African Power from Local Economic Centers [Video]

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“[T]here is always a number, even though small, of active minds, ever ready and prepared to lay out the course of salvation; and it is to these we look for direction in all those things that affect the human race.”Marcus Garvey

Listen to this speech:

Write the ABS to help build African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  It’s about turning Local Economic Centers into Prosperous, Independent African Communities.  Join the struggle.  Subscribe, share, love.

African Power from Local Economic Centers
By Onitaset Kumat

In 1895, Booker T. Washington delivered a speech now known as the “Atlanta Compromise” where our ancestor invited Africans and Europeans to cooperate for African liberation. In hindsight, the idea was naive, but to preempt the invitation, Booker T. Washington delivered, what I will call, “the allegory of the Amazonian Vessel.” He begins,

“A ship lost at sea for many days suddenly sighted a friendly vessel. From the mast of the unfortunate vessel was seen a signal,“Water, water; we die of thirst!” The answer from the friendly vessel at once came back, “Cast down your bucket where you are.” A second time the signal, “Water, water; send us water!” ran up from the distressed vessel, and was answered, “Cast down your bucket where you are.” And a third and fourth signal for water was answered, “Cast down your bucket where you are.” The captain of the distressed vessel, at last heeding the injunction, cast down his bucket, and it came up full of fresh, sparkling water from the mouth of the Amazon River. “

Booker T. Washington used this to say that Southern Europeans in America will most assist Africans in America. But I, Onitaset Kumat, will use this to say “African people, look to transform your local economic centers.”

In a sea of prosperity, African people in America raise their buckets above their heads! “Africans, cast your buckets where you are!” In every African neighborhood, international corporations and international people, set up shop to take money from us. “Africans, cast your buckets where you are!” In everyone of our neighborhoods, you’ll see Asian laundromats by European apartments, Asian hair and nail stores by European clothing stores, Asian corner stores by European policeman and fireman, and never will you see African grocery stores. “Africans, cast your buckets where you are!” Every week, millions of dollars escape your grasp. It runs to your Local Economic Centers (LEC) and disappears in the uncaring hands of Asians and Europeans. “African people, CAST YOUR BUCKETS WHERE YOU ARE!

In Somalia, we say “Poverty is Slavery.” And what’s true for Africans in Somalia, is true for Africans in America: “Poverty is Slavery.” So our circumstances beg the question, when did you learn to love your own enslavement? When did you learn to love eating food that others refused to eat–causing for you diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure? When did you learn to love dressing in clothes that others refused to wear–depicting prison, laborer and brothel culture? And when did you learn to love living where others refused to live–by disposal and even nuclear waste facilities? When did you learn to not want Prosperous, Independent African Communities (PIAC)? When did you learn to love slavery?

I’ll tell you exactly when! Today! The Day Before! The Day Before That! And Before! And Before! And Before! And Before! Every day of your life, since before you left your mother’s womb, you’ve been learning to love slavery! Everywhere you turn, everyone you speak to, every which way you look, someone or something is trying to teach you to love your own enslavement. Now, Asians and Europeans are the predominant teachers of this sort of affection–they tell you that you’re violent, they tell you that you steal, they tell you that you are overpriced, and they definitely deny you loans. But you can’t complain on this. This is what they had done since they came from our wombs, thousands of years ago! And some of these teachers are African. Sometimes unwittingly, like when in conversation, someone says “Slavery is over” and no one disagrees; but oftentimes wittingly, like our musicians and celebrities who play roles of African degradation, discouraging Prosperous, Independent African Communities, only to delay their personal poverty when they discover that Asians and Europeans have wittingly outwitted them into delaying African prosperity with our blood, tears and sweat. But you can’t complain on that either. Because “only those who know better, do better” and “the African institutions which teach better, have little finances, hence little reach.”

