The Allegory of the School Presentation

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“If the Master teaches what is error, the disciple’s submission is slavery; if he teaches truth, this submission is ennoblement.” — KMT Proverb

This allegory demonstrates the above truth. It’s based off of a cousin’s work I viewed. The solution offered is the African Blood Siblings Community Center. Write the ABS to help build one and solve our race’s problems. Subscribe, share, love.

The Allegory of the School Presentation
By Onitaset Kumat

On a familiar visit, I learned that a cousin in high school was preparing her school presentation at the request of a disagreeable teacher. At my next visit, she told me of that presentation. The details were enlightening: She stood before the classroom, in the teacher’s manners; she presented a worthless topic, in the teacher’s manners; and though her friends were her audience, she reprimanded the student out of disrespect, in the teacher’s manners. By and by, she was a disagreeable teacher, just as her teacher was. This taught me that unless we as a people adopt our own customs, no amount of power will solve our problems: for we will necessarily adopt the customs of those with whom we disagree.

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