Three Fundamentals for African Sex Eduction on Pregnancy, STDs, Marriage and Sex

In the Service of our Ancestors and African Love,
Listen Seeker, I come in peace,

“If one tries to navigate unknown waters one runs the risk of shipwreck.” — African Proverb

In the way of sex education, there’s too much to know especially as there is widespread miseducation on sex. For instance, did you know that a man disciplined to “pull-out” before ejaculating who urinates before re-entering his partner will not impregnate his lover? Or did you know that most, if not all, of the STDs can be cured? Or did you know that spiritual blindness may block two people from knowing they are soulmates? How about how you could use sexual climax energy to regenerate after sex? There’s so much to know. Here’s

Three Fundamentals for African Sex Eduction on Pregnancy, STDs, Marriage and Sex
By Onitaset Kumat


The Pull-Out method is one-hundred percent effective

Condoms are not only useless but coupled with ignorance on how a woman gets pregnant is sure to be ineffective in preventing pregnancy. Not only do condoms break, but condoms have a variable porosity which can be permeable to STDs and in some instances semen. The pull-out method (pulling out before ejaculation) is one-hundred percent efficient insomuch as it acknowledges the African understanding that conception follows the mixture of semen with menstrual blood[1]. To make the pull-out one-hundred percent efficient, a man must urinate after ejaculation–for pre-ejaculate has no semen in it unless a man does not urinate after ejaculating–and, obviously, he must pull-out before he ejaculates. This means he needs some discipline. Therefore women should not attempt the method with a man who can not react to his release or a man who refuses to urinate after each ejaculation. Obviously, if a man can perform regenerative sex (withholding his ejaculation entirely and sending the climax energy up his spinal column to his pineal gland) he could substitute pulling out with withholding his ejaculation altogether. Beyond male considerations, every fertile woman goes through monthly spells of infertility as her menstrual cycle decides when menstrual blood is present and therefore when conception can occur. Ignorant of her menstrual cycle and ignorant of a man’s ability to pull-out, a woman can be impregnated condoms notwithstanding. It’s ironic that ‘proper condom use’ dictates a man pulls out anyway. The condom however is merely a scheme to profit off of an African’s sexual activity and is no substitute for good discipline which is 100% effective for either the Man’s discipline or the Woman’s. With knowledgeable discipline, both Men and Women can control when and if pregnancy occurs.

Birth Control induces Breast Cancer

Birth Control is tricking the body into thinking it’s pregnant[2]. Following pregnancy, a woman’s breasts produce milk. Clearly, birth control must have an effect on a woman’s reproductive system. Research has confirmed that birth control (oral contraceptives) increases the risk of breast cancer for African women[2][3]. However, oral contraceptions are not the only factor. The chemicals in hair straighteners are linked to breast cancer, heart disease, birth defects, kwk[4]. Abortions are also linked to a bevvy of problems. This was confirmed by a significant Howard University Study[5]. Due this onslaught on the African woman’s reproductive system and self-image, Africa is home to the lowest fertility rates in the world and the once fecund African in America now has a lower birth rate than their European counterparts[6]. To add insult to injury, the aborted fetuses of African babies are being used for Solar Cell research[7] among other experiments as unbeknownst to most Africans the world rightly views “Melanin” as the “chemical key to life.” By simple misinformation regarding pregnancy and beauty, African women are ingesting poisons designed to end our Race’s presence on the planet. African Man protect your Sister. African Woman heal your Sister. No more Birth Control. Give Birth.

