“Cocaine in Mummies” by Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“African people are both the Original race and the Original Philosophers, living both by humanity’s and philosophy’s origin.  As such, it’s a fitting improvement on the English language to introduce the word “originalism.”” — Onitaset Kumat

I constantly research hence I am constantly rewarded.  Rewards will be yours too when you write concerning African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  A name that came to me was “Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenig.”  Therefrom, I found a few passages which I aim to share in the coming days.  I will not correct the grammar and misspellings [if a reader wants it corrected, I can welcome the corrections.]  But by and by, prior to your reading, I wish to make one comment:

  • You, the Original, migrated and traded; the Occidental, enslaved and warred.  The counsel against viewing things “Black” and “White” will not protect you from history’s tides–it hasn’t before.

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Cocaine In Mummies
By Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig


This is not a new “discovery”; the substance commonly known as cocaine is inside African mummies even though they have been dead 10,000 years before th supposed discovery of America. And when our “teachers” are forced to admit that they hvae been lying to us for the last 2000 years, they try to announce that this was not very important.

All these situations of lies and deceit now are forcing even the most naive souls into asking themselves questions about the kind of future the tenants of this system are preparing for us. For years now, I have been loudly crying to whoever wants to listen that there is a conspiracy against the whole humanity, and this conspiracy is not necessarily organized by people against each other or a race against another race. This conspiracy is the work of a small group of individuals that believe they are masters of the universe and they are using our own racial and cultural differences to put us against each other.

Archeology as a scientific discipline is a few centures old and it has helped to solidify the enslavement of people of color. Using the scientific facade, it has studied the weak points and strong points of diverse people and helped establish strategies of domination. Archeolgy has never written the history of people. It has re-written much of it, supported by the “logic” of cultural imperialism. It is in this context that the images of pharaohs and priests of pyramids have not been shown to the public until recently, because archeology was struggling to re-write the history of Black people. And in this context, there was a big problem to be solved: a long time after they have “proven” to the world that pharaohs were white people, archeology found itself with mummies of pharaohs that were all black and negroid!

Science, until the last few years, was the arrow head of an ideology of the elimination of other people. Science, by trying to wipe out the history of Black people, simply was trying to find logical excuses to slavery and teh barbaric acts that were done against Blacks…

Oh yes! The African temples, the priests, and the pharaohs were using cocaine, and this was since 70,000 years ago. Lets not forget that the cocaine plant only grows in America and nowhere else! Christopher Columbus, while coming in this direction, knew that he was not going to India. There are maps of the world that are over 20,000 years old on which you can see the continent of America! Columbus’ journey took him in a straight line in the southwest of his harbor, the exact direction of South America (the place where Africans were going to get cocaine). Why so many lies??? Hey, this is where the intellectual trap is visible: Christopher Columbus discovered America just like how I discovered it a few years ago. It will be dishonest for anybody to try to make an ideological issue of this fact. My intention in this article is not to rejuvenate the interracial polemic, but maybe to bring a healing to all people by daring to attack the real responsibles for the lies – the ones that think they gain by opposing people against each other. One cannot build the future of humanity by denying people the truth about their place in history.

The truth frees. Every time that, for one reason or another, one lies, one falls into an infernal cycle of having to lie to cover the previous lie. It is in this context that on one of the television channels that is pretending to be interested in discovering the world, there was an archeologist with a certain reputatin placed in front of the big Olmec statues that even a blind person will agree are negro heads, and the archeologist announced that despite the fact that the statues have a flat nose, thick lips and curly hair that were of black stone, it was not representing the Black man of America!! For months I kept asking myself if it was a scientific archeologist or the idealistic archelogist that was sent to rewrite history.

For the explorers of the fifteenth century, it was normal to call the continent we today call America, Melanesia, meaning “land of the Black man”, simply because the America of today was the country of the Black man. Slavery on the Black man did not start in Africa; it started by enslaving the Black man of Melanesia, meaning America. This is what gave birth to what historians are now calling the “triangular commerce” – the practice of bringing Black people from Africa to help those enslaved here on one hand, and taking sugar and rum to Europe and household goods to Africa on the other. For “science” ideology, recognizing that the Olmec statues are negro statues would be to recognize that the American continent belongs to the Black man. The Black man came to America as a master, not as a slave. This is the truth that is a bit too heavy to admit, especially when the liar is starting to believe his own lies. There is an African proverb that says that when a pot is leaking, it makes no sense to blame the stove because a leaking pot will leak on any stove. One cannot keep trying to fix the stove while we know thta it ist he pot that has a hole in it.

