The Story of Trayvon Martin

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“The problem with Europeans and Asians is Europeans and Asians; the solutions for Africans is Africans.” — Onitaset Kumat

Today’s article properly addresses the Trayvon Martin case.  Too many of us are talking about it with the wrong angle.  This is the story of a lack of a strong African community.  Remember, this cover-up is directly related to our disorganization.

This story is in the same stream as The Story of Rekia Boyd, the Story of Emmett Till and the Story of Ramarley Graham.  All of which relate to The Allegory of the Inevitable Murder.

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The Story of Trayvon Martin
By Onitaset Kumat

On February 26, 2012, European George Zimmerman stalked and killed a seventeen-year-old African named Trayvon Martin.  And the story is incredibly simple: Who has more character witnesses?  Who has more alliances?  Who has more actual community support?  Attorney Alton H. Maddox Jr. told us that this case is simple; but when we are an African people without any prosperous, independent African communities here or abroad, whether the case is a walk in the park or a giant’s hurdle is of no moment.  Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend tells us that Trayvon literally ran from George Zimmerman.  Then Trayvon asked “Why are you following me?” and Zimmerman asked “What are you doing in this neighborhood?”  The difference between Trayvon and Zimmerman’s positions is Zimmerman was important in his community–he started the neighborhood watch.  Most all of us only found out about Trayvon a month after the fact.  But Zimmerman had a record with many people.  The police can pull up his criminal past and his vigilante past.  His community depended on him for safe neighborhoods.  And after he killed our African youth, Occidentals far and wide came to his support, censoring the news on him, hiding the body from Trayvon’s family, hiding Zimmerman to this day, and possibly divvying Trayvon’s organs as we speak.  We need to realize that tens of thousands of Africans go missing in America every year (and anonymous donors to prominent Europeans is plenty).  And it took three days for Trayvon’s family to know that their son was killed 70 feet from his home.  Police said that he was “missing” though they had his body in the morgue.

Trayvon will soon be an ancestor.  Because people don’t become ‘ancestors’ immediately.  But we have to wonder how we will respect this ancestor.  We never knew Trayvon Martin.  He’s dead.  We didn’t know him when he was living.  When another one of our youth is stalked and killed, like Rekia Boyd, Emmett Till, or Ramarley Graham, what will they be to us?  Community members or nameless casualties?  That’s why you ask “What can I do?”  You can support the African Blood Siblings in promoting prosperous, independent Black communities.  Because if you’re not a supporter, then you’re not working toward our liberation.  Because the fact is–White people are lying to you that “Stand Your Ground” means you can’t be arrested, and White people are lying to you that you personally can’t arrest Zimmerman.  And truly there are Black people who are against your liberation.

For instance, in the Chicago Tribune article on Zimmerman[1], two Africans propagate myth in order to slow you down: James Tucker and Esther Whitehead.  We should know who these people are.  James Tucker responds to the New Black Panther Party’s bounty with “I’m as much for black power as anybody but this is going to alienate the white friends we need to get things done.”  If James Tucker is real then we should corner him about what kind of “Black Power” needs “White friends.”  And Esther Whitehead has the same story.  She says, “I can’t see how anyone can go out and take action as a private citizen without some government action like the issuance of a warrant . . . It doesn’t make sense.  It doesn’t sound reasonable.”   If she’s real we need to wonder how she’s a private prosecutor and doesn’t know self-help laws.  What’s real is this newspapers’ propagation of myth.  We need to destroy these lying press.  And support our own.  Subscribe here.

African Blood Siblings promotes leadership which asks how much money leaves your neighborhood and answers how can we lead the money back to you.  If you’re satisfied with the money leaving us so quickly, don’t subscribe.  But to take action on our behalf, subscribe even others.

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49 thoughts on “The Story of Trayvon Martin

  1. Really…and you wonder why nobody takes you serious?

    If you really wanted to stop the murders and such you would be speaking out about all the black on black crime. There is so much hatered in the black community…..much of it encouraged by the race baiters jackson and al not to sharpton…these are your so called black leaders..that is part of your problem….but blacks hate blacks more than whites hate blacks….at least the statistics say so.

    Facts are that Zimmerman was walking back to his vehicle and was attacked by Trayvon…..Zimmerman sustained injuries including a broken nose as his medical records tell us…most of everything the media has told us about Trayvon has been a lie.

    Trayvon has a history of crime including breaking and entering, stealing womens jewelry, and even punching a bus driver in the face. The pictures of both Zimmerman and Trayvon are old to try and sell that there was a big difference in stature….in fact Zimmerman weighed only about 170 at the time and Trayvon was about 160, he was also about 4 inches taller and had more muscle mass due to playing football…the media didn’t want you to know any of this.

    The more you people try to play the race and victim card the less people are going to respect you and trust you…..all the while black youths will continue to kill each other in huge numbers and not one of you will be man enough to speak out against it…shame on you.

