Dialogue between an African and an Exploiter (Graphic Language)

Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“The only good Indian is a dead Indian.” — European Proverb (America)

A European asked me if I heard of this last night as a few of them tried to rob me ‘just because.’ I told him he couldn’t rob me and sure enough despite that I was surrounded my money stayed intact. There is a lesson here. Most Africans are robbed by Europeans daily–through our diets, through our employment, through our rent, through our entertainment–but I’m never robbed because I developed my intelligence and subscribe to an Organization. Read this dialogue and the additional readings below. Subscribe.

Dialogue between an African and an Exploiter
By Onitaset Kumat

Exploiter: “Nigger what the fuck?!?”

African: “Beg pardon?”

Exploiter: “Who the fuck are you?”

African: “Some call me ‘Oni'”

Exploiter: “Well ‘Oni’ I’m down on my mortgage and I’m not getting any money from you. Not through your job, not through your taxes, not through your commerce.”

African: “I know that. I can’t give Europeans money. We’re at war.”

Exploiter: “That’s not how it works Nigger. I know that we were at war, but my people won and now you are going to give me my money–my tribute.”

African: “Now don’t misunderstand. I did not say ‘I don’t want to,’ though I don’t, I said that ‘I can’t.'”

Exploiter: “And I didn’t ask you whether you want to or whether you can, I said give me your money. This is what you’re doing in America–paying tribute. Now Nigger, I got you surrounded, empty your pockets.”

African: “You think three of you can take me?”

Exploiter: “I know three of us can take you–and there’s more than three of us–empty your fucking pockets!”

African: “Well, alright, this is what I have.”

Exploiter: “The fuck is this shit?”

African: “Cowrie Shells.”

Exploiter: “The fuck is that?”

African: “That’s the currency I use. I get my food, my clothing, my shelter and my consciousness from my own currency. You can’t use this. This is my currency.”

Exploiter: “What’s going on?”

African: “What do you mean ‘what’s going on?’ I told you, ‘I can’t give you money.’ You can’t even exploit me. You don’t pay cowrie shells; I can’t even work for you!”

Exploiter: “Nigger, that’s some smart shit. You figured it out. Whoever controls the currency controls the commerce. Yet Nigger if I’m not controlling you, I’m going to kill you. You ain’t never heard, ‘The only good Indian is a dead Indian?'”

African: “I sure did, but you ain’t never heard of Organized Protection?”

Exploiter: “How did you get a bunch of Niggers to stand up for a fellow Nigger?”

African: “Well first off none of us are ‘Niggers.’ I answered to the word earlier because it matters not what others call you but what you call yourself. If a European calls me ‘nigger’ I answer because I never correct a dog’s bark and I’ll never give a European more respect than I give a dog. Still, I would never call myself or another African ‘woof.’ That said these are ‘Africans,’ the things of your nightmare, and we are not controlled by you, but we do have access to you and yours, if you get what I mean. You’d be wise to know that you are surrounded and you’d be wiser still to drop your weapons.”

Exploiter: “Nigger I won’t drop my weapons–but now that you all raise your guns I’ll reconsider. There Nigger I dropped them now but I’ll be back for them later.”

African: “And you’ll die on the battlefield, later, but right now how about I bid you a good day?”

Exploiter: “Fuck you and your intelligence. I wish you Niggers never read.”

African: “Wishes aren’t anything compared to Organization. Mind you, our Ancestors taught your Ancestors how to read, not vice versa. And if you keep up your aggression and stupidity our Descendants are going to teach your Descendants how to die, not vice versa. You think you won a war? You won’t ever win against Africans, the Original and most Perfect Race. Good day!”

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12 thoughts on “Dialogue between an African and an Exploiter (Graphic Language)

    1. “Somebody in the crowd fired a pistol and the people again started to scream hysterically, ‘Kill the niggers! Kill the niggers! Pour gasoline on the niggers!’ The mob started to throw stones on top of my car. So I opened the door of the car and I put one foot on the ground and I stood up in the door holding an Italian carbine. All this time three policemen had been standing about 50 feet away from us while we kept waiting in the car for them to come and rescue us. Then when they saw that we were armed and the mob couldn’t take us, two of the policemen started running. One ran straight to me, grabbed me on the shoulder and said, ‘Surrender your weapon! Surrender your weapon!’ I struck him in the face and knocked him back away from the car and put my carbine in his face and told him that we didn’t intend to be lynched. The other policeman who had run around the side of the car started to draw his revolver out of the holster. He was hoping to shoot me in the back. They didn’t know that we had more than one gun. One of the students (who was 17 years old) put a .45 in the policeman’s face an told him that if he pulled out his pistol he would kill him.
      The policeman started putting his gun back into the holster and backing away from the car and he fell into the ditch. There was a very old man, an old white man, out in the crowd, and he started screaming and crying like a baby, and he kept crying and he said, ‘God damn, God damn what is this God damn country coming to that the niggers have got guns, the niggers are armed and the police can’t even arrest them?!’ He kept crying and somebody led him away through the crowd.””

