A Collection of Black Heroines

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“Always remember the care your mother devoted to you.” — Ancient KMT

The African woman is par excellence.  Below is a collection of references to outstanding African women in the Americas written by an African woman in the Americas.  These women are strong, but also loving, knowledgeable and wise.  These women were unique but also represent what each of our potentials are.  This potential is what the ABS is trying to awaken through building Community Centers.  Write us for your directions.

A Collection of Black Heroines
With comments by Onitaset Kumat


This blessed sister has a well-visited website.  It’s daily content is very occidental, which out of love, I can not recommend to my people; for my concerns are in our liberation rather than our mis-education.

Still, In February 2009, she ran an eleven part series entitled “Black History Month: Black Heroines” that I recommend to you in honor our our ancestors.  Initially I noticed Queen Nanny, as she was whom I searched, and she’s an inspiration for the ABS, but the blog author names ten other African women in the Americas, so I encourage you to familiarize yourself with them.

To access them go to February 2009 on her sidebar and choose the links starting with the series title.

I do the last three (Carlotta, leader of the 1843 rebellion of Mantazas, Cuba; Margaret Garner, a loyal enslaved African who rebelled and Susie Baker King Taylor, the youngest soldier in the Union Army) and the Epilogue here:





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