Now even the scientific discipline cannot dare define itself as an intellectual adventure. It has lost its universal nature – if it ever had one. Everytihng is a lie since Pythagoras, the Thales that claimed they were authors of theories that were existing thousands of years before their birth to modern medicine that is trying to convince us that it has raised the level of life expectancy (of course by betting on the new definition that they are giving to longevity). All this is what keeps us far away from spiritual purity that we are looking for.

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Source, where commentary abounds: http://yeyeolade.wordpress.com/2007/03/25/the-ancient-olmecsmelanesians-were-black/

The site itself is exceptional: http://yeyeolade.wordpress.com/

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8 thoughts on ““Cocaine in Mummies” by Master Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig

  1. I can not say that the emphasis was on cocaine. I must say, have you looked at the idea that Africans who were enslaved were in many cases the original peoples on the continent, meaning that the narrative was reversed to make it seem as if the occidentals brought them there.

    1. I heard such a claim, but it’s not historically accurate. For instance, there are actual historical accounts that exist outside of the European’s canon: The accounts of Nzingha and the accounts of the Maroons for instance. More, the Oriental is the one who largely enslaved us and their records are chocked full though separate from the European’s.

      Nevertheless, the African presence in America is well noted. From the “Melungeons” (who Abaraham Lincoln descended from ergo his Name Abraham Africanus), to the “Red Bones” (which means “light-skinned Black person” today but was a pre-colonial African-Native admixture in America), to the “Natives” of California who were Dark-skinned Africans like those in West Africa, to those people of Mali Columbus had seen and rode along with to get to the New World.

      It’s true that there were Africans here already, and there were Africans known as “Moors” who helped Europeans bring other Africans here, but it’s not true that the slave trade was for instance tepid or not cruel. For, especially, the slave trade brought Africans to Europe, but most of those Africans didn’t survive. It makes me wonder what your family background is, Brother Gos, because I can imagine it’s a recent transplant, correct?


      (See the ending of this for references to the slave trade in Europe)

  2. Quote” For “science” ideology, recognizing that the Olmec statues are negro statues would be to recognize that the American continent belongs to the Black man.”

    This is complete nonsense! Mr Olade has obviously decided to completely ommit the fact that the Olmecs were a comparatively recent civilisation in the Americas…They date back to no more than around 1500 BC (3500 years ago) and even the Pre-Olmec cultures date back to only 2500 BC (4500 years ago) but recent discoveries, such as that of the pre-Clovis peoples of North America have clearly shown that civilisation in the Americas dates back as far as 40,000 years ago and that those first inhabitants of that time were almost certainly Caucasion Europeans who had got to America by following the transatlantic Ice bridge which straddled the entire North Atlantic during several ancent ice ages. And indeed it is now widely recognised that the precursors to the later Clovis peoples were the Salutreans from Southern France because they used identical stone tools.
    Thats not to say they were they definitely the only peoples to have reached the Americas that far back in time as there could well have been Eurasian peoples there at that time too that would have crossed the ice bridge at the Bering straight…Its extremely unlikely that any of them were negroid Africans though!
    I agree that the Olmec stone heads were probably representations of Negroid/African people, but I feel the the reason they were carved at all was down to much more likely scenario…Because they crossed the Atlantic in large boats, which the pre-Olmecs may have never seen before which they would have looked on in total awe, and then they were defeated in Battle with strange weapons perhaps unknown to the Pre-Olmecs,
    thus becoming like black gods to them. They were either forced to carve the heads by their new black overlords (possibly under pain of death) or they were carved in a genuine attempt to honour/venorate them. What is almost certain is that the pre-Olmecs were subsequently enslaved by these aggressive back visitors from the “Great Eastern Sea” because there is no evidence that they ever interbred with the pre-Olmecs, or their decendants would still be around today.
    So it would seem that these Africans simply wanted to plunder the natural resources found in the lands occupied by the pre-Olmecs and that these were probably taken back to Africa over a long period in the same boats. Much like what the Spaniards did after 1492!

    1. Yours is a common race tactic: Lying.

      The Indigenous Americans whom your ancestors slaughtered said of your people, “The White man speaks with a forked tongue.” Can you help it? Or do you not understand that you are needlessly lying?

      You start off accusing the author of suggesting the Olmec’s are very ancient, though there’s no suggestion of the sort. The Ancient claim goes to the Egyptians of whom the dating of Cocaine suggests a more historical claim in America (70,000 years) than your supposed European people (40,000 years.)

