The Story of Al Sharpton

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“I have
never been contained
except I
the prison”

— Mari Evans

Challenged to name political Africans in mainstream America, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and Barack Obama head the list. Insomuch as we must restore the African Continent, these men are misleaders. Yet as the Allegory of the Classroom taught, we are responsible. Below is a scene of Al Sharpton’s history many of us had never known and a lesson that many of us never dreamed of learning but will teach us a lot about ourselves and our roles in life. The African Blood Siblings will teach more.  Read more of the newsletter, write about creating an African Blood Siblings Community Center and rally a team to help restore our continent. Subscribe, share, love.

The Story of Al Sharpton
By Onitaset Kumat

On August 23rd, 1989, three African youth sought to purchase a used car from Bensonhurst, an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn. The Europeans in the neighborhood had heard that an African interracialist was in the area; so between ten and thirty waited with bats and a hand gun to beat the interracialist. Despite their goal, they mercilessly beat the African youth, and one 19-year-old Joseph Fama shot one 16-year-old Yusuf Hawkins. Al Sharpton–nationally famous for defending Tawana Brawley–and others mobilized!

In the African Blood Siblings we claim that the European pays African people on Friday in order to get his money on Friday, but actually he gets his money on Saturday. Knowing this, Al Sharpton, an agitator; C. Vernon Mason, a lawyer; Moses Stewart, Hawkins’ father; and Alton H. Maddox Jr., a true advocate and lawyer for our race–the real defender of Tawana Brawley–organized a weekly Saturday boycott against the Bensonhurst community.

Within weeks, the European business community called a meeting. The European takes your money incredibly seriously. You hold power.

At the meeting sat the organizers. The business community asked for demands that the boycott could end. The organizers could have asked for anything. Alton H. Maddox Jr., true to his race, asked for the names of the 10 to 30 perpetrators, having already secured a 33-year sentence against Joseph Fama. A European responded, “We do not snitch on our children.”

Alton H. Maddox Jr. told him that the two sides had nothing to talk about, then rose from his chair and headed to the door satisfied over his negotiations. When he looked over his shoulder, probably to vaunt, he saw no one, not even Yusuf Hawkins’ own father! Then he heard Al Sharpton speak.

Al Sharpton asked if they could have the meeting without Alton H. Maddox Jr. It was permitted. From then on, Al Sharpton no longer wore jumpsuits and medallions but three-piece suits and ties; he no longer lived in a railroad flat in Brooklyn but rode in a car from New Jersey daily. Today he lives in the Eastside of Manhattan.

Share this story of Al Sharpton. We must think more deeply about what had happened.

The Premier organization for African thought is the African Blood Siblings. When we study this story, we realize that so much is unanswered. Al Sharpton was bought, but so was the victim’s father. Why?

In European thought “Money is the root of all evil.” Money is Mammon and the basis of analysis in the European Conciousness. However it is fundamentally false that money should base analysis.

Take for instance the question of slavery and enslavement. What is slavery? What is enslavement? In European thought, we learn that ‘slavery’ is working without pay; therefore enslavement is not paying one’s workers.

But when working in one’s family, one is not enslaved, correct? As in, if your Mother says take out the trash, you can ask for a paycheck, but considering what monetary compensation you gave her for bringing you into this world, you would be in the wrong. Just the same, the African Blood Siblings provides a free newsletter but it’s clearly not a form of slavery that it’s delivered you.

In the future of this newsletter, it should be shown that ‘slavery’ is actually Cross-Racial Labour; and ‘enslavement’ is actually Cross-Racial Patronage. Subscribe and expect this demonstration.

The point to be made is that insomuch as African people control the business community of multi-racial areas, we, in engaging in Cross-Racial Patronage, actually enslave ourselves.

Certainly we can admit that what the organizers of the boycott did, excepting Alton H. Maddox Jr., was despicable. But it’s no less despicable than the African boycotters who returned to Cross-Racial Patronage on a whim–or our usual spending habits (Cross-Racial Patronage) that keep our African economy underdeveloped–thus continuing the enslavement of African people.