    1. This is another example of White people that Black people can learn from.

      First, I don’t remember ‘wondering why no one takes me seriously.’ But this idea that a person can speak for ‘everyone’ comes straight from the White man’s textbook. For instance, though White people are a world minority, when they opine on an international level they presume that their opinions are the super majority. Anyone else see this?

      Second, if Black people do hate Black people, where do they learn to? In public schools? You must be well aware that White people murder White people every day. In fact, there are television series on White people murdering White people. Most of your history is about White people waging war on other White people. But what does Black people murdering Black people have to do with Zimmerman getting away with stalking and killing Trayvon Martin? Can you connect those dots?

      Third, Zimmerman has been caught on videotape after murdering Trayvon and has not shown consistent bruises. More importantly, “Stand Your Ground” is a jury question, so he should be arrested, regardless of what happened. That he’s not been arrested shows the difference in the application of law. That is–every homicide case should go to court. But since you believe in myths, you don’t understand what’s here written.

      Fourth, you can make up Trayvon’s criminal history, but Zimmerman’s criminal history is known. Like you, he beats his wife. And get this, he attacked a Black police officer and didn’t go to prison for that. Besides that, we have his call records that show his vitriol to African people. Something you and he have in common. Are you Zimmerman?

      Fifth, by the way, Trayvon’s girlfriend was a witness to the crime. Zimmerman accosted Trayvon Martin. That’s a fact.

      Finally, do you think that after kidnapping a population, you respect and trust them? Don’t give me that lie. White man I’d prefer not to hear your nonsense. You don’t know what you’re talking about and you deal with too many myths. You write “the media is lying” as if the media would lie in favor of Black people over White people. That’s so stupid an idea that it’s not even funny. I truly feel sorry for you that you lack critical thinking so much that you can’t see a cover-up. Zimmerman was in police custody, he was released under false pretenses, and now he’s hiding under the government’s nose, yet you think that a murdered boy, who was stalked (remember Zimmerman admitted to following him?), had a criminal history that explains the incident. Really, White man, how do you not see how stupid your ideas are?

      1. i must confess, you handled that one nicely. Dont speak back to Whites or even to them. Just show people what they are doing, pointing it out as they are doing it.

    2. Lets stick to the issue at hand; The lack of a prosecution, as required by law when a homicide has occurred. George Zimmerman caused the death of Trayvon Martin. Under the law, the Sanford police were required to arrest, book and hold Zimmerman until such time he appeared in front of a judge for a hearing, to learn what the charges against him are. At this time bail would be set or denied. Whether he actually went to trial is a question for the Grand Jury.
      Instead what happened? Zimmerman killed Martin and was turned loose under the guise of “Stand Your Ground Law”. Jed Bush, who signed this bill into law went on the record to say this killing did not fall under the “Stand Your Ground Law”.
      This travesty of justice is not about the complexities of the Black community. It is about an attempt to circumvent the legal process in the killing of a 17 year old Black kid. Trayvon’s parents are not going to stand for it and neither is the wider community.

      1. Thanks for pulling me out of the muck and staying on focus.

        Obfuscation is one of the tactics of the Occidentals. I so rarely speak to them that I suppose I got caught off-guard.

        Their mis-information and dis-information campaign is legion.


  2. I wondered where the Sanford Newspaper and Local television was. They usually report these types of stories quickly, as BREAKING NEWS. Trayvon’s parents would have learned of their son’s murder within hours. But apparently, there must have been some sort of media censorship.

    1. There absolutely was. Zimmerman’s father is a judge and Zimmerman’s mother has a high job in the court system. This is a replay of earlier state-sponsored cover-ups like Tawana Brawley.

  3. Let me point out the errors of you ways…

    1. If blacks in africa hadn’t stolen their own people to be sold into slavery, they wouldn’t have been able to have been bought by whites in America.

    2. “And get this, he attacked a Black police officer and didn’t go to prison for that”
    You must not know the full story about this, it involved a scuffle in a bar that between Zimmermans friend and a undercover police office….the reason Zimmerman didn’t go to prison is that he was found not….let me be clear….not attacking a police please get facts not talking points.

    3. The police report of Trayvon’s death states he was attended to by paramedics and cleaned up and they determined he was able to go with them to the police station….the medical report clearly states he was attacked and had his nose broken by Trayvon. Also the police reports that the only actual eye witness, a person of color stated that Trayvon was on top pounding Zimmerman.

    4. Trayvon’s girlfriend is not a witness to the the “crime” since she refuses to participate in the investigation and refused to be interviewed by the police or even the states attorney….it is being said this is due to her story not be correct of which the cell phone records will prove this.