Breast feeding should be a three-year process

A consideration for any new family is “What expenses does a newborn bring?” Most people will tell you, considering food, clothing and shelter, that a child will cost you a lot. Chances are these people have not considered that Nature provides the cost of food free of charge and frequently washing a diaper isn’t going to break the bank. Regarding shelter, a man who can’t make a crib from a fallen tree and blankets needs to reconsider the value of his education. Breast milk is not only Nature’s free food, it’s the best food for a newborn hands down. For a child’s first two years, it can survive on breast milk alone. That costs a family nothing. During the third year, breast milk with strained juices and cereals will sustain the child[8]. Afterward the child can eat small but growing portions of adult food. However, as far as vitamins and minerals are concerned, Breast feeding is critical. Substitutes are harmful to an African child. Substitutes like “Similac” are “simulations” of European “lactations.” European milk is insufficient for an African child, the fat/protein ratio and the vitamins and minerals are substandard[9]. An African child on European milk will be less connected with her Melanin. With less connectivity, the child will not be at peak efficiency as Melanin doesn’t only contribute to complexion but brain functionality. Just as you never heard of a “White mammy” never give a child breast milk that simulates a European’s. Breastfeed for at least three years and should three years be pass your ability, be sure to change your diet to a natural foods diet. If your river doesn’t flow then, seek out Sisters whom are Organized Healers.


[1]”[The Kgatla] believed that conception rightly occurred following copulation, and the mixture of a man’s semen (maree) with a woman’s menstrual blood (mosese)” — See Isaac Schapera: Some Kgatla Theories of Procreation

[2]”What is missing from this very informative video is the link between the effects of birth control (tricking the body into thinking it is pregnant) and Breast Cancer (milk ducts on and off production).”

Before you take another Birth Control Pill: or encourage your daughters to!!!

[3]”The present results suggest that the oral contraceptive preparations used in the last several decades increase the risk of breast cancer in African American women.”

[4]”Although comprehensive research is ongoing, many of these chemicals are believed to be linked to reproductive effects and birth defects, breast cancer, heart disease, cognitive disorders, premature puberty and altered immune function, to name a few.”

[5]”A highly significant 1993 Howard University study showed that African American women over age 50 were 4.7 times more likely to get breast cancer if they had had any abortions compared to women who had not had any abortions.”

[6]On the other hand, there has been no sign of a comparable reduction in the incidence of abortion among black Americans. The continuation of a high abortion rate along with a significant reduction in the overall pregnancy rate among black women has brought about an unprecedented situation in which the level of black fertility is even lower than that of whites. Unless the abortion rate among blacks begins to decline, the relative increase that blacks enjoyed in the 1960 to 1990 period as a percentage of the overall American population will begin to reverse itself and black Americans are destined slowly to dwindle away as an element of the American population.

[7]”In an frightening line of research on solar cells, scientists are examining the connection between melanin (skin pigmentation) and solar cell development. Of course, it’s all clouded in jargon and officialese, but the basic idea is this: the creation of a melanin-based solar cell. This means that the skin of African-Americans and black fetuses could be used as an element in solar cells.”

[8]”A Nationalist baby has a purpose, which begins with what you feed him during pregnancy. Watoto [Swahili for “Children”] can thrive on milk alone for first 2 years. Breast milk is best for infants. Babies (1-3 yrs) really don’t need more than milk, some strained juices and a little cereal. Then they can eat smaller amounts of adult food. Cereal or some baby foods (plain fruits or vegetables) are good for infants who have large appetites–but wait until they show hunger–Don’t start out creating a greedy, selfish person by overfeeding an infant. WATOTO SHOULD NOT EAT CANDY OR DRINK SODA — their teeth are still forming. Fruit, plain cake, ice cream, potato chips, popcorn are good for snacks when necessary.” Mwanamke Mwananchi (The Nationalist Woman) by Mumininas of Committee for United NewArk (the next article)

[9]”The breastmilk is set on the White woman’s breastmilk which has a different fat and protein ratio. What I am saying is, if you put a Black child on a White woman’s breast it reduces the child’s sucking time on the nipple and reduces the child’s response if you take the breast out of their mouth. It reduces the ability of the child to bond to itself, to bond to its mother, to bond to its culture. Just by switching the fat and protein ratio in the breastmilk, which you call “Sillylac” or Similac which is based on a White woman’s breastmilk–not a Black woman’s breastmilk–a White woman’s breastmilk. So you give that to your child and it reduces the child’s ability to bond to its mother and to bond to itself. That’s why you got drivebys. It’s a biochemical thing. Oh yeah. This Racism started long before you wanted to go to School with White folk, Sit on the Toilet next to White Folk and Be Integrated. This stuff started long before that.” — Llaila Afrika

