Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa — Chapter Five: “Fish Yassa with Esad”

Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa

Chapter Five
“Fish Yassa with Esad”

“For how long have you been a part of the Maa Nation?” Zuberi questions Esad as the two sit in the Maa Nation’s dining hall awaiting their order of Fish Yassa, the delicious Senegalese onion-based dish.

“I’ve never been a part of it,” Esad admits.

Zuberi drew back in surprise. “You were just a guest?”

“Your guest no less,” Esad stated. Zuberi struggled to remember inviting Esad but he had no memory of it. He has invited thousands of people to dozens of events, but most of them are a blur. Although Esad hardly has the look of someone a man forgets. Her skin was a royal blue-black, her nose was beautifully broad and flat, and her curves were unforgettably ample yet tight. She had a beauty above most and a voice like a chorus, “Did you forget me?”

“Regrettably so,” he admits as she blushes. “I promise that I will make it up to you.” The doors to the kitchen swing open and a waiter brings out a dish for Zuberi. “And just in time.”

The waiter places the plate of food in front of the couple. “Enjoy.”

The two mix the fish yassa with the white rice. Esad doesn’t hide her delight of the tasty dish. “This is very remarkable.”

“Yes. My favorite.” Zuberi shares. It had been six days since he first danced with Esad. She had intrigued him greatly, but so did Myrkya and Myrkya promised more immediate entertainment–and made good of those promises. Esad knew this, but she played a long game as a lady should and understood that these matters shouldn’t be rushed and no one is in competition in the struggle for cooperation. “Why aren’t you part of the Maa Nation? We could use a woman like you.”

“Perhaps I do not want to be ‘used.'” Esad intentionally mistook his meaning.

“Many people are ‘used.’ It’s only a matter of to whom they are ‘useful.'” Zuberi retorted.

“I am ‘useful’ to myself,” Esad quips.

“And no one else?”

“And no one else,” she assures.

“Then you are truly useful to no one,” admitted Zuberi.

“How so?”

“All Men and all Women, given the fortune of longevity, eventually become less able and in need of another’s care. Who will care for you when you are unable?”

“My husband when I get one,” Esad smiled as she reached over to Zuberi’s arm.

“And when he is unable?”

“Our children,” she said as she rubbed her hand over Zuberi’s biceps.

“But where will you raise your children?” Zuberi asks.

“In a community, of course.”

“Of course,” Zuberi agrees. “This is why to be useful to oneself one must be useful to a community.” He takes another bite of the fish. “We task our communities to meet the needs of our children. We develop communities so that our children can be developed. If the community isn’t good for your children, or your husband for that matter, that deficiency will come back to you, both in the short and long term. The only self-serving we can do then is Community Service.”

“Fair,” Esad admitted, “Although, I can be useful to a community without being a part of Maa Nation, no?”

“Yes. But what issue do you take with the Maa Nation?”

“Honestly, It seems close-minded,” Esad admits. “It’s all Africanism,” Esad says as if she meant ‘Africanism’ as negative.

Zuberi retorts, “We are an African people.”

“In europe,” Esad suggests metaphorically.

“All the more reason to embrace our African selves.”

“Sure but not to the exclusion of europe.”

“And why not?,” Zuberi raises his eye-brow.

“How can we beat that which we don’t know?”

“We know europe, we just choose to be separate from it,” Zuberi explains as he demonstrates with his hands the distance he believes eurasians should be from Africans.

“And what good would that do? Our ancestors who were murdered wholesale were separated Africans, were they not?”

“That is not entirely true. In time I shall give you Chancellor William’s “Destruction of Black Civilization” to read. But in brief, it is an African Nation’s permission of eurasians which bring about its downfall,” Zuberi says authoritatively. “Still I ask you, by your impression, has integration been any better?”

“We’re alive.”

“For now,” Zuberi quickly rebuts. “But it’s misunderstood to claim the separate enterprise was unsuccessful. No modern civilization lasted from antiquity, and yet the longest pure African civilizations spanned millennia; western civilizations do not compare.” He takes another bite. “Besides, no African should want to be second to anyone, let alone a spawn of neanderthals.” Zuberi referred to the science of the day which concluded that all non-Africans were at least hybrids of neanderthals and early humans.

“Neanderthals or not, there are things to learn from them,” offered Esad.

“Which they will not share. What you can get honestly from them is propaganda, deliberate confusion. Best to leave their propaganda alone.” Esad shakes her head. Zuberi continues, “We get information from them. Just not what they volunteer or in the context of ‘exchange.’ But now is not the time for this conversation.” Zuberi eats the last of the food then rises, “It can serve you well to be a Maa National.”

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