    5. It is also a fact that Zimmerman at first didn’t even know Trayvon was black because of him wearing his hoodie…..he also didn’t mention that until asked so by the 9-11 operator…Zimmerman broke no laws in following Trayvon…as a resident of the community he was well within his rights to check out someone he didn’t recognize as living there.

    6. After Trayvon ran away, all of the evidence points out that Zimmerman was walking back to his vehicle when he was attacked by Trayvon. At this point all courts would label Trayvon the aggressor, which is why Zimmerman was released after first being arrested and taken to the police station.

    There is a reason why most media and others are dropping this story like a hot potato..its because it is not turning out to be what everyone was being told….Trayvon was killed because he at the end became the aggressor by returning to fight with Zimmerman….we all have also come to find out that Zimmerman and his wife are spoken of highly in their community for act of kindness to blacks….including the teaching and tuturing of blacks…..the hatred you spew does not reflect what the blacks that know them are being said.

    1. John,

      You’re very tiring.

      Let’s just address some points than call it a day.

      1. In 1444 the Portuguese raided a sleeping village, carting survivors back to Europe. More, there were no kings of Africa in Europe. The European slave trade was an unprovoked attack–and Europeans were there to get people. Don’t blame Africans.

      If you lose a fight, and I know you do, it’s not YOUR fault. It’s the person kicking your butt. Use logic.

      2. Actually no. He got off because he got the option of taking an alcohol education course to waive the punishment. Likely again because he’s White and he attacked a Black officer.

      3. The “witness” comes out after a month. More, let’s get something straight, the mortician reviewing Trayvon’s body says this: . “We could see no physical signs like there had been a scuffle,” he said. “The hands — I didn’t see any knuckles, bruises or what have you. And that is something we would have covered up if it would have been there.”

      4. Utterly stupid commentary. I don’t intend to entertain this stupidity on this site.

      5. Irrelevant. The fact is that he stalked Trayvon. More, Trayvon didn’t have his hoodie on when Zimmerman began stalking him. Trayvon put on his hoodie after Zimmerman was following him. More, duh Zimmerman knew that he was Black. Zimmerman said that while he was stalking Trayvon.

      6. That’s utter nonsense. How does one run away in one direction, and another walk away in another, but they both meet up? You ever see that in your whole life? More where was Zimmerman’s car that Trayvon somehow beat him to it? Finally, Zimmerman is over 200 pounds. Trayvon is around 150. As hard as it may be, think for a second.

      By the way, listen to the tape yourself:

      You’ll see that Trayvon runs away after he so-call approaches Zimmerman. That should be your first clue.

      By the way, I spewed no hatred here. That was all you. More Zimmerman stalked and killed Trayvon and didn’t go to court. Self-defense is a jury question. You follow too many myths, but the fact is that you can’t avoid arrest over self-defense.

      1. come on Oni. Quit playing with him. I read the first line and tired of the post. I post stuff like that on sites all over the wordpress world because I know that people will “Latch” onto it. Just think of John as a bored white man who knows he can do whatever he wants, and say what he desires, as he will be believed; he will get a reaction; and there will be no consequence other than the good feeling which remains in his stomach.

      2. Yes. This is why it is reminded of our people to separate. The European can not do anything good for us because our conceptions of good are different.

  4. You will not rise up above your past until you forget your failed past and strive to get beyond the unwarranted hatred.

    Nobody owes you anything, you are exactly what you’ve made of yourself. Becoming and staying dependant on others will cause you to forever remain in a broken down and failed system.

    I do believe in racism in America….to me the biggest racists acts in America are the way our big inner city schools are ran, forever destroying the education of our black youths…this is terrible but you rarely ever hear any black leaders talking about it…..why is that?

    1. Again, African people can learn a lot from how you think.

      We can notice how you write “our black youth.” It’s from the horse’s mouth here that Black people are only seen as property.

      As to what you’re writing–I don’t see why you’re writing it. It’s like you can’t see what White people like you do. A young man was stalked and killed and you praise the stalking murderer.

      What individual failure did Trayvon Martin have? He was accosted by a heavier, older man right in front of his dwelling space. He was then killed. At 17.

      You think about what you’re writing, White man.

  5. You are totally wrong on the physical aspects of Zimmerman……you are buying into the media hype of the story and everyone is now finding out it was a scam to sell news.

    The first picture, which must be the one you are referencing was 4-5 years old of Zimmerman when he was in the bar incident that involved the shoving of an undercover unknown police officer. At that time Zimmerman did weigh 200lbs….at the time of the Trayvon incident he only weighed 170. Trayvon weighed 160 and had at least 4 inches in height over Zimmerman….so don’t let the facts get in the way of your ideology.

    I have the actual photo overview of the incident showing where each person was at which specific time….at one point Trayvon was over 100 yards away from Zimmerman, near the outter edge of the community…..for whatever reason he turned around and came back and intersected with Zimmerman as Zimmerman was walking back in line toward his truck.