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs):

STDs were absent from pre-colonial Africa

It’s most fundamental for us to understand where these diseases came from so that we can intelligently live our lives. From Africa our Ancestor Kings and Queens arrived free of STDs. So free, in fact, that observers figured syphillis could not exist in a pure African[1]. Syphillis, as it were, originated in Europe. When it comes to other diseases like AIDS and HIV, the consensus is in that these diseases were invented by European Scientists here in America. It’s no coincidence that these diseases were introduced to our population during a time of our insurrections (and blamed on Africa no less.) And the spread is mostly medical not sexual[2]. Vaccinations and Medications have been forced Sterilizations and Experimentations. The evidence is overwhelming.[3] From Phizer’s experiments on African children[4] to Tuskegee’s experiments on African men to the European’s so-called “Father of Gynecology’s” experiments on African women[5] to your local medical provider, Africans are being experimented upon. The billionaires are doing it, the corporations are doing it, the government is doing it, Europeans are experimenting on Africans; sterilizing, poisoning, infecting and killing us. There is a lie that Africans are raping African children to cure AIDS. In 1940s America, there was a lie that Africans were raping European women to cure ‘the clap'[6]. To be sure STDs can be spread sexually, but they can and are spread medically and we should never believe our perennial enemies are going to cure us through goodwill.

STDs are avoidable through intraracial heterosexual monogamy

So beyond avoiding their medicines and medical methods, we can avoid STDs by having good, clean, honest sex. The main requirement of good, clean and honest sex is it must be intraracial (within the Race). While I can hardly stomach the Brother’s site, Cynical Afrikan[8] shows you why Interracial is necessarily perverted, dirty and dishonest. From rampant pedophilia, animalia, fecophilia, homosexuality and everything in between and beyond (dissexuality), I wouldn’t go to the site but if you’re in doubt that these Europeans are sick, you’ve been warned. Don’t let those Europeans fool you. They are disease carriers. And you won’t find one who isn’t perverted, dirty or dishonest. You won’t. Not to say Africans don’t have diseases, but when you note the origin, it’s plain to see why some do. On top of being intraracial, have heterosexual sex. I don’t need to tell men that feces is filthy. Feces also can introduce its own set of illnesses to a person. The homosexualized lifestyle is unsanitary and clearly a gateway to more perverted and depraved acts. This is not only a sure way to STDs; it’s a sure way to the breakdown of the African Family (the Balance of the Household.) As illustrated later (under Sex), people do not have sexual drives ergo people can not be homosexuals only homosexualized. The homosexualized deal in the filth of the body and the spirit (ego)–these filths contribute to the diseases and illnesses of humanity. Beyond intraracial and heterosexual sex, the African must be monogamous. Africans need to form partnerships of honesty and cleanliness and stick to them. As a man who married his soulmate, I know that every other relationship was relatively valueless and unfulfilling. Finding one’s soulmate is difficult, to be sure, but better to find and be clean than to find and be filthy. In the end, avoiding STDs is about Loyalty: Loyalty to Race (Intraracial), Loyalty to Nation (Heterosexual) and Loyalty to Family (Monogamy). Don’t hurry love. Be trustworthy and be with the trustworthy. And remember condoms have variable porosity so don’t rely on them. More important to be Loyal than to get laid once or twice. I knew a Sister who laid with a man and now she has a recurring itch (and possibly singledom) for the rest of her life. Be cautious!

