Fable: The Strongest Elephant

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“Seek to be part of a brotherhood, sisterhood, or group, for we accomplish more together than alone.”  — 9th Blameless Code

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Fable: The Strongest Elephant
By Onitaset Kumat

In Africa, animals speak.  Around a bush spoke one to his kin.

“I’m the strongest Elephant in the world!”

One answered, “You are.  But that does not mean you deserve more food.”

“Why not?  Aren’t I the protector of the group?”

Another spoke, “No.  An individual can not protect anything, not even itself.  The group is the only protection.”

“Nonsense!  I will have more food and none of you can stop me.”

One last said, “We shall not stop you, we shall only leave you.  You can eat on your own.”

From there the strongest elephant was left alone.  He ate what the others hadn’t.

But then came a lion.

The elephant spoke, “Foolish lion!  I am the strongest Elephant in the world.  You can not harm me.”

But the lion retorted, “I alone can not.  But the world acts in groups not individuals.  No individual can beat a group.  And look around you–your pride attracts another pride, my pride.”

There assembled a pride, a group of lions, and then did the strongest Elephant try to make two calls but had no time to make a second.  A pride of lions will conquer even the pride of an Elephant.

Over his bones one lion spoke, “Only an organized group can survive against an organized group; the disorganized and individualized will fall to the organized.”

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