Case in Point, the African Blood Siblings is the most moral institution in the world. The African Blood Siblings is the most advanced organization in thoughts of moral philosophy, social history, and the totality of African liberation. The African Blood Siblings is the most dedicated group toward the restoration of African grandeur–even owning a costly street presence for its own self-propagation! In fact, the African Blood Siblings is the only library for the “law of harmony“–making it, by Ancient wisdom, the only presence capable of success. Yet the African Blood Siblings has to beg its readers to share or subscribe to its writings, let alone finance its operation. We like to complain when Asians, Europeans or Africans put up disagreeable messages on our people, but we don’t so much as support those messages from our people which will help to restore our freedom! We have nothing to complain about! We either organize with the African Blood Siblings or support it. There are no other options.

Local Economic Centers will become Prosperous, Independent African Communities. We’ll boycott. We’ll give Asians and Europeans until sun down to get out of our neighborhoods, then we’ll starve the tenacious. We’ll put up our own businesses. We’ll eat healthy food from the Continent; we’ll wear respectful clothes with deep meaning; and we’ll live in a community where everyone knows you for your moral reputation. And we’ll have a lot of these–connected–from America to Africa and every place in between. We’re looking at the Global Restoration of African People!

But Frederick Douglass told us “Freedom isn’t Free.” This message reached you, but you must make it reach others. You support this message, but you must make others support it. You want to hate slavery, but you must make others want to hate slavery with you! You’ve read this! Read it to others! Douglass stated “Power concedes nothing without a demand.” Our people are the “power” that need to be demanded from! Demand support for the African Blood Siblings and you will see the meaning of African Power!

Hotep my African Blood Siblings!

8 thoughts on “African Power from Local Economic Centers [Video]

  1. G Wiz, thank you for this post. Just got back from the North London based African Liberation Day and perhaps they might have benefitted from this reading.

    1. You’re very welcome.

      But don’t worry over ‘might haves’.’ Everything happens for a reason. As long as you are true to the race: Politically savvy, economically wise and culturally consistent, I’ll continually to be blessed by your correspondence.

    1. “Cast down your bucket where you are.”

      In 1993, Fulton Street in Brooklyn, an African Economic Center, generated a million dollars a day. It was considered one of the most valuable business areas in the whole country. Pathmark invested only $3 million dollars to build its Supermarket which still stands today, annually taking millions out of the African Community into the European Machine. Two decades later, Fulton Street still generates tremendous money, I’d reason $3 million a day. But Africans may control less today than we did then–and we hardly controlled anything then.

      One of my favorite proverbs reads,

      “There grows no wheat where there is no grain.”

      It reminds me that everything springs from something. If we wanted two decades to grant us control of our Centers, we should have planted the seeds of control and destroyed the seeds of our competitors. Instead they planted.

      Another excellent African proverb reads,

      “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

      We missed two decades ago for not only Fulton Street but many, many African Economic Centers. The question is will we miss two decades from now? If our history is any indication . . .

      This is why the African Blood Siblings recruits.

  2. This is essential!

    [The modern day Negro pays for what he wants and begs for what he needs.]

    How many of our brothers and sisters were negatively effected by Hurricane Katrina?

    Wouldn’t it have been great if we had some sort of organization to help our siblings?

    Wouldn’t it have been great if WE were physically there, organized, and at the ready?

    Ready to give out water, emergency supplies and medical aid – instead of letting our siblings die in filth.

    Ready to create safe areas for our siblings to defend those who couldn’t defend themselves – instead of watching white mercenaries “patrol” the streets with military weapons.

    Ready to awaken the minds of our siblings and inspire them to “Maroon and Build For Self!” –
    instead of watching them wait for help, from a government that watched us die!

    African Americans will have a buying power of 1.1 Trillion dollars annually by 2015.

    Let’s build for Eternity!

    1. Brother Morpheus,

      One of the most inspiring things written by a European is shown here:


      Already there are established two colonies of fugitive Negroes, whom treaties and power protect from assault. Those lightnings announce the thunder.

