The Principle Problem of European Television

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“Men need images. Lacking them they invent idols. Better then to found the images on realities that lead the true seeker to the source.” — African Proverb

If wolves could produce Television, and men were a part of their audience, the programs which included wolves and men would, in the absence of public tensions, dramatically contrast the two, where the wolf is more than a manslayer and the man is less than upright.  The wolf, for instance, may be a caring mother, a hero, the emergency aid, the student, an engineer, or any other occupation on top of, if, the “justified” manslayer.  Meanwhile, the man, especially if he is a powerless audience, will be a careless, disorganized fool, and his power notwithstanding never an organized, upright thinker.  This is to say, the wolf will be depicted above her nature; and man below her nature.  This is the treatment tribal animals do to their enemies.  Europeans are tribal animals.

The learned African understands that the European is lower than the Dog.  The European is more tribal, more murderous, more merciless, more cunning, more populous, more greedy, more devious and worst of all, more organized.  His image of himself, however, is only, if, lower than God (“dog” backwards.)  This is the image he broadcasts.  And the image we consume when we watch his Television.  The Principal Problem of European Television is fully described in the above proverb: We need images to influence our Consciousness, yet the best images are those which point to the Nature of things.  European Television veils the European’s and the African’s nature.  Please Donate to or Join with the Organized Effort to Propagandize these Natures.

The Principle Problem of European Television
By Onitaset Kumat

Queen Tiye had a Natural Afro during her reign as the Matriarch of Ancient KMT (Egypt.) To reason that an Afro is unprofessional goes against our Ancestral legacy. However, does European Television give you this same impression?
Natural, unprocessed hairstyles were not unprofessional in antiquity where Pyramid builders, Astrophysics lecturers and National Leaders were proud, loving Africans.

On tumblr, I was anonymously asked “Why should we not cut our hair? Why can’t I get a perm or weave? I mean dreadlocks and afros are just unprofessional.” Part of my response: “Do you hair “In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love.”” (See full here) However, the question is begged. Why would an African see her natural hair as unprofessional? It’s not entirely Television, yet when we consider that Professional Africans built Pyramids, taught Astrophysics and governed Nations locs and afros notwithstanding, it stands to reason that images not only affect Consciousness but are necessary for our grasp of reality.

The European understands the necessity of images; part of the reason why the African Blood Siblings organizes is to communicate this Reality of necessity to African people. Right now, our people are being mislead into thinking images are unnecessary and images do not affect Consciousness. We hear “Music doesn’t affect consciousness” from the Brothers sagging or the Sisters with “Thug Life” tattooed across their backs; we hear “What’s wrong with Basketball?” from the park dwellers spending hours playing and discussing games every day; we hear “I just like ‘Friends,’ doesn’t mean I’m not an African Nationalist” from the African most jovial around Europeans; we hear “It’s just a Soap Opera” from the most dramatic people we know. Particularly the television, European Imagery is affecting African Consciousness and morphing it into European Consciousness. What’s more, this imagery is disarming African people.

One of the Primary communications on Television is this idea of a Multidimensional European and a One-Dimensional African. The European is varied, multifaceted, diverse and many things at once. The African is a physical miscreant. On news channels, the European is at once the news reporter, the camera person, the politician, the scientist, the investigator, the police officer, the spokesperson and the business owner; the African is the criminal. On television shows, the European is the witty one, the comical one, the hot mess, the over sexualized, the shy, the nervous, the normal, the dramatic; the African is the thug. On sports channels, the European is the manager, a player, an announcer, a commentator, an investor, an enthusiast, an audience member, a cheerleader, a streaker, a lucky fan; the African is an athlete. In movies and books, the European is the protagonist, the supporting character, the director, the producer, the background, the love interest, the antagonist, the bystander, the narrator, the employed; the African is the help.

