The Story of Rekia Boyd

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solutions for Africans is Africans.” — Onitaset Kumat

Today’s article is a breaking news story: the Story of Rekia Boyd.  It is related to The Story of Emmett Till, the Story of Trayvon Martin and the Story of Ramarley Graham.  All of which are one story, the Story of Occidental/Original interactions: The Allegory of the Inevitable Murder.

For my part, I will provide news sites and videos, plus poignant, unique commentary.  Please share these stories: Our Press historically relies upon those in the know informing those out.  Write the ABS about building a safe-haven, an African Blood Siblings Community Center, for your community.  Subscribe, share, love.

The Story of Rekia Boyd
By Onitaset Kumat

The only thing that is humiliating is helplessness.

— KMT Proverb[1]

On March 22nd, 2012, a European off-duty Chicago Police officer shot Africans Rekia Boyd, 22, and Antonio Cross, 39, killing the former.  This incident is a tragedy.  Because we as an African people are not widely supporting those in Chicago whom will tell show the Police officers that this incident is unforgivable.  Rekia Boyd was one of the four Africans standing on a corner, when a Occidental, believing himself to address his property, by his report, asked told the four Originals to quiet down.  He then fired unapologetically on the four Africans, claiming to have suspected Antonio Cross’ phone as a gun (though Antonio was conversing with a friend).  Rekia was shot in the head and later pronounced dead.  The European’s Police Union has called her death “Justified.”

The heart of this story is untold.  We are informed that 60-70 unarmed Africans were hanging out in Douglas Park around 1 AM.  But beyond this, we do not know what happened.  But truly “what happened” is spelled out.  A White man attempted to murder four people and the Police are now defending him.

Because we should get this straight.  In Africa, we used to celebrate throughout the night–but we were stolen from Africa and now told that we can’t.  Nevertheless, in Europe and in America, European people support ‘nightlife’ which goes much pass 1 AM and doesn’t lead to state-sponsored murder.  Anywhere in the world, no one non-African is murdered for their nightly activities (even riots after sports games where cars burn and stores are looted don’t lead to state-sponsored murder)

Yet here, we are a people whom have no power and no community so as to have avoided this ugly incident.  Why would this off-duty Officer, with his hand on his gun, drive up to Africans to tell them to quiet down?  And why do we pay their salaries?  In addition, how loud could Rekia Boyd have been if Antonio Cross was on the phone?  This European, drove into our neighborhood, looking to murder us, and we don’t support organizations that can make these Europeans as upset over this incident as we are.

This is why African people need to subscribe en masse to the African Blood Siblings’ newsletter.  Because we lack prosperous, independent African communities.  And this destitution is at the forefront of this murder.  Because African people are the only people in America who are regular victims of state-sponsored Murder and state-sponsored Rape.

With any other people, if a European mistook a man on a cellphone as a man pointing a gun, that European would receive the death penalty.  But because we’re dealing with a people without a community and without intelligent leadership, this European is protected and called justified!  Clearly, this should be a wake-up call.

So everyone should ask “What can I do?” rather than saying “This has to stop.”   Because Marcus Garvey said: “[We] must not mistake lip-service and noise for bravery and service.”  And “This has to stop” won’t “stop” anything.

To answer what you can do, subscribe to African Blood Siblings.  Subscribe all loved ones to African Blood Siblings.  Study every part of the Membership page.  Especially the literature on “The Trinity of Liberation” and “The Units of Organization.”  Read around this newsletter.  Then ask how you can be of use to create prosperous, independent African communities at home and abroad.  When you are thus employed, tragedies like the Story of Rekia Boyd will be no more.  Because we will be able to police ourselves as other people do.  And we won’t allow any trigger-happy confused people in our communities, just as other people don’t.

Already the interest in Rekia Boyd is waning.  That’s what Europeans want from us.  We must keep our needs in the forefront.  Subscribe now.  For a lack of support, will keep us on the path to destruction.  We should not allow this.

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25 thoughts on “The Story of Rekia Boyd

  1. We’ve made ourselves “sittinducks”. While we debate lil Wayne’s dislike for Black women, light vs. dark skin and why White men don’t date and marry Black women, we’re being used for target practice across the country. The Black man is so stuck on recording about Black “bitches” and “hos” and the “so-called nasty ghetto life” he can’t see the enemy all around him.

