“Colonization of Africa by Negroes as Solution of Race Problem”

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“Again the Negro has defeated himself but his spirit is not dead.” — Marcus Garvey (see below.)

We need a solution to the race problem.  All of us look around and see the atrocious conditions affecting our people.  We need to respond.

We here tell our ancestor, our spirit is alive; for it lives strongly and powerfully in the African Blood Siblings.  Below I cite our ancestor’s plan to redeem the race: the UNIA’s details are stunning! But today we have a plan too: the African Blood Siblings Community Centers (ABSCC). This institutional framework, internationally spread, is the foundation for which colonies of our people can be established. For within each will be the tools to address our consciousness: tools to make us realize Prosperous, Independent African Communities today!

When we read Marcus Garvey’s excerpt, it reminds us of our collegiate research on Liberia. Then we learned that the Firestone company abused our people. Yet before Firestone forced its contract, our ancestors had the foresight to see what we only read of in historical research: Our wisdom is timeless; We know who we are dealing with. You, Siblings, bring to the ABS, whether reading, writing, or rallying, the necessary wisdom to grant us the tomorrow worthy of our people! Continue to Read! Continue to Write! Continue to Rally! Continue to Liberate!

In 1924, the UNIA asked our people for $2,000,000 to establish this wonderful colony. Thousands of our ancestors prepared to answer. You, my Siblings, shall make with ABSCCs millions prepare to answer! You, my Siblings, shall solve all of our problems! For the ancients said it:

“The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness.”

So behold, the African Blood Siblings is the only organization promoting the proper consciousness so that our people can be Prosperous, Independent and Pure! Our salvation is before you. Don’t just hear it, listen to it! Read this work of Garvey’s, and Read Onitaset Kumat; Write our Siblings of this work, and Write Onitaset Kumat; Rally our people to our befitting consciousness, and Rally for the African Blood Siblings. Then you will be who you were meant to be: Our Advocate!  Subscribe, share, love!

Without further ado,
an Excerpt from “Philosophies and Opinions of Marcus Garvey,” as seen on pages 380 – 385

The proposed plans for colonization work in Liberia were contained in a full page advertisement which appeared in the New York World under date Wednesday, June 25, 1924, as follows: —

Colonization of Africa by Negroes as Solution of Race Problem
Universal Negro Improvement Association Working to Develop Colonies in Liberia as Peaceful Homes for Negroes — Similar to Homeland in Palestine for Jews

Over a hundred years ago the white friends of the Negro in America, known as the American Colonization Society, helped establish the Black Republic of Liberia with the hope that it might become the home of those Negroes who wanted to live among themselves. After great sacrifice and with much difficulty the early settlers of the republic have perpetuated the government until it stands out today as the most serious attempt of the race to help itself.

The Universal Negro Improvement Association, organized under the laws of the State of New York, aims at assuming the responsibility of helping to develop Liberia as a natural home for Negroes. Toward this end several missions have been sent to Liberia for the purpose of arranging for the repatriation of as many Negroes as desire to go to that country to settle and to help in her industrial, agricultural and cultural development.

The following plans have been decided on by the Universal Negro Improvement Association: That the Association is to build four colonies in the Republic, the first on the Cavalla River, for which a group of civil and mechanical engineers have been sent to start preparatory work for the accommodation of the first batch of colonists, who will sail from New York during the Fall of the present year and following years.

The Association is raising a fund of $2,000,000 to bear the cost of constructing and establishing the first colony. The building plan for each colony is as follows (all Government buildings to be under the control of the Liberian Government):



1. Court House and Post Office.

2. Town Hall

a. Public Safety

1. Police Station

2. Fire Protection

3. Hospital

Community Interest and Entertainment

1. National Theatre

2. Churches (2)

3. Large Public Hall

4. Public Park

Public Education

1. Public Library

2. Public Schools (2)

3. Public High School (1)

4. Colleges of Arts and Sciences

5. Trade School and Engineering Works

Public Utilities

1. Electric Light and Power Plant

2. Water Filtration Plant

3. Sewerage System and Sewage Disposal Plant

a. Transportation Facilities

1. Roads, Streets and Pavements

2. Wharf and Dock and Water Front Improvement

3. Railroad, 4-15 miles

b. Commissaries (2)

c. Dormitories (2)

This Is the Best Solution of the Negro Problem

All those who desire to help the Negro under the auspices of the Universal Negro Improvement Association in developing himself, are asked to subscribe to the fund of two million ($2,000,000) dollars now being raised for the promotion of the Cavalla Colony.

Address your donation to the “Treasurer, Colonization Fund, Universal Negro Improvement Association, 56 West 135th Street, New York, U. S. A.” Bankers: Chelsea Exchange Bank, Harlem Branch, 135th Street and Seventh Avenue.

