We must distinguish between Recruiting Soldiers and Training Soldiers

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“Warfare starts with a recruitment of people and ends with an exposure to the enemy. Somehow we don’t recruit, arm, organize, train, lodge, etc; but we’re shocked that our exposure is to our demise.” — Onitaset Kumat

In Brooklyn, NY, the African Blood Siblings have been holding regular meetings (as around the world.) At one, a Brother waltzed in and began to lecture us. He was well-read and battle-tested. His experiences led him to promote the European’s Morality to the point of executing “traitors,” distrusting his Siblings, hyping the American dollar, ignoring Dred Scott, and sanctioning immoral activity (like the drug trade) as a means to an end. “People bring about their own undoing through their tongues” and “Leave him in error who loves his error” come to mind. He insisted that like-minded people will come to us as we walk straight. He hinted at himself, yet he never humbled himself. By his own admission he was a Soldier of One. The European’s Psychology, Individualism, was his own. Self-Hate emanated from him. We left him to his convictions. In short time a Queen approached us. Self-Love emanated from her, it’s fire burned beautifully. Our passion for Liberation resonated with her and she’s now a new edition to our Army. Like-minded does come. The point, however, is between Recruiting and Training Soldiers. Humility is the only mark of readiness for an African. No matter how well-read, battle-tested, experienced, or convicted, if one can not follow, one can not be led. Not everyone has come to the conclusions that the African Blood Siblings has: Restorism through Pan-Africanism through African Nationalism as from Prosperous, Independent African Communities through African Blood Siblings Community Centers from Self-Sufficient Projects by Moral, Harmonized, Natural 13-Member Units of Organization which adhere to African Blood Siblings Core Tenets. However if the recruit is unwilling to Listen what does all their experience mean to this goal? Siblings, as you observe our people, Seek those genuinely humble. These are whom can be Developed into our Soldiers.

We must distinguish between Recruiting Soldiers and Training Soldiers
By Onitaset Kumat

Three tough-looking men stood before Knobeco and I. One was armed with a handgun, one had tattoos across his face and big, brass knuckles, another carried a metallic bat that he beat against his hand. Knobeco and I were unarmed. Knobeco said “Come at me!” I stood back.

The man with the gun aimed forward to fire. He missed. Knobeco was already underneath him and before another shot could be fired the gunner had his stomach knocked in, his face kicked, and his body slammed to the floor.

The bat flew through the air at Knobeco but crashed into the tattooed man’s face. Knobeco had moved him into harm’s way as he dodged the man’s repeated strikes. Knobeco then spun into the air, kicking the last man’s jaw. The three men were down not seventy-seconds since Knobeco’s call. I said, “Enough.”

The three men slowly stood up, intimidated and impressed. One asked “How?”

I answered “Training.”

“Can we?”

“Of course.”

In the Struggle for African Liberation too many are of the opinion that they are Generals and there are many full-fledged Soldiers waiting to be recruited. That the conditions of our Oppression will cause some Africans to wake up one day and Love Africans and through that Love that African will be willing to submit to that General. That each of us are looking to find one another and self-organize into a cohesive body of ideas toward African Empowerment. This is far from the truth.

The way to Knowledge is narrow but there are divers types of Knowledge (African, European, Asian) and our environment plunges us into our enemies’ Knowledge and ergo our enemies’ Love. In this there are fewer institutions for our Knowledge and many of these institutions are corrupted by the enemy’s environment. This makes each African’s independent journey to African Knowledge (Self-Knowledge) different and differently non-African. For instance, I reached the Knowledge of our Ancients by way of their students the Greeks; another may reach the Knowledge by their plaigerizers in the Abrahamic Faith or more authentic spiritual faiths; another through Historians like Drusilla Dunjee Houston, J. A. Rogers, Cheikh Ante Diop; still another may not have reached the Ancients but Mastered the Classical through University, or Literature, or Lectures; still another may only learn African Knowledge from the 50s, 60s and 70s personalities like Carlos A. Cooks, Assata, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.; still another may only be concerned with modern problems and while unlearned in civilizations, enslavement and spiritual systems be very learned in “White Supremacy,” the Prison-Industrial-Complex and the different -isms; finally another may be lost on all things above but have their own observations and spirit guide them to the pursuit of Justice. All of these different ways of African Knowledge, each purer or more corrupt, lead to Africans of varying degrees of readiness for War and if battalions are formed as is the squabbles and internal chaos would be overwhelming. The Army will not grow rapidly but due to the unchallenged diversity the Army will collapse. This “set aside our differences” or “let’s pretend our corruptions won’t put us at odds” is the perfect pitch toward being ineffectual in War.

