Monthly Racial Progress Report — November 2012

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“Organization is impossible unless those who know the laws of harmony lay the foundation.” — African Proverb (Ancient KMT)

The Progress of a Race is intrinsically linked with it’s Organizations. Yet as the Ancients pointed out, the beginning of Organization is in Knowledge. The measurement of Racial Progress is therefore the measurement of the Progress of the African Blood Siblings. In this regard, though there is light, more light must be.

This month, the African Blood Siblings was blessed with between four-hundred and eleven-hundred readers, ten new Subscribers, two new commenters, and two donors total. Yet we did not have the fortune of new applicants for organization.

The ABS also ended this Month’s Newsletter nine-days early with Malcolm X’s Rally for the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU). In that article’s introduction, I showed in plain English how instrumental the OAAU was to evoking the wrath of Europeans against Malcolm X. Our honest deference to Malcolm X can be expressed in our continuation of what he was killed for: Organizing.

Here’s the Progress Report for November. Here’s to more Progress in December! Here’s to the Progress of our Race!

Monthly Progress Report — November 2012
By Onitaset Kumat

Political Progress Report

  1. Racial Progress in Self-Determination
    • No New Units of Organization this month. A Unit composes Thirteen Africans whom balance one another in Political, Economical and Cultural Knowledge assuring Collective Action that progresses Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness.
    • No New African Blood Siblings Community Centers (ABSCC) this month. An ABSCC is a Community Center to reconnect African people into an African environment which serves as the foundation for a Prosperous, Independent African Community.
    • Current Events: NYC Mayoral Race has a candidate Handpicked from Bloomberg. Unless Africans take up action, we’ll likely support our own oppression again.
    • Current Events: “A National Black Leadership Conference will be held on December 3.  Sell-out Negroes will be sitting around a table making plans for Black mentacide and genocide.  These Negroes, including Ben Jealous, Marc Morial, Melanie Crawford and Al Sharpton, will not be speaking for me.  You can take this representation to the bank.  I will never follow a Judas goat.” — Alton H. Maddox Jr.
  2. Racial Progress in Society
    • Estimated: Between 400 – 1,100 Readers from over 80 countries.
    • 10 New Subscribers this month. 144 in total with 11 from Tumblr.
    • 2 New Commenters this month: Paige and Qhamani. Paige writes from the US. Qhamani, South Africa. I am appreciative of their contributions and await many more.
    • Other Commenters this month were sittinducks (US), omalone1 (UK) and Kushite Prince (US). All three are great friends to the Newsletter. I am thankful to all for their continued support.

Economical Progress Report

    1. Racial Progress in Production
      • “Maroon and Build For Self” didn’t have any online customers this month. “Maroon and Build For Self” is the pamphlet which challenges European Mis-Education while helping to sustain the African Blood Siblings Newsletter.
      • The sale of African Blood Siblings literature had to be done on the streets.
    2. Racial Progress in Value
      • The African Blood Siblings had two online donors this month. I extend my appreciation to these two Sisters. At the ABS we strive to restore our customs. While many of us know the Akan to say “Sankofa” or “Return and Get it;” the Akan also say “Woforo Dua Pa A, na yepia wo” or “When you climb a good tree, you are given a push.” These Sisters don’t only Know their ancestry, they Dare to emulate them. Thanks so much! You push our climbers!
      • Other donations for the ABS were collected on the streets.

Cultural Progress Report

  1. Racial Progress in Identity
    • No new membership this month. Membership pertains to those who are qualified for a Unit of Organization as discerned by the Quiz, an Interview and Readership.
    • No new quiz results this month. The Quiz is an open-ended assessment of how one thinks and how one could play a role in a Unit of Organization.
  2. Racial Progress in Sex
    • No new applicants this month. An Applicant is someone who expresses interest in joining the African Blood Siblings to create Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness.
    • Relationship Advice for the Civil African was published this month.

3 thoughts on “Monthly Racial Progress Report — November 2012

    1. I’m just as curious. The six topics were pre-selected from the ideas of Civil Capital. Yet Civil Capitals are usually discussed between individuals not organizations and individuals. So this would need to be technical. I.e. “Sex” with an Organization would be Commitment, Intimacy, Courting, Spiritual Connection, and Loyalty to an Organization. Kind of everything but sex. In that I put in “Applicants.” Though “Membership” may be more suiting.

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