The Fund Marcus Garvey $100.00
Mrs. Marcus Garvey 50.00
William C. Ritter 25.00
New York Division, U. N. I. A. 250.00
Mrs. Leola Warden, Columbus, Ohio 5.00
G. E. Barnes and others, Victoria de Lastunas, Oriente, Cuba 25.65
Mrs. P. S. Watterhouse, New Orleans, La. 15.00
Mrs. Peter Jackson and others of the Milwaukee Division Universal Negro Improvement Association 93.10
Friend of U. N. I. A. Francisco, Province Camaguey, Cuba 100.00
Mrs. Lucy Johnson, Cincinnati, Ohio 4.00
Other donations 2,734.87
Motor Corps, Unia, Pittsburgh, Pa. 11.00
Mrs. Malinda Hopkins, Chicago, Ill 5.00
Laura Lee Div., No. 450, Lumberport, Va. 15.00
New Orleans Div., New Orleans, La. 15.00
Richmond Div., No. 193, Richmond, Va. 7.50
Mrs. Mary Belgrave, Boston, Mass 8.00
Blue Island Division, Blue Island, Ill 15.00
Holdenville Div., Holdenville, Okla 51.00
Mrs. Annie Darden, Columbus, Ohio 5.00
J. W. Green, Seattle, Wash 5.00
E. A. Nibbs, Seattle, Wash 2.50
N. W. Hudgins, Seattle, Wash 1.00
A. M. Brown, Seattle, Wash 1.20
C. D. Cristman, Seattle, Wash 1.00
J. B. Martin, Seattle, Wash 1.00
Nellie E. Brown, Seattle, Wash 1.00
Mr. Rufus A. Reid, Seattle, Wash 1.00
H. Maitland, Seattle, Wash 1.00
Mattie L. Maitland, Seattle, Wash 1.00
W. A. McLine, Seattle, Wash 1.00
S. P. Moore, Seattle, Wash 1.00
Joseph Lynch, Seattle, Wash 1.00
Sarah Lynch, Seattle, Wash .50
A friend, Seattle, Wash .20
Marie Jones, Seattle, Wash .25
Wilford Edwards, Seattle, Wash .50
Frank C. Williams .50
James Moore, Seattle, Wash .50
J. D. Nelson, Seattle, Wash 1.50
E. Chambers, Seattle, Wash 1.00
Jennie Ellis, Seattle, Wash 1.00
Geo. F. Carter, Seattle, Wash 1.00
Nannie R. Webb, Seattle, Wash .50
Maude Keizer, Seattle, Wash 1.10
Joseph Keizer, Seattle, Wash 1.00
Thomas McPherson, Seattle, Wash .25
Mary Costello Moore, Seattle, Wash .50
Rachel Famber, Seattle, Wash .50
Wm. Famber, Seattle, Wash .50
Victoria Bean, Summit, N. J. 25.00
Will Ford, Detroit, Mich 25.00
Geo. Brothers, South Bend, Ark 2.00
Walter Estes, N. Edmonton, Canada 15.00
Mr. and Mrs. Manfield Sterkes, Farrell, Pa. 5.00
C. W. Davis, South Bend, Ark 2.00
Chas. Carter, Carbon, W. Va. 10.00
Mrs. P. S. Waterhouse, New Orleans, La. 15.00
Milwaukee Division, Milwaukee, Wis. 93.10
Danville Division, Danville, Ill 15.00
Lucy Johnson, Cincinnati, Ohio 4.00
Laura Palmer, Gary, Ind. 12.23
Victoria de Lastunan Div., Prov. de Cuba 25.65
Jean Gillman, Dover, N. J. 10.00
Boyd Timmons, Dover, N. J. 10.00
Leola Darden, Columbus, Ohio
Mary McDonald, Gary, Ind. 5.00
Embry Darden, Gary, Ind. 5.00
William Patterson, Colp, Ill 10.00
Frances Frederick, Hartford, Conn. 2.10
Francisco Division, Camaguey, Cuba 100.00
Morales Division, Morales, Guatemala 100.00
George Smith, Brooklyn, N. Y. 5.00
J. S. Patterson, Portland, Oregon 20.00
Total $4,086.20




WILLIAM SHERRILL, 2nd Vice-President.

RUDOLPH SMITH, 3rd Vice-President.


G. EMONI CARTER, Secretary.


LEVI F. LORD, Auditor.






Immediately after King so suddenly and rudely repudiated the agreements with the Universal Negro Improvement Association to build up Liberia, he gave away, for 99 years, the same tracts of lands to be occupied by the association, to the Firestone Rubber Company (white) of Akron, Ohio, for rubber prospects and exploitation. He immediately conscripted the natives to build roads, for the convenience of this concession, without pay or shelter. The press in Liberia that supports King, — and none dare oppose him, — suddenly shifted from praising the effort of the Universal Negro Improvement Association to help Liberia, to tooting for the Firestone Rubber Company, hoping that millions of dollars would be spent by them, beyond the ability of the Universal Negro Improvement Association, out of which the governing class would profit. The Firestone people, however, are keen business men, who see the dollar, and not humanity, and up to now they have not started to scatter the dollars as the Liberian officials expected. King suppressed the entry of the Negro World into Liberia, and also opened all communications addressed to and sent by the Universal Negro Improvement Association. He has been accused by his own countrymen of pilfering their mail, and there is now an action pending against him, instituted by one of his countrymen, for intercepting and reading his mail. His suppression of the Negro World is caused through his fear of public sentiment against him. The people of Liberia being poor and helpless have to bow to his tyranny. Immediately after he repudiated me and the Universal Negro Improvement Association, he was made a Cavalier of the Legion of Honor of France and was honored by the English, by their sending to Monrovia, a battleship, to convey himself and his family on a visit to Sierre Leone, where he was reared. It is understood that the Universal Negro Improvement Association was inveigled by these enemies, into spending these large sums of money in the interest of the country, then repudiate all the agreements, so as to inflict unredeemable financial loss upon the Association, thereby proving the incompetence of my leadership and my general denunciation for fraud. How well the plot has succeeded the American public will judge. Suffice it to say, that at the time when Ernest Lyons filed his protest with the State Department, thousands of American and West Indian Negro families of substantial means and good industrial purpose, scattered all over the United States and the West Indies had already prepared themselves for departure to Liberia, then to them, the land of hope, peace and racial justice, and this group included people of the race of all shades of color, from black to octoroon. Again the Negro has defeated himself but his spirit is not dead.

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