Instead we are to look not toward the recruitment of Soldiers but the training of Soldiers. This is how real Armies operate. When one Nation wishes to wage War with another, it does not expect its recruits to Hate the other Nation, to Love its Nation, to be prepared for conflict, to be experienced, time-tested, loyal, well-informed or devoted. No. When America invaded Iraq, nary a recruit was informed on Iraq. Certainly Hate and Love were incited. But America didn’t ask “Who can shoot a gun?” or “Who can drive a tank?,” America asked “Who is that beneath my boot?” and taught the Art of War. This is not all specific to America. The fact is that recruiting Soldiers, ready Africans, is an ill-advised pursuit. A War must be conducted by the General’s command. It does not matter if you can shoot a gun or drive a tank if you can’t shoot the right sort of gun or the right sort of tank on command. In our War, it does not matter if you know “African History” if the History you know is based off of another School of Thought. For instance, the African Blood Siblings teaches a different History from the Nation of Islam from the Hebrew Israelites and even from the Yoruba Faith (as examples.) If recruits are tasked with teaching “African History” yet are never trained to, students will be dabbling in theories of Yacub, or “We’re really Asians,” or the all-importance of Orunmilla. These lessons may not lead the student down the path of Prosperous, Independent African Communities thus undermining the mission of the War we wage.

So instead recruits for the African Blood Siblings are not necessarily Soldiers but are necessarily African Siblings whom are willing to humble themselves for the armaments and training of the African Blood Siblings. In this way internal cohesion is achieved and the African Blood Siblings can grow intelligently and act effectively in this War for Liberation with less divisions to exploit and more uniformity to adore.

As Marcus Garvey pronounced, “What greater breastplate than a heart untainted. Thrice is he armed who hath his quarrel just and he but naked–though locked up in steel whose conscience with injustice is corrupted.” The African Blood Siblings membership is trained to wear the breastplate of Universal Laws: Nature, Harmony and Morality. Thrice armed are we compared to those of divers thought whose weakest link decides the strength of their chain. Meditate and be affirmed that we walk with our Ancestors and share in our service of African Love. Donate because we need a War Chest, Enlist because we need recruits, come walk with those whom service your Ancestors.

In their service, in your service, in our descendants’ service, we await your service,

Hotep (Peace)

9 thoughts on “We must distinguish between Recruiting Soldiers and Training Soldiers

  1. This Proverb is from me to you for the Queen you welcomed into your Organisation :-)

    “Where a woman rules, streams run uphill” (African Proverb)

  2. I appreciate this idea and yet, we cant even utilise radio to bring about something productive so gathering might just be another excuse for nonsence

    1. Brother-King,

      True teaching is not an accumulation of knowledge; it is an awaking of consciousness which goes through successive stages.

      Even in nonsense there is a prompt for sense. For example, in your comment “We can’t even utilize radio to bring about something productive,” which isn’t true, we are, with the intent of discussing Self-Determination, Power and Restoration, awakened to the reality that “Radio” is a service dependent on Europeans, our enemies with superior Power in, among other places, Europe. A discussion that is independent from Europeans and intent on discussing Self-Determination, Power and Restoration can not be compared to Radio where Oppression, Powerlessness, and “Tribalization” are the main topics at hand.

      1. I stand by it. I recall Amilcar Cabral comparing radio usage to military weapons in use, and yet, this realisation either was forgotten or didnt penetrate very far. I exhausted radio and get brushed aside or shouted down and so, what is next.
        Community meetings! where people make statements and imagine theyve just asked a question
        or books that lie on dustry shelves and get overpriced at any rate

      2. Brother-King,

        If you would build something solid, don’t work with wind: always look for a fixed point, something you know that is stable … yourself.

        In a meeting, you can limit who is aware of the meetings and who participates. In my meetings, though I remind many to attend, few do. It’s alright. Either way, as the meeting place is irregular, those who can not contribute to Liberation can very easily be uninvited. However, if you want to Liberate Africans you must Utilize Africans. There’s no War without an Army and there’s no Army without Soldiers.

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