 STDs can be cured

All else said, whether how to avoid or where it came from, STDs can be naturally cured. No experiments necessary. Dr. Sebi is among the many world reknowned healers who cured AIDS, HIV and other STDs and illnesses (like Diabetes)[8][9][10].  We need to understand how an Alkaline system is a healthy system. For those of you who don’t remember your “Chemistry” classes, Alkaline and Acid make up a PH Balance, where 0-7 is Acidic and 7-14 is Basic (or Alkaline.) Much of the foods commonly eaten in industrial societies are Acidic. An Acidic system is an unhealthy system. Technically our whole system should be slightly Alkaline (between 7-8.) Cancer can not survive in an Alkaline System. Yet all the greasy potato chips, hamburgers, fries, hotdogs, kwk we consume are destroying our system and fostering the diseases and illnesses we have. Several foods are Alkaline. You should integrate them with your diet. But as to those who were in fact diseased already. Beside from taking the steps to avoid the diseases, you can cure yourself and walk the path of African Heterosexual Monogamy. We can once again be a people without STDs as long as we get our Knowledge and Wisdom out there.


[1]”The Negro arrived in the New World free from tuberculosis, and syphilis, or other venereal disease. Livingstone, the famous African missionary, and a medical doctor says, Syphilis “dies out in the African interior. It seems incapable of permanence in any form of persons of pure African blood.” Syphilis originated in Europe in 1494, when there was a great epidemic of it.. As this was two years after the discovery of the New World, it was erroneously believed to have been brought back by the sailors of Columbus.” — J.A. Rogers

[2]”a 2003 study in The International Journal of S.T.D. and AIDS found that as many as 40 percent of H.I.V. infections in Africa are caused by contaminated needles during medical treatment.”

[3]”Africa has harbored a number of high-profile Western medical miscreants who have intentionally administered deadly agents under the guise of providing health care or conducting research. In March 2000, Werner Bezwoda, a cancer researcher at South Africa’s Witwatersrand University, was fired after conducting medical experiments involving very high doses of chemotherapy on black breast-cancer patients, possibly without their knowledge or consent. In Zimbabwe, in 1995, Richard McGown, a Scottish anesthesiologist, was accused of five murders and convicted in the deaths of two infant patients whom he injected with lethal doses of morphine. And Dr. Michael Swango, ultimately convicted of murder after pleading guilty to killing three American patients with lethal injections of potassium, is suspected of causing the deaths of 60 other people, many of them in Zimbabwe and Zambia during the 1980s and ’90s. (Dr. Swango was never tried on the African charges.)”

[4]In 1996, 11 children died and dozens were left disabled after Pfizer gave them the experimental anti-meningitis drug, Trovan.

[5]”He never completed his studies at Jefferson Medical College. In his incompetence, he killed his first patient. According to his own journal, “When I arrived I found a child about eighteen months old, very much emaciated, who had what we would call the summer complaint, or chronic diarrhea. I examined the child minutely from head to foot. I looked at its gums, and as I always carried a lancet with me and had surgical propensities, as soon as I saw some swelling of the gums I at once took out my lancet and cut the gums down to the teeth. This was good so far as it went. But, when it came time to making up a prescription, I had no more ideas of what ailed the child, or what to do for it, than if I had never studied medicine.” He killed his second patient (another infant) in a similar manner. After the death of his second patient he fled South Carolina, and moved to Alabama where he began to abuse African women and babies in the name of “medical practice.” He was known to use a shoemaker’s awl to pry the bones of African infant skulls into “proper alignment.” He was known to conduct surgery on the G*******a of African women without using anesthesia.”

[6] “Mr. Max, you know what some white men say we black men do? They say we rape white women when we got the clap and they say we do that because we believe that if we rape white women then we’ll get rid of the clap. That’s what some white men say. They believe that. Jesus, Mr. Max, when folks says things like that about you, you whipped before you born. What’s the use?”

– Richard Wright (as Bigger Thomas) in “The Native Son”

[7] This site is disturbing but it shows European Sexuality in its fullest. From rampant animalia, pedophilia, fecophilia, homosexuality and everything in between and beyond.