      And truly consider your supposed European people from 40,000 years ago. Pale skin is more recent than 40,000 years. Pale skin is dated to be between 6,000 and 12,000 years. And this supposed “Caucasian” wouldn’t have been in France. The Caucasus is between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. This shows that even if you had evidence of people coming from Europe to America, with all likeliness they were “Negroid Africans” and not “Caucasian Europeans” because there were no “Caucasian Europeans” in Western Europe at the time. But there were “Negroid Africans” as that’s around the time of Negroid African Exodus. In essence, before our Ancestors mutated into your Ancestors, they passed through Europe where later mutations resulted in races. But for you to attribute those later mutations to earlier accomplishments is plain bunk. More, you’ll better understand the world when you realize Africans left Africa and populated the world–remaining Africans. If artifacts in Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia and the Artics look the same from around the time of African exodus it’s obvious why. They were all Africans. Much later there are mutants named Europeans and Asians. But one doesn’t become European by simply arriving to Europe. You somehow don’t understand that.

      Finally, typical of a European, you review history in the most brutal, myopic fashion. The Olmecs were of the same cultural strain as the Ancient Ethiopians–my people, who went all over the world bring African Knowledge to people (see the Pyramids.) The veneration was omnipresent. Even Lady Lugard, a European, tells you as much: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2011/11/24/a-quotation-on-our-past-renown-from-lady-lugard/ . Herodotus is another (read his comment on the Colchians–a Black African people living in Southern Russia during the time of Ancient Greece.)

      We were not Enslavers. Your people were. Why you Whites choose to put your history on us is beyond me. But look at the comment above. There were Black Africans in the Americas prior to Columbus. Black Africans (unfortunately) led Columbus to America. Abraham Lincoln was called “Africanus” because of his family background with the Melungeon people, a Native Black people. There were even Black Africans in Europe. Obviously in Ancient History–we just discussed that–but over 700 years in Al-Andalus under the Moors. You’ll notice that 1492 was when the Moors were removed from Europe and 1492 was when Columbus left for America. It’s not a coincidence. Your own people lied to you. Like I said–common race tactic.

      Don’t let the door hit you.

  3. I’m not leaving just yet, as you seem to have your facts wrong.
    Whilst when I say “Caucasian European” obviously refers to white men and woman, white humans did not orginate in Europe. 1 in 35 of all black Negroid Africans today carry the “mutant” white gene, which only produces a white “Albinoid” (albino) child if both parents carry it…a proven scientific fact.
    So white humans would have originated in Africa just like every other race of humans did.
    Those that were born Albinoid were seen as so different they were gradually segregated from the majority Black population because of racial descrimination until their number became large enough to become considered a seperate racial group. In reality, this group would have been a mixed population of white Albinoids and black Negroids, with the majority being Albinoid.
    As to when people first migrated out of Africa is still a matter of debate but racial persecution probably played a major role in this movement.
    When this mixed black and Albinoid group eventually headed North out of Africa and into freezing ice-age Europe they certainly did so before 50,000 years ago. Carefull scientific analysis of the skulls of Cro-Magnon man from the Upper Paleoithic period (50,000-10,000 years ago) which are considered to be Caucisoid rather than Negroid in origin, supports this.
    Natural selection would have certainly came into play when the white Albinoids found themselves better able to survive the colder European climate than the black Negroids in the group, until eventually there were only whites left in the group. Natural selection then increased the size of the surviving groups noses.
    A larger nose is scientifically aknowledged to be an adaption to living in a cold climate, as it helps to preheat the air breathed in through it.
    Their lips reduced in size too so as not to expose so much delicate lip area to the cold.
    This would have gradually made them more and more racially distinct from their Albino Negroid ancestors and more and more white Caucisoid.
    It is a fact then that by 40,000 years ago “fully formed” white Caucasions were already living in Europe, alongside Neanderthal Man.
    Most would have lived by the cost living on fish and shellfood, as it offers a nutricious and reliable food supply. This is backed up by many archeological finds.
    Being able to catch fish, they almost certainly had boats. Some would have hunted seals along the pack ice from these boats. They probably travelled many miles in search of prey. So its certainly possible they could have got to America back then by simply following the pack ice whilst hunting.
    Now, you were saying?

    1. You really waste my time. This is said not only for the lack of interest I hold for your origin story; but also that I had typed up a response, accidentally backspaced and lost the whole piece.

      In short, I want you to realize that your quibble is with other Whites, not me. If you did not know, White people almost always engage in Myth. If you conceive yourself as a truthseeker, then your first problem comes in believing what a Myth-Oriented people say.

      Nevertheless, I can address your points fairly quickly.

