The Fourth Necessity

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“Food, Clothing and Shelter” — Anonymous

We have heretofore been confused over the Necessities of Life; believing wrongly that there are three rather than four needs.  This belief needs a heavy revision.  Little more confuses us than what is necessary.  Read this Newsletter, Write this Organization to Rally for African Blood Siblings Community Centers to Restore Independence.  Subscribe, Share, Love.

The Fourth Necessity
By Onitaset Kumat

Food, Clothing and Shelter — Anonymous

African Blood Sibling, in Nigeria by 800 AD your ancestors built Eredo, the largest pre-modern structure in the world. Its rampart is 100 miles long and encloses more than 400 square miles. Later, in Benin, they built the largest pre-modern city in the world: enclosing 2,500 square miles. All over Africa, men and women of your race and ability, created the most magnificient communities the world has ever known.

It is within you to receive the best, for within you is the best. But what can we make of your condition today? You are to eat the Fruits of the Earth in their purest form, you are to dress in the patterns of the Cosmos, and you are to live in spaces designed to accommodate the great unseen. Others should be eating the crumbs of the Earth, not you. Let them feast on the genetically-modified and non-nutritional. Let them consume the adverse and curtail their contentment and continuation. That’s not for you. Let them show in their dress their occupation. Let the European or Asian youth dress for Brothels and Prisons; our young should show their minds not their behinds. Ours should never don work clothes. Ours should only work for ours; that uniform is the highest fashion. You should not live in those packed lightless, stuffy, cold apartments, nor those capacious, quiet mansions. Be amongst the ancestors and neighbors in your home. Let the others be without Community where they live. You are deserving of the finest, for you are. It is said that “Food, Clothing and Shelter” are the necessities of life. But there is a Fourth Necessity. For we have Food, Clothing and Shelter, but something is wrong when we of a mighty people accept so many grades below what we are due and what we can make. You must know the Fourth Necessity. Others need not, but you must know and share it.

Actually we are slaves to the cost of living.Carolina Maria de Jesus

I have something to ask you. If I offered you $500 an hour to work for me in my city; before you pack your bags, what should you know of my city?

The cost of my cheapest staple. For $500 an hour may seem like a lot, but it is not objective, it is subjective. If I control the cost of living, I can charge $20,000 for a loaf of bread. Then are you free or enslaved?

This is the predicament that happened to our ancestors. This is the predicament that is happening to us. For we were taught of three necessities. But only the Fourth Necessity keeps us from the predicament of dependence. This is why Dependence is called Poverty and Poverty is called Slavery, or “Dependence is Poverty is Slavery.” You can not be liberated without the Fourth Necessity. Only with the Fourth can you be at peace.

No race can prosper till it learns that there is as much dignity in tilling a field as in writing a poem.Booker T. Washington

In the African Blood Siblings, we name those local places of businesses “Local Economic Centers” (LEC). In my city, I see LEC constantly being renovated, with new and old Europeans and Asians, sustaining themselves on our wealth. It is said that LEC can close between Saturday and Thursday, because the European gives his money on Friday to get his money on Friday and we Africans please his return of wealth weekly–effectively still working for free. Individually we have little faith in our economy. Yet locally millions of dollars are lost to Europeans and Asians every Friday; they have faith in our spending power. But we should too. Go to your LEC, see everything, and know that you sustain it. Go to the richest neighborhoods you can find, look at those Mansions in awe, know that, that’s your money supplying that opulence. And know too, that with the Fourth Necessity, you can transform your LEC to a Prosperous, Independent African Community. This is the aim of the African Blood Siblings, and you can see that you already possess the resources to make this a reality for you, yours and your descendants.

The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness.KMT Proverbs

For chanting “Food, Clothing and Shelter” is not enough to create a Prosperous, Independent African Community. Some institutions even give you “Food, Clothing and Shelter” and presume therefore that a Prosperous, Independent African Community will blossom from the gift-giving. But though this was alright in the past; hereafter there is no excuse. The African Blood Siblings points us toward the true Necessities of Life: Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness! Hereafter spreading this truth and making it a reality is your mission. We can no longer just talk. We can talk. But we must walk as well. To liberate our race, you must give toward Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness. When we as a people, give toward these needs, we will be of that Prosperous, Independent African Community able then to restore our Continental and Diaspora!

Fundamentally, the Original’s ideology is “Restorism.”Onitaset Kumat

All else are distractions. All other organizations are distractions. All other dialogue is distraction. The African Blood Siblings is the only Organization in the world Promoting African Consciousness. Therefore, it exclusively provides a fundamental necessity for the entirety of the race. What a lofty position. And yet, what a convenience to you. For it means that you are now in contact with the only non-distraction in the World. But aren’t your Siblings engaged in distractions? As in, aren’t your Siblings unaware that they must focus on the Fourth Necessity of Life? If so, hereafter, isn’t it upon you to be a soldier for the African Blood Siblings, so that your Siblings all over the world can reconnect through African Blood Siblings Community Centers, where Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness is created? Isn’t it upon you to become a soldier for the most righteous cause in this world? Are you yet sharing the documents that you read in this newsletter; necessities in and of themselves?

Poverty is Slavery — African Proverb (Somalia)

For what happens when you do not create that African Blood Siblings Community Center within your Community? Most of us do not have a Community Center; so without a Center, most of us do not have Communities; even in geometry, nothing with a form is without a center. Without Communities we are not Independent, therefore we are not Prosperous and therefore we are not Liberated. For as Dependence is Poverty is Slavery, Independence is Prosperity is Liberty. So “What is Responsibility?” When you possess the means toward African Liberation, and you let that Independence, Prosperity and Liberty slip from your fingers, are you blameless? Are you Responsible? You are living the consequences of inaction. Our people are suffering today, anywhere and everywhere. You possess the intelligence to make your mark on this world. The question becomes, will you be a Responsible Sibling?

Pay for what you need.Onitaset Kumat

The ABS is the exclusive provider of the Fourth Necessity. The Fourth Necessity brings about the First Three: Racial Independence in the Cost of Living. There is then a Cost of Creativity. You are Creative, but that Creativity needs to be evoked and the African Blood Siblings provides that outlet toward Prosperous, Indepedent African Communities. If you are doing nothing now, cease forever. The time to read and get readers for the ABS is now. The time to write and underwrite the ABS is now. The time to rally for the ABS and ABSCC is now. If you have not yet, read “Maroon and Build For Self” then let’s Maroon and Build For Self. You can not sit there. Never again sit there. You are of the African Blood Siblings. You shall create of your Continent the epitome of Civilization. And your ancestors and your descendants shall say of your legacy, “You Restored Africa!”

Stand up, look your spirit in the mirror and say it true: “You Restored Africa!”

Ase, Nsa and Hotep!

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