      These were words written by Abbe Raynald and read by Toussaint L’Ouverture, a hero during the Haitian Revolution. It is very important to understand that Abbe Raynald was explaining how two Power centers is a sufficient qualification for an empowered African people. Those Power Centers then were Maroon Towns. Maroon Towns still stand today as Prosperous, Independent African Communities, but they are in no way the Power that they once were.

      See: (For modern Maroon Town)

      or (For the reality of Canada’s “Maroon Town.”)

      During our enslavement in America, it was understood that an uprising was more successful if Maroons participated. This tells you that at the core of our Separation is the idea of Empowering African people and Liberating our Siblings through a study of Liberation.

      We do not have Maroon Towns like that today. We don’t have Power Centers on this Earth any longer. We have been reduced, severely reduced, and the only thing we are capable of doing is restoring our Power Centers. Only with restored Power Centers can we meaningfully restore our people. We need Thunder before we have Lightning.

      Haiti was another disaster we overlooked.


      In the first link we see that relief workers live the high life profiting from relief work; tanning beside impoverished Africans; eating $50 and drinking $80 wine celebrating the tragedy that befell Haiti. And they can do that. We need to get our act together. We need the Power to Protect ourselves; or we will be victims.

      That’s a very great sentiment you expressed.

  3. [Haiti was another disaster we overlooked.]

    Yes. I was thinking about Haiti as well when I was writing my previous comment.

    I just feel like we need to get our act together here before we go anywhere else.

    What infuriates me even more is the presence of “white” missionaries in these places.

    After all of the damage their “way of life” have done to these countries, they try to destroy the very spirit of the people by prosthelytizing and solidifying their religious control over the area.

    While they were busy peddling their “white” saviour, they were kidnapping children and giving them to european couples who acted as though they were adopting pets. Sadly, some of these children were reported to have been abused and treated as modern day Restavecs.

    I specifically remember a european couple crying (on international news) because they were promised a kidnapped baby; they were denied because the real mother demanded that her child be returned to her. Guess who the media sympathized with the most?

    The kidnappers of course!

    Then the mass media focused on Pat Robertson, who said that Haiti has been “cursed” by a “pact to the devil.” that supposedly freed them from the French.This told me two things about the christian west: 1) They saw this tragedy as the fault of the Haitian people for following a traditional African spiritual system and not adopting Cesare Borgia as their god and savior.
    2) That slavery for the Haitian people was in the divine will of their god since it took a “pact with the devil” to free them.

    What manner of people is this?

    The whole thing reminded me of the synopsis of “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe.

    As a solution to the problems they create, they (Occidentals) only offer more problems!

    Original restoration is needed!

    1. The ancients said it clearly,

      “The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness.”

      Other relevant and illuminating proverbs were:

      “Two tendencies govern human choice and effort, the search after quantity and the search after quality. They classify mankind. Some follow Maat, others seek the way of animal instinct.”


      “When the governing class isn’t chosen for quality it is chosen for material wealth: this always means decadence, the lowest stage a society can reach.”

      (See the list of Ancient Proverbs here: )

      In many respects these proverbs can be used arithmetically, as to say, we see from the first that consciousness is the problem. From the second, we see there are a diversity of consciousnesses, namely the search after quantity and the search after quality. Finally, from the third, we note that quantity relates to “Mammonism” or “the love of money.”

      Using the Wisdom in the African Blood Siblings catalog, we learn that the European and Asian, by looking into their governments, are these quantity seeking people, the people who are about wealth, the people whose consciousness is the root of our problems. We also understand that the pure African mind, dealing with Maat, is the key to solving all of our problems.

      This all is simplified in an African Blood Siblings Core Tenet,

      “The Problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians, the Solution for Africans is Africans”

      Here’s more on Maat:

      Here’s more on Mammon:

      But thank you for your intelligent commentary! African Power my Brother!

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