Dr. Jeffries on Community Cop (5/17/11) — Subject: Malcolm

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“Hence when all such inventions were already established, the sciences which do not aim at giving pleasure or at the necessities of life were discovered, and first in the places where men first began to have leisure. This is why the mathematical arts were founded in Egypt; for there the priestly caste was allowed to be at leisure.” — Aristotle

Aristotle, a European among Europeans, praises our Ancestral land for its inventiveness and what he describes as it’s all important creation of leisure. His descendants will go on to cast the entire world into perpetual servitude, where leisure, despite it’s supposed gift to the world, is withheld from the praiseworthy Race of Men, the Africans. As anciently instructed, “Popular beliefs on essential matters must be examined in order to discover the original thought.” Aristotle, as Europeans do, writes nonsense. Yet when we relate it to “The Parable of Sa-Asar” which describes the after-life we learn there’s a bit of merit to be salvaged.

The European admits leisure is not his forte, he admits invention is not his calling, he admits his social organization is inferior, he admits we are the fountain of genius. He is wrong that leisure is the difference between a genius and a fool; but returning to the Parable, one’s work must benefit oneself lest life and the after-life will be punishing. It’s not leisure which makes genius but working for one’s self or as the example of our ancestors testifies one’s Race.

The punishment of our modern enslavement, where we work for other Race’s, nearly manifested in the following example, though as I am fully opposed to slavery, wages notwithstanding, I saved an artifact for our Race’s further uplift. It was two years ago when Dr. Leonard Jeffries went on Community Cop to discuss Malcolm X with Michael Greys. The show had no archive and no one in the last two years, far as I know, has recorded the show and put it on public display for the good of the Race. No one but myself.

The European hits me with the same bills that he does you. In advocating for African Independence, the soldiers have not stepped to the plate completely enough yet. In our Ancestral tradition Priests and Sba (Wisdom Teachers) were provided for; archivists and griots were supported. I have faith in you, African people. I hope my request for donations and recruits is heard. A better tomorrow can be created if only we work in earnest for it.

Dr. Jeffries on Community Cop (5/17/11) — Subject: Malcolm
Posted to Youtube by Onitaset Kumat
With permission from Michael Greys

Community Cop can be seen live every Tuesay at 5 PM on MNN.org.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Jeffries on Community Cop (5/17/11) — Subject: Malcolm

  1. G Wiz. Havent heard of this platform
    it seems that there are three primary opportunities that were missed:
    Gil Nobles, Like It Is
    Listervelt Middleton, For The People
    Gary Byrd, The Global Black Experience (radio)

    for all the nonsence mass distributed, when asked to suggest a title, and told by the sellers they can get any “conscious” material, they have not even heard of the three above

    1. Alara (Warrior King),

      “For knowledge … you should know that peace is an indispensable condition of getting it.” — African Proverb

      In our ABS meeting, I had to inform the membership that Brooklyn had at least two food co-ops and two farmer’s markets. However, most had no idea. I didn’t know for a long while either. This is what’s expected when the European owns our communication systems. This is also why the African Blood Siblings works to build Community Centers. A bulletin board frequented by a Community can centralize Knowledge and make Community projects common sense. Instead, we rely on gossip and hearsay despite being in disjointed collectives or plain outside of any Organization. It’s a wonder that we hear anything at all.

      1. Gwiz, yes indeed, right now we are listening to the archives of holipsism’s haven and yet, beyond that and like broadcasts, serious information and analysis is missing

      2. Peace,

        Community Organization is lacking. How can a Community Prosper if none of its members even trust one another. We must build mutual responsibility among our ranks or we build little next to nothing.

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