      Robert F. Williams
      Telling the reason why he called his book “Negros with guns.” This book had an important influence on the Black Panther Party. The quote is a selection from the book.
      Several years later, Williams explains why he felt that the old white man was crying:
      “It took me a long time to understand his feeling. Now I realize why he was crying. Because the gun had been the thing that had always kept them on top, and the police power. And he could see that slipping away, and his way of life was going. And this is why he was crying. And this is why I named my book “Negro’s with Guns.”

      Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMkKsW5jCQc

      Download the video while you can. If anyone needs help downloading email me.

  1. [African: “That’s the currency I use. I get my food, my clothing, my shelter and my consciousness from my own currency. You can’t use this. This is my currency.”]

    Pure Gold!

    I always wondered what would happen if we stopped using “dollar bills” and started using something else!

    When I read that passage Bitcoin came to mind:

    1. Brother-Warrior Morpheus,

      I am continually updating the Collected Quotations ( https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/01/04/some-collected-quotations-some-commentary-some-resources/ ). Recently I added this passage by Booker T. Washington,

      It means a great deal, I think, to start off on a foundation which one has made for one’s self.

      When our old students return to Tuskegee now, as they often do, and go into our large, beautiful, well ventilated, and well-lighted dining room, and see tempting, well-cooked food—largely grown by the students themselves—and see tables, neat tablecloths and napkins, and vases of flowers upon the tables, and hear singing birds, and note that each meal is served exactly upon the minute, with no disorder, and with almost no complaint coming from the hundreds that now fill our dining room, they,too, often say to me that they are glad that we started as we did, and built ourselves up year by year, by a slow and natural process of growth.

      It reminds me of Carter G. Woodson’s quotation here: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/the-educated-negro-does-not-understand-or-is-unwilling-to-start-small-enterprises-which-make-the-larger-ones-possible-carter-g-woodson/

      The European’s Economical Strategy does not end with the sale of his products but includes his values. Bitcoins looks interesting, yet if we are not careful, we’ll end up valuing what the European produces and continuing our dependency as we aim to start from the top (his top no less) rather than from a firm foundation.

      I’d very much prefer the trade of cowrie shells over digital currency. Not that the latter should not be eventual, but because in war, basic and simple is better than advanced and complex. “Easy come, easy go.”

      I just remembered to read the document you linked. A quote by a European General (added to the collection) reads, “Money is my most important ammunition in this war.” They know we are at war. That’s why we study the General Rules of Warfare: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/general-rules-of-warfare/

      (Which advises: “Accustom your soldiers to despise delicate living and luxurious clothing.” or in laymen’s terms, accustom your soldiers to despise your enemy’s values.)

  2. I answer because I never correct a dog’s bark and I’ll never give a European more respect than I give a dog.

    G Wiz. I was recently wondering why people are even upset by this word; racially insensitive? perhaps, and yet, it only revealed the state of affairs as noted by Andrew Rojecki and Robert Entman: “no ethnic insults exists, no term equivalent to “nigger,” in the English language can be hurled at members of the culturally dominant Anglo-Saxon stereotype on any seriously valued attribute…Blacks are generally the most vulnerable [ethnic group]…moreover…unlike Whites [blacks] have little control over society’s group identification of them; most are visibly marked as [black], and most Whites are hyperconscious of each individual’s racial membership” The way we read this, black folk have more important things they ought to be worrying about than what they are referred to; the final blow to an already defeated opponent.

    Even Lenny Bruce seized the opportunity to make “light” of this predicament in his infamous “nigger” sketch whilst Neely Fuller suggested that the word, void of set definition, might only correctly be equated with being a victim of white supremacy.

    finally, in terms of more pertinent concerned nonwhites might want to address themselves to, i’;; reiterate the sentiments highlights by these occidental authors, when they wrote, few blacks “occupy positions that allow them systematically to enforce discriminatory resource allocations” (p xii) and “there remains a large difference between social status, economic resources, cultural influence, and political power between” occidentals and natives;

    1. “Education, boy, is a mighty force. It is the weapon of human control. If you can educate a people in the idea that you have, they will re-act to your satisfaction whether the education as a propaganda is right or wrong.”

