Dialogue Five of Five on Race: Race Defined

From Dialogue Four of Five on Race: Corruption DefinedCorruption Defined

Onitaset Kumat:  We have come to the conclusion, Knobeco, do you recall what prompted this discussion?
Knobeco: Absolutely.  I wondered if it was true what they say: That there is only one race–the human race.
Onitaset Kumat: And what have you so far learned?
Knobeco: I learned that different people have different cultures, for culture is a continuity from ancestry, and all of us have different ancestry.  Further I learned that oppression is a means toward moulding and cultural oppression is a means toward moulding toward a culture.  Lastly, I learned that corruption is a cultural oppression toward a culture not fitting a person.  These four lessons were definitions.
Onitaset Kumat: Yes they were.  But also each was true to reality.
Knobeco:  I agree.  One would not call something cultural that were not continued from ancestry.  One would not call something oppressive lest it moulded one in some way.  One would not call something cultural oppression lest it moulded to a culture.  One would not call something corrupted lest there were a purity to reference.
Onitaset Kumat:  Correct.  But let us return to “Oppression” for a moment.  Oppression has a negative connotation.  Correct?
Knobeco: Yes.
Onitaset Kumat: Do you know why?
Knobeco: Onitaset Kumat, you are the Master of Ethics.  You have been the first to define Morality in the English language.  You are a true Philosopher-King.  You have spoken of Immorality as the use of Military Capital in want of Civil Capital.  Oppression is a moulding which can be both limitation and valuation–military capitals.  Clearly then Oppression can be Immoral hence it’s negative connotation.
Onitaset Kumat: Superbly stated.  But more simply stated, one can wrongly oppress.
Knobeco: Yes.
Onitaset Kumat: But from an ethical standpoint, it begs what is the proper “oppression” or moulding.  So to speak, to limit and value one’s identity seems to usually be wrong, but certain identities are culturally right, right?
Knobeco: Absolutely.  “The means towards and ends of Identity” is Cultural Capital.  One can be Amoral and exchange Cultural Capital for another Civil Capital.  There’s no immorality (or morality) as long as Military Capital isn’t involved.  Ergo, one can be amorally “oppressed.”  The clearest example of amoral Cultural Capital or amoral identity in “mannerisms, behavior and appearance” is being honest.  An amoral “oppression” then is a moulding of another to be honest.  It seems simple.  But it’s quite complex.
Onitaset Kumat: No, Knobeco, remember “As something appears it is.”  In terms of Amorality, the most preferred is the Spiritual Amorality.  That is when the Civil Capitals are exchanged for the Spiritual Capitals.
Knobeco: I can see that.  For instance, one’s friends should be spiritually complementary; one’s lovers, spiritually complementary; life’s work, spiritually complementary.  More than anything, that fulfills my namesake “Know Thyself, Be Thyself, Complete Thyself.”
Onitaset Kumat: Yes.  Then it becomes of us to identify whether there are aggregates of people which have identical spiritual identities.
Knobeco: Proceed.
Onitaset Kumat: Is it fair to suppose that those in power will impose their culture?
Knobeco: It is not always true, but certainly it’s fair to suppose.  For to a certain degree each power imposes its own culture lest it is corrupted.
Onitaset Kumat: And is it fair to say that their most agreeable followers are spiritually in accordance with that imposition?
Knobeco: Absolutely.  The most agreeable to a culture are not corrupted but pure.  In their purity they are in accordance with the imposed culture.
Onitaset Kumat: Ah, so then let us be more specific.  Is it fair to presume that the thousands of Occidentals who gathered for a lynching of an Original were in accordance with the barbaric act?
Knobeco: The pictures are indisputable.  They smile and laugh at the pain of our ancestors.  In their purity, they were happy to attend such tribalistic barbarism.
Onitaset Kumat: But were we content in attendance?  Whether forced to watch or forced to die?
Knobeco: No.
Onitaset Kumat: So then this is a sign of Occidental and Original spiritual discordance, no?
Knobeco: Yes.
Onitaset Kumat:  How about an Original neighborhood being controlled by Orientals and Occidentals.  Do Originals find it disagreeable?