    1. It’s remarkable. These incidents only happen to us. Yet we don’t see a reason to be serious about a reaction. We say we want to ‘make it stop’ but ‘action speaks louder than words.’ It’s almost as if we want it to continue. Rekia Boyd’s blood is on all of our hands. We pay the European to “quiet us down.” He finds it fit to permanently silence.

      1. The only way to make it stop is an organized united front. People respect orgainization, and there is certainly strength in numbers. We’re so pathetic as a people, that we don’t even have African-American community centers. Community centers serve as stabilizing forces for the neighborhood. This is why you see so many other groups set them up. Where I live in Upstate NY, groups such as: Guyanese, Dominicans, etc. already have community centers or something akin to one and they have been a force in the area for only a few decades. Blacks in the area are now renting and buying from them. How the hell does this happen?

  2. Excellent perspective on these recent happenings, fam. If its ever a time for us Africans to come together and start protecting ourselves and getting things right, it is now! 2012 is here and the universe has been sending us sign after sign that we need to start focusing on US and ONLY US. Just like Dick Gregory said recently, we need to stop getting so emotional and start figuring out what is really going on… Not on an emotional level but on a logical and spiritual level.


    1. It has always been timely for us to protect ourselves and come together. The Universe and the ancestors have always thus informed us. We need to take heed to Marcus Garvey’s words:

      “[We] must not mistake lip-service and noise for bravery and service.”

      Too often we forget the need for bravery and the need for service. Too often we kowtow to those without notches on their belts. These habits should be over.
      We should not be talking about justice–we should be making justice.
      Rekia Boyd wasn’t only a murder victim. She was the African woman that we all saw last week, who we can not see this week. And not because of some crazy European. For Europeans have murdered us and themselves for millenniums.
      This beautiful African woman can not again be seen because we are too often too passive on our own liberation.
      Dick Gregory says Black voices made Trayvon Martin a story. Dick Gregory tells you that the Police would have dismissed him as one of the tens of thousands missing every year–even though they had his body! Dick Gregory is telling you what I have been telling you–WE NEED AN AFRICAN COMMUNITY.
      Every African should subscribe to this newsletter. This is an example of bravery and service. Others give lip-service and others give noise. But we need our people to stand tall, practice righteousness, and study our ways.
      Because Rekia Boyd happened because we have our hands up–and think that those whom most hurt us are going to help us.
      We must Maroon and Build For Self. We must hear African voices in tuned with Originalism. We must organize with the African Blood Siblings.

      So as a litmus test for us to distinguish those who give service and those who give lip-service against our troubles, ask if they are subscribed to the African Blood Siblings newsletter. Because if they are not subscribed to the only organization studying the laws of nature, harmony and morality then they do not expect to liberate anyone. They are only putting up their hands for another Rekia Boyd. For our ancestors in KMT said:

      Organization is impossible unless those who know the laws of harmony lay the foundation.


  3. These uncle toms such as all Sharpton stated at the rally for the young Martin brother for everyone to “remain calm and dont get to upset and play into the other peoples hands” LOl and those so called negroes cheered! The little Martin brother wasnt calm and he fought for his life. Negroes are cowards and Al is thier cheerleader>>>>>>>>>>>

    1. I agree with Dick Gregory, to stay calm, analyze, come together as a people and plan a counter-strategy. I don’t know what Al Sharpton meant by “don’t get too upset and play into the other peoples hands”. This sounds like a veiled threat to me. We have gotten the same message from these so-called leaders for a long time, and things have gotten worse. It is worth noting that I never hear the word organization come out of their mouths. We need to support people who are talking about organization and not just hollering “No Justice, No Peace.”

    2. Rahim El,

      To Sharpton’s credit, he’s not publicly insulting his own people. African people should not be calling ourselves “Negroes” or “Uncle Toms.” We should be supporting those whom are fighting for our cause. If you want to “denounce” Sharpton, you can. But who are you “pronouncing?” Whom is the African whom deserves praise?

      When one writes “So-called Negroes” and “Negroes are cowards” it doesn’t add to any essence of our liberation. If you have no idea whom to “pronounce,” “pronounce” the African Blood Siblings. Because in the presentation of an alternative to African people, we broaden our horizon, from the cowardice you disagree with, to the liberation with which you should agree.

      So in the European individualist sense you can denounce whomever you want. But if you are serious about our liberation. Then let’s not insult ourselves, but raise ourselves so as to give respect to these youth whom too young are becoming ancestors.


