The Ultimate Tool For Analysis: “How is that the North Star?”

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“An answer brings no illumination unless the question has matured to a point where it gives rise to this answer which thus becomes its fruit. Therefore learn how to put a question.”KMT Proverb

Below is the ultimate question.  Make it a part of your vocabulary.  Its spread will enable our people to see through the mis-leaders amongst our race.  More, the question is answered.  Look into yourself and see the truth in the answer.  Then follow the ABS, spread the word of the ABS, and apply to the ABS and the answer.  Our time has come for global restoration.  Write to help build African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  Subscribe, share, love.

The Ultimate Tool For Analysis: “How is that the North Star?”
By Onitaset Kumat

I noticed that due to our lack of a systematic analytical education we are oftentimes, even by our siblings, politically, economically and culturally misled.  Observers wonder how our people can be misguided by fraudsters and phonies left and right; yet we must ask which organization is providing that education in logic necessary for the African community?  Let’s answer correctly: The African Blood Siblings.  And in one essential question we provide all the education necessary:  “How is that the North Star?”

For during our enslavement in the United States of America, the North Star represented a guide to Canada, a contiguous land where the enslaved would be freed.

Thus the question poses to the auditor the task of signifying the greater purpose.

Yet upon the curious it gives two tasks:

  1. Be able to identify “The North Star.”
  2. Follow those leading to “The North Star.”

Like the student in “the Allegory of Classroom,” we are all leaders (or mis-leaders), no exceptions.  So we disadvantage our people when we so much as voice a praise to those whom do not lead us to the “North Star.”   But faced against supporters for these mis-leaders we now can ask of their leader’s deeds “How is that the North Star?”

Therefore, Kanye West and Jay-Z call themselves “Niggas in Paris,” vaunting about riches and being too good for one woman.  “How is that the North Star?”

Originals rally against Occidentals who use derogatory terms.  “How is that the North Star?”

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa sing in “Young, Wild and Free” about excessive drug intake, as if “Young, Gifted and Black” is not a better message.  “How is that the North Star?”

The U.S. President Barack Obama does ill to Africa, our mores, and is silent or erroneous on important issues.  “How is that the North Star?”

Ineffective politicians call for your vote in a rigged election.  “How is that the North Star?”

An Occidental stooped in Occidentalism offers aid to the Original cause.  “How is that the North Star?”

“Silver” Rights leaders summon you to ‘ra ra ra’ or calm down.  “How is that the North Star?”

The World Bank and IMF offer a loan with debilitating strings attached.  “How is that the North Star?”

A new fashion crave, from natural hair to sagging jeans, forms cultural cliques.  “How is that the North Star?”

An Occidental nation sends troops to our land.  “How is that the North Star?”

And so it can go on.  Yet upon you not only does the African Blood Siblings provide you with a pertinent tool for analysis, it provides your question with an answer.

For you ought reasonably follow those leading to the North Star.  And now we tell you that the North Star is the politically, economically and culturally uplifting African Blood Siblings Community Center (ABSCC).  Wherever you are, gather those as able as you, and raise funds in Units of Organization until you can afford the ABSCC to politically, economically and culturally form your community.

Across the African world, your Center will be rewarded with sibling Centers; beacons of liberation connecting Prosperous, Independent African Communities in sync with our glorious legacy, welcoming the divine favors given our ancestry and due our progeny!

With the idiom “How is that the North Star?” you no longer can be misled; further, in truth you can lead!  For you know the North Star and you know from whom you can find it: Onitaset Kumat, the African Blood Siblings and yourself.   Take up your leadership!  Read around the ABS.  Recruit at your local thoroughfare.  Point the people of your age-grade to lead your Community to the North Star!  For your labor for the African Blood Siblings is the North Star.  So create the ABSCC where you are!  Originals shall be reconnected.  All around the world applications are coming in: Apply too!

Others will deceive you; ask them “How is that the North Star?”  And carry our people to the North Star!  Create ABSCCs!

P.S. It appears that Canada was also decked with Community Centers for Liberation.  Meaning Canada hosted some African Blood Siblings Community Centers in its time!

8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Tool For Analysis: “How is that the North Star?”

  1. Again, your posts give me great thought. I wondered that very thing myself. A short story.
    Yesterday I was out and saw that school was being dismissed. Young boy after young boy passed and all were dressed with low slung jeans. I wondered where that all began. I remember my own childhood where we had to be neat, clean and our clothes pressed. What happened?

    Truly, I think our culture is so broken it makes me want to weep. When I asked around, “Where did the falling-down-pants-look come from?” and the answer I got was, “Prison.” I was shocked. Why would you want to emulate that look?

    Onitaset, keep on challenging this system of brainwashing….we need it.

    1. It gets even worse. Many of the young men idolize these hip-hoppers who wear their pants around their thighs so much that they have bought into the idea that you are not a man unless you have done hard time. I have actually heard Black male teenagers say this. They also, aspire to be pimps. This is the message a lot of the music is sending and it is dangerous. It doesn’t help that “It’s hard out here for a pimp” winning the award as best song some years ago.

      1. Sad isn’t it? One has to wonder how to combat this brainwashing…It’s being done on purpose with the rap/hip hop industry…did you get a chance to read Rap, hip hop and all that Jazz?

      2. @diaryofanegress I have not read Rap, hip hop and all that Jazz, but I will read it. Thanks for the reference.

  2. I like your analogy. It so aptly connects our historical experience; “Follow the North Star” to freedom. Implied in the question then,is how will such and such get me to freedom? To ask the question is to become analytical, with the standard being independent, prosperous communities.

    1. Yes. It’s our duty to show within the sky the North Star then tell our people how to escape this enslavement. It’s our duty to teach the phrase to one another, and get us serious about liberation.

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