    There were injuries to Trayvon’s hands, including what appears to be someone else’s blood, I expect that you will only claim a cover up on the official report once it comes up and will not accept the facts. There is also evidence including prints of Trayvon’s on Zimmermans gun…..once again proving Zimmermans side of the story.

    You will be on the side of the few since a majority of people now believe Trayvon instigated the final incident and all of the facts are leading that way.

  6. Let me ask you a question speaking of who kills who in america.

    1. We all know that blacks are killed more by other blacks instead of whites killing blacks.

    2. In homicides what race kills the most whites during a crime….whites or blacks?

    Statistics tell us that whites as a percentage are killed more by blacks than any other race….what does that say about racism.

    I grew up in a prominately black neighborhood and am today very sadden by what the black community has allowed themselves to become. Once it was ruled over by white slave masters working them for profit and gain.

    Today the black community is still in slavery to their liberal slave master for the liberal leaders profits and gains while the black community continues to only get the scrapes from their table for their votes….why do you tolerate this…and why can’t you see this?

    Until you quit giving your votes away for trinkets the black community as a whole will not be able to rise to the top.

    1. You’re basing your argument of Trayvon / Zimmerman on hear say, The only facts we know are Trayvon was KILLED by ZImmerman and was not arrested. Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch man NOT a police officer. The police told him NOT to stalk Trayvon, however he persisted leading to a altercation where a 17 year old was killed.

      Zimmerman was not aware of Trayvon’s history when he decided to pursue him, and criminalize him. He simply saw what he thought was suspicious behavior and took the law into his own hands.

      Now to your un-sited statistics, and simplistic view of the black history and community:

      1. Statistics 101: Statistics can be easily manipulated. Site your sources.
      2. Your view of the black community is from the outside-in, just because you lived there doesn’t mean you are of it.
      3. Many minority communities are affected by the same problems found in the black community. Why is that?
      4. Socioeconomics have a more profound effect on the sophistication of a community than race. How often do you hear of a wealthy black murdering another wealthy black?
      The fact that you base the problems of this country solely on race tells me something about you that you obviously failed to realize about yourself.
      5. Look to your native land for the truth about white on white crime. Just because you call it war when you kill millions of your own doesn’t mean it is justified.

      1. Hotep!

        Europeans are almost always all over the place, trying to get into our heads and change our hearts. It’s good to know that others are here to keep the focus.


  7. On the Trayvon death I am only presenting the known facts as they are known today……all of the information you are presenting is what the media wanted everyone to believe in the beginning only to sensationalize the story to make money on it.

    Here are the known facts.

    1. Zimmerman was not stalking Trayvon, he was initially following as is his perogative as a neighborhood watch person due to crimes in their gated community.

    2. Even thought he wasn’t legally required to stop following Trayvon per the 9-11 operator request he did so and was returing back to his vehicle.

    3. Trayvon was away from Zimmerman at that point, on the outside of the gate community and for whatever reason turned around and began following Zimmerman. He then attacked Zimmerman as per the only actual eye witness. At some point Trayvon’s hand were wrapped around Zimmermans gun right before being shot, his finger prints are on the gun.

    The Trayvon defenders are wrong about the difference in weight, they are wrong on who instigated the last incident, don’t you find it interesting that the only pictures of Trayvon were several years old to try and show him as a much younger kid…why is that?

    I find it also interesting that not one of you will take on the issue of the real black slave masters who you bow down and beg scraps from ….the liberal dems…..why is that?

    1. John,

      Truth be told, if you want to exonerate George Zimmerman (that’s your goal, right?) then you would rally for his arrest. For only a jury of his peers can exonerate him. I do not believe what you write (nor should any one else), but I also don’t have to. Worse, no one has to as no one in America is a jury member for this murder case.

      So here is what you do–tell all of your White friends to encourage the police to arrest Zimmerman.

      From there the court record will show whether Zimmerman deserves to walk or rot.

      Sound good?

      Now you don’t have to troll me with your silly theories because, frankly, I’m not a juror.

    2. 1. Again you assume party aliance based on race.

      2. Site your source regarding the fingerprints on the gun, I couldn’t find any articles.

  8. Unlike you I do believe it is being investigated by the local police, state of Florida police and the US justice department. I am more than happy to accept their findings even if it means putting Zimmerman on trial.

    I doubt that Zimmerman will be put on trial from the evidence but if he is then I am sure that justice was done.

    What about you, if Zimmerman is found to have acted in self defense and is not put on trial or if he is is found not guilty of killing Trayvon…will you accept the facts…I doubt you will…that is the difference here.

    Most of the facts I’ve presented are the ones that will be found to be true….see I don’t take my truths from the media with an agenda or by googling it…..Trayvon is dead…there is no reason to rush into judgement now….let justice work its way.

