectation on the viewer to know the European experience and not know the African. You understand what he’s saying? He’s explaining that the African experience should be unknown to you. And imagine this, most Africans in America can more relate to the Jewish grandmother over these African women. Again, keep the ABS in mind.

Now, we need to further understand that these women are the Maroons, descendants of warriors, and they are “motherly” to this Occidental. This was and is what brought our ancestors to slavery in the first place. We forgot who the Occidental is. The African Blood Siblings Community Centers (ABSCC) are institutions to make us internationally remember and never forget. Keep the ABS in mind. For look a bit further; he compliments their cooking, then they ask him to stay! Even the Occidental says how ridiculous it is. He says that he was only there for two-and-a-half hours and he won these Originals. This means that even some of our freest, most liberated people do not understand. Just think of how much work this Occidental did to earn a place with these women (he did no work)! Yet surely if he stayed, he’d ruin their political organization, their economical organization and their cultural organization; he’s spoil their beautiful skin and corrupt their beautiful souls. Yet overhear what we in the know are neglecting to internationally inform. I can not say enough, keep the ABS in mind!

The video then showcases the ingenuity involved in preparing Cassavas. Casava has a heap of cyanide in it and is thus very deadly. The community shows its astuteness by draining the cyanide through gravity. Zimmern isn’t surprised: the world saw us in Ta-Merry and Ta-Seti: This is the genius that all but Africans expect from Africans.

The video should be telling. It so far only revealed women and children in the village. This is the matriarchal system in full view.

Around 10 minutes in there is a commercial break previewing the Man’s role.

A Bambi (?)–lizard–is caught by a man named Cayan. The women clean the dead lizard and season it with chili. Cayan is one of the 70 men who remained in the village of nearly 600. Most of the young men left for jobs in the city. Those men remaining have employment in the village as bringing in fresh meat. Notice the effects of Occidentalism on African people: Originals leave families to work for Occidentals despite their necessity at home. This is why African people are in European cities today. The nature of people do not change until their consciousness is fixed. Keep the ABS in mind; only the ABS strives to correct consciousness.

Zimmern then eats a Caconi (?). When he goes to eat the Lizard, the youth of the village find it eccentric. But when he tastes the lizard, the youth gather around for a taste. What can be more sad than this? It’s the same as when we pay for singing or dancing lessons from Europeans.

Zimmern then details the Man’s Role in this Matriarchy. He explains how every couple of weeks, the men disappear into the forest with their rifles for days or even weeks at a time.

This is important knowledge for those confused about whether gender roles are legitimate. This is something to reflect on deeply.

Zimmern explains how he will join this hunting party. He’s shown to be very useless and he’s shown to corrupt the men with his money. Still, the camera crew follows him as he explains that their guns are over a hundred years old, which is a code word to Occidental viewers that they are not manufacturing guns. Nelson Wens–a Jungle expert–was hired to outfit the camera crew, he speaks English, and also equips the hunters with gear. He informs Zimmern of the uses of Cashews for warding off snakes, alerting Zimmern to keep them in his pockets. Then the hunting party departs over a river, through a dense rainforest, and passes a village over 15 miles away from their own.

Around 14 minutes, there is a commercial break previewing the journey.

After three hours of walking with heavy gear, the speaker finds it strenuous. He then points out that there are no escape routes in case anything went wrong. He also informs us how Zlingly Yosafaht leads the expedition at 16. He’s said to be the best hunter. The video shows him making animal noises while leading the hunt.

We are informed that the Europeans hired 25 locals to carry camera equipment and such. Accordingly, for many, “it was the first work available to them in months.” This is another code-word. It tells Occidental viewers that the people were corrupted by money and can be exploited. This is a restarting of what we went through. I tell you again, keep the ABS in mind.