This enumeration can go on, but the pattern is clear. In European Imagery, the European is Multidimensional and the African is one-dimensional. We know this to affect our Consciousness as many of us complain that Africans only aspire to one-dimensional employment as entertainers despite that many of us know of Africans with aspirations outside of entertainment. The same African who would complain that there are too many rappers would acknowledge that her niece is an aspiring architect; or the same African studying law would claim Africans do not pursue the legal profession. The result of the imagery is a respect for Europeans and a disrespect for Africans. Given that Europeans are our enemies, that their Imagery makes us disrespect ourselves and respect them is the Principal Problem of European Imagery. Many Africans, especially those who watch Television religiously, will admit that they respect Europeans and disrespect Africans. In another article I wrote, “An African with a Television but without an Organization is a Danger to our African Race.”  To respect one’s enemies and disrespect one’s forces is dangerous for one’s efforts.

Images of Africans and Europeans must facilitate at least African respect as images affect Consciousness and without respectful images but an inundation of disrespectful images the Consciousness will almost certainly disrespect the African and respect the European. More, the European’s Political, Economical and Cultural issues and ideas will be at the forefront of the watcher’s Consciousness; ergo issues of Democrats, Integration, Jobs, Public Education, Interracialism, and Homosexuality would be friendly ideas as opposed to African Nationalism, Separation, Self-Employment, Home Schooling, Race Purity and Family Building, respectively. These images not only make us respect our Enemies, we begin to think as our Enemies. Images are necessary for respect–whether self-respect or otherwise. Leonard Jeffries popularly repeats, “Whoever controls the images, controls your self-esteem, self-respect and self-development. Whoever controls the history, controls the vision.”

Many recognize this necessity, and in response aim to create images of Africans which are Multidimensional figuring that European Multidimensionality isn’t the problem but African one-dimensionality is. The result is African Television shows by European writers, like, in the U.S, “Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” “The Cosbys” and “Girlfriends.” These shows, while depicting multidimensional Africans, fail to reveal the African’s hidden nature; and as these examples of Multidimensional Africans are mere imitations of Multidimensional Europeans, African disrespect and European respect remain built in; as well thinking like Europeans becomes reinforced. In actuality, one-dimensional Europeans and Africans should be on display. But rather than the Africans one-dimension being subservient or criminal, the African’s one-dimension ought be Philosophically Restoral. The same, the European’s one-dimension should be Piratically Tribal.

An analogy would be fitting. Rather than showing the wild Wolf in many dimensions, showing the Wolf as a manslayer will be the proper image for informing people on the Nature of the Wolf. Just the same, having the African be a Sba (Wisdom Teacher) and the European a Pirate (or Yurugu to be technical), the African consuming this imagery already understands how best to interact with and represent Africans and how best to interact with and understand Europeans. As such, the European issues of Democrats, Integration, Jobs, Public Education, Interracialism, and Homosexuality are instantly and unquestionably dismissed; and the African issues of African Nationalism, Separation, Self-Employment, Home Schooling, Race Purity and Family Building become instantly and unquestionably accepted. Why? Because in showing each Race as one-dimensional, and recognizing that Africans will emulate or emphasize their one-dimension regardless of its negativity or positivity (as we see in entertainment aspirants), the European and his Ideas are seen as Problems and the African and her ideas are seen as Solutions. This is the truth which images ought reflect. Please write and donate to the African Blood Siblings to counteract the Principal Problem of European Television.

5 thoughts on “The Principle Problem of European Television

    1. Kandake (Warrior Queen-Mother),

      “What better way to knock you out than to drop your guard?” — Onitaset Kumat

      In a fist fight, the amateur fighters may strike at one another simultaneously hoping to deal more damage than the other, never considering their personal defense. This is not self-defense, this is striking at one another. However, more advanced fighters may allow the next fighter to strike and in deflecting lower the strikers attack thus being able to get a clear hit without withstanding damage. This is self-defense.

      In the realm of ideas, the European promotes television programs like “The Cosby Show” (among most others) in order to drop the African’s guard from the more subliminal attacks. I.e. the family structure, the consumption habits, the culture of the performers on the show are all European and seemingly natural, superior, and right.

      1. I liked the Cosby Show. Many of the lessons were similar to the ones my parents taught me, especially promoting education as bettering the world etc. It was lacking in culture. But they had Mama Africa which I loved having Nigerian parents, and living in africa for 3 years (though I was born and raised in Canada). And all the misconceptions of Africa. Plus they talked about Malcolm X, Jazz, and Theo gave back to the community by working at that centre

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