[8]“In 1985 Dr. Sebi placed an ad in The Amsterdam News, The New York Post, and The Village, the ad read…..

“Aids have been cured by the Usha Research Institute, and we specialize in cures for Sickle Cell, Lupus, Blindness, Herpes, Cancer and others. “The ad ran for 2 years before he was attacked by the Attorney General of New York. Dr. Sebi was told to remove the ad, when he refused within days he was served with an arrest warrant. According to Dr. Sebi the Attorney General bragged that he was going to “put Dr. Sebi under the jail!” The charges read to the jury were as follows.

Mr. Alfred Bowman aka Dr. Sebi, you are hereby charged with practicing medicine without a license, selling products not approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) and claiming to cure Aids, and other diseases which is a fraudulent claim.”

Dr. Sebi was told to bring 1 person for each of the diseases he claimed to court with proof from a reputable doctor that the individual had the disease, then proof from another reputable doctor that the person was cured. Instead of bringing 1 for each disease, approx. 70 people filled the court all with proof! The judge shook his head according to Dr. Sebi and said I did not ask for all of this. To make a long story short, the judge after seeing the proof and speaking with Dr. Sebi turned to the states attorney and asked, “Did you investigate the man?” She said, “No” The judge then said, “well, the answer he just gave me, he cures AIDS. You all are in trouble.” Dr. Sebi was then found NOT GUILTY on all charges by the state of New York and the Supreme Court because he was indeed curing people of the various diseases, including AIDS. Dr. Sebi had cured 5 AIDS patients before he put the Ad in the papers.




Marriage provides legal permissions

Not to be funny, but it’s fairly obvious marriage should not be taken lightly. Marriage is much more than a romantic relationship. Marriage is a declaration to the legal system that you have vetted your spouse and your spouse is not devious. In marriage, a man can visit his wife at any hour of the night and enter her bed; he can look through his wife’s emails, letters and texts; he can show up at his wife’s job without an invitation; he can call his wife’s mother and father, brother and sisters and friends; he can nag his wife about sex day after day; he can follow his wife around the grocery store; he could install a security system in his wife’s home and go into her bank account without telling her; he can take her children out of school and send them to his relative’s homes; he can drop dishes in the sink and leave them there for his wife. He can do all of this in any way and law enforcement wouldn’t bat an eye. Now let this couple be unmarried! I don’t need to tell you he can be labeled a thief, a stalker, a creep, a rapist, a kidnapper, a slob or an infiltrator. Not that a married man loves more, but there are certain permissions marriage grants. That said, do not take marriage lightly. The same goes for Brothers. Sure you can go into her bank and show up uninvited, but so can she. With my soulmate, it’s fine. With certain other women, it ain’t.

Marriage should only be between soulmates

That said, Marry your soulmate. This is easier said than done. An initiate of Vodun informed me who my soulmate is (after I had known my soulmate); yet in reflection I noticed that from the moment I met my Queen, my spirit told me to be her Man, her protector. I have a feeling her spirit told her to be my Woman, my healer. These are just reflections, but I imagine that soulmates do this for one another (also our hearts are pained whenever our fights start to get real heated or it feels great when we are especially loving which aligns with our ancient Wisdom on the heart being the seat of our spirit[1].) It’s upon you to confirm this for yourself. Perhaps, as a Woman, you met a King whose spirit was protective or to whom yours was curative; or as a Man, you met a Queen-Mother whose spirit was curative or to whom yours was protective (obviously, this has to be exclusive to the Race, as there is no way a foreigner will protect or heal an African.) Contact that person again. That may well have been your soulmate. Though I couldn’t say for certain. In general the Relationship Advice for the Civil African remains poignant. Be Just, Discriminating, Productive, Altruistic, Natural and Loyal[2]. Also do away with spiritual blindness. Right now, it is common to be spiritually blind and thus manipulative (stealing a person’s body from their spirit.) With an ability to see the spirit, we can inspire Africans[3]. This inspiration can facilitate our correct partnering.