      — Marcus Garvey

      To understand the slight of “nigger,” we must understand the education of the slighted. The African in America is educated into conceiving himself as an “American” who by merit of his “merits” will be respected. This African submerges himself into this mythical concept of reality. “Nigger” which, in this mythical consciousness, also relates to negative adjectives like “bad,” “useless,” “stupid,” or “slave” (another ironic insult) makes of itself a culture shock; what’s more, as Assata Shakur put it,

      Only a fool lets somebody else tell him who his enemy is. Never let your enemies choose your enemies for you.

      Mis-Education, among other things, mis-educates on who the enemy is. A slighted person actually sees those who use the word as ‘enemies’ and sees ‘niggers’ as enemies too. In a sense, a person is offended because the person using the word both exposes herself as an enemy and puts into the recipient’s mind that he himself is his enemy.

      Machievelli’s rule of warfare comes to mind:

      He is overcome with difficulty, who knows how to recognize his forces and those of the enemy.

      Or “He is overcome easily, who does not know how to recognize his forces or those of the enemy.”

      To our credit, Mis-Education is reversible; for this service not lip-service will solve our incompetence.

      1. funnily enough, I was recently even thinking back to the 2004, Ron Atkinson fiasco (which I doubt you heard of, so i’ll explain.) During a football match, when a “black” CHelsea defender made a mistake, this european commentator said something along the lines of “get that nigger off of there”, however, much to his surprise, the microphone was still on. Immediately, afterwards, people jumped to his defence, (you know their complexion) and suggested that Ron was not a racist and even gave some black footballers access to the game by providing them with opportunities. Sadly, however, “racism” was located in this mishap; this slip, this error, and this blip, as opposed to properly, formally conceptualising it as a complete system and mode of operation.
        The result was as hilarious as it was painful
        rather than Ron being rewarded by blacks for what might effectively be viewed as “whistle-blowing” i.e. reporting on the true state of affairs, and airing what whites say about blacks behind their backs, revealing their inner thoughts and true feelings, he was depicted as an enemy, and the “epitome” of sickness – the last vestiges – that, incidentally, were on the way out, as Ron Atkinson, also was
        in fact, there should have been mass outrage and militant resistance (if not, protest) to this violent injustice which saw, white supremacy/domination exercised right before the eyes of the black masses and yet, without a proper conceptual framework through which to correctly interpret the events, this fatal fiasco was just conducted, without complaint, right before their eyes

        the message being, with Ron Atkinson, “stepping down,”, the “evil” (of whites) was also on its “way out”…

        again, enemies deciding the enemies of the dominated

        and that is white domination…a system so thorough, it operates behind the thinking of those who imagine themselves to be “thinking” by structuring their pre-cognitive thought patterns

      2. The General Rules of Warfare are helpful, mostly as they are very direct and need little added context to relate to our relationship with Europeans and Asians.


        Accustom your soldiers to despise delicate living and luxurious clothing.

        In our war against Europeans, they have accustomed our ‘would-be’ soldiers into not only loving delicate living and luxurious clothing, but their delicate living and their luxurious clothing. More particularly, Europeans accustomed us into loving their value system which ninety-nine times out of one-hundred enriches them. Another rule,

        What benefits the enemy, harms you; and what benefits you, harm the enemy.

        only highlights the detriment. All this is said to say, even watching football in itself is a detriment to African people. Not only do its commercials illustrate the point of advertising their value system, not only does our participation and patronage show us that we only enrich Europeans, not only is our witnessing the game a sign of our taking in their value system, but think about this too–in no way are we made aware of an African value system–for instance an African athletic competition. Take for example, “Senegalese Wrestling.” Nowhere in the “Black Culture” assigned to Africans under European domination is “Senegalese Wrestling” even a footnote.


        It’s this lack of imagination toward an African tradition which makes Liberation even more difficult. What is an African? We are the athletes in European games. Can we manage games? No. Meanwhile in Africa there are traditions hundreds years old of Africans being athletic, managerial, competitive, cooperative, and ADULT.

        Brother, we were Colonized. And the Colonizers understood Warfare! We can only Organize.

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