Fable: The African Insurance

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“The Negro pays for what he wants and begs for what he needs.” — Kelly Miller

In December of 2011, I shared the principles of business through Cuffel’s claim to fame (she organized international health-oriented sandwich shops.) Recently, the United States implemented a system to get every resident health insured. As Africans differ from Europeans physiologically, Africans should have different medics and thereby different health insurers. Cuffel saw this opportunity and took it, now running a national health insurance brand for and by African people. Not only does her insurance provide for effective medics, it eases its members’ access to healthy living cheapening healthy consciousness, diet, exercise and habits. Health insurance is an opportunity for African people: it does not require heavy machinery and it correlates to our longevity (see the secret to longevity here.) Will we continue to finance others experimenting on us or will we finance our own healing? You intend to get Health Insurance so why not from a provider who knows your unique health?

After all, under their system in five decades many Africans will pass on; however under our historic systems in ten decades we still stood.  Someone like Garvey at 126 would still be alive today under traditional African Power.  Garvey and all of his ideological descendants.  We are being killed slowly but effectively.  Who insures you and what is the life expectancy they put upon you?  Do you want an additional five decades?  Organize for Power!

Fable: The African Insurance
By Onitaset Kumat

The last time I saw Cuffel she was being sung to by an Elder whom flanked by her singing descendants praised Cuffel for financing the surgeon who saved her life. The Elder was the victim of an unspecified cooking accident but when her grandchildren alerted the village security, neither time nor expenses were spared. Cuffel, the wealthiest woman I know, had insured the Elder’s health to the best of her wealth and the Elder now cooks again albeit with more grown company.

When I last spoke of Cuffel she only owned international farms and sandwich shops. She was a health-conscious African “McDonald’s.” But upon hearing how America requires its residents to have health insurance and knowing even Europeans were in the business of providing for theirs, she took her extreme wealth and knowledge of health to this new frontier.

“Yurugu’s health insurance normally limits its buyers to Yurugu medics and medicines. Some by exception will admit Oriental arts. If Africans must have health insurance then we need our own insurance which facilitates and bolsters African medics, medicines and healthy-living. This I will do next.”

She did. Noting that Health is the summary of Consciousness, Diet, Exercise and Habits, Cuffel used her wealth to find and develop African Medics whose concentration was on our Health, then she used her farms, her stores and her team to build grocery stores, gyms, clinics, and universities. Africans started paying her for health insurance and what they got in return was invaluable: longevity. Now Medics prescribed to them healthy diets, they gained access to ancestral meditation circles, they were counseled on eating slow and early, they learned what was good for melanin, they had discounts at Cuffel’s sandwich shops, they were accurately diagnosed based on their biochemistry, they participated in aerobics classes, martial arts and weight lifting sessions, they studied themselves and other people, they got coupons to the grocery stores, they understand an Alkaline system is a healthy system; in short they gained a healthier life and the cost to Cuffel was minimal.

The idea of health insurance is an unhealthy person would pay so much to see a doctor so the insurer would pay the doctor as long as the person paid the insurer. If people are sick the insurer has to charge more to gain but if people are healthy the insurer can charge less and still gain much. It’s a Social Industry that doesn’t need “the means of production.” It’s really simply “you keep paying me money and when you need it I’ll give you some.” A misfortune today is European Health Insurers only Master European Health if that; therefore Africans pay European Health Insurers to send them to Europeans who experiment on them. What Cuffel did was provide Africans with African Health Insurers who send them to Africans who Heal them. These Africans receive health benefits from paying their insurance and are insured from occasional accidents. Africans now finance Africans and are not at the mercy of European experiments.

Cuffel once again found a money machine serving our Race. Africans walk around in good health all due the basic principle of warfare, “To know how to recognize an opportunity in war, and take it, benefits you more than anything else.” Obama demanded everyone is health insured. Cuffel saw the opportunity and prospered. What opportunity will she take next? I won’t wait for her. Neither should you.

Who insures you?

Please ask any questions that come to mind

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