“Road To Murder: The Enslavement of Michael Jackson” by Dallas Newton

A regular reader, Sister Dallas Newton, wrote this piece entitled “Road To Murder: The Enslavement of Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)” to share the truth surrounding Michael Jackson’s death that’s been under wraps even three years later.  It’s a powerful piece that must be spread.

“Road To Murder: The Enslavement of Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)”
By Dallas Newton

The title of this article may sound shocking, but I have come to suspect that it is probably more plausible than not. This is based on Information contained in the books written by Leonard Rowe; “What Really Happened to Michael Jackson”; Aphrodite Jones, “Michael Jackson Conspiracy”; and LaToya Jackson, “Starting Over”; This damning information which destroys the validity of the will and the credibility of the named executors, has yet to be disputed or challenged by those implicated in a fraud perpetrated on the court, and who are now in charge of Michael Jackson’s vast estate, serving as it’s executors. Who are these men?

They were at one time thought to be trusted employees of Michael Jackson, serving as his lawyers and advisors. John Branca, a lawyer, actually engineered the acquisition of Michael’s valuable music catalogue, which included the Beatles songs. The other executor is John McClain, who is an executive in the music industry. Both men had been fired by Michael Jackson in February 2003, for among other reasons, embezzlement of millions of Michael’s money and conflict of interest. “On February 3, 2003, Michael instructed Branca to turn over to his new attorneys all records, files, and papers dealing with his personal and business life…No will was ever turned over to Michael’s new attorney. In addition, it is reported that Michael’s Interfor investigators (A private investigation company) uncovered an improper relationship between Tommy Mottola and John Branca;”[1] “whereby Branca and Mottola were allegedly funneling Michael’s money to offshore accounts in the Caribbean. The Interfor report caused Michael Jackson great anguish and Michael demanded that Branca was never to have anything to do with him, his business, his family, or his personal life again.”[2] So how did these two men whom Michael dismissed from his life forever, come to be in charge of his billion dollar estate? How did control and thus ownership of his estate leave out his natural heirs?

According to the reading of Michael’s Contract with AEG, (the agency promoting his “This Is It Tour”) he had been made a virtual “economic” slave. He could be made to perform like a puppet at the command of AEG and receive little or nothing in the way of compensation. “….When a reasonable person takes a look at the contract between Michael Jackson and AEG, you ……will be left with the undeniable feeling that Michael Jackson had been placed on an economic plantation with AEG as the master and overseer of all that Michael Jackson did or could do.”[3] How was this done? Apparently, Michael was put into this situation, because he trusted two people: his business overseer, Dr. Tohme Tohme, who was referred to him by Jermaine Jackson, and his lawyer at the time, Dennis Hawk, who was to work in his best interest, where it involves contracts. These two employees of Michael Jackson’s appear to be instrumental in his “economic enslavement” to AEG, the agency that was promoting his “This Is It Tour”.

Dr. Tohme Tohme was responsible for running the Michael Jackson Company, LLC, when Michael died. Unbeknownst to Michael, Dr. Tohme Tohme entered into a separate agreement with AEG, involving his own company known as TT International, where he was being paid $100,000. Clearly, this was a conflict of interest. To add insult to injury, the $100,000 paid to Dr. Tohme Tohme was “considered an advance against Michael Jackson’s contingent compensation.”[4] Let’s get this straight. Dr. Tohme Tohme was being paid by Michael to look out for his best interests in doing business with companies such as AEG, and Dr. Tohme Tohme was also on the payroll for AEG, except Michael will ultimately be the one who pays for the betrayal.

We do know that Dr. Tohme Tohme blocked very lucrative deals being offered to Michael during this time. One such offer was for $15 million for one show. In addition, his mother would be paid $2 million dollars. Offers such as this would free Michael up from any financial hold AEG had on him at the time, including the outrageous amount being paid for rent for the estate he ultimately died at. Michael had to reimburse AEG for the months he stayed there at $100,000 a month contracted by AEG.

As mentioned earlier, Dennis Hawk was Michael’s lawyer, who should have been looking out for the interest of his client when it came to contracts. Quite to the contrary, the contract drawn up for Michael’s “This Is It Tour” was totally one-sided in favor of AEG and reduced Michael to a virtual Slave.

