Most “Blacks” in Brazil deny “Blackness”

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“It’s worth noting that Brazil has the largest modern diaspora African population outside of Africa.” — Onitaset Kumat

I told an African in America on the streets that we need to hear more praises of our African nature.  He disengaged with me then walked away cursing, insisting that he’s half-White, half-Black.  It may have been true.  But he’s not alone.  Brazil–“Blacks” call themselves “Colored.”  This is the denied self-hatred.  The ABS fights against this self-hatred by connecting all over the world African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  Learn how to connect yours by typing the ABS.

Brazil 2010 census shows changing race balance

Women and children from Brazil's "Roofless Movement" in an empty building they have occupied in Sao Paulo Despite a decade of progress, poverty is still widespread in Brazil

For the first time, non-white people make up the majority of Brazil’s population, according to preliminary results of the 2010 census.

Out of around 191m Brazilians, 91 million identified themselves as white, 82m as mixed race and 15m as black.

Whites fell from 53.7% of the population in 2000 to 47.7% last year.

The once-a-decade census showed rising social indicators across Brazil as a result of economic growth, but also highlighted enduring inequalities.

The census was conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

“It is the first time a demographic census has found the white population to be below 50%” it said in its report.

The number of people identifying as black rose from 6.2% to 7.6%, while the number saying they were of mixed race rose from 38.5% to 43.1%.

Among minority groups, 2m Brazilians identified themselves as Asian, and 817,000 as indigenous.


Much of the census data released reflects the progress Brazil during a decade of sustained economic growth and government policies aimed at reducing poverty.

Between 2000 and 2010:

  • Adult illiteracy fell from 13.6% to 9.6%. Among children aged 10-14, illiteracy fell from 7.3% to 3.9%
  • The proportion of children not attending school fell from 5.1% to 3.1%
  • The fertility rate fell from 2.38 children for each woman to 1.86
  • Access to mains drinking water, electricity and sanitation increased nationwide

However, in almost all fields of human development the census revealed enduring inequalities between north and south Brazil, between urban and rural areas, and between rich and poor.

The IBGE highlighted “acute income disparity” in Brazil, with the richest 10% of the population gaining 44.5% of total income compared to just 1.1% for the poorest 10%.

It said more than half of the population earned less than the minimum wage and, on average, white and Asian Brazilians earned twice as much as black or mixed-race Brazilians.

Brazil is one of the most ethnically-diverse countries in the world and many Brazilians regard their nation as a “racial democracy” where there is little overt racism.

Nonetheless black Brazilians – the descendants of African slaves brought over during Portuguese colonial rule – are much more likely to be poor and rarely reach the top levels of business or politics.


(Emphais Onitaset Kumat’s)

Today you see in Brazil how its nation shouldn’t be Black
And other false erasures falsely forwarded as fact
Imagine: Latinos are in power solely to keep us down
Even importing Whites to keep them light and keep us from our crown

– Onitaset Kumat, “Maroon and Build For Self

Comments by Onitaset Kumat

It’s worth noting that Brazil has the largest modern diaspora African population outside of Africa.  More, Du Bois and his ilk encourages this system in America.

17 thoughts on “Most “Blacks” in Brazil deny “Blackness”

  1. A Black Mans Rant – Morris Voice Over Only

    A Subscriber suggested a Rant I should make – instead I read out his suggestion – which centers on the violence of the White Man.

    1. Interesting post. It strangely went to my spam, but it’s a good thing that I read through what’s sent to me and from whom.

      You should send that subscriber to my website. As to the violence of the White man, whom amounts to half of the Occidentals, I find it ingrained in their culture. I am always meaning to look into it, but it’s interesting to remember who the African ascendants of the Europeans were: the Aurignacian people. It’s worth wondering what effects these ancestors had on modern Europeans.

      Do ask the subscriber to write an article for my blog.

      1. This guy has no reason to talk, his wife is white…honestly I hate guys like this, they claim being for black power but then marry ww and expect their children to be considered black…honestly he should just shut up! It’s like the “blacker the man, the whiter the woman”!!

      2. Kandake (Warrior Queen-Mother),

        “You will never see me with a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, pale-skin, stringy-haired, buttermilk complexion, straight up but straight down ironing board backside, miss six o’clock, no frills, no thrills, subject to have the itch, White Caaaaaavvvveeee Bitch! Never will you see me do that! [ . . .] Let the church say Amen. Let the church say Amen again. Let the church say Amen one more time!”
        — Dr. Khalid Sheikh Muhammad

        “Look at the Black boys with White girls. Looking like sanitation workers: taking out trash.”
        – Onitaset Kumat


        Watch this:

      3. Looool, I love that quote! And your blog is amazing, I’ve been going trough all the articles for days now. I love how you explain that it’s more than race, the two, Occidentals and Originals, even have different philosophies that are not compatible…I live around orientals and Occidentals mostly and they love to stare at me when Im walking, say racist things behind my back, and give me those creepy white smiles…like I’m an animal or smth. And not a human being…and it just drains my energy to go outside to the park, cuz it’s like if they hate us why can’t they leave us alone, I don’t bother them.
        I live in the suburbs so it’s boring as is, but not having anyone to talk to is saddest. I mean the Asians will say the n-word to your face, but I prefer that honesty to the whites who will give you that “I, better than you, so you should be glad I’m even acknowledging your pity self” smile 😋…I can’t wait till I go back to school in another town, but even though they’re blacks, most of my classes are always with these same Asians and Europeans. The Europeans are so aggressive and the women are very violent and like to physically push some of the black girls. Whereas the Asians are just lazy and don’t like to do work in groups, and racist too. The Latinos will never move out of the way for Africans, and instead will just smile and laugh.