      1. First in every revolution the enemies among us should be exposed. If you dont know that Mr.Sharpton and his kind are paid agents of the the powers that be, then now you have been enlightened. Our people have a social problem and in a profound sense it is spiritual. We in a collectives sense are civicly dead. From Mr. Basin to Dick although for the latter brother i appreciate the health piece, they are preachers, entertainers, talkshow host and activist for a unachievable cause black power. Let me explain. There are no negro, black or colored, african american people ever made by our maker! These are slave names given to slaves which has no connection to the human family or our great ForeFathers and Mothers. Our leaders must be real and not made by romans who in fact killed Jesus 2000 years ago, young Martin and sweet sister Boyd! We are in our own land North South and Central America and been here for over 50 thousand years and are apologizing for being here and even being born……..Study Moorish Science……..Noble Drew Ali Teachings and be wise and Know Thyself. I am a student. Read Dr, Amos Wilson Blueprint for (Black) Moorish power. No one is our friend who sleeps and courts our enemies, whom our traiters to our trust and people. I rest my my case but not the the cause for LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE, FREEDOM AND JUSTICE.

      2. Often times on the continent, before we speak in a public assembly, we assure those listening that we’ll speak the truth as best we can. So here I will speak the truth, with the forewarning that in the interest of truth I’m going to bring it to you.

        Firstly, you’re speaking of revolution as if you’re organizing a revolt. I’ve heard words of ‘revolution’ by unarmed Africans for years now. It’s a meaningful word too often used without meaning. You’re claiming that there are enemies of your revolution and not naming allies of your revolution. This is how it often is. But from my experience, people are naming enemies and not allies because there is no ‘revolution’ to ally with.

        Secondly, too often do I hear about what African is an enemy and not what European is an enemy. Why is it that so-called “Enlightened” people are always waging war on other Africans and not on Europeans? The other day, I heard a man on the street praising Marcus Garvey but quieting down when a White man was nearby. Now, I don’t care to talk to White men, but I also don’t care to fight African people. Yet here, you come and call my people “Negroes” and think that you’re stepping correct. Re-evaluate yourself.

        Thirdly, 98% of Africans in America work for Europeans. Though Sharpton collects his paycheck from Europeans, so too do most Africans. But there is a reason. African people are not financing African leadership. The African Blood Siblings has some supporters, but let’s use you as an example: Europeans are financing Sharpton, who are you financing? Until you support African leadership, why are you complaining when Europeans do?

        Fourthly, you’re openly objecting to “Black power” based on ‘dictional’ argument. You’re saying that there’s no “Black” people so there can’t be “Black power.” That’s a waste of breath. More–you promote the idea of “Moors.” But get something straight, the Moors were the Africans who gave the Europeans guns, taught the Europeans how to shoot, had sex with the Europeans, and told the Europeans to go to Africa and America. As far as the trans-Atlantic slave trade and trans-Saharan slave trade are concerned, the Moors are the root of traitors. And I’m not telling you what I think, I am telling you what I know. Sharpton never took me from Africa–but Moors did. You have to understand what you’re preaching ‘student.’

        Fifthly, as far as “slave names” are concerned, what do you think Rahim El is? The Arab is an Oriental. The Orientals are the Enslavers. The Orientals enslaved the Occidentals and the Originals. This is a fact. So it is very ridiculous for you to whine about ‘slave names’ naming yourself after an Arab, whose enslavement of Europeans and Africans goes back toward the time of Egypt’s unification. We’re dealing with facts, “student.”

        Sixthly, you should be about something concrete. It doesn’t matter how much you study. What matters is how much you support today’s African leadership. That’s what matters. You can study until you grow another brain, but you won’t build anything until you give to your architects. Don’t talk about “revolution” talk about “Community Centers” and “Healthy Grocery Stores” and “Light Manufacturing.” Because everyone knows that a revolution has a ‘goal.’ And if you’re talking more about the fight than the goals than you’re talking about fantasies.

        Now I brought you the truth.


    1. Dabriah,

      Yes. But there are a means through which we can. Above under membership[1], study all that is written. The means toward liberation must be had respecting the laws of nature, harmony and morality. Our issue is this individualism that tells us that we are our own leaders rather than people who ought give deference to those whom are capable of leading us into prosperous, independent African communities. We need a community to be free. So it’s incumbent upon us to support leadership geared thereat.



  4. I read a very interesting post by Alton Maddox this morning. Brother Maddox gives us some valuable tips concerning homicide and the law. He is known for his brilliance as a lawyer. Here is what he tells us:

    Any homicide requires a criminal prosecution and a jury verdict.
    The point that is missing, however, is that only a judge or a jury
    may find a reason for an acquittal.

