“The More I See of Europeans the More I like Dogs”

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The White man speaks with a forked tongue.” — Native American Proverb

Last month, a White couple told me “This land is your land, this land is my land” while they held the deed for “our land” in “their hands.”  In the Brooklyn Public Library, White Librarians treated me as Property and denied you and I the right to read a book all while speaking with a forked tongue.  An 18th century European woman Madame de Stael, speaking of European men, wrote “The more I see of men the more I like dogs.”  My incident in the Brooklyn Public Library makes me say “The more I see of Europeans the more I like dogs.”  This controversy involves John Edward Bruce of whom this whole month will honor.  Help make him and the African Blood Siblings household names.  Write, Underwrite and Rally.  Subscribe, share, love.

“The More I See of Europeans the more I like Dogs”
By Onitaset Kumat

In 1913, John Edward Bruce started the Loyal Sons of Africa.  It’s Organizational Structure and Field of Influence were Parallel to the African Blood Siblings’.  For instance, the Loyal Sons of Africa sub-organizes into units of between 10-20 members with a Captain while the African Blood Siblings sub-organizes into units of 13 members with an Ethical Philosopher.  The Loyal Sons of Africa and the African Blood Siblings also both involve themselves all over the globe.  More, the Founder of the Loyal Sons of Africa, John Edward Bruce, was a Militant Black Journalist  who expounded Philosophically whereas the Founder of the African Blood Siblings, Onitaset Kumat, is an African Ethical Philosopher who maintains the Newsletter.  Obviously, I needed to research John Edward Bruce.

Neither the internet nor another Library were of use, so I searched the Brooklyn Public Library’s catalog, read that they had The Selected Writings of John Edward Bruce: Militant Black Journalist in their catalog and visited the Library to read the book.  The book was in storage (not on the shelf so I had to make a request to a Librarian), counted as reference (couldn’t be circulated) and was in good condition (hardly touched).  I was very likely the first person to request the hidden book since the 70s.  Diligent, I sat for hours in the Library copying several passages into my notebook, finally leaving the book on a table (as I am supposed to), hoping to return to check my reprints against the print.

I never checked my reprints.  After a month, I returned to the Library to again read the book.  Library Protocol demands that I go to a Librarian, ask them to send someone to retrieve the book from storage, then wait twenty minutes for the book, read it, leave it on a table, and go about my business.  I did all of that last time.  This time I had trouble.  The nosy Librarian paused over “Militant Black Journalist.” She then informed me how she never heard of John Edward Bruce, adding him to the “billions of people” she believes she never heard of; and as if I could care less, after she ordered the book, she asked me to return to her, bringing her the copy so she and her superior can read it and determine if it’s suitable for circulation (as if she’s doing me a favor by reading the book before me!)  Knowing she would not take “No,” I told her “Yes” then took a seat.  She immediately and suspiciously left her desk; replaced by her Superiors: A White man and another woman.

In the Brooklyn Public Library, after you request a book, you wait in a particular section to be notified on an eraser board whether your book arrived.  In the usual time, I was informed that my book was not found.  I then went to the desk where I ordered to inquire.  The White man started out explaining to me how books are often lost, sometimes missing for years without the Library’s knowledge.  Were I less privvy to Europeans, I would smile and go about my business.  Instead, understanding “How do you know when a White man is lying? If his mouth is moving,” I explained to him how I had it last month and left the book in the Library.  He quickly ran out of excuses.  Of course, the White man doesn’t stop lying when his mouth stops moving.  He lies with his legs too.  So this White man seeing that I am unsatisfied with his lies, decides to entertain my inquiry, look the book up in the Catalog and physically lead me on a pretend search over by the shelves.  When we returned, he suggested I go to another Library.  And get this: the next day, the very next day, the book was removed from the Catalog.  Try to find it here: http://brooklyn.bibliocommons.com/search?t=author&search_category=author&q=John+Edward+Bruce&commit=Search

Fortunately, I had already copied several passages from this book, and John Edward Bruce was President of the Negro Society of Historical Research when Arthur A. Schomburg was the Secretary, so not only can I share with you his words, but his words are also the largest collection in the Schomburg Library, the largest library concerning African History in America, so if someone else is interested, he or she can recopy passages too.

However, what’s interesting is how John Edward Bruce himself informs this conversation:

“But we know the altruistic aims of the Anglo-Saxon peoples in the countries of black, brown and red men; they are to control the natural resources of those countries and enrich adventurous White men, anxious to become multimillionaires by exploiting these darker races and their wealth-producing products.”