The facts of the world are set before us. It is African people who control the Global Economy. It’s only a matter of us setting out to study and practice our ecology, the science and development of our resources and resourcefulness; or Intraracial Patronage and Labour.

The starting point is local. The instrument is an African Blood Siblings Community Center. Our ecological liberation can only come from our own activity toward creating those propagators; it’s upon us to develop our own economy.

Some want to condemn Sharpton, yet actively participate in their own enslavement. That’s unacceptable. “The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness.” Not unless you are serving the African Blood Siblings are you advancing the African race.

4 thoughts on “The Story of Al Sharpton

  1. It seems clear the meeting was about securing justice as far as Maddox was concerned. But Sharpton and the victims father had something else in mind. What makes Sharpton’s action even more egregious is that he didn’t even ask for anything that would be a huge benefit to the Black community. At least there is no apparent evidence of this. I don’t know what to make of Stewart, except that maybe he perceived the White man as holding more power and he better get what he could for himself. The sad part is that Blacks have allowed the White power structure to declare him as a leader of the Black community. One cannot be financed by Whites and serve the African-American community also. The proof is that African-Americans in New York are worse off than they were in the 60’s in spite of his National Action Network organization.
    Michael Jackson reached out to his NAN, and we all know where he is. This is a big part of the problem. When Michael needed financial help, due to the theft perpetrated against him, no Black organization could come to his aid, even though they would get their money back ten fold due to his incredible drawing power.How pathetic!

    1. Yes Sister,

      Man must learn to increase his sense of responsibility and of the fact that everything he does will have its consequences.

      It needs to be made clear to our people why purchasing outside of our race is the most expensive option we have available to us. It needs to be clear that empowering outside of our race, empowers the races which dis-empower us. This is why we are organizing. When we get out people to empower ourselves, we create the future for which we all vie.

      This is why we hold “leadership” to the standard of how they are empowering us.

      Our first clue should be how we never saw Sharpton empower African people.

  2. “no Black organization could come to his aid, even though they would get their money back ten fold due to his incredible drawing power.How pathetic!”


    The fact is that there are far more hustlers than there are saints!
    Pathetic is an understatement.
    Our *collective* consciousness, our minds, our thinking – thought processes, our inability to cooperate, pool resources, trust, keep our words and promises are so kindergarten-ish it’s so way beyond pathetic.I can clearly understand why so many of us can’t or won’t be bothered with so many of us. It’s sad and depressing when looking at either the tree(s) or the forest.

    1. Hotep Sibling,

      Long time! Speaking of ‘premises’ with others, I find the discussion continually informative. In this case we enter upon “Psychology.” Most of us are taught that “Psychology” is ‘objective.’ So we learn “Psychological” techniques and apply them to anyone and everyone. In Psychology as we learn it–you can learn of a people through observations of them.

      I find that this is not enough to truly learn of a people. I noticed, for instance, that speaking with some people, I’ve been scorned, but these people were not always scornful. That is–there was something in my interaction that made me scornful. This makes sense–suppose I stepped on one’s foot or so? But that they can be scornful after a foot stepping tells me that one’s personality–or what one can learn from people–depends on the observer and the observer’s interactions.

      Long story short, the idea of looking for a put together forest and/or tree falls under one psychological ideology and the idea of creating a put together forest and/or tree falls under another. The latter is what I call “African Psychology” partially because our ancient wisdom points to the idea of we being capable creators.

      In this premise though, we are no longer tasked to just observe our people, but to create amongst them what we desire. We desire “Loving, Knowledgeable and Wise Africans” thus we must nurture them with “Love, Knowledge and Wisdom” for I had written long ago–“all speech comes from all listening, but all wise from where is wise.”

      This is why we are now building African Blood Siblings Community Centers–to give onto our people Love, Knowledge and Wisdom–to counter what Hate, Ignorance and Error we constantly engage in.

      But Matari, I long ago promised you a post on “Race Traitors.” Tell me how you like it:

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