    1. John,

      You do not understand the law. And though I do not care, it’s possible that there are Black people out there too who don’t understand that you are typing misinformation. So I’ll let the Attorney-At-War address your comments. But in short, Zimmerman was not falsely arrested, but he escaped going through due process of the law. You write “if it means putting Zimmerman on trial” as if it’s a question. It’s not. Read the following. You’re making the conversation about you and I, when it’s about Zimmerman illegally escaping due process.

      In American jurisprudence, every legal action must be authorized by an applicable constitution, statute or charter. It was revealed this week that the Sanford Police Department seized George Zimmerman for the death of Trayvon Martin. Trayvon was fatally shot on February 26, 2012 in Sanford, FL. Thus, this seizure had to have been done in compliance with the Fourth Amendment.

      Neither George Zimmerman nor Robert Zimmerman, has father, has ever claimed a false arrest. Similarly, the attorney for George Zimmerman has never charged the Sanford Police Department with conducting a false arrest. Thus, Zimmerman is admitting to a lawful arrest. His claim of self-defense does not vitiate the arrest. Self-defense is reserved for trial.

      Once a defendant has been arrested, the legal process commences. An arrest occurs when a suspect has been restrained of his liberty. Geroge Zimmerman was escorted from the crime scene to the police precinct in handcuffs. This is an arrest. Zimmerman was in police custody.

      Once a criminal suspect has been arrested, he or she must be taken before a judicial magistrate who may detain the suspect, fix bail or release the suspect after according him or her due process of law. There is no evidence that George Zimmerman appeared before a judicial magistrate. Why?

      How did George Zimmerman secure his release from police custody? This is the $64,000 question. With the sua sponte appointment of a special prosecutor, there is at least a suggestion of misconduct. No one has explained how George Zimmerman secured his release and went immediately into hiding with protection from Florida.

      At this stage, George Zimmerman has obviously escaped from police custody. The police can re-arrest George Zimmerman, however. Similarly, any citizen or civilian group can arrest George Zimmerman. This includes the New Black Panther Party. The Black community needs a military unit to comply with the Second Amendment.

      In the meantime, the governor of Florida must explain how George Zimmerman escaped from police custody and whether he had any assistance. If Zimmerman did have assistance, the governor should identify an accomplice and take necessary steps to bring criminal charges against him or her.

      The killing of a person by another person could give rise to a capital offense. This is possibly a non-bailable offense. The unlawful release of a criminal suspect is a serious offense. It is even more serious if the criminal suspect escapes police custody. This would warrant a nationwide manhunt led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. There is still a manhunt for Assata Shakur.

      The Black community should be putting serious question not only to the state of Florida but also to the U.S. Department of Justice. So far, Blacks have refused to exercise the right to self-help or to demand answers from public officials. This murder investigation is in dire need of someone with legal knowledge and courage.

  9. Well… didn’t take long for the loony to come out did it…wow.

    I mean come on man…how do you expect anyone to ever take you seriously.

    Zimmerman was arrested, he was handcuffed and taken by patrol car to the station.

    There it was determined that there wasn’t any evidence discounting his stating of the events…thus he was let go.

    He can and will be re-arrested if the authorities including the Obama/Holder justice department believe they have enough to indict and put him on trial.

    He never escaped….that is just plain silly to say.

    Justice will be done after a full and thorough investigation is completed…..there are crimes that happen everyday and the perps aren’t arrested until later…some times years go by…so be patient and let justice prevail.

    I can tell you this..just about every fact you presented as truth, most if it has already been discounted….and I think the rest of it will to….the weight difference….who attacked who….Zimmerman stalking Trayvon…..who instigated the final incident…you won’t like it and probably won’t agree with it.

    One of the biggest problems in the black community is the militant black groups…..

    1. You’re out of your league John.

      We know this. Your showing me that you reached your intellectual limit. To be truthful, I’m not surprised.

      But you have no answer as to why the Police released Zimmerman into the public. He is a criminal suspect on a charge for a possibly non-bailable homicide.

      Whether Zimmerman is claiming self-defense or ‘stand your ground’ is of no moment without a court case.

      Here you have a man who killed another man, and the police illegally released him into the public. Just absorb that alone, then maybe you’ll understand the hype of this story.

      Wasn’t he lawfully arrested? Where was the due process for a homicide case? Is your view of justice such that a man kills another, says it was self-defense, then gets released into the public?

      You’re out of your league John. Give it a rest. It’s unfortunate for you that you relied on those you do to create your ‘arguments.’ You can’t learn smart from stupid.

      1. Please….you are showing how little you actually know of the law.

        The law actually required Zimmerman to be released once the intial evidence backed up his story. Any lawyer that is familiar with the law will tell you that, it does’t fit into your hate mongering agenda but that is the facts.