Knobeco: By normal surveys, yes.  Most of us find it disagreeable and wretched.  The ABS’ efforts against it are widely regarded as noble, for we raise our consciousness toward turning our resources to our benefit.
Onitaset Kumat: What about Orientals and Occidentals, do they not find it agreeable?
Knobeco: Of course they enjoy it, lest they with the power would not do it.  Though you do not see Original shops in Oriental or Occidental neighborhoods.  It goes to show that they love their power over us, we don’t love their power over us, but they would scorn if we had power over them.
Onitaset Kumat: Yes, though this is very general.
Knobeco: Quite.  Only foolish Orientals and Occidentals would find our exploitation of them agreeable.  Foolish or corrupted.  It’s best then to discuss the pure; and Orientals steeped in Orientalism and Occidental steeped in Occidentalism would find it disagreeable for Originals to exploit Orientals or Occidentals.
Onitaset Kumat: Yet some of our people seem to conceive that there exists good amongst these other people!
Knobeco: Now wait a moment, Onitaset Kumat!  Why do you say that there’s no good amongst them?  Is that something to honestly say?
Onitaset Kumat: It’s not something to say and I do not say that there’s no good amongst them.  But the lesson above easily illustrates one simple fact.  We have a different definition of good amongst the races.  That is, “good” is racially subjective, thus an Original can not ethically judge an Occidental or Oriental or vise-versa.  Always the Orginals need to regard the Oriental and Occidental as different and yearn to separate lest the latter groups will visit, in their view of justice, injustices on Original people.
Knobeco: I see it.  A lynching is horrific to the Originals, but an event to take children to for the Occidentals.  Or Original enterprises in an Oriental community is forbidden, but Oriental enterprises in an Original community is normal.  I see it.  “Goodness” is not universal among “races” or “racially objective.”
Onitaset Kumat: True, because “Spiritual Capital” is “the means toward and ends of racial asili”–Asili being the ideological core of a race.  In other words, we come to define “Race” as “the ideological unity of a people.”
Knobeco: Fascinating though general.  Can you be more Specific?
Onitaset Kumat: The Original Race, Africans, have an ideology of Restorism; the Oriental Race, Asians, Contractualism; the Occidental Race, Europeans, Tribalism.  I explain these further under “Lore.”  In essence though the races differ spiritually (and thus ideologically [hence the statement on the aspiritual Occidental is untrue, instead the Occidental is differently spiritual from the Original).  In other words, murdering someone for theft isn’t wrong to an Occidental if it means establishing his tribe as dominant.  Becoming corrupted by Occidentalism will also make Originals more tribal, ergo the explanation behind our pride in modern made-up countries.
Knobeco: I see.  So you taught culture to show that there were different asili’s.  You taught oppression to show that people are moulded.  You taught cultural oppression to show that moulding can be toward an asili.  And you taught corruption to show that, that asili can be mismatched.  In essence this whole dialogue sought to define race according to the different racial asilis.
Onitaset Kumat: You catch on.
Knobeco: So I see it now.  Race purity means “ideological purity” and propounders of “race first” are propounders of “ideology first.”  For all intents and purposes, please explain Restorism and thus the African Race.
Onitaset Kumat: Though well documented under “Originalism,” the African is the human which seeks, unlike the other races, to restore Africa and African people.  This is the fundamental basis of all African people, but especially those in touch with their inner spirit.  Ergo, three Patrons of the African Blood Siblings, Nanny, Nzingha and Taharqo sought restorism in some way or another: Nanny restored Africa in Jamaica, teaching traditional ways in the high mountains of Maroon town; Nzingha restored Africa in Angola, fighting against our enslavement while reducing the casualties of her citizenry; Taharqo restored Africa in KMT, coming from Nubia he re-opened the closed temples after the Persians invaded in respect to the shared ancestry of African people.  The ideology can be seen in most of our ancestors and in all of our uncorrupted behavior.
Knobeco: So this is the nature of Africans?  To restore Africa and African people?  To what in particular?
Onitaset Kumat: God.  “As above, so below.”