The term of Michael Jackson’s contract with AEG went well beyond the London O2 Arena shows from July, 2009 until February, 2010. The AEG contract, however, doesn’t end until December 31st, 2011. To extend Michael’s contract beyond the O2 London shows, make no sense, since Michael’s awesome drawing power precluded any risk on the part of AEG. In addition, all expenses incurred by AEG on Michael’s behalf were subtracted from ticket sales. AEG also took out an insurance policy in the event of Michael’s death worth millions of dollars. Michael was responsible for paying the premiums on this insurance, where AEG was the sole beneficiary. This insurance policy covered all AEG’s losses, but the contract still put claims on his estate after his death. The terms and conditions of this lopsided contract were to be kept “strictly confidential.” This makes sense in light of the fact that the contract called for Michael to assume all cost, production and artist cost, leaving AEG in essence assuming no risks. This contract also allowed AEG to withhold Michael’s money made from the tour for an extra 60 days. According to Leonard Rowe, it is customary for an artist on tour to be paid every Monday morning. This creates an even further financial straitjacket for Michael and a dependency on AEG. Two months of figuring out an artist pay after they have already earned it seems ridiculous and criminal. It is even more ridiculous and criminal that Michael’s attorney, Dennis Hawk, would allow any contract putting up as collateral, The Michael Jackson Company, LLC.. But this is exactly what happened in return for a $15 million advance AEG gave Michael for the purchase of a house in Las Vegas.

By owning the Michael Jackson Company, AEG would own his publishing rights and catalogue, investment holdings, his memorabilia, and his many grammy awards. AEG essentially would own Michael Jackson. Under this contract even if Michael filed bankruptcy he would be in default, and he would summarily lose his entire fortune to AEG. After putting Michael into this financial straightjacket, John Branca and Frank DiLeo were brought back into his life under threat that if he did not go along with this, AEG would pull the plug. John Branca was literally forced back into his life days before he died. At this time, Michael was quite sick, including brain swelling. A doctor had previously advised that Michael should be brought to the hospital right away after he learned of his symptoms. The doctor said they were classic symptoms of poisoning.

In conclusion, it is not a stretch to compare Michael’s last month’s alive to major aspects of sharecropping, a form of slavery. We have a few white men who totally disrespected any rights under the law that Michael was entitled to. These include the duties and responsibilities a lawyer and business overseer is bound to in the course of employment by another. In ruling on Dred Scott v. Sanford, Justice Roger Taney said “A Black man has no rights; a white man is bound to respect.” This certainly seems to be the standard applied in the case of Michael Jackson. In particular, the withholding of pay for two months after a contract has been fulfilled, while AEG figures out what Michael is entitled to is reminiscent of the sharecropper working the season, and by the time the landowner deducts credit extended the poor sharecropper is entitled to nothing. And in most instances, he actually owed the landowner. There was no recourse for the poor sharecroppers, because they were not protected by the court system. The blatant disregard by his lawyer and business overseer for Michael’s rights makes one wonder if Michael and his estate would have been protected by the courts. In this scenario, Michael Jackson was worth more dead than alive.


[1] Rowe, Leonard, What Really Happened To Michael Jackson, p.238
[2] Ibid. page 187
[3] Ibid. page 161
[4] Ibid. page 166

30 thoughts on ““Road To Murder: The Enslavement of Michael Jackson” by Dallas Newton

  1. Onitaset:
    Call me crazy(or crazier) but I’ve always suspected Jermaine to be deeply envious of his brother. I never brought the brotherly solidarity he preached. Also, this isn’t the first time I heard of Michael’s Murder.

    Dr. C. Murray was but a pawn in their game of chess.

    1. I agree with you that Dr. Murray was just a pawn in this devilish plot against Michael Jackson. I believe he has been duped as to what the final outcome will be for him in this “game of chess”.

      1. not much to do with anything, but remember, “they don’t really care about us.” (btw, anyone else here remember the song MJ did with B.I.G.?)

      2. @omalone1 This has everything to do with understanding what our relationship and place is in this country. Michael Jackson, proclaimed to be the greatest talent on the planet was still outside the protection of the courts. Indeed, it was that branch of government that tried to make a case against him that would send him to prison for the rest of his life. It is also worth noting that, even though the facts pointed to Randy Phillips of AEG as being present when Michael Jackson died, this was totally ignored. Instead, Dr. Murray, a Black man was charged with “manslaughter”.
        In the end, one Black man was accused of killing another Black man, and all the Whites involved are the one’s who control and own Michael’s billion dollar estate. This is instructive for Blacks on many levels. Michael represents all of us.

    2. Sister truthbetold,

      The author of this piece, Sister Dallas, is sittinducks. :)

      Biographies are informative if one knows how to read them. The betrayal of a Brother as per Occidental influences and an African as a pawn–this has been written before and can be written again so long as we do not separate.

      Though “Michael” and “Jermaine” are mentioned, this is not a narrative of individuals but laws. This is the meaning of History.

