Fable: The Last Africans

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“My great, great Grandmother was an African.” — Future Proverb?

The end-goal of relative Powerlessness is Genocide. Today, a European woman in America can look you straight in the eyes and swear that she’s part “Native.” Not only because she’s a liar but because the history of rape and Power in America demands it. The European woman will say, if you listen to her, “Look at my cheek bones,” or “Observe my hair,” and though the features are the same with other Europeans, she’ll assure you that they prove a distinct non-European ancestry. But that was the Natives what about us? Once upon a time we ourselves were “indigenous” to the Americas–Europe and Asia too. But we’re little more than distant ancestors on each continent–or visitors to the genocide program–one genocide after another.

In a little town, I was invited to a “Black Pride Center,” all expenses paid for my security and myself. There I saw what a future can be if the African Blood Siblings doesn’t expand. Learn from my trip, donate and enlist.

Fable: The Last Africans
By Onitaset Kumat

We were ambushed.

Two of them–blonde-haired, blue-eyed, white skinned–came from a back door smiling satisfied that Onitaset Kumat had visited them. Knobeco, the security, reacted as best he could, pulling his handgun from concealment and pointing the device pointblank at one woman’s head. A child screamed. Before Knobeco could pull the trigger and proceed to massacre those who underestimated us, a small lightish, fuzzy haired girl ran out crying “Momma, momma!” Later three more–two girls and a boy–came with the same plea. I held my hand to Knobeco. Knobeco lowered his gun, “speak.”

Despite the near-death experience, the women were collected and confident. The taller one spoke, “Brother-King Onitaset Kumat we called you here. We’re African Queens.” Knobeco and I shared a glance. She continued, “We’re the only Africans in this town.”

“I’m listening.”

The women spoke of different distant grandparents. Africans whose family history involved interracialism, rape, and sterilizations. These women emphasized their cheekbones, noses, hair texture, even limb length though neither Knobeco nor I could distinguish them from other European women. Indeed, Knobeco later suggested George Bush had more African blood than they.

The women however did pay for my security team’s travel and did want to convert their “Black Pride Center” into an “African Blood Siblings Community Center;” plus they were the only “Africans” around and the children were undoubtedly of African descent. We humored them.

As we walked around the Center five more “Bleach White Africans” held their fists up shouting “Black Power!” Each time this happened Knobeco and I shared a glance. We saw some traditional “Black Africans” but none spoke English or Swahili–they robotically saluted. By their expressions and the dozens of children surrounding them, I couldn’t help thinking that they were only breeders. They were very dark Africans and the women explained how they were “discovered” in different parts of Africa. Knobeco wore an expression of sickness. It seemed that these women were willing to kidnap people to repopulate a once-African-now-European town. I shrugged my shoulders–they did have a significant amount of the enemy’s blood.

I explained to the women how an African Blood Siblings Community Center, unlike their “Black Pride Center,” had quotations, images and proverbs from Africa and African people. KMT Self-Knowledge quotes and images of African splendor decorated the interior. As well, some of our poetry and prose, like “Maroon and Build For Self!,” had to be readily available to the African visitor. Beyond that, separate rooms for each science and age-grade had to be constructed. As well as health snacks, buttons and literature had to be on sale. After I shared the details of what would be the foundation for African Knowledge, Wisdom and Love, I declined an offer of lunch with the “Africans” and left with Knobeco and the rest of my security team.

Knobeco was a bit confused. “Why,” he asked, “did you give those Europeans all of that information?”

“Those ‘Africans’,” I answered with hand-quotations, “are a sign of things to come if we don’t establish more Power bases for African people. The genocide is shown through those women. Unless we organize a resistance, the only ‘African’ people in America will look and think European: ‘African’ in distant ancestry only.”

2 thoughts on “Fable: The Last Africans

  1. Proof that NOTHING is off limits to Europeans. Their nature is to take possession of EVERYTHING that exists. Next time, it would be wise of you to find out who EXACTLY is inviting you to their community, otherwise you could be walking into your own grave and taking others with you.

    1. Queen-Mother Edens,

      “If one tries to navigate unknown waters one runs the risk of shipwreck.”

      No worries. African genius is such that prepared we are protected.


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