Integration: The Illusion of Inclusion

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
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“The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solution for Africans is Africans!” — Onitaset Kumat

In today’s article we speak about interracial relationships and their purposes.  The debate of Race Purity is wonderfully settled here.  Please enjoy, then promote our organization, the African Blood Siblings.  Help us build African Blood Siblings Community Centers all over this world.  Take responsibility for international racial unity.  Write the ABS for more information.

By Onitaset Kumat

Integration: The Illusion of Inclusion

Synopsis:  This video demonstrates how interracial relationships are purposed toward the genocide of African people.  It relates the newest trend of African women marrying European men, as advanced by the general media culture which has powerful African women marrying European men.  It then relates the example of Brazil and how a U.S. President was informed that tactically integration will exterminate the Black problem as was done in Brazil.  It then shows a clip of the film named “Rabbit Proof Fence” where a White man details the extermination of the African people of Australia through miscegeny.  Later it speaks about how White people hate Black women and integration is an expression thereof: partly by extermination by genetics and party because Mulattoes are hostile to Africans.  It goes on, but eventually the lesson comes through: “Integration is the key element in the destruction of Black civilization.”

Their site:

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9 thoughts on “Integration: The Illusion of Inclusion

  1. Is that you Onitaset in the first video? If it is, you are cute! Seriously, these broads who are always talking about alternatives, are out to lunch! Alternatives=white man. You never hear them discussing other racialized men. Only white men are viable ‘alternatives’. You never hear them discussing other racialized men or black men from different cultures. For example, I wouldn’t mind dating a black Brit or even a black Yank(I am a multi-generational Black Canadian). There has to be some self-loathing going on despite their denials. As for the children, most black Americans are ‘mixed’ but still identify as black. This biraciality movement is in reality an anything but black movement.

    1. Hotep Sister Herneith,

      That is not me in the first video. But I remain beautiful. :) I added some related posts to this post. I would consider the last, “Of Dismissing the ‘Willie Lynch Letter’,” the most comprehensive. In our language is the word “Black” that’s parallel with the word “Colored.” “Colored” was a word encouraged by W.E.B. Du Bois who also advanced the idea of “The West Indian Solution to the Race Problem” also linked above (advanced as opposed to “Negro” which J.A. Rogers interestingly approves–see my table of contents [Amazing Fact 91 . . .]). This solution is for a class of “Mixed” individuals (called “Colored”) to supplement the number of ruling Europeans over Africans. This remains the Philosophy of the “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)” here in the states. That said, these women pushing ‘alternatives’ are in cahoots with the group of African people opposed to our liberation. However, oftentimes, they are unwittingly so. Partially because the language of “Black” and “Colored” allows for the thinking of “Same people, different colors” rather than “Different people, different Philosophies:” this is why I invented my blog. It’s important that we realize that “Philosophy” needs to be corrected, otherwise our people are in trouble. A great explicit post for that is “A Solution To The Rape of Our African Women.”

      Thank you for the comment. I bet you too are beautiful.

      Look around this blog. The post on ‘cultural continuity’ talks on how even those on the continent are somewhat mixed, after all, these Asians and Europeans have been hunting us for six thousand years, not just five hundred. Also, Southern Europe, with the Moorish presence, is ‘mixed’ too. But not just Southern Europe. I can go on for ages. Hence the blog.


  2. I for one DONT THINK that if a few black women marry other race men, that we will go ‘extinct’ there are too many of us for that….you shouldnt panic since its only around 9% or so.

    1. Hotep Zipporah,

      It’s not only genetics that threatens us. Very often the offspring of interracial relationships own a hostility toward those of us who are less mixed.

      We were largely enslaved and conquered because of the hostility from mixed breed Africans. Whether it was the “Egyptians” of Kemet, the “Moors” of Spain, the “Black Muslims” of the Sahara, the “Enslavers” of West Africa, the “Coloured” of South Africa, the “Latino” of Latin America, or the “Colored” of North America; Europeans and Asians have historically used our mixed Siblings to wage war against us.



      As well:

      More let’s never underplay the genetic factor. Consider that when there are fewer examples of African self-love, there are more examples of African-self hate. Remember “African Love” can be redemptive:

      By the by, Sibling Zipporah, remember that you can not speak to everyone all the time. You can only preach to members of the choir or members of the congregation–never everyone. Therefore, it’s never good to teach error[1], do right by those you can.

      If you change one African from the self-loathing, you will save many. But if you maintain a self-loather, you will hurt many more.

      Always should we strive to returning to Africa, in body and spirit–this means never do we support interracial relationships. All said, join the African Blood Siblings ( ). That we may liberate our people.


      [1] If the Master teaches what is error, the disciple’s submission is slavery; if he teaches truth, this submission is ennoblement. — KMT Proverb (see more : )

      1. I couldn’t agree more. This integration nonsense has left us in a very bad position. Im not fooled by integration,interracial marriages or the success of black celebrities. It’s all a smoke screen. White people have not changed their feelings about us. They just change their tactics. The racism is more covert now than overt. But it’s still there. Amerikkka has not changed in 100 years.

      2. Brother Kushite Prince,

        We should dialogue on the word ‘racism.’ In my perspective, the word does a disservice to our analysis and ambition. Our goal isn’t an end of ‘racism,’ but an end of integration. To me, to rail against ‘racism’ almost seems to ignore that the problems with Europeans or Asians aren’t their manners, behaviors, feelings, or dispositions, it’s them.

        For instance, let’s look back on our [mis-]education. We never heard anyone European critique George Washington, but look at what he did. We never heard anyone European critique Thomas Jefferson, but look at what he did. We know for a fact that these two, though (to us are) evil, are respected and revered.

        But just as we respect and revere our ancestors, are we to say that the European should not his? And regardless of whether we say so, doesn’t he?

        So they come from a cultural background that destroys us and they respect and revere this. It’s high time that we don’t blame ‘racism’ (a system) but Europeans and Asians (a people.) ‘Cause why are we trying to change them? Why don’t we just leave them and let them, if they must, kill themselves.

        This is the sentiment portrayed in “The Allegory of the Pitied Child:”

        In many respects, we must realize that Europeans were killing themselves in the Dark Ages, then African Moors came in and taught them how to shoot guns and man ships ergo the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

        We can start the dialogue if you please. My primary resource is the five-part dialogue on “Race.” Please enjoy it:

        Thanks for sharing,

  3. I couldn’t agree more. They have their heroes–and we have ours. And integration is an illusion. They have never treated us fairly. This whole system is racist,corrupt and hypocritical. White people will keep this unjust system in place unless they’re forced to change it. Power only respects power. That’s just a reality we have to face.

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