      4. Kandake (Warrior Queen-Mother),

        ” The only thing that is humiliating is helplessness.” — African Proverb

        The African Blood Siblings is about creating Prosperous, Independent African Communities at home and abroad. As you find your suburb boring and without conversants, you must engage in self-help to change the situation. As best you can, whenever you see another African, ask them if they want to have good conversation with other Africans. Get their contact information and find what day and time is best for you to have a 4 hour conversation. Then use this template for the discussion. Believe me, it’s very worthwhile:

  2. G Wiz. ALL my comments are not read as spam, unless I was commenting on posts, and had them accepted, prior to April
    Total Joke
    and the WordPress support has been nonexistent

    1. King,

      In time, you can create a forum in your hometown which adds to the beauty of African Civilization and these little setbacks will be as unimportant as the flies which circle garbage pails.

  3. King

    The man who “walked away cursing, insisting that he’s half-White, half-Black” was clearly offended by your suggestion that he praise the AFRICAN side of himself because he also has strong feelings for his EUROPEAN side. We need to be mindful of the people we approach because not all who look African are necessarily African. I am of the opinion that you don’t need to tell an African to praise our African nature, because an African will already be praising it.

    1. Queen-Mother,

      “There grows no wheat where there is no grain.” I noticed, very consistently, that people pass down the traditions of people. And lest we are aware of a tradition, we are unlikely to pass it down. So, for instance, Africans in “Hoods” will pass down the tradition of tattooing, despite the tradition being non-African and they do this under the guise of it being a “Black thing.” The same of Church and dress.

      There is no widespread tradition of African praise where I am. I can not disqualify Africans on ignorance. I can only share Knowledge, foster Wisdom and develop Love. I remember, Marcus Garvey had Africans marching proudly down Harlem; and these were Africans who before him may have been ashamed of their Black skin. In his spirit we Labour.

    1. Kandake (Warrior Queen-Mother),

      “Dependence had become part of their second nature, and independence brought with it the cares and vexations of poverty.”
      – Elizabeth Keckley

      Brazil is considered to have been the nation where most Africans were stolen to during Europe’s enslavement of Africa. These are your extended family. We build Power to restore ourselves.

  4. In regards to the video clip ‘Five on the Black Hand Side’ Gideon is an example of a brotha BEING Black. Gideon is a black man who has a deep love and compassion for his people to the point that he will not remain in the company of black people (including family members) who do not care to see the black plight or feel the need to do something to uplift their own people. The mark of BEING Black is to respect yourself and your gender opposite. Gideon shows his respect to black women in his family, in his love life and in his friendships. He knows the black woman is his twin and that he is strengthened by being with her. He defends black women and reviles any brotha who rejects his own woman for a foreigner.

    Black men like Gideon are still around today and they are still not afraid to confront or fight against black people who do not have their people’s best interest at heart. It is of no surprise that such wonderful brothas are not given any media attention like the confused brothas of Booker T Washington Brooks fame, but that is because the media is controlled by white people and the Booker T’s of this world are doing exactly what white people have trained them to do.

    1. Queen-Mother,

      The European understands that in Warfare overcoming the Enemy is all the more easy when the Enemy is confused over who his Enemy is. Of course the European promotes confused Booker T. He’d be a fool to promote Gideon. Just the same, we’re fools when we promote Booker T-types over Gideon-types. The African Blood Siblings is about building Institutions which will lead to Prosperous, Independent African Communities. Booker T-types are not to be our image. Gideon’s and more Powerful, yes.

  5. This is an old post, but I hope you eventually realized that mixed Brazilians are 70% white according to genetic studies. Trying to claim them as black is really weird and pathetic.

    1. Peace,

      I would not know. I do not know the reliability or the universality of genetic studies; what’s more an average isn’t a universal. I.e. if 10 mixed people are 70% White, that doesn’t mean that none of those ‘mixed’ people aren’t 99% Black.

      But it’s usually the case with genetic studies and averages and so forth, that the math and science is unreliable.

      However, I get that if someone were 70% White as an individual it’d be weird and pathetic to consider them Black (particularly if they themselves didn’t identify). I.e. a Quadroon who identifies as White shouldn’t be forced into being called “Black” much the same as a Black person 75% Black shouldn’t be forced to identify as White. Though I suppose it can go either way.

      Let me guess though, you’re a White person?

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