        Here’s a couple of questions for you….
        1. Why hasn’t the Martin family lawyer not allowed the girl friend to yet give testimony to the police?
        2. Why has the family still pushed the lies about Zimmerman being 200lbs and Trayvon being 140lbs when everyone now knows that Zimmerman was only 170lbs and Trayvon was 160lbs and 3-4 inches taller.

        We know its because they wanted to skew the view of what people thought of this….lying in the end makes people lose trust in everything you are telling. The best thing the family could do at this point is fire the useless lawyers they have and get someone that knows what they are doing.

      2. John, I’m just not on the jury. No one is. That’s the problem. Asking me questions won’t exonerate Zimmerman or Martin.

        To wit, it’s stated that the lead homicide investigator, Serino, wanted to place charges on Zimmerman but was denied so by his superiors. Sanford police have a history of covering racial incidents. Connect the dots.

        You really don’t need to tell me how much you think Zimmerman is innocent. Only 12 people can decide that. Rally for those 12.

  10. Onitaset, you’re a hypocrite and you fit the definition of a bigot to a tee. YOU are the reason why there is a perpetual wedge between races. Ignorance.

    1. Behold African Siblings,

      Here an Occidental promotes mythology. I reviewed my article and saw no hypocrisy. Yet I am accused of being a hypocrite!

      I reviewed my article and saw nothing of bigotry. Yet, by the mythmaker, I am a “bigot to a tee.”

      And now lo and behold this! I, personally, am the reason for a perpetual wedge between races. The myth was so absurd that the anonymous Occidental himself finished his tyrade with the word “Ignorance” fully describing his life in one word.

      “Anonymous” that was an excellent case study.

  11. It looks like Zimmerman is going to be charged… I expect there will be a trial and both sides will get to present their side of the story.

    It is not unusual for charges to take this long, in fact there are times when charges aren’t filed for 6 months to a year after the crime….patience and let the justice system work.

    Once this happens I would expect the black leaders to announce that they will stand by the verdict…..but doubt that they will if Zimmerman is found not guilty. Me I am willing to accept the verdict even if it means Zimmerman is found guilty. I have full faith and trust in our legal system and believe the 12 jurors will do what is right….what say you Onitaset…..will you pledge to accept the verdict no matter what?

    1. I hope that many Africans read what I will write to you, John.

      We are two different people (Onitaset and John) belonging to two different people (Originals and Occidentals, respectively) whom have two different conceptions of justice. You, as an Occidental, have a sense of justice that is tribal. This is why your people say that at war there is no ‘ethics.’ The main virtue of war for you is victory. Right?

      My people’s sense of justice is necessarily different. But at the moment, the language escapes me for putting it in one word (usually our justice is seen as ‘true justice’–while your justice is seen as ‘tribal’ and thus low [I am raising your justice as good for your people]).

      So rather, I will make the comparison all the more clear to you by invoking the other race.

      You are different from the Oriental, John. The Oriental’s sense of justice is contractual. Meaning, as long as a contract is agreed upon, what’s done within the contract is ‘just.’ Naturally, this state of America adopts some Oriental, Original and Occidental concept of justice–this you know.

      But let me make it clear to you. The courts will invoke contracts to make sure that you’re tribe rises the victor. So for you to accept the court’s verdict is for you to accept that your tribe looks out for your tribe.

      However, you must realize that the legal system doesn’t have a history of benefiting “my tribe.” So to speak, once upon a time, “Slavery” was legal, and today “The New Jim Crow” is legal. What’s “legal” isn’t necessarily “Moral” for “MY PEOPLE.”

      You understand?

      My Father was nearly killed for the political machinations of his country during his youth. Were he killed, my life, the life of my children, and their children, our whole family line would have been extinguished.

      Trayvon Martin’s whole family line was extinguished. He was killed at 17.

      My ancestors tried to teach your ancestors to judge by cause, not effect.

      There won’t be my “Justice” in the courts, John.

      You should know that different people, have different conceptions of justice.

  12. And that is why you and people that think like you will never be anything other than hateful, non productive dependant bottom of the ladder wanna be’s.

    Since you can’t recognize your own short comings and life failures you resort to the old slavery crutch…..the reality is you are the cause of your own misery. The fact is slavery has played no part of who or what you’ve become…you sir…are your own worst enemy.

    In fact I have been discrimanated more than you ever have but I don’t get on a box and cry how life has been unfair to me……its your dependant mindset that causes you to wonder in the pit of woe instead of being man enough to accept your own responsibility and climb out and make your own way.

    I work with many black americans who are very professional, successful, making a great income for their families….they are not dependant on others to make their way….they are self sustaining and would reject the hate speech you are full of.

    You will never be productive until you change your hateful I am a victim mentality ways.

    1. Productive for whom?

      I completely understand you, but do you understand yourself?

