Why Pro-Black Businesses Can Not Precede Pro-Black Communities

Listen Siblings, I come in peace,

“If anyone owns over 99% of the U.S.’ wealth, it’s White people.” — Onitaset Kumat

Though that’s not at all why Pro-Black Businesses can not precede Pro-Black Communities. After all, even if Africans in America control less than 0.5% of the U.S.’ wealth despite being 12% of its population, a people intelligently applied can create wealth overnight, especially if that people belong to an international race whose continent is the world’s richest. So what is intelligent application? You’ll see it involves operating under a thoughtful organization. We need more membership to create more African Blood Siblings Community Centers and thus create more Prosperous, Independent African Communities. We need this membership exactly where you are. Write the ABS. Subscribe, share, love.

Why Pro-Black Businesses Can Not Precede Pro-Black Communities
By Onitaset Kumat

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

It will soon be two years since I first spoke with Cuffel. We met in front of a McDonald’s when I told her “Africans don’t even know how to properly spend money. Look! This is one of the worst symptoms of our enslavement. African people need to turn to business. Business is turning one-hundred dollars into one-thousand dollars. Look at the examples of so-called successful businesspeople! Look!” Cuffel would go on to run Cuffel’s Sand, an international sandwich company selling healthful foods to African people at home and abroad. But she was lucky. A Pro-Black business before a Pro-Black community is putting the cart before the horse.

How their System works

Business is turning one-hundred dollars into one-thousand dollars, then one-thousand dollars into ten-thousand dollars, then ten-thousand dollars into one-hundred-thousand dollars, and so on and so forth. In this sense, Pro-Black Business is an oxymoron because the economic system, known as Capitalism, that promotes perpetual growth requires infinite markets and infinite resources which intrinsically means what’s called Imperialism as well as disharmony with the environment, neither of which are “Pro-Black.” What’s more, real access to capital in America comes with making a Business Public, which involves entering the stock market where shareholders select CEOs whom they deem can quickest turn one-hundred dollars into one-thousand dollars (representing rate of growth) in order that they can sell their stocks for more than they purchased them.

In other words, in this system, a successful business is gauged by how rapidly it increases it annual revenue and other financial markers. A Pro-Black business, assuming it dealt with Black Needs like Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness, couldn’t actually become a worthwile investment to one dealing with the Occidental (Western) system. For not unless the Business were international could the revenues keep from becoming stagnant. For instance, the Asian stores in African communities quickly stop signicantly increasing their revenues. In that ‘rate of growth’ is premier in investing, even denial of loans is reasoned. What’s more Wealthy Africans who expect to turn one-hundred dollars into one-thousand dollars would be less likely to donate to a Pro-Black business, which to them has a little Return-On-Investment (ROI.) This is why, in this system, you should finance every serious Pro-Black Organization that you are able to, because wealthy Africans won’t. Moreover, Pro-Black businesses can’t successfully enter the Public Sphere and maintain exclusive Black management. Because investing is for money-making (which makes economic boycotts particularly effective*), a good company would be bought by Whites. Because if anyone owns over 99% of the U.S.’ wealth, it’s White people. This is a sad reflection on our state of affairs. We are roughly 12% of the population, but we control less than 0.5% of this nation’s wealth. What’s sad too is that in 1860 we controlled 0.5%. Lastly, a way to make money is to sell businesses (like how BET was sold to White Business owners.) A Pro-Black Business obviously shouldn’t sell. Therefore, getting investments, making money and making it big for a Pro-Black Business are harder than most promoters understand.

How our System should work

But obviously, we do not even want businesses–because we can not and should not practice perpetual growth. As it is, we actually have a lot of businesses today. Roughly 7% (around two million) of the nation’s businesses are Black owned. Of course they are neither big nor perpetually expanding, but I state the percentage to show that we are not hopeless.

Still we want more intelligent Economics. In Chicago, where there are over 90,000 Black-owned businesses, trying to survive a year only buying from black businesses will lead you to skipping out on buying children’s clothes, purchasing groceries or getting supplies from a Mom and Pop store. What’s more, the suppliers for what you do get will most likely be non-African, nearly defeating the point. In addition, the wages paid by these Black Businesses goes right back to the European Economy where we remain dependent for the four necessities. Thus African wealth can not grow where our survival is controlled by European costs.

What we want is Independent economics. In Independent Economics, we note that we are an international people with international suppliers that need local distributers. More, we focus on the four necessities, Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness. As such, we understand that people work for the four necessities; therefore we can employ ourselves by supplying and distributing the four necessities. An example would be, in one part of the world, an African team is compensated for a cow they raised; in another part of the world, an African team is compensated for cutting and shaping leather; in another part of the world, an African team is compensated for making a shoe; in another part of the world, an African team is compensated for selling that shoe; whether the purchaser is African or not, Africans benefit from our resources and resourcefulness.

Of course, the above indicates why Economics alone can not liberate African people. What if, for instance, no one wants to purchase a shoe (despite active salespeople inciting a demand)? In their system, Capitalism, it means that the Shoemakers will go out of Business losing their livelihood. But that’s why we understand that Politics is the management of an Economy (and Culture.) In a successful Independent Economy, if shoe demands are everywhere low, we can transfer leather production elsewhere and orient shoemakers and salespeople elsewhere. This is intelligent economics that involves local intelligence in all related markets. And it’s a description that can work.