    The condition precedent for an acquittal is an arrest. Zimmerman
    is not willing to submit himself to the jurisdiction of the court, and
    public officials are not willing to arrest him. Any claim of self-de
    fense may be invoked after the prosecutor presents it’s case to a
    petit jury. It is premature to present this claim of self-defense be-
    fore trial.
    A claim of self-defense is a jury question. It is incumbent upon a
    defendent to make this claim at trial.
    The Special Prosecutor must be unbiased and the Grand Jury in-
    vestigation should have started yesterday. Zimmerman has already
    admitted he killed Martin.

    1. That letter is reprinted here:

      Chairman Maddox explains it in his next email:

      There is more to the shooting of an unarmed Trayvon Martin than what is being printed or aired in the news media. George Zimmerman, the vigilante, is being protected by the law enforcement community, the business community and the news media. A special prosecutor has been appointed to hide the motives of these special interests.

      1. In Brother Maddox post today,” Cover-ups: Graham and Martin” he sheds light on the lack of empaneling a Grand Jury, and the significance of this. The following is an excerpt from his post:

        “Any police leak before the formulation of a grand jury is not a criminal leak. This is the reason why Florida is waiting until April 10 before it impanels a grand jury to conduct the investigation. It also allows for the trail to grow cold.”

    1. I want every African person to read what Josh here writes.

      A beautiful African woman is slain in cold blood. There’s no evidence that she was speaking loudly (and notice that no one is charged with ‘disturbing the peace’). In fact, the person suspected of gun ownership was speaking on the phone. How loud could she have been if a man by her was talking on the phone?

      Nevertheless, here comes this uninvited White person to tell us that we need to quiet down and how justified her death is.

      And see–this is not an atypical White person. Some Black people will mislead you into thinking that this is a ‘racist’ White person–an ‘exceptional’ White person–a unique White person. This isn’t.

      Josh represents the White man and is proud of his representation thereon. Not because he writes “People are going to get tired . . ..” Though this should fill you in. It’s because his view is that African people are property first and foremost.

      So Josh has been loud at 1 AM. Sure. Of course. But if African people, whom were robbed from their culture, choose to express themselves, as Josh has certainly done, African people deserve death. That’s what Josh writes.

      He blames Rekia Boyd for doing what everyone does. See because every European city has a nightlife. Most every European gets ridiculously drunk and harasses and harangues the public. Most every European is loud at 22. But here, Rekia Boyd, who likely wasn’t loud, was just 22, and she was killed. And this White man comes in to say that it was justified.

      Is there anything else that needs to be said on the nature of White people?

      There’s a phrase called “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth.” It’s origin is in horse racing. Where a person would jokingly accredit their wisdom on who will win the race as coming straight from the horse. It’s funny. But it’s here relevant.

      This White man here tells you that he’s glad that your Sister died. That’s sufficient information for what the next step should be.

  5. Sister Dr. Marimba Ani wrote a book called Eurogu and she did a lecture on it as well. I suggest its reading or lecture on dvd. We are in a perpetual state of apologizing for being born partly because we dont know really who we are, in fact where we are and where we really came from and when. We suffer from mental slavery. It is tragict when we dont know this. Rekia belongs we need to educte all of our people ourselves on this. We are not thousands of miles from home we are in fact Home! Europeans are thousands of miles from where our ancesters placed them (europe) over several thousand years ago. He is a predator and we are his prey. Never forget his nature. No police review boards, probes, internal investigations, votes, hate crime investigations, special prosecuters, marches or sit-in, rallies, sermons, ballots,black caucases, political offices will stop the lynchings. Whe we reach the highest offices in this land our good Dr. Amos Wilson said “we will Die by the Thousands in the Street” I guess one who reads this may call me a sepertist……..better yet a nationalist is befitting. Like the Algerians in their revolution gave the French until sundown to leave or else. They left and in a big hurry. We belong here this is the land of Egypt not Egypt in the sense of Egypt on the other side of the atlantic. The Pharaohs of Egypt had mandate over this land for over fifty thousand years. So who belongs walking on this soil, us………..All these vampires need to go suck on europes breast. Become aware brothers and sisters study Moorish Science, Noble Drew Ali. Peace

    1. The book title of Marimba Ani’s is “Yurugu.” In upcoming days I will supply a lecture and some lecture notes.

      But Marcus Garvey wrote:

      “[We] must not mistake lip-service and noise for bravery and service.”