      You rely on too many myths to be worth interaction. For instance, you never investigate, you only speak out on your prejudices.

      For instance, you call me hateful–but I wrote nothing hateful. You’re writing myth.

      You call me non-productive and dependent among other nominations. These are all myth.

      You say that I can’t recognize my own shortcomings and failures. Myth.

      You say that I resort to a slavery crutch. Though I hadn’t. You’re writing myth.

      You say slavery has played no part in who I am:

      Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

      Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

      You should recognize the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The enslavement of Africans is ongoing in the U.S. Prisons. How does that not play a part in who I am?

      You write that you have been more discriminated than I. But this is a myth, seeing as you didn’t investigate what discrimination I suffered.

      You write that you don’t go on a box and cry about it. But what are you doing now? Thus your writing is a myth.

      You write that I’m not man enough to make my way–that’s a myth.

      The word “Black American” is a myth.

      You write I will never be ‘productive’ but you rely on a myth of productivity.

      In short, you’re just a liar, deluded by your own myths and uncaring about the Truth. I am not surprised that you’re White. I’ve read enough of you to see this pattern.

  13. The sheer fact that a website such as this exsists is proof that racism is still alive and well in America. If I were to create a website for ‘whites only’ and showed images of a white person stepping on a black person, I’d have Al Sharpton knocking down my door.

    1. Another myth-oriented White person. What did I do to deserve this?

      Your myths are that Al Sharpton is interested in you.

      Your next myth is that White people have no “Whites only” websites that show images of white people stepping on black people. On “Stormfront” (among other sites) you can see more than drawings–you can see videos.

      Your next myth is that a website proves racism exists. Racism is the ways of your people–who wish to control and exploit another people. Racism is real not virtual.

      Your next myth is seeing a Black person stepping on a White person. When in fact it’s Liberty stepping on Tyranny.

      By the by, you too lie too much to be worth conversation. You just have too many myths and you don’t care for the truth.

  14. Productive as most normal thinking and average person would consider….you are way outside the norm there.

    btw..I am not white…..don’t be so quite to play your racists role…I’m native american…..mostly cherokee indian…..great grandfather was a tribal chief.

    New flash for you…..your brothers in the big house aren’t slaves to the man……they are there because they believed the racists thoughts and thinking people like you and the race mongers of Al…not to Sharp-ton and Jessie the beer king Jackson.

    If you break mans laws then be prepared for the punishment…..always playing the victim has not worked for you and will never work for you. Man up…do what you’re supposed to do and start supporting your family.

    Start having a love for life and living like your live is worthwhile….right now black americans are killing each other like crazy…..and you probably want to blame the man for that too right.

    There is no hope for people that think like you…..hopefully you don’t have kids aren’t passing this nonsense onto them.

    1. Have you heard the phrase “The only good Indian is a dead Indian?” Who do you think said that?

      You contradict yourself and succumb to too many myths.

      There’s a “Normal perception” of “Productivity?” According to whom? The Western World is a global minority. Why is it’s perception of “productivity” ‘normal?’ That’s a myth.

      More, I wrote “productive for whom?”

      Let me ask–what do you ‘produce’ and for whom do you produce it?

      As to your newsflash, I cited the Constitution. The constitution explicitly states that slavery is allowed in the prison system. What are you denying here?

      But really, you’re not getting any ground. Do you know that the “Native Americans” killed one another too? Bet they didn’t blame the White man for their genocide.

      Get a clue, kid.

  15. Indians killed and enslaved other indians just like native africans did to each other.

    We don’t have any slaves in any prisons….we have prisoners who because of their own bad choices are serving a sentence that was put on them by their peers.

    If you are going to live in this world you either adapt or you get wiped out….the white race has faced this just as any other race has through history….guess you never read about white slaves.

    Quit sitting in your pity circle and get up and be a man and start being productive….if you don’t know what that means then you need to look around you at who you are surrounding yourself with.

    I wish we could get people like you more media attention…it would make it even worse for Obama….he’s going to lose anyways but I would like to see a landslide. So since Obama is half white do you only hate him half as

    1. I guess it plays out differently when you are able to assimalte. To target a minorty group distrguised by skin color is not difficult. That way of thinking was institutionalized in this country; Jim Crow. It has been 40 years since the 13th Amendment. To put it in perspective. Do you think women are always treated equal to their peers? There are still a lot of firsts for women to claim in this country, and the numbers are still low in high level positions… here’s the kicker…. they are majority. According to your argument that concludes one thing. Your logic is flawed.

    2. John, what does this have to do with Trayvon Martin?

      I can mull over your advice, and return advice to you that you should improve reading comprehension, your ability to focus, and your historical knowledge.

      Now that we’ve advised one another. Is there a need to continue talking?

  16. [But let me make it clear to you. The courts will invoke contracts to make sure that you’re tribe rises the victor. So for you to accept the court’s verdict is for you to accept that your tribe looks out for your tribe.]

