An African Libation

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“Ours is a problem of not building African Blood Siblings Community Centers (ABSCC), communal spots of restorative consciousness to raise us into loving, knowledgeable and wise Africans.” — Onitaset Kumat

Today’s article is an African libation written under the guidance of the Akan tradition.  Much of the earliest recorded writings were libations, praises to the most high, the mediating spirits, the bodies of water, ancestral spirits and more.  When it came to written works, our ancestors rarely recorded history.  History instead passed on orally; through songs and dialogue–hence why our liberation must begin with interpersonal communication.  Nevertheless, I include history in this libation.  Much of the history in this libation is explained in Maroon and Build For Self.  Please enjoy.  And write the ABS about building an African Blood Siblings Community Center.  Subscribe, share, love.

An African Libation
By Onitaset Kumat

Always, we begin by praising the Most High.  Following, we acknowledge and praise those mediators, ancestral spirits,forever interacting with us.  Then, we recognize the bodies of water that sustained us: they come and go.  Their names are often lost.  But we know 880 centuries ago we had culture in the Kongo.  And we moved from river to river; creating the greatest civilization atop the rich soils of the Nile, finally becoming dispersed from interracial conflicts, Asian and European, to the point where Kemet is in the Yoruba’s Yogic tradition, the Dogon’s astrophysics, the Igbo’s pyramids, the Masaii’s dress, and infinite other presentations of fragmentation, especially in each African heart; yet we thank and emulate those ancestors whom will to piece us together again.  To take our disunity from traversing the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific and to bring it back to the Africa within us.  We are grateful to too many ancestors to imagine naming.  So many were like trees, watching over the seeds of their Siblings to raise them to watch over the seeds of their children.  So many were like the drums, calling the spiritual plane down to the African listener.  So many were like their ancestors, reminding each new generation of what we are!  No amount of names can do our ancestry justice:  Nanny, Nzingha, Taharqa are not enough names.  Great as they are.  We are an African people and Africa is our ancestor for which we are eternally praising.  All of our ancestors assist us that we may assist our descendants to return to Africa and reclaim the Africa within us!  We only need to look into the mirror and see the multitude of faces looking back.  We are in their images and we are all beautiful and all-African.  We must continue our ancestral devotion to Africa and assure that our offspring know more about our Mother until the generation where the circle is completed.

Ase, Nsa and Hotep!

2 thoughts on “An African Libation

  1. Before I comment, I would like to ask a question. Are there really normal intelligent Black people out there who actually questions whether we as a people should organize?

    1. There are people who do not think that organization will do anything. To their credit, this is a half-truth. If we do not organize along the laws of harmony, morality and nature, then our organization will be a failure and not toward our liberation. However, African Blood Siblings organizes along those laws, so that’s a non-issue.

      See the laws spelled out under Lore:


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