What do Whites have to do with Homicidal Blacks? Everything

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“Judge by cause, not by effect.” — African Proverb

Last week Saturday, a friend of an associate was shot three times through a window. She died that day. She was 17. Her aunt, also shot, survived. The shooter was her sister’s estranged husband. He and his wife were scheduled to appear in court the following Monday regarding domestic violence. However he allegedly died of a cocaine drug overdose. It’s suspected he did his crimes, including the kidnap and rape of another woman, while on cocaine. My associate condemns the criminal. Europeans wrote out his friend’s eulogy. The final word on an African should be written by African people and the final condemnation should go to Europeans.

An African-Nationalist ought to be able to ask “What do Whites have to do with Homicidal Blacks?” and answer “Everything.” Partially in the Service of Jennifer Merriman, I write,

What do Whites have to do with Homicidal Blacks? Everything
By Onitaset Kumat

It is reasonable to assert that a thorough response to a question can rephrase the question in seven ways: intellectually, societally, industrially, functionally, ancestrally, elementally, and spiritually. For that reason I rewrite “What do Whites have to do with Homicidal Blacks?” as

Intellectually, what do Whites have to do with Homicidal Blacks?

In this world there are two types of people Blacks and non-Blacks or Africans and non-Africans; non-Blacks or non-Africans are Whites. The two people have different intellectual traditions. In the Western experience, the predominant intellectual influences are television, films and books; particularly popular culture, blockbusters and the Bible. In popular culture, sex, drugs and violence (which together is rape) is a staple; in blockbusters, mysoginy, drugs and explosions are typical; and in the Bible a homicidal and suicidal deity is the main interest. What’s more, the West is always in a state of war. Rape Culture, Mysoginy, Self-Destruction and Perenial Warfare are contrary to Africa’s intellectual tradition.

All together, if the Homicidal Black is not intellectually created by the non-African, the Homicidal Black is developed. The West, especially with its little regard for Africans and its expectation of Africans as Homicidal intellectually has everything to do with Homicidal Blacks.

Societally, what do Whites have to do with Homicidal Blacks?

There is a Societal Power Structure unique to every individual. Throughout the world, there’s a very common structure: Whites over Blacks. Whereas a husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter may have their own unique relations, in the West and the East and even in Africa, Whites commonly have more Power than Blacks. One representation of this Power is who rewards and who punishes whom.

In an indigenous African Societal Power Structure, the Homicidal Black would answer to an African people; the justice would be fair if not timely. In the European Societal Power Structure justice is not a part of the system. Homicide, like self-hatred, is rewarded or the punishment more relates to rewarding other Europeans; for instance, a Homicidal Black may be enslaved in Prison where free labor is the sole aim or bail may be set to create an income for the city rather than protect other Blacks. Societally, inasmuch as Whites disable African Societal Power Structures and base their Power Structure on rewarding themselves, the Homicidal Black has everything to do with Whites.

Industrially, what do Whites have to do with Homicidal Blacks?

African people are the children of Africa and Africa is the world’s wealthiest land. In order for Whites to satisfy their greed, Africa must be unprotected and accessible. Destabilizing a nation in order to exploit it is a common practice in the West. Homicidal Blacks are an asset to Whites, as coalitions of Africans are less likely when Africans can not trust each other. Without coalitions, armies are less formidable and exploitation less challenged. To exploit Africa and African people Whites want Homicidal Blacks.

Whereas in traditional Africa for security reasons, Homicidal Blacks are discouraged if not unformed; in the West it is encouraged. When the warriors of a people are turned on themselves or the men turned on the women, the people are defeated and their resources are up for grabs. Europeans and Asians are in Africa right now as Blacks suspiciously at one another; this is how Whites designed it. Industrially Homicidal Blacks have everything to do with Whites.

Functionally, what do Whites have to do with Homicidal Blacks?

Every African Man, Woman, or Child ought to be a part of an African Nation wherein collectively we feed, clothe, shelter and teach ourselves and within this Nation every Man and Woman practices within the Nation’s Interest and every Child is taught to eventually practice in the Nation’s interest. This would be there function. This is what African Nationalism strives toward. This is not what Whites want of African people. Whites do not want us to feed, clothe, shelter or teach ourselves. Today we don’t. The Homicidal Blacks are pawns in the White game of keeping Africans from African Nationhood.

While not the only pawn, the Homicidal Black remains a blight in African Nationalism. Turned against his own kind, he keeps Africans from feeding ourselves. Whites don’t want us independent. They want us to depend on them. It’s so often we hesitate to go where we know our people are out of fear of danger, yet we feel safe and secure going where Whites are. This is on purpose. Functionally Homicidal Blacks have everything to do with Homicidal Blacks.

