The Allegory of the Train Tracks

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“By knowing one reaches belief. By doing one gains conviction. When you know, dare.”African Proverb (KMT)

A lot of us are like Trayvon Martin, enjoying our lives unaware that danger lurks around the corner with its own story.  Then by the time we recognize the monsters, everything ends for us.  So what must those who recognize the danger do?  This is easier expressed in an allegory.  What do you tell someone who wakes up on train tracks?  This metaphor is answered with the African Blood Siblings Community Centers.  Those true to the race will write.  I’m here to receive.  Subscribe, share, love.

The Allegory of the Train Tracks
By Onitaset Kumat

In modern society, it is easy to die.  Many of us have ‘near-death’ accounts.  Two of mine are instructive, though I have plenty.

In the later event, I was in a shopping district in London.  Unfamiliar with streets that didn’t have parking lanes, I looked the wrong way and stepped forward.  Quickly, my cousin put her arm in front of me and shoved me back.  Before I could tell why she pushed me, a big red bus zoomed by where I was.  I would have been splattered had she not acted.  I’m grateful to this day.

In an earlier event, I was in Brooklyn.  For some reason my blindspot didn’t register the oncoming jeep.  But I walked forward and a car zoomed by where I intended to be.  I then jumped back and looked at the classmate accompanying me.  He was smiling.  He actually wished to see me die in a horrible accident.  Not coincidentally, this same classmate would join a gang and conduct petty robberies in our communities.  Of course, I have not since followed his career.

These examples instruct what the purpose of African activism should be.  Metaphorically speaking, every African person in non-African societies are born on a series of train tracks.  For instance, every young African man is liable to be hit by the train of Imprisonment and Felony Charges; every African woman, the train of rape and single motherhood; every African child the train of self-hatred, White Supremacy and untapped potential.  Every African person is liable to be hit by a plethora of trains.

So some Brothers and Sisters, with this insight, decide to get on podiums and tell us that we’re standing on train tracks.  Some go further and tell us the makeup of these train tracks.  “White Supremacy originated in . . .;” “Ronald Reagan did . . .;” “Christopher Columbus did not . . .;” “The Bible actually . . ..”  All while their Brothers and Sisters are on train tracks and the train is incoming.

This practice, that many of us do, is similar to, after seeing someone fall into a train’s path, explaining to them that carbonite steel has a useful durability compared against copper, that so many voltages move subway cars, that Japan’s system has this amount of efficiency and such–meanwhile the train is coming.

Sometimes, the person on the podium, explaining the presence and even particulars of the tracks are on tracks too.  Then the train comes and kills a good many of us because everyone, podium-person included is standing on tracks.

See, not too many of us know where the tracks are–or aren’t.  And honestly–that’s fine.  When my cousin shoved me back–I did not know that I was in the road.  In America, there’s usually a parking lane that you can safely walk into–not so where I was in London.  My cousin didn’t tell me “Hey, you’re in the road.”  She doesn’t tell me, “White Supremacy is a global system of . . ..”  She pulls me out.  This is what the African Blood Siblings uniquely does.

If you remember the allegory of the headless chicken, or if you ever saw how farm animals are killed, you’ll know that death still comes to those who do not expect it.  So I know that farm animals are not there to live prosperously, and anyone can tell that African people are not dependent on non-Africans to live prosperously either.  But if you do not know–that’s alright.

What you need to do is gain independence.  ‘Cause independence is good–and independence is off the tracks whether you know dependence is on the tracks or not.

So the African Blood Siblings Community Center is the only physical entity off the tracks.  That means, become friendly with the donate button and the contact forms.  That’s the African Blood Sibling’s way of shoving you out of harm’s way.

Please ask any questions that come to mind

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