Marriage is about family building

Now after one marries one’s soulmate, family building is the next step. This really shouldn’t be delayed except for health reasons. As I outline above, a child is only so expensive as the European medical establishment can deceive you. Have children, give them the names of our Ancestors in Africa, raise them in the Cultures of Africa (no Misgivings, Christmas, or Easter.) Buy Black, Think Black, Be Black. Family Building is a step toward Nation Building; so Men realize that your Home is best Protected when the Community is Protected, therefore Organize the Protection of the Community with other Men; Women, realize your Home is best Healed when the Community is Healed, therefore Organize the Health of the Community with other Women. The African Blood Siblings is one of many Organizations organizing Prosperous, Independent African Communities. Contact them and see what you can do to empower our people. In the case of a couple which can not give birth, it’s possible that the condition can be cured (consume more vitamin E). However occasionally it can’t. That’s fine. Adopt children and raise them as your own and Organize like Men and Women should. Too often we have homes which finding themselves unsatisfied with the Community turn to pets or other distractions. Don’t! Build Families and Organize. Our Nation should not turn its money into pet food, or extra electronics, or “holiday” gifts, but turn our energy into Prosperous, Independent African Communities. We alone can bring it. No one else will.


[1] “A man’s heart is his own Neter.” and “You will free yourself when you learn to be neutral and follow the instructions of your heart without letting things perturb you. This is the way of Maat.”

[2] Advanced Ethical Philosophy can teach us the qualities of a Civil African. In Ethical Philosophy, the concept of “Civil Capitals” combines all civil activities into six categories. It’s these six categories, along with some ancient African proverbs, which inform the six relationship-wise qualities of the Civil African: Just, Discriminating, Productive, Altruistic, Natural and Loyal. Every African interested in finding a relationship complement should strive first to these six qualities, then filter their dating pool accordingly. The qualities, their related proverbs, description and advice follow.

[3] “[Manipulation] is a disease, a popular one. It comes from spiritual blindness. If I’m not spiritually blind, I see your spirit. I speak to it if I want to invite you to do something with me. If your spirit agrees it moves your body and your body acts. That’s inspiration. But if I’m blind to your spirit I see only your body. Then if I want you to do something for me I force or trick your body into doing it even against your spirit’s direction. That’s manipulation. Manipulation steals a person’s body from his spirit, cuts the body off from its own spirit’s direction. The healer is a lifelong enemy of all manipulation. The healer’s method is inspiration.” — Ayi Kwei Armah (1978)


Sex is a Healing Art

I was born and raised in America where men are taught to imitate pornography which only shows men and women banging genitals until the man ejaculates–essentially how a rapist has sex. It’s no wonder tons of songs reflect how a “Bedroom Bully” is a bad lover[1][2]. Sex is about healing. Sexual Arts are Healing Arts. I do not recommend it, but you can watch hours upon hours of European and Europeanized displays of sex and not once will you see an engagement where either the man or woman is using their body toward the health and wellbeing of the next person. European sex (sex is only between man and woman) is based around inflicting pain on a woman. Their variants of sex are about inflicting pain on animals, men, children, rape victims, kwk. It stands to reason that sex should be between soulmates only. Yet in an environment of spiritual blindness it’s understandable if it isn’t. In this way, however, don’t have sex to hurt, or even for plain pleasure, have sex to heal. Love, don’t bully. Kiss the spirit, don’t just jam yourself. And obviously, if you suffer such an encounter, never suffer it again. A sexual encounter that treats each as meat is unworthy of an African. Sex is for healing; not hurting.