  2. I’ve always wondered about Jermaine. He was envious of Michael.Especially when he recorded the song Word to the Bad. All you have to do is listen to the words of the song, straight up hate. And I’ve always wondered about that Tohme Tohme something was sinster about him, Tommy Motola and Michael had bad blood when Michael called him out on his unscrupulos business practices and his ethics as a record producer. Micheal was afraid of these people. It was my belief that AEG was also culpable in Michael’s demise. Conrad Murrary was a fall guy. Michael’s mistake was trusting these demons. May his sweet soul rest in peace.

    1. Following the release of the song “Word to the Bad” according to Jermaine in his book “You Are Not Alone”, a meeting was called by Michael’s parents where Jermaine and Michael met to discuss the release of the song. Michael was quite upset. In his naivety Jermaine explained to Michael that he recorded those words in anger with no intention that they would ever be released to the public. Without his knowledge he was tricked by L.A. Reid and Babyface. He has also explained that he also was duped by Dr. Tohme Tohme, who was introduced to him by people he trusted.

  3. Michael also called out Tommy Motola as a racist. Saying that Tommy Motola referred to another artist as a nigger. AEG and all these evil white people only wanted to use him like a slave and profit off of him. Everybody wanted something from him in one way or another.

    1. Michael referred to Tommy Mottola as a devil as did his former wife Mariah Carey. What is interesting is that Michael never sought redress in the courts to recoup the tens of millions of dollars Branca and Mottola reportedly stole from him.

    1. There seems to be two classes of white people, when it comes to Michael Jackson: His fans who connected to his soul and those whites who called him freak, wacko jacko, etc.
      Michael Jackson was neither racist nor misogynistic . Therefore, it is impossible for anyone to perceive him as the “American Ideal of Manhood.”

    1. The following stories should be of interest as we contemplate justice for Michael. They highlight the same racist judicial and governmental administrations, Michael was up against. Coupled with these handicaps is dependence upon legal representation that is actually part of the racist system. A Central part of this racial impotence is the lack of effective African-American organizations to combat organized injustice.

      White man stole this Guyanese woman’s business in front of her face. Then hired an assassin to kill her.
      See images here: http://christinenyfl.blogspot.com/2010/10/christine-persaud-story.html


  4. WHY on earth are comments distracting from the FACTS. Fraud estate executors, Hijacked estate of an icon. Embezzlement, SLAVE contract…. Need i go on! This is exactly why criminals are getting away with murdering a just man…. This is NOT about JJ, It’s about “Road To Murder: The Enslavement of Michael Jackson”
    Thank you Dallas Newton Excellent article, well researched, spot on,.

    1. You’re quite welcome. I am so happy that the article is being read. That was my goal. I have always liked and admired MJ, and was mortified when I learned of the extent and depth of the injustice that he endured.
      Unfortunately, there are other Black entertainers who have endured the same fate. MJ was such a superstar, with many fans and a large family that more people looked into the circumstances surrounding his death.

      1. I would offer one correction. Karen Faye, Michael’s makeup artist, says that it was Cherilyn Lee who told Michael to go to the hospital after he called and told her one side of his body was hot, and that the other was cold. She told him he needed to go to the hospital immediately, which, sadly and tragically, he did not. Ms. Lee is a nurse, not a doctor. I posted the link to your article on Twitter to Ms. Faye. Here is what she tweeted back to me:

        Karen Faye ‏@wingheart: Cherilyn Lee is not a doctor, she was a nurse who advised Michael to go to the hospital when he reported his symptoms to her. RT @beagleladywv: @wingheart https://t.co/dvG5TcbOWk It is it true a doctor said Michael should be taken to the hospital due to poisoning?

      2. This is all so sad. Thome Branca Sony should be charged with murder. I cannot believe this happened to such a beautiful person.

  5. Michael became AEGZ ENDENTURED SERVANT , and yes jermaine introduced thome thome into his brothers life,, interesting was jermaine aware of this man blackmailing his brother hummm. .. and ws jermaine also aware that in 2009<Michael was awiting on his Musical lience to revert back to him allowing him to not share his royalties with $ony on his old music under their lable hummm.. and more interesting is Y would his brothers want Michael to tour humm, when they knew thst their brother was done touring … Everyone wanting to make $$$$ off Michaels back… sad.. The last time i read about Micheal he was minding his own business and yes he was working on his album MICHAEL.,& hed written an album for Diana Ross'S , Evan ,, and he was trying to get Pamela Sue Anderson to be in one of his videos … And No he wasnt Broke .. Forbes had just done his finsncial profile and The Beatles Catallog was worth 1.5 Billion$! , so when did Michael go BROKE ! O! Yeah those who stuck thur ha<nds in his $$$' and told him he was BROKE! And wanted him to do a tour that wouldve cost him HIS LIFE!! AEG looked in the guiness book.and seen all those tours and stared seeing $$$$$ signs and the rest is Hi$TORY!! Thats Y Michael Jackson isnt here !