Nelson shows how socks can keep bugs out of pants. The group later applies a date palm oil on themselves to ward off bugs. Zimmern informs that red meat is rare in the village, explaining that a successful hunt means fresh meat for families at home. Zlingly shows off his ingenuity by making bird noises off of his machete by rubbing it against a plant. It’s unsuccessful largely because the party is too large, so a smaller party goes ahead. Though in a forest, they are not out of communication. They use a ‘telephone’ tree–a tree that grows hollow and can be used like a large drum, to communicate across large distances. From the tracks, Zlingly can tell that two pigs, male and female, crossed five days ago. You must realize that, that’s real education. It’s the ecological information that’s local to you and yours that won’t be taught in school, but is traditionally taught in pure African environs like the Maroons represent. Of course, Zimmern, as a compliment, compares Zlingly to “Albert Einstein.” This is another simile that removes the viewer from the African experience to uphold European people: here, again, European Jews.

Zimmern, not used to the work, gains a cramp in his hamstring. After physical therapy, he limps to a log. There he sets the scene, he’s 15 miles from a village that’s hundreds of miles from the Western town Paramaribo; there’s no phone, no medic and no chance of rescue should anything go wrong. We are made to sympathize for this Occidental; but this is the regular life of Originals. See what our inactivity is losing us?  Fill out the form to the right.

They finally get to the hunting camp, 7 hours and 15 miles away. It has hammocks and canopies. The men rinse in the river. The advance team already shot a bird. Zimmern eats the prepared chicken and tells the cook that he loves him. Then the cook outstretches his arm around him and kisses him on the cheek. This is another example of Occidentals being praised for nothing. Zimmern only walked and ate: never mind the fact that his ancestors forced these Originals into the rainforest and the continent in the first place!

Around 22 minutes in, another Commercial break detailing the second day of hunting and river hunting.

It becomes night. The hunters sleep in the open field of hammock. Some men sing. This is an exercise in fraternity. You notice that this Brotherhood that arises from this shared responsibility of providing for the village doesn’t foster animosity like our socialization in Tribal Occidentalism does. You can’t expect men who sleep safely in the open air beside one another will return home to fight. What about where you are? Where Brothers hurt Brothers and family feud is familiar?  We need to fix our consciousness. Keep the ABS in mind.

As it were, the bird wasn’t enough for Zimmern, the camera person, and the 25 hired hunters–according to Zimmern. So some hunters remain in the camp, but others, like Zlingly, go to get food. Hours pass without a word. Then out of the jungle comes Spanky, a hunter with Zlingly, who carries in a boar in a bag. Zlingly shot the pig, called Spanky to get it, and Spanky brought it back to the camp. They prepare, cook then eat it. During the pitch-black feast, Zlingly shoots another animal and another person brings in the game. The team has flashlights on their heads. The guys at the camp make an ingenuous smoker–and cook the rest of the boar and the new game over night. Nelson shows how roasted Cashews ward off snakes and scorpions allowing the camp to fall asleep in safety. All of this shows again the fraternity and the strong Brotherhood. These men depend on one another for their families and their safety. Is that the same for us? Keep the ABS in mind.

The morning comes and the men get to work preparing for the travel back. Zimmern tastes the Wild boar left over night; it’s great to this world traveler. Zlingly then brings two more game.

Around 29 minutes, another commercial break previewing more food.

The hunters return to the village with over 50 pounds of boar. Zimmern suffers usual cramps.  But here something interesting happens. One of the cooks fall down from a three-inch gash by a rock in the forest. Now pay close attention. Zlingly is not only a hunter but a medical expert. He applies a juice from a palm tree. The juice stops the bleeding right away. Within minutes, the fallen man is up and walking. Did you get that? You might have to read that one again. The Occidental Zimmern sees with his own eyes that the Original, with the aid of nature and the ancestors, is the medical expert on Earth, not the foolish Occidental who taught your doctors. Keep in mind the ABS, which is restoring our connection with the Creator, ergo Nature and our ancestors!