      Firstly, you need to put it in your head that the White gene is not older than 12,000 years old. Therefore there were no fully formed Caucasians before 12,000 years ago. More, if there is a White Gene for Pale Skin then Whites are not Albino Africans. Asians and Whites have a separate gene for their particular pigmentation. They are not castaway Albinos.

      Secondly, the Caucasus is not in Western Europe. So whatever you read of Western Europe from 40,000 years ago doesn’t relate to Caucasian people. More Caucasian is poorly defined. It’s a term for stealing African Civilization, nothing more. It’s said Nilotic Africans are Caucasian. The Nilotics are Black, wooly haired and flat nosed. It’s only that they begat Egypt which begat Western Europe that they are falsely claimed beside “Negroid African.”

      Thirdly, explaining the second fact, the Aryan invasions of Europe were only 6,000 years ago. These Aryans slaughtered the indigenous Europeans (Negroid Africans if you will.) Thus for you to reason you were fully formed 40,000 years ago when an important part of your composition was from 6,000 years ago is a chronological absurdity.

      Finally, just because Europeans discard their children at the drop of a hat, that doesn’t mean Africans did. What’s more if Africans developed colonies of Albinos, where are they now? Did they only make one colony that became all Europeans then stop making colonies? It’s a foolish theory and were I you I’d be angered at the European who lied to you.

      Out of kindness I’ll explain more errors of yours, but please research it yourself and take it up with other Whites, not me. I’m not too interested.

      But look:

      The Caucasus is not Western Europe. I.e. Caucasians are not indigenous to Western Europe.
      Due the Strait of Gibraltar, Europe is only 8 miles from Africa. I.e. one needs a boat that can make 8 miles from Morroco to reach Spain. This should teach you who between the Caucasian and the Negro more likely inhabited Western Europe and hence America.
      The Venus of Willendorf is a statue of a Black woman found in France 20,000 years ago i.e. while you conceive White people fully formed in Europe 40,000 years ago, there’s evidence of Black people in Europe 20,000 years after this supposed full formation. In other words your theory is nonsense. More, the statue is really of a well-endowed woman with tinted skin and wooly hair made of limestone that’s not local to Europe. Liars will think she’s a rotund nude White woman with a hat . . . but maybe you’ll finally wake up to how your people lie to you everyday of your life and maybe wake up others to this idea.

      Now, essentially, you come from a background of Mythology and discussing European Myths isn’t why I do this work that I do. So kindly research what was written above. Try to understand it. Then continue the discussion elsewhere. Truly, you should feel anger toward your own. Not us. Your people lie to you, you lie to yourself and your misconceptions have nothing to do with me.

      So do some reflection.

  4. OK, lets be clear, you do realise there are four main racial groups in the world, don’t you? They are: Caucasian, Negroid, Mongoloid and Australoid. There are some minor racial groups too such as the American Indian race and Malayan race, but for simplicity I will not mention them here. OK, it is true that the word “Caucasion” does comes from the word “Caucuses” but that is the only connection between the two words. Caucasian is simply the scientifically recognised name for white Americans, Europeans, Russians, Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans etc, who have fair/pale skin, long noses and thin lips, but not always blonde hair.
    Australoid is the scientific name for the Australian Aboriginal people. Supprisingly enough, they often have the straight blonde hair of Caucasians but with the dark skin and facial features of the Negroids. Contrary to what this suggests, this is not a result of inter-breeding with Caucasian settlers who arrived in the 18th and 19th centuries, it is in fact a genetic mutation unique to the Aboriginal race. It does hint to how straight blonde hair could have originated in Africa though.
    DNA research has shown that both Cro-Magnon man and the early Homo Sapiens in Europe both inter-bred with Neatherthal man and this could have greatly accelerated the rate of change.
    Even the ancient Egyptians knew of four main races of Humans. They called them: Libyans, Nubians, Semitics and Egyptians, with Semitics representing the white Caucasian race and Nubians being the black Negroid race. Note, that they differentiate themselves from the other races. DNA research has proved that the Pharoe Tutankamum and his relatives were actually Causcasian/European and not Negroid. This does not destroy the “black Pharoe” theory completely though as it is known that were were also several Pharoes of Egypt that were of Nubian extraction at one time or another in the ancient past.
    Besides, no matter what race we belong to, we all originate from Africa if you trace our lineage back far enough.

    1. Actually, the group that said King Tut’s DNA shows that he was White, never took the sample. They took their info. from a video. Another, more scientific study concluded he was Black. His grandmother, Queen Tiye, looks very Black. The 1st Pharaoh of the Dynastic period, Narmar, was from the south, Nubia. Nubia is the mother of Egypt (see Nabta Playa).

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