      I agree that we must educate the people. Hence why this website exists. But I’m not just saying “we need to educate,” I’m educating.

      So many times, African people are prophetic or phonetic. We need to get kinetic. All other addresses to the struggle are pathetic.


  6. @SoulTrain4

    The case of Rekia Boyd is exceptionally upsetting because the officer and the administrators have shown contempt or a sense of uncaring about the whole situation.

    I recently saw this case on Democracy Now! and I have checked out an expansive article on the subject and have learned that the police refused to even confirm or deny the name of the officer who did this. They won’t even allow the family the courtesy of knowing who was involved.

    The Rekia Boyd situation comes off the heels of another Chicago Police murder: Darrin Hanna. Hanna, 45, was beaten by 6 Chicago Police officers while he was being detained. Coroners found 6 wounds on his face and 11 taser marks on his back.

    I don’t expect many to know about Hanna, he wasn’t a choir boy. One of his causes of death was chronic cocaine usage and he was being detained because he allegedly abused a pregnant woman.

    Hanna was killed in November 2011, Boyd was killed in March 2012 both by Chicago Police. While we all clutch hands to hope for justice in the Trayvon Martin scenario, we cannot forget those who came before him (like Hanna) and those who will come after (like Boyd).

    We must demand more accountability in our communities, we must demand justice for ALL, whether they are innocent like Rekia Boyd & Trayvon Martin or are questionable like Darrin Hanna. When you make it okay to kill, the killing becomes indiscriminate. When you allow justifications, they all become justified.

    1. I agree, murder is murder. It doesn’t matter what the background of an individual is, it doesn’t give police or anyone else the right to kill them. It is imperative that we protect our communities in every way. If we don’t look out for each other, no one else will. And if we turn our heads on injustices suffered by one; then we are complicit in those injustices and our own victimization may be right around the corner.

      1. Well, we need to be clear about what “those injustices” are.

        White people do not perceive our deaths as unjust and it’s culturally imperialistic for us to impose upon them our definition of justice.

        Therefore, what is the injustice? The injustice is in our association with people who do not perceive an injustice in our death.

        Thus, the injustice to oppose is our forced association with White people (Occidentals.)

        Therefore, we must support organizations which not only propagate the reality of justice and injustice; but also organizations which organize Black people to be self-loving, self-determining and self-organized.

        This is the African Blood Siblings, which have the Maroons, among other ancestors, as inspiration. Many of our people didn’t like our enslavement. Many of us opposed the system. But it’s the Maroons who separated themselves from the plantation system. And it was the Maroons who struck fear in the planters and who liberated some of our enslaved people.

        One of ABS’ earliest articles is from a White person. It’s worth reading because Toussaint read it himself.

        It encourages Black people to overthrow our enslavement. But importantly it sets the context with “two fugitive colonies.” That is–the Maroons.

        This is a strong lesson for our people–from an unlikely source.


    2. Hotep,

      We have a plethora of ways of looking at these deaths. But it’s incumbent upon us to support organizations which look correctly at addressing these deaths.

      The problem with Darrin Hanna and Rekia Boyd is that Occidentals (White people) are policing Originals (Black people.)

      For over 200,000 years we policed ourselves. But somehow, today, we are not seen as capable of doling out justice upon ourselves.

      If an American does something bad to an Englishperson. That American is subject to American laws. Not English laws.

      Meanwhile, if an African does something “bad,” even to an African, that African is subject to the laws of Europeans. This is not only in America. This is in Africa, too.

      When we look at other people: Jewish, Chinese, Italian, and so forth; they do not have problems with Police Brutality. Namely because they do not allow (other) Europeans to police them and they have prosperous, independent communities.

      As such, we as African people must support Prosperous, Independent African Communities. In this we can police ourselves. Right now, without the excess revenues from our profitable infrastructures, we can’t even finance our own self-protection.

      Thusly, we can’t put the cart before the horse. If we want ‘justice’ we must support the infrastructure for African justice. Namely, we must support organizations that promote prosperous, independent African communities.

      The African Blood Siblings is the only such organization.

      Support can be financial but it can also be social. We must help propagate the messages herein. Otherwise, what defense are we putting against the predations put against our people?

      That’s the question. To ‘demand justice’ we must organize. This is the purpose behind signing people up for our newsletter.

      HTP Sibling

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