    Now Moonwalking cross my universe and watching THE of AEG $$$$'<GREED!!

    1. I don’t think Jermaine was aware of any blackmailing going on. I truly believe Jermaine tried to help Michael, but unfortunately he was not aware of the conflict of interest surrounding his brother’s relationship with Dr.Tohme. and AEG. Randy Phillips, who was the chief executor at AEG was Tohme’s brother-in-law. This would make it impossible for Tohme to be Michael’s manager. He would be torn between the two. He sold Michael out and was collecting a salary from AEG, and supposedly representing Michael. We know from the record that he acting solely in the best interest of AEG.

      Michael’s lack of ready cash was due in large part to the ongoing theft he endured from SONY and Branca, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. The controlled White media put the story out there that Michael was a spend thrift, and that was the cause of his lack of ready cash. However, they never reported his firing of his long time lawyer and separation from SONY due to this theft. They were ready to throw out the false story of child molestation to destroy him and gain access to his fortune.

    2. Michael wasn’t broke on paper. His catalog was worth a lot of money. The problem he had was with his “cash flow”. He didn’t want to sell his catalog, as it was his biggest asset, and he hadn’t toured for years, so he was spending more than what was coming in. The bodyguards who wrote their book about their time with him in Las Vegas, talks about his credit cards being denied, and that they paid for many things themselves. They also went for periods of time without being paid. They don’t lay the blame on Michael, but those who worked for him that were in charge of administrating his finances. That is why he agreed to to the, “This is It” tour. He wanted to resolve his financial issues. They were going to foreclose on Neverland, so he made a deal with Colony Capitol to save it, but even that deal was not made to his benefit. He was taken advantage of at every turn. Tragic!

    3. We need to do something about this for Michael. How do we hold all these people accountable? Sony He Branca thome

  6. A life of banal men like Bashir/Sneddon/AEGs depends on sex and money.
    A life of great human like M.Gandhi M.King M.Nelson M.Jackson independent from anyone and anything, and that is true freedom. I call it “A being touched by god” and “It’s all for L.O.V.E.”

    1. Unfortunately, it is the Bashir’s, Sneddon’s, and AEG’s that remain with us. However, we need to continue the work of Gandhi, King, Mendela and Jackson, so we too may be touched by God.

  7. $$$ so they do it for the $$$ continuing to carry on their white fore father legacy of bonding and owning That Blackman.. and yes Jermaine betrayed his brother..and No dr..greedy ass murray isnt Innocent Y he was in it for the $$$ he knew what he was doing trying to make $$$” of his brothers back.. Dr.Murray is an Opportunist aka Carpet Bagger.. trying to seize the moment and make a $$ off an innocent mans life fortune and claiming it for his own.. Murray is No friend of Michael Jackson ,it was Murray who put Michael to sleep and set sets of attonerys know this ,, this Y they walked after reconstructing his case.. This has always been the case with Black entertainers in the music industry .. Nothings changed , except in Muchael Jacksons case .. Those who orchestrated his death for got That Michael has FANS and it us FANS that know what happened to him and Y. ..

    The Edomite music owned music industry wasnt about to allow a Blackman to walk around owning a book of music and be The Literal King of Music.. nor any thing else without their being part of it and yes Michaels Brothers sold him out they now are owned by AEG oO .. $$$$ …Edomites have alwaye been the Enimies of Jacob..til this day ..
    What they fail to Realize is this ..It was Jacob whon The Lord honoered and Not Esau.. and Michael Joe Jackson came from Kings ,His maternal grandfather .. Joes father was a school teacher.. and Ms.Katherines father was a Minister.. they were considered to be of wealth in the South.. Once again The Slave Master Tried to break his Slave meaning the parents and taking their children and selling them off..
    What Hapoened to Michael wasnt actually about him.. IT WAS MEANT FOR HIS PARENTS!! $LAVERY in the entrtainment industry is still ALIVE $$$$ SELLING of YOUR CHILDREN!! ♥♥

    1. I suspected a long time ago that Branca and SONY helped Michael acquire the valuable catalog that also contained rights to the Beatles music, using of course, Michaels money. However, they always intended to steal it from him, by hook or crook. Unfortunately, for Michael, I think he really believed it doesn’t matter if you’re Black or White. In the end, he realized this was a complete fallacy.

  8. I myself always suspected MJ ‘s brother Jermaine to know about what happened to Michael his own brother you could tell by the way he looked at MJ the jealousy was always there to bad when you can’t trust your own that’s why I worry about the children no one is safe with that family it’s all about money so sorry MJ

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