What is a Sibling? Shouldn’t “Brother” and “Sister” have a meaning?

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“[Robbed of] our Sisterhood, our Brotherhood.”The African Affirmation

In today’s post I explain what a Sibling is.  Some African people refer to one another as “Brother” and “Sister” yet rarely treat one another in a Brotherly or Sisterly manner.  For this reason, I made a video for you to share and understand that at least one person shall treat you as a Sibling.  Write this Sibling a commitment to building an African Blood Siblings Community Center.  Subscribe, share, love.

What is a Sibling?  Shouldn’t “Brother” and “Sister” have a meaning?
Onitaset Kumat



It was after I looked upon a forest, that I now understand what a family is. Each tree drops a seed, that every tree looks after, until that seed becomes a tree like its aunts and uncles.

“Brother” and “Sister,” words for “Siblings,” mean “As you will look after my child, I will look after yours.” At least in our African tradition.

Meaning. One of the worst tricks of our adopted culture is that we think that in ancestry we are Brothers and Sisters, rather than in concern for descendants we are Brothers and Sisters.

Thus, I ask whether we have any Brotherhoods or Sisterhoods. What are the two? Will those who call me Brother look after my child? Do you, reader, look after the child of others? If not, will you call another a Sibling?

I am grateful to the ancestors for allowing me the wisdom to put meaning behind my appellations. And I promise to my African Blood Siblings, that I will, to my ability, be a Brother to you all.


2 thoughts on “What is a Sibling? Shouldn’t “Brother” and “Sister” have a meaning?

  1. yes indeed, that word is so empty in the present time, especially when family turns out to be so destructive, and even tend to further maintian the apparatus of oppression.

    1. I’m not 100% clear with your choice of avatar.

      But to address your writing, we need to delve deeper into our analysis. The African family adopts the European system of organization, because our African system of organization is unknown to us (or reasoned inefficient.)

      At the African Blood Siblings we promote the Matriarchal and Matrilineal form of social organization. It’s the Patriarchal and Patrilinial form that’s causing so many problems for our people. I.e. It’s “Destructive” and it “Maintains the Apparatus of Oppression.”

      See more here: https://africanbloodsiblings.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/europe-pedophilia-and-re-organization/

      But we need to be clear with the alternatives provided. For instance, “Black Face” may show that Europeans are wrong, but it doesn’t show that Africans are right.

      We must not only uproot the trees Europeans plant, but we must plant a new tree altogether.

      Thank you for subscribing, commenting, reading and writing.


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