This comes from a piece addressing “The White Man’s Burden,” the poem the Europeans still teach us but after its release in 1899 was addressed by this “Black Militant Journalist” who called European “altruism” what it was: A deceptive tool to empower Europeans and enrich their exploitative brethren (they don’t show us this response in school!)  What’s interesting is that the European Librarians have the same Altruism.  Their books are not there to empower African people, their books are there to empower Europeans and enrich those who can use our knowledge to exploit us.  In the 1970s, Black Nationalist thought could have been exploited to enrich us.  Ergo it was in their collection.  Yet that I ordered the book near the end of 2012, its purpose in the Library was no longer beneficial to Europeans, thus the book was removed and removed quickly (The next day!)

In another essay John Edward Bruce wrote the following:

“A little self-examination and a great deal of observation ought to convince us that it is impossible for the impossible to happen and in a way that will inure to the benefit of those who suffer wrong because it is impossible for white men who love money and power to deal justly, to love mercy, and to walk uprightly before God.  Don’t deceive yourselves, friends, for we are sitting on the edge of a seething volcano.  For 40 years I have studied the white man from reading and by contact, and to employ the language of Madame de Stael, “the more I see of men, white men, the more I like dogs . . ..”

The African Blood Siblings tells you, it’s not just White men, their women are just as bad too (the White woman triggered the missing book.)  But don’t take this as an entertaining piece, or only as a documentary piece, take this as a rallying piece.  Do not just sit there understanding that Organization is the key to uplifting your station, understanding that you are not a part of an Organization and understanding that the African Blood Siblings is looking for membership, and not make the effort to uplift our people.  Do not let your Oppressors continue unchallenged.  Write, Donate, Hand out Flyers, Join in African Empowerment.  But don’t just sit there.  I was mistreated, you were mistreated, but let’s give to our posterity good treatment, a treatment only afforded of an organized endeavor, from an organized people, with an organized mission!  Let us uplift ourselves!

20 thoughts on ““The More I See of Europeans the More I like Dogs”

  1. Brother Onitaset,

    This does not surprise me in the least. I used to work at the Library of Congress, they have practically every book ever published but some of the more “controversial” books about African history always seem to be missing from the shelves. Once while eating lunch in front of the building a white man came running out chased by security, they caught him as he was trying to steal a book. I’d be willing to bet my next paycheck that book was something meant to empower Black people!

    1. You know it Brother Gat Turner!

      It is why we need to provide our own with Libraries, Publishing Houses and Educational Institutions.

      On the subject of Black Empowerment. Our Philosopher-Sister Dallas Newton has brought to my attention that Dr. Amos Wilson’s “Blueprint for Black Power” is again on sale, this time for $26 (when 2 or more are purchased.) There are other sales available at this Black Publishing House. We need to keep supportive and share what we know: shop.blackbookplus.com

      As to the book I read on John Edward Bruce, it was published by Arnos Press, which specialized in sales to Libraries which now is out of business. The book now sells for ‘unaffordable’ as did Blueprint when Publishing was going down.

      We need to get serious and organize. As long as we are playful with our empowerment, we’ll continue getting played.

      Thanks for contributing Brother, please share more of your experiences and insights. We are appreciative of your story,

  2. peace and love

    come and help us identify and unify all african proactive causes and let our actions be our guide. i feel that we are continuing into 2013 talking about what our scholars have prepared for us at the table but we have not prepared our dish for the table and our next generation.

    we have access to free land to do what we will to help rebuild our families here in ghana. i cannot overstand spiritually after what we have and are still experiencing in so-called post racist amerikkka, why we are not double timing it to africa to unite with the richest country on the planet?

    please somebody help me with this? maybe we are waiting for the chinese scholars to step up to the plate for us, no better yet the mothership?


    1. Normally, when books are removed from catalogs, they are offered to the public for a token amount of money. Obviously, they acted in a racist way. Like Brother Amos Wilson would say, they deprived you of the book because they could. Thank goods for the Schomburg library.

    2. My African Sibling Akinnioyo,
      Your organization’s interest in forging bonds and uniting with African-Americans to uplift our people economically, culturally, socially and spiritually is uplifting in itself.
      My niece who lives in Seattle, WA is engaged to a brother from Ghana. I feel somewhat of an immediate kinship to the Ghanian people.
      Reading the scholars, such as Brother Amos Wilson gives us a blueprint to start and a clear picture as to how systems of racism work and how we unwittingly comply with it. He has done the painstaking research and constructing the book. All we have to do is implement it.
      Here is an excerpt from Brother Oniset’s post “As a Race, We are not Producers; We are Consumers”.
      It gives a startup plan by Brother Amos Wilson for economic empowerment.
      I am still reading and studying your site. I will come back to you with questions. I suspect there may be different types of Black organizations interested in your outreach. I would like to become well versed with your orgainzation myself so that I may articulate it to other Black organizations here in the United States.