    It played out exactly as it was written by Onitaset.

    It’s easy to look at this case, single it out, and put it in a vacuum of “objectivity”. It’s even easier to bring up statistics of Black on Black murders – from places like Chicago – and use them to downplay, or even justify the use of excessive and/or LETHAL FORCE by Police (and now, “Neighborhood Watchmen”) ALL ACROSS THIS NATION. The truth is, this isn’t the only time unarmed Black men have been shot WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE!

    Where was the outcry from White America when Oscar Grant was shot and killed (by police) while he was lying facedown with his hands behind his back? There was none.

    The truth is, that White America is only concerned about “justice” when White America is effected.

    Just look at the response of Anne Coulter (on the verdict)! She was rejoicing!

    I’ve come across MANY comments by White Americans on this case (from many different websites) and I can’t help but feel that a VAST majority of them are living their lives vicariously through George Zimmerman. Now that the case is over, many of them are FANTASIZING about ‘Race Riots’ so that they can “Stand Their Ground” some more! You can’t deny that THIS is how a MAJORITY of White America feels.

    1. Alara (Warrior King),

      Europeans do not believe in Laws; only Supremacy. Moorbey recently linked a quotation by NBPP’s Khalid Muhammad which applies:

      “Let’s take a poll in here and we will be ready to go. How many of you say that the white man in order to establish the state of Louisiana and United States committed Armed Robbery? Hands down they murdered our families the red man and the red woman, murdered us came to Africa. How many say the white man committed kidnapping? Is that on the Louisiana and Federal Penal Code? Yes. How many say he committed grand larceny, petty larceny, murder, rape? How many say he committed kidnapping? That should be every hand in the house because you are exhibit A. Wouldn’t be here if someone hadn’t kidnapped you every law in the state and federal penal code the white man broke it to establish these states and the United States of America. But you call me a racist, you call me a hater, you call me a Bigot and an anti-Semite when you are the real haters the real bigot and anti-Semites and you hate for us to hold the mirror up in your face so you can be exposed today.”

      Only Power can protect us from this law-hating, murderous people. Power and Separation.

  17. Oni,

    By the way…

    I’ve never met a “Native American” named John in my life.

    [I’m native american…..mostly cherokee indian…..great grandfather was a tribal chief.]

    I’ve heard this before; apprently a lot of “Whites” are related to the same Cherokee Tribal chief!

    I’ve seen many “whites” walk around and appropriate indigenous ancestry, and to me it is truly detestable. As if killing them wasn’t bad enough “white” people claim to “own” indigenous heritage and as thoroughly as they claim to own their land and resources!

    1. Wow…are you really that wacked out of your total mind….you must spend most of your days getting drunk, watching tv all supported by the whte mans money whom you so detest.

      What is so funny is that you have zero clue on how your own bloodline is not pure…no such thing for the amerian blacks…it has parts of the so called hated europeans you hate…but make up who you are…this is very funny…lol

      The fact is until you find away to turn away from this victim mentality you will never become the person you could be….the black americans are totally being passed by the immigrant asians who were once slaves themselves and by hispanics….man up and get a clue and quit blamming your problems on others and start taking some responsibilities…..its not the whiteman that is impregnating all your young unmarried women and leaving their kids fatherless.

    2. Alara (Warrior King),

      I was recently informed that many immigrants in an attempt to cheat the welfare system purchased falsified documents on Native ancestry but never told their offspring of the lie. There’s a special term for it. “John” is likely the descendant of one of these liars.

      1. Sad that you are someone so small minded and inept at stating a thoughtful idea that you just resort to throwing asperions on people you have no clue about.

        Guess you are so up on that type of scamming in fact you are probably the local resident expert on that right…go ahead tell us how good you are at ripping off the gov to get your share of the cheese, then you turn around and criticize the very same people who pay for you to stay home and sit on your butt all day long.

        IMO…it is too late for you and there really is zero chance that you can ever be turned around…hopefully there aren’t any children around for you to ruin their mind before they even have a chance to succeed.

        If your ascentry involved slaves then you should be so thankful that when other african blacks sold your family into slavery that they ended up in the greatest country in the world…if you don’t like it then maybe you should return to the “homeland”….lol…few of your ever do..why is that…lol

      2. “Throw a rock into a pack of dogs, and the one that yells is the one that got hit.”

        If it were not true, why would it bother you? Like I said, quite a few Welfare Europeans purchased Indian Heritage, ergo why so many so-called Indians have no tans and no tribes.

      3. So just because someone takes offense at something it means they are guilty of it..really…thats your argument…lol…wow….elevator doesn’t go to the top floor does…lol

        You must be racists to the core…all you see is color and are blinded by your hatred….tell me…exactly what wrong was done to you to skew your mind so far off course.

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