“No Mother has fell further than Africa” — A Poem by Onitaset Kumat

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“Describe Africa as though she were a person and explain what kind of friend you are to her.” — Onitaset Kumat

In my revolutionary circle, I asked a similar question to which each of us confided our differing relationship with Mother Africa.  ‘What if she were a Sister? ‘ I specifically wondered and I personally articulated the disappointment I have in myself, that this brutalized, raped, and humiliated Sister has a weak ally in me.  An ally whom, by circumstance (even if only by necessity), is misorganized by her brutalizer, rapist and humiliator to sustain his abuses.  I grant that as an Organizer of African Revolutionaries, I am at least an ally of Africa, yet given how few and far between Organizers and Revolutionaries are in the African Community at home or abroad, I can see how if nothing else, Africa has a certain sadness to her.  This poem portrays Africa as a Mother and Africans as her children.  In this depiction I can’t help but express,

No Mother has fell further than Africa
By Onitaset Kumat

No Mother has fell further than Africa
She was once the most titled in the World,
She had ruled over the Nile, the Niger and the Kongo,
But now all those titles are destroyed

No Mother has fell further than Africa
Her influence once spanned across the Globe,
Her children have honored her everywhere they were,
But now they don’t regard her as their own

No Mother has fell further than Africa
She was once adorned with diamonds and gold,
She had treasuries in abundance and charity galore,
But now she sits impoverished and alone

No Mother has fell further than Africa
She once had children who stood tall and blameless,
It was they who brought the Earth in to Civilization,
But now her children are enslaved and nameless

No Mother has fell further than Africa
It was she whom the Ntchru first conceived,
In return she taught her children true Knowledge of Self,
But now her children are confused and deceived

No Mother has fell further than Africa
She once had the most revered melanin on Earth,
Within her was the likeness of the Universe,
But now her children see that darkness as a curse

No Mother has fell further than Africa,
She was once the seat of Balance and Maat,
She held Nature in Harmony and the Cosmos in Rhythm,
But now Esfet rules over her lot

No Mother has fell further than Africa,
For she once commanded the greatest army in the land
The warriors who maintained her as the Queen-Mother of Queen-Mothers
But now they watch as she is consumed by sand and man

No Mother has fell further

9 thoughts on ““No Mother has fell further than Africa” — A Poem by Onitaset Kumat

  1. Baba and Iya

    We here at firstworldpeople, are always touched by your profound wisdom. We are on the verge of giving up here in Mother Africa, but after hearing this poem, how can we give up?

  2. Molo Tata

    We Give Thankhs fe the wisdom..I believe an awakened Afrikan will stand to defend its mother to all the cost..

    this was a fiyah filled poem..

    Ase King Onitaset!

  3. Peace King! How you been brother? haven’t chatted with you in awhile. I hope things are going well fro you.

    1. Peace,

      Things could be way better. I need more recruits. As much as I stress quality over quantity and as much quality as I organize with, we need numbers bad; but the winter showing the sunshine soldiers.

      How are things with you?

      1. I’m doing pretty good. I’m just busy getting ready to move. I’m boxing up a lot of stuff. I’m getting a bigger place in about a month. You don’t realize how much junk you collect over years until you have to box it all up.lol But change is good though. We all have to adapt to the changes around us. I haven’t been blogging as much as I like though. I just have a lot of personal things going on at the moment but I’m hanging in there as best I can.

  4. Since Africa was the cradle of mankind, what caused europeans to lose their melanin? Could this same trauma to anglos be in any way responsible for their behavior?
    White folks are an anomaly within the human experience, i.e. being genetically inclined to steal, lie and murder, like no other people.
    I would love to discuss this subject.

    Olatashiyu The unifier

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