People don’t have sex drives

Which brings us to the reality that people don’t have sex drives. Nothing does. “Sex drives” are lies invented by Europeans. People have Reproductive Drives: occasionally a person will want a child. But people don’t have sex drives[3]. This is why someone can be abstinent for years. Yet even the abstinent yearn for children. The sex drive myth likely relates to the deceptions of diseases and dissexualities (non-heterosexual imitations of sex). You are told you have a sex drive so when you have a disease your doctor can lie to you about how he didn’t infect you. Or you are told you have a sex drive so you can be disloyal to your Race, Nation or Family (see the section on STDs). Sex has two functions. Regenerative and Procreative. Procreative follows the Reproductive Drive. Regenerative amounts to redirecting your sexual climax energy to your pineal gland[3]. Beyond this, Sex is a Healing Art. It’s important for us to stop fulfilling their definition of sexual cravenness. It’s false and it can destroy a community.  Plus, let’s face it.  If you believe you have a sex drive, sex can be used to manipulate you.  I’ve interacted with folk who permitted abuses in the name of sex.

Better to be Abstinent than Aimless

All said, it’s better to be abstinent than have pointless sex. Today a lot of our Race are engaging in empty, vapid, unloving, hateful, hurtful sex and plenty of it. Some diseases are spread this way; a lot of Hate is spread this way. Be abstinent instead. I remember the frustration of singledom. But the frustration was not ‘lack of sex’ but truly ‘lack of descendants.’ Obviously, don’t just have children with anyone. Be abstinent until you find the right partner–your soulmate. It’s not bad at all. For once you have your soulmate, you can engage in the Sexual Arts and you can build a Prosperous, Independent African Family, a building block to a Prosperous, Independent African Community. But don’t make the error of buying the hype and either being tied down with the wrong person, getting a disease, or being abused in the bedroom. “There’s no such thing as bad patience.”


[1] “Bedroom bully she na want that you know?
She want a man to caress her up like so
Man a make love to woman like a war them a go . . .”

— Terror Fabulous, Action

[2] “She na want no man to tump, boom, box and kick,
She wants a man that is romantic”

— Mavis, Merciless

[3]”The European says you have a sex drive. No Animal has a sex drive: Birds, bees, fish, trees, plants of any sort [none] have a sex drive. It is true they have a reproductive drive. When they have sexual intercourse they are reproducing. In the case of African people we either regenerate or reproduce by sexual activity. Regeneration is when the man doesn’t ejaculate. He uses that sexual climax energy, let’s it go up his spinal column up to his pineal gland. The lady does the same thing. We call it sexual regeneration. Or we use sexual reproduction and that’s when the man ejaculates. But we do not have a sex drive. No plants, no animals, [no] insects have a sex drive. When they have sexual intercourse it’s either reproduction or no sexual intercourse at all.” — Llaila Afrika

9 thoughts on “Three Fundamentals for African Sex Eduction on Pregnancy, STDs, Marriage and Sex

  1. King

    I must say that I wholeheartedly disagree with what I have read of this article so far (I read down to the second paragraph under the heading ‘The Pull-Out method is one-hundred percent effective.’ Here are my thoughts on what I have read.

    The African Way is to procreate and to enlarge your family. In African culture, children are an inheritance… so for an African man to apply the ‘Pull-Out Method’ he would be going against the African Way.

    As you know, our Laws of Morals and Principles were corrupted by foreigners, but if I may draw your attention to an incident mentioned within scriptural writings it will shed much light on this ‘pulling out before ejaculation’ and the consequences it incurred. The incident involved a man who was required to marry his brother’s wife in order to give his dead brother heirs, but because he didn’t want his children to become his brother’s children, he deliberately pulled out before ejaculation and spilled his semen on the ground. His punishment was death.

    Today we have lost the traditional way in which our ancestors respected themselves and each other and have fallen prey to the permissiveness and moral decay of foreign society. When you consider that lost black males today are dropping their semen into any foreign hole that is willing to receive it and as a result are creating buffer monsters to further impair black unity… advising African men to ‘Pull Out’ of African women to prevent the conception of an African child is highly offensive.

    This ‘Pull-Out Method’ has nothing to do with birth control. The ‘Pull-Out Method’ is a reprehensible and vulgar act by a man who has chosen to disrespect his woman, to disrespect himself and to treat his inheritance as having no value at all.

