On the Streets

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“As an African people, our very worst impediment, off or on the streets, is assuming the justice of a different people.  This is as if a wildebeest assumed the justice of a crocodile (or vice versa.)” — Onitaset Kumat

There is a key to Prosperous, Independent African Communities.  This key is untouched by most of us.  I go on the streets with key in hand to deliver a transformed fate to our knocked down people.  That key is uncovered throughout the African Blood Siblings Newsletter.  That key is Prosperous, Independent Communal Africans.  That key is created through African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  Inquire–Do not Learn for Learning’s Sake–Learn to Create.  Subscribe, share, love.

On the Streets
By Onitaset Kumat

For hours at a time, I stand on the streets; there I am not the respected, wise international Maroon, but the unnoticed slave of a slave, harshly scorned by a dying people.  Yet–leading the African Blood Siblings–I practice more than I preach.

I read.  On the streets, I read the faces, and behaviors, and being of the passersby and I determine there how I will inspire their creativity and community.  This reading is crucial to our uplift.

I write.  I write for the African Blood Siblings Newsletter on African Love, Knowledge and Wisdom.  But on the streets, I write down new approaches, so that success or failure, I again approach–better.  I do not reinvent the wheel.  I perfect my wheel.  Now, after months of field research, I am ninety-percent successful when before I wasn’t ten.  I now train others.

I rally.  All over the world, our people are creating African Blood Siblings Community Centers, but I am on the streets, explaining to people firsthand the necessity of creating a new consciousness for creativity.  I see some again; some absolutely jubilant.

And my work rewards.  For as long as I can remember, I have advocated for the liberators of African people; financing and promoting which liberators I could.  On the streets, I create those liberators.  With a clipboard in hand, I inspire young and old to share their email addresses.  They are then readers of liberation.

It’s no light feat to read my organization’s newsletter.  It presents our love, knowledge and wisdom in their purest forms.  But it’s a larger feat to write the newsletter and rally on the streets for it.  Yet I do this, acknowledging that few among us are free but we must all be liberated.  For nearly all of us are dependent for food, clothing, shelter and consciousness and independence must be created.  I work  hard to assure prosperity as a future despite the poverty of our present.

For consciousness amounts to justice.  As an African people, our very worst impediment, off or on the streets, is assuming the justice of a different people.  This is as if a wildebeest assumed the justice of a crocodile (or vice versa.)  All justice liberates.  European justice liberates Europeans.  Asian justice, Asians.  African justice, Africans.  Yet on others these justices enslave.

It is seen on the streets how we enslave ourselves.  Oftentimes, I am refused attention–scorned–but these same Brothers and Sisters kowtow without the race.  Sometimes I am circumvented lest I mention “free,” for we are wise with our money when it comes to our own; yet our local institutions attest how our resources empower others at our own expense.  A most notable error of ours is misunderstanding that not unlike the mirror, we reflect all that we sense.  We believe that as long as we know something is negative, we won’t be influenced.  Others rely on this lack of wisdom.  For most of us know we are negatively serviced, but we continue to patronize this unconvinced that we will be effected, though our habits, fashions, opinions and lifespans say otherwise.  It’s not subtlety–“ignorance”–that is shaping us, but “error” (as different as “wisdom” from “knowledge.”)

I observe and teach this on the streets–and the African Blood Siblings Newsletter.  But African Consciousness needs a physical institution to truly effect the broad masses of our people.  Therefore, we create African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  These centers offer a range of consciousness development spanning the four sciences of liberation: Philosophy, Sociology, Ecology, and Psychology.  The consciousness is known as restorative consciousness, an acknowledgement of the unspoken little known but fundamental ideology of all African people: Restorism–the ideology that inspired Maroons and the reclaiming of Ancient KMT (Egypt.)

On the streets, I gather a team of twelve in my age-grade (20-28); I insist you create the same for your own.  It’s the marriage between local membership and international leadership which will reconnect created Prosperous, Independent African Communities at home and abroad, allowing for the first time, in a very long time, a globally liberated African people–with plentiful fresh fruits and vegetables, garments patterned for the Cosmos and homes affording lively, spiritual, transnationally interconnected, proud beautiful communities.  It is for you to read, to write, to rally the African Blood Siblings–on the streets.  And do not forget to subscribe to the African Blood Siblings Newsletter.

See you at a Center or–on the streets.

Please ask any questions that come to mind

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