Returning to the village, the men offer Zimmern more meats: from turtle to fowl. Zimmern enjoys and opines that the game has fresh water and fresh food and that’s why it’s so tasty. This too you need to understand. The Occidental himself prefers your food over his. The Occidental poisons himself for money: see the article on “Is your Chicken pork?” He definitely poisons you too. We need to organize ourselves for ourselves and behold with our two eyes how the food, water and living habits are fresher. And understand again Amber Ray! She said the water was contaminated! But Zimmern knows that the water is fresh! So Amber Ray works the people in Suriname. And Amber Ray promotes Occidentalism. And Amber Ray introduces the destruction of an African people! And we sit back! Stand up! Remember the ABS!

After eating their food, Zimmern extends everlasting friendship to the Africans. A man in the village returns the gratitude–though Zimmern did not do any work. Look what they are doing to you! With no work, poisoning their water, eating their foods, Occidentalism is so unchallenged, that the Originals are extending gratitude to the people killing them with a smile. Look with your own eyes! Believe it! They put it in your face! Organize!

Around 35 minutes in, another Commercial break about fishing.

The river is emphasized, and women are seen preparing fishes. It’s shown how the young men (15 and 14) row their boats a mile away to fish. They don’t use poles or lures, just lines with worms or pieces of fish. All Samarakan men learn this skill. This is an ecological education, part of the reason why you would build an African Blood Siblings Community Centers. One boy throws a worm 40 feet. They catch very small fish. The Producer of the show, an Occidental, smoking his cigar, catches a large pirahanna–about a pound. The Producer then catches another pirahanna, even larger, about 15 pounds, due to pregnancy. The mother of the children who sees the fish hugs the Occidental and says she’ll follow him back. Zimmern comments on how she knows a good provider when she sees one. The Producer is now a guest for eating the fish as he caught the largest. I do not need to explain to you what dangers are presented in this predicament. Occidentals stole Originals from African technology, stealing that too, to the state where their children must catch fish. When the Occidental comes to catch fish with the stolen technology with the stolen people, he out catches them. In this he impresses a beautiful Original woman. We can only hope that he does not impregnate this woman; yet it shows why we are struggling. Because these people will trick you. I do not need to tell you that these Europeans once told Africans that they controlled fire by showing them lighters. I do not need to tell you of this ancient game of deception. They are actively destroying us and we are passively being destroyed. Come Africans! Remember the ABS!

The video ends now showing the final meal with the Africans. It’s seen that most homes are too small for private kitchens, therefore there are communal cooking shacks. In a small house, the group eats. First the elders, then the youth. Zimmern compliments the maturity of the young Africans compared against his European youth. But how can he compare?

Observe the community: the women have Sorority in their cooking places, the men have Fraternity at their hunting grounds. This is the meaning of an African community. This is insight into how we once were and how we ought be! Study this arrangement: Our ancestors were communal and here’s how. The corruption of the Occidental are these privatized cooking places and privatized working grounds. This is why we are cutting each other’s throats like Occidentals cut one another’s throats.

When you establish an African Blood Siblings Community Center, you are establishing a consciousness where you are of communality based on the actual example of African traditions. Do not for a moment doubt the importance of your commitment to the African Blood Siblings. You see it with your own two eyes: We are passively being torn apart and they are aggressively tearing us but we will restore Africa and African people.

Read the African Blood Siblings, Write the African Blood Siblings, Rally the African Blood Siblings! Restore!

4 thoughts on “See the hope for Africa in Suriname’s “Bizarre Food”

  1. You know Onitaset? When I read your articles I almost long to go back to that time when we were different people. Original people. Last night, for what seemed like a hundred nights, I sat down and read the bible. Proverbs to be exact.

    A verse jumped out at me:
    Verse 17:

    “Better a dry crust with peace and quiet, than a house full of feasting with strife.”
    That quote bothered me all night long. Especially when I think of what we’ve become…excess and paradise lost.

    Keep up the excellent articles. In the next few days, I’ll be preparing to write and quote biblical verses to argue them. The Great Spirit told me to do this…so I shall.

    1. Reward abounds in truth to spirit.

      Thank you for sharing. I write to absolutely convince toward the philosophical imperative of Sankofa: “return and get it.”

      You know, this post took a month’s writing. It’s a wonderful and worthwhile babe.

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