    1. Peace Queen-Mother,

      When it comes to pregnancy, African people are ignorant regarding conception. Explaining that the Pull-Out method is 100% effective, is a step toward Knowledge, Mutual Trust and Self-Discipline. Today, “Condoms” are the go-to yet Condoms rely on Ignorance, Mutual Distrust and a Lack of Discipline. On top of this, men are using condoms, impregnating women, then abandoning them altogether. These women then neglect their children; even refusing to breastfeed.

      The reference to “the scriptures” does seem relevant to our plight, yet it’s apparent from the content that the system described is patrilineal (maintaining the father’s lineage) not matrilineal (maintaining the mother’s.) This is code for non-African or foreign system.

      Regarding pull-out, sometimes it’s appropriate when the woman’s health is taken into consideration. I.e. is she of the physical fitness for conception? In addition, who is manufacturing these condoms and what can they put in the condoms before its sold to you?

  2. Peace King, I have a few questions for you:

    1. If condoms pose a danger to us, why do we continue to buy them?
    2. Did our ancestors use condoms?
    3. Was there such a thing as ‘birth control’ among our ancestors? If so, what method did they use?

    1. Peace Queen-Mother,

      The article itself read wholly shows how Sex in African Culture differs from Sex in Foreign Cultures.

      1. We buy condoms because we believe we are either ‘them’ or ‘of them.’ In their culture, they need condoms because they have no self-discipline in sex, because they have diseases and sick dissexual practices, because they partner up aspiritually and hate themselves and their partners. In our culture, we are disciplined enough to withhold ejaculations, we are free from diseases and practice only pure sexual practices and we partner up spiritually with love for our partners.

      2. In ideal circumstances, a young boy and girl would be partnered up by Spiritual Elders after initiation but not before. Initiation is timed post-puberty when both are fertile. Initiation also contributes to the Education of Adulthood. Two fertile adults designed for one another from birth don’t need a condom. Condoms come from a Foreign Culture.

      3. Birth Control in the West, as described in the article, is tricking the body into a belief that it’s pregnant. This trickery also corrupts a woman’s mammary glands causing breast cancer to develop. It’s an incredibly harmful practice on African women. Similarly harmful are hair straighteners (which rely on cancer causing chemicals) and abortions. The Pull-Out method (which includes urinating before re-entrance) as well as withholding one’s ejaculation are both effective alternatives to tricking the body and inducing cancer. The latter was used by our Ancestors in KMT. All of this can be read in the article.

  3. Currently I am perusing through Llaila Afrika’s “African Holistic Health” (great book, I highly recommend) and in speaking of sex, Dr. Afrika focuses on health risks condom pose to otherwise healthy Africans. In summary, many condom users may be allergic to latex, some without knowing it, and use of latex while allergic can cause inflammation of the vagina, uterus and penis, hives, allergies, difficulty breathing, rashes, mood swings, and immunity problems. Further, the talc powder used as a lubricant is highly dangerous. It contains magnesium silicate, boric acid, zinc oxide, coloring agents, and other chemicals. Simply, talc is toxic. When swallowed, it’s poisonous. Talc contributes to cancer of the uterus and of the prostate, hardening of the Fallopian tubes, and cancer of the ovaries among other things. Talc is chemically similar to asbestos. This is only a brief summary of what Dr. Afrika explores in relation to condoms. There is more, particularly regarding spermicide. Condoms are advertised as the only option for safe sex, besides not having any sex, but particularly when used with a monagmous partner, condoms are clearly instruments of death. Not only to reproductive organs but also to unborn African children who are wasted within the latex.

    1. Peace Queen-Mother,

      I explained in my meetings that the Healers in the African Community (M.D.s) are hurting us, yet in the end we have so little confidence of self we hardly rely on our own healers notwithstanding the pain caused by their Healers. The same can be said of their Protectors (Police.)

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