Pulling the Cart Behind the Horse

The African Blood Siblings remains the only organization promoting the Trinity of Liberation, the truth that Politics, Economics and Culture are all required for Liberation. The African Blood Siblings is also the only organization that realizes that there are Four Necessities: Racial Indepedence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness. The African Blood Siblings is also the only organization to operate under the Universal Laws: the Law of Morality, Law of Harmony and Law of Nature. Thus only the African Blood Siblings can intelligently organize African people economically, through an international web of African Blood Siblings Community Centers (ABSCC.)

For an ABSCC would make supplying, distributing and logistics easy. For instance, the farmers who sell the cow only need to sell that cow by their local ABSCC. From there, it’s sent to another ABSCC where the leather cutters pick it up and return the cut leather. From that ABSCC, the leather is sent to another ABSCC where the shoemakers pick up the leather and return with a shoe. From that ABSCC, it’s sent to another where the sales team sells the shoe and reports the demand to the ABSCC, where that ABSCC contributes to the international record and our economy continues its smooth continuity.

What’s more, Africans can travel to their local ABSCC and receive necessary “dis-mis-education,” improving their consciousness for Independence and get themselves employed by an international system designed to keep them surviving and thriving in a racially independent manner. Prosperous, Independent African Communities will be the result; and the Centers will improve our creative potential, because we’ll have a communal area to showcase our inventions and ingenuity, increasing our entrepenurial potential, our unity as a race and thus our demand for Pro-Black enterprises, providing then a perfect stage for a Pro-Black Businesses.

But that scene isn’t today. Rather it is for what we strive. And it involves an international commitment. So you, who are interested in supporting Black Businesses, particularly Pro-Black Businesses. Pro-Black Businesses can not precede Pro-Black Communities. That’s putting the Cart before the Horse. We must set the foundation for our Economical strength. The most qualified organization at creating the foundation is the African Blood Siblings. Become a Member. Then we as a race can start pulling the cart behind the horse. Join today.

*Note: The European’s Economical system of yearning for infinite growth makes their public industries particularly susceptible to economic boycotts.  To make it clear, stock prices are speculative approximations of business values based on financial indices and consumer sentiments.  Stock traders mostly have a preferences to the fastest growing stocks: one buys a stock presuming it will increase in value (not due political or cultural biases.)  A boycott challenges that rate of increase, or worse can incite a decrease.  Shareholders, who trade stocks strictly for economical gain, will pressure boycotted businesses to meet the consumers’ demands by either replacing CEOs or jumping ship causing the stock price to plummet and thus causing a businesses unmanageable debt.  More literally, imagine a stock worth $700 becoming $7.  The average stock trade is around 300 stocks.  That’s $210,000 becoming $2,100.  What’s more, large institutions hold most of the market, owning millions of any individual stock; they are not willing to make $700 become $7 become $0.07 become nothing just because a CEO won’t please the consumer.  To wit, private businesses are susceptible too–so it’s intelligent strategy to organize also for economic boycotts.

6 thoughts on “Why Pro-Black Businesses Can Not Precede Pro-Black Communities

  1. This is a great post. The part about us having control of 0.5% of the nations wealth just about sums it up. That means in over 150 years we haven’t made any progress. All the black millionaire athletes,singers,actors and politicians mean absolutely nothing! It’s just the illusion of progress. We actually had more black owned businesses in the 20’s and 30’s. Black Wallstreet comes to mind. We had cafes,restaurants,grocery stores and a bank. And now we have pretty much nothing. Young people today don’t know a lot about what we had before the civil rights movement. Now that you see more black people in films and television it gives the appearance of progress and “change”. When in actuality,we’re going backwards. But folks won’t believe you because they think we’re living in a “post-racial” country. Nothing could be further from the truth. You made a lot of great points. I do think economics is very important. But if course it’s not the only component. Politics and culture are important as well. That’s what we have to keep in mind. But overall,this post was very informative and on point.

    1. Our Politicians can do for us, but they do not. However, we should never look to the entertainers of today.

      I return to the point that we need Racial Independence in Food, Clothing, Shelter and Consciousness. This only results through Organization. One can say that Black Wall Street had Racial Independence in Food, Clothing and Shelter, but seeing how its destruction was initiated by an arrest, Consciousness in Political Organization wasn’t fully realized and the results were devastating.

      We can not do economics alone. If, for instance, we run a business, we need permits and licenses and safety and regulations, so it’s evident that we must position ourselves to decide those permits, licenses, safety and regulation ourselves. As we depend on Europeans and Asians to permit us, to license us, to keep us safe and to regulate us, we continue to give away our economics, and make ourselves susceptible to what destruction they plot.

      We must not take Liberation lightly. We must organize intelligently to make a real difference for our race! Kwame Ture repeated “Organize! Organize! Organize!” I repeat “Listen!”

      1. We must not take Liberation lightly. We must organize intelligently to make a real difference for our race! Kwame Ture repeated “Organize! Organize! Organize!”

        I agree. Organizing is a big key that people overlook.

    1. Peace Queen-Mother,

      Precisely. We can’t put the cart before the horse. The Ancestors said “The key to all problems is the problem of consciousness.” Here in New York, we (the Freedom Party) tried to run for Mayor. The Democrats got 750,000+ votes, we had around 500. We need Organization. Without it, other efforts will be difficult as these Neanderthal Races are Organized to impoverish us.

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