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10 thoughts on “Dialogue Five of Five on Race: Race Defined

  1. ” In other words, murdering someone for theft isn’t wrong to an Occidental if it means establishing his tribe as dominant. Becoming corrupted by Occidentalism will also make Originals more tribal, ergo the explanation behind our pride in modern made-up countries.”

    Wow…that pretty much sums that up!

    1. It’s about time too.

      We owe our Siblings on the continent an explanation for what we did in Liberia.

      Sister truthbetold, we, freed from slavery, went to Africa and enslaved their indigenous. The Occidentalism took its roots and even today some on the continent fear our Pan-Africanism for what we had done.

      I am set to tell our people of the effects of Occidentalism and the necessity of Originalism. What we did should not happen again.

      We were corrupted (see Dialogue Four of Five); we must re-attain purity.

      I thank you for your part in our restoration,
      I encourage all to comment,
      I can not benefit enough from more wisdom,

      1. ok…I’ll get back to you. I’m watching this video that my reader instructed I watch.

    2. Theory is one thing, practice is another.

      A friend and I sat by the waterfront and spotted an Oriental with a net. Seeing the ducks around, my friend voiced advice to the Oriental on how to capture a duck: inebriate it with alcohol soaked bread. The Oriental did not overhear her and the Oriental wasn’t seeing to entrap ducks, but regardless I asked her “Whose side are you on?”

      She then said “Nature’s; the Law of Nature is ‘Survival of the Fittest.'”

      While seemingly innocent, you can see the effects of Occidentalism. For one, the law of Nature is not “Survival of the Fittest,” which is a declaration of cooperative and constant warfare, but “Survive” which is only a declaration of cooperation:


      Separately, you can see the tribalism learned from this Original. For her assertion is to belonging into the same tribe as the Oriental; though this Oriental wanted and had nothing to do with this Original woman. In the Occidental mis-education, the Original will submit herself into tribal cooperation with people who are otherwise non-cooperative. This is aimless; especially as it’s not spiritual beneficial for the Original to assist the Oriental.

      When it’s said and done, it’s also anti-nature; though the Sister’s logic was “Pro-Nature.” This shows what confusion the Occidental wrought on the Original–mis-leading on what cooperating with Nature means.

      So finally this ties in with the above statement. The “Nationalism” is a Tribalism taught by the Original that confuses the Original against the interest of improving Africa and African people. And it’s everywhere we turn, from in state-specific sports teams to even high school science competitions.

      Tribalism is their way and none of it benefits us.

      Hence, we take it upon ourselves to educate toward the Restoration of Africa and thereby spiritually fulfill our people. This is the correction that our people, from the bottom to the top need. It’s work but it’s necessary work.

      Thank you for commenting Sister.

      1. Onitaset:

        I just had this discussion this morning on why blacks seem to want to help others more than help themselves. I think said it’s the Willie Lynch Letter personified.

  2. O nitaset: Please forgive me forbeing slow to comprehend all these posts. I can tell you are an academic. That being said.Is this blog coming from a Pan African perspective. I”m learning about what that is.smost imformation I’ve learned so far is small trivial things from Black History Month and Ebony and Jet magazines several month prior I did’nt know what Pan Africanism was. This a new thing for me. I have much to learn.I’m on a remedial level about this ideology. but I am trying to keep an open mind and at least learn about new things concerning our people.

  3. Sorry about grammatical errors and punctuation. But I meant say is this a Blog with a Pan Africanist perspective? I’m needing to understand words like Occidentalism, OrientalismTribalism,These things are new to me and I write them down and study them. I am on a somewhat remedial level and have to digest all this slowly.I was just trying to learn about social isssues and what is troubling our community. just trying to learning different things. there’s alot to digest. I have to take it slowly. t

    1. Some of the language is “Original” no pun intended.

      Ergo, this branch of pages is worthwhile to study (Lore):


      But few of us are talking in this manner. Other wording while clearer is also more confusing: What is “White Supremacy,” “Racism” or .”Pro-Black?

      In essence I am espousing Restoral Pan-Africanism; i.e. Restoring Africa into an ethical liberated Continent. The means is through a network of Prosperous, Independent African Communities through African Blood Siblings Community Centers which improve consciousness ethically, sociologically, ecologically and psychologically.

      It’s not in itself widely understandable because it’s a different idea from everything else. But all of us are more than capable to understand it. What’s written is our natural, pure understanding. You already understand it Sister. Know this for it is true.

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