    3. Brother Akinnioyo,
      I have searched the internet for an organization., that is involved in Africans and African-Americans working together. Barack O’bama’s former church affiliate is one such organization. It is called Trinity and is a member church of UCC(United Church of Christ). Rev. Jeremiah Wright was the pastor of the church Barack Obama belonged to. He caused quite a controversy with his Afro-centric perspective.
      These churches are involved in Afro-centric ministries. Please click the tab Ministries. Their link is below.

      1. peace,

        firstworldpeople.com, do not have anything to do with manmade organized religions. we are independent and strive for sovereignty.

        surprised that you recommended joining the status quo, that turns a blind eye to freedom justice and equality.

        am i missing the point your trying to convey?


  3. To Akinnoyo
    Quote from Dr. Amos Wilson

    “Based on its present configuration, the full development of an Afrikan American economic system requires that it undergoes a number of phases. The first phase will involve the founding and establishing of a broad base of retail and service outlets by individuals, partners, corporate groups, institutions, professionals and lay organizations. With the support of Afrikan American consumers these retail establishments, if numerous and prosperous across all regions and urban-suburban centers of the nation, can together initiate and sustain phase two–the institution of wholesale and distribution centers to service the already established retail and services markets. The operative presence of large retail and services as well as wholesale and distribution markets, together provide the bases for the founding and expansion of a manufacturing and raw-materials sector as the third phase of economic development. The fourth phase involves the founding and expansion of the financial services sectors which will supply the financial needs of the consumer, retail and services, wholesale, distribution and manufacturing sectors of the community. Moreover, the financial services sectors will facillitate the purchasing of equity in mainstream corporations and businesses, real estate and other investment properties in the larger national economy. The fifth phase involves the entering into export-import trade relations across the Afrikan diaspora as part of a global Pan-Afrikan Economic System and with other nations selling both goods and services. This phase also involves enriching the Black nation by the increased selling of goods and services by Black workers, professionals and businesses in non-Black communities while returning and spending their earnings to aid in the community. This is equivalent to maintaining a favorable “trade balance” by the earning and building up of “foreign reserves” through exporting more goods and services outside the community than are imported.

    The phases of economic development just outlined need not be linear or sequential but rather somewhat cross-sectional and roughly simultaneous. However, the economic development of the community should occur under the guidance of nationally coordinated plans directed by a national governing council and executed by a national, regional and local organizations.”

  4. For what it’s worth, here’s a little background on him, if you haven’t seen it already.
    Google Books is great if you’re digging up political commentary from more than 80 or so years ago. Just go to books.google.com, plug in your search terms, and then under Search Tools click Any Books and then Free Google Books. These are scans of old volumes from university libraries–opens up a whole lost world of commentary.

    1. In my initial search I did not find the requested book. Secondary sources are innumerable; but Primary sources are where the value is. Considerably often, what one will say of what you say will pale against what you say. It’s why many speaking of snippets of Dr. King’s speeches understand him differently from those who read his works.

      1. yes. I have experienced this same thing and yet, I get disillusioned doing all of this work and study and wonder what it goes towards. II find myself drifting in the direction of my friends who so easily integrated into the mainstream, with all its psychologically sustaining status symbols and financial resources etc. Meanwhile, I sit here spending money on books so I might quote and reference them for people who go on to describe it as (mere) “theory” in the “abstract”

      2. Brother-King,

        “If you are searching for a Neter, observe Nature!”

        One of the greatest losses for African people relates to our Spiritual Losses. Our Ancestors are active in our lives; yet Western socialization makes us skeptical. Every African should belong to several Organizations, one is the Familial Organization or the Family.

        As we understand, Organization is impossible unless those who know the laws of harmony lay the foundation. However it’s also important to understand the role our Ancestors play in our Family and Relationships. This article has its insight:


        However, what I am communicating is the importance too of Procreation. As you humble yourself to your Ancestors, their signs over your life and your affairs may become more visible. And your opportunity to do for yourself in this world can be realized.

        For example, suppose that I have a three direct descendants whom each has three direct descendants. If I am married right, I can teach, from their birth to my death, Originalism to at least twelve Africans. If each of them follow the same pattern and continue what teachings I provide, that’s over one-hundred Africans serious about the struggle.

        Of course, the same can be said about you. I.e. your books are your library and can be passed on to a posterity, especially if you choose the right suitor.

        So do not think you do error in being yourself. However, be more courageous in being yourself. And keep listening to the subtleties that are there to lead you to a better, happier existence.


    1. Kandake (Warrior Queen-Mother),

      “Holding your tongue only gets your hand messy.” — Onitaset Kumat

      What’s more the European sees how he is at War and must not contribute to our victory in battle.

  5. That is a great quote for those of us too afraid to speak out. It’s also great to know that Europeans are already going to such lengths to prevent our victory… they know it is imminent.

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