Ancestrally, what do Whites have to do with Homicidal Blacks?

Historians of varied complexions inform us of the Homicidal past of Whites. From China building a wall to ward off White Northerners to analysis of Battle Axe culture to the Genocides in America and Africa to the Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials, when it comes to Homicide Whites are Masters of the Art. However, it’s impractical to say without evidence that White Nature has an influence on White Nurtured Blacks. Yet not only is there evidence; there is plenty of evidence.

We can observe the Homicidal Blacks of today and call it a wrap but that’s not sufficient evidence. What needs to be shown is a juxtaposition between Black Nurtured Blacks and White Nurtured Blacks or Blacks among Blacks and Blacks among Whites. Three prominent examples are none other than the Zulu Nation under Shaka Zulu, the Dahomey Empire under King Adahoonzou and Ancient Kamit under Amenhotep II. A long story short, Shaka Zulu was unique in Africa because prior to his association with Whites Africans did not war to murder one another; the Dahomey Empire was unique in Africa because it was one of the few nations which had an economy dependent on the enslavement of other Africans and Amenhotep II was unique in his time; it’s said he was more cruel than most Africans and his cruelty was accounted to his assimilation of foreign deities. In another article, “Dahomey, the Amazons and the Origin of Gangs,” the relation between Homicidal Blacks and European Assimilation are spelled out. In other words, ancestrally Homicidal Blacks have everything to do with Whites.

Elementally, what do Whites have to do with Homicidal Blacks?

Brothers and Sisters represent different elements: when Brothers are Fire, Sisters are Water; when Sisters are Earth, Brothers are Air and vise versa. This is gender balance in Africa. Outside of Africa and African people, gender balance is non-existent. Technically Kings and Queen-Mothers should emulate the elements at all times; but in the West the elements and our connection to Nature are hindered. Brothers barely know Fire outside of the stove and Sisters hardly know Water outside of the shower.

The Homicidal Black is a symptom of this disconnect from Nature. When once Africans resonated with the divinity in all things and sought balance in all places, the African in the West is unsure of divinity period. There’s no emulation of the elements but an imitation of the Whites. In this case, elementally Homicidal Blacks have everything to do with Whites.

Spiritually, what do Whites have to do with Homicidal Blacks?

It may be beyond my ken to know the Origin of Whites, yet if it’s true that all non-Africans have Neanderthal ancestry and African ancestry then something was very wrong with some of the Brothers and Sisters who left Africa and clearly something must be very wrong with their descendants. In the body, a small percentage of cells become cancerous; among individuals, a small percentage are born albino; whereas albinos are deficient in external melanin, I suspect that even among Africans a small percentage are born deficient in internal melanin. Regarding cancer, an acidic environment can increase its probability. I can not say how, but given that Whites are deficient in external and internal melanin, these may be the descendants of those deficient in internal melanin.

Melanin, besides from making one dark, makes one intelligent, sensible, responsible and civil. It’s very possible then for someone to be born uncivil or homicidal. White people are examples. However this means Homicidal Blacks can be ‘natural’ like how cancer or albinism is ‘natural.’ If true, it’s likely much more rare than represented. Nevertheless, it’s apparent that Whites and ‘naturally’ Homicidal Blacks have an affinity.  Therefore, spiritually Whites have everything to do with Homicidal Blacks.

8 thoughts on “What do Whites have to do with Homicidal Blacks? Everything

  1. An excellent article brother. We are certainly affected by whites in every sphere of our lives. Cutting off all contact with whites is essential to our peace of mind, wellbeing and empowerment.

    I’m reminded of the film War Dance in which homicidal blacks were preying on villagers, cutting off the heads of parents and telling their children to identify them. These homicidal blacks ordered children to beat villagers to death. These vicious acts by homicidal blacks were ordered by whites. Keeping African hating one another and in fear of one another ensures that whites will continue to have control over our people, our land and our resources.

    The next move by whites is to promote the image of the homicidal black for entertainment purposes. Idris Elba has agreed to play a serial killer… a common trait of whites. So immersed is he in the company of white people that he wishes to become the very essence of them. It’s just like you said… “What do Whites have to do with Homicidal Blacks? Everything”

    1. Peace,

      The irony is that we eat up those images of homicidal blacks meanwhile if another ethnic group were portrayed in these sort of roles, we’d consider it less realistic (exception to White people.) We need to have the esteem of ourselves to where only positive